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  1. I’ve used a few of these on pigeons and I’m impressed with them , not sure I would use them on ducks. I also tried some express 24 gram 4s and they were rubbish in fact so bad for the first time ever I returned them and got something else.( the gun shop offered when I told them how bad they were)
  2. Well done , nice to see people getting into them.
  3. This clap trap is why I have stopped posting about my outings, I don’t have to justify and prove to a wanna be . I don’t exaggerate my bags and can’t be ***** to line them all up after I’ve collected them in.
  4. Each to their own, but the man is a grade A twit.
  5. I have for sale my PW loader 375c with 12 bore head 2 and 3/4 dies up to 3 and 1/2 inch also a ten bore head and assorted bushes plus spare. It also comes with a powder dispenser. Any one interested pm £500. Cheers
  6. Yes you can Take a bps apart at your peril, they can be a bitch to put back together 😁
  7. I was out for a couple of hour’s yesterday afternoon after work. And for the first time this year I started getting youngsters and several. I generally let them go if possible but you don’t always see that they are young ones until you pick them. Picked 57 not bad for two odd hours.
  8. I would of gone home and got them, left my gear set up and took my gun with me.
  9. Hi, looking for a Berreta optima Hp choke 3/4 or Half preference is for extended. cheers.
  10. Not used that one but I'm sure it would be fine.
  11. How old is the gun, have you stripped it down and cleaned it,?
  12. Well done, you will ache for a couple of days from that,be a nice reminder though.😁
  13. My feo told me it's a steel tube, so it doesn't need to be on your license. The action is the part that's important.
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