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  1. I agree the price is extremely high for what it , but it fits my needs. They should be around £250 that would be steep but fair
  2. Well I bought a by lintran one in the end, helped that I could pick it up and Trans k9 didn’t have any in stock. Cheers everyone.
  3. Thanks I will look them up.
  4. I’m after a double dog box for my navara for my two labs, any recommendations please. Tia
  5. They did and didn’t, but it made the day better for it. 👍 Thanks, been a bit lean of late. We did manage a 94 a couple of weeks back though on some drilled wheat.
  6. I have been looking at a rape field that’s been consistently mowed by pigeons, but up to yet I’ve not got into them due to another field close by. I set up on the rape field my usual set up a rotary and a couple of dead birds on cradles around 9 o’clock. A few had a look and paid the price , but I could see in the distance the flight line had changed and was now going to the other field. Motty called and said, I will be finished work by noon. Around 11 o’clock I packed up and went for a drive to see if I could find anything worth having a go at. Motty was going to do the same around some of h
  7. Never shot over Drollings, I will look forward to that 😂
  8. For me it’s the high bird coming in from a great height with its wings folded, very hard shot to pull off but great when they just keep diving.
  9. I think bits just over 6lb but I can weigh it to be certain if you like. Just checked it , 93 ounces = 6.6lb.
  10. I bought it with the intention of using it for geese,lighter to carry on the marsh. I did use it a couple of times but I felt it was going to get ruined out there , so it’s stayed in the cabinet.
  11. Nicely done chaps, are very good bag.
  12. The whole thing was a balls up, several companies went bust on that job. There was also a lot of court cases.
  13. I sent some loads to Birmingham proof house for testing. 20 cartridge in batches of 5. I loaded 15 in one colour and had five a different colour but loaded the same. Strange thing is the 5 different coloured ones were 100fps faster for the exact same load. They ring you with the findings and commented on this difference in speed.
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