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  1. Well done PC 👍, Took my brother out Friday on his birthday we managed 56 Woodies and a few crows. I doubt I would keep looking as long as you pair do I would have gone home.
  2. As it's a full box I'm loathed to use any.
  3. d20 net Any one used any of these? I was given them apparently they belonged to my Grandfather. Full box of short ones.
  4. I would say because there isn't an election at the moment and they can really upset the EU parliament.
  5. Nothing on that field Jules!!
  6. I've just read the law has passed the Lords 3 time and now only needs to go back to the commons.
  7. Yes, I do think they would as it's now law to leave with a deal,they will say we have no choice.
  8. I now believe that the EU will say no to a extension,then parliament will go OH no revoke aticle 50 and hey how we are still in!
  9. Your report is far better than mine.
  10. 8.40 actually Matt
  11. Blum, might have to rethink that then,I used to take my younger brother who sadly passed away as a teenager . If I remember it was about £15 for A game.
  12. I used to go regularly to Carrow road, I still look at the results every week and have my fingers crossed. I might even go next season and watch a premiership game 😁
  13. Friday is the day I normally start to think about pigeons for the weekend,and I hadn't seen any only on fields that I have permission on. I noticed two separate rape fields about two miles apart that had several feeding on them. One field I know the farmer and he always has said no, and the other field took several phone call and door knocking to find the owner,and low and behold another farmer who has told me no! Well nothing chanced nothing gained, so I contacted both one by text the other a voicemail,I didn't hold out much hope. Later that evening both got back to me and said yes please. The next morning me old mucker Motty and I set up on the first field and put up a good amount of birds with several still arriving. Several plastics and two on the rotary with our backs to a empty paddock. Fist birds came in a stayed wide this continues for a bit so we rejig the pattern,and add another rotary,still not committing properly. Take the rotary's down and put floaters and Angels out,still no joy. So I put another hide out in the crop this helps a bit but it's hard work. The trouble is there are a lot of pigeons coming to this mowed crop but we decided to move to the other field we picked 30 up. The next field is also short and we put up at least 150 pigeons of, we decided to go light as we have to walk a fair way. We set up with just two on the rotary with our backs to the wind near a hedge. The first bird is straight in, we slowly build a pattern and the birds decoy a lot better and we keep the bag building,at 4 o'clock most birds have seen our set up and we decided to pick up, we lost a few as we didn't take the dogs but we picked another 40 so 70 for the day on fields I never believed I would be aloud to shoot. I have messaged both farmers and both said please come again.😀
  14. Nice one ,those unexpected days are often the best.
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