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  1. brownshooter222

    Reloading gear 410

    have u stil got gear
  2. brownshooter222


    wanted 410 loading gear tools wads cases wanting tu have a go at loading
  3. brownshooter222


    Wanted 410 loading gear cases wads ect.
  4. brownshooter222

    12 g cartridges

    fetch them tumorrow
  5. brownshooter222

    nikko stirling laserking

    laser wont work with new batteries any suggestions
  6. brownshooter222

    gamebore clear pigeon 6s

    were abouts in worksop im chesterfield end
  7. brownshooter222

    Titan bearcat

    its 8 shot and where the mag is a little cog rotates the mag with 2 little grub screws one missing and is not rotating tried a little metric one no good i wondered if anybody got a spare one thanks........
  8. brownshooter222

    Titan bearcat

    Anybody got a titan bearcat 22 cal
  9. brownshooter222

    Leather cartridge bag

    Got bag tuday got damaged by courier
  10. brownshooter222

    Leather cartridge bag

  11. brownshooter222

    12 g hushpower single early one

    wanted fireing pin think its an investarm
  12. brownshooter222

    Leather cartridge bag

    i reckon ive done transfer
  13. brownshooter222

    Leather cartridge bag

    ill have it pal how du i pay for it