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  1. Ash die back? I was as well in another life time 4th generation, anyway I would say after last year's hot summer trees will try and reproduce as they were probably stressed.
  2. Nicely done PC,Motty and I tried 3 fields yesterday to not much joy.
  3. I'm sure you save that field untill I'm unavailable 😭 well done though ,I'm surprised you expected Farmergeddon to be on time.
  4. Impressed more like amazed!!, it must have been Jules who laid them out as the pose suggests Motty stood with his hands in his pockets Spot on PC, I did lay them out while he looked for a lost one!!
  5. Stevie Wonder,would of be ashamed if he shot that bad!!!
  6. muncher

    carry on Gov

    Gove reminds me off Gollum, my precious!
  7. I have a few itm 20 bore shells in 5s I think
  8. They voted 60%leave at the referendum.
  9. I work for an independent water company, but its for everyone.
  10. We do this on the rivers I work on, we call it a health and safety cut,so walkers can identify the bank edge! The first cut has to be done by April 15 th I think, then we can cut the top and one down the bank after that. The main cut starts after July 7 th hope this helps.
  11. Stop foreign aid, look after our elders property,and our veterans and sort out mental health provision and it would be a land slide.
  12. Still legal at the moment, NB but thank you for that kind offer.
  13. Oh Blum, I've just sent mine to them for renewal!
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