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  1. I have had a SBE 2 and 3 the 2 was the most unreliable gun I have ever owned, so bad I threw one flight into the wash then had to retrieve it from 2ft if water. The 3 was better handling and super reliable, just for some reason over head shots I kept missing and lost confidence so I sold it. The black Benelli rust big time don't even think of having one for the coast. Ps I change my guns a lot.
  2. Anyone seen Kier Starmer, he seems to be in that cupboard as well!
  3. I'm off on holiday somewhere hot.
  4. I shot a pink with copper coated BB and found a pellet still had the copper coating intact.
  5. Just bought one , waiting for it to arrive, as I'm fed up with leaking jacket or so blinking heavy with rain water.
  6. Nothing wrong with your shooting chap, we are fortunate to have a good area and several farms to shoot over.
  7. Nice video and some very nice shots there.
  8. muncher


    Thanks for the reply, I'm not a fan of Boris but what choice is there. I agree a lot needs to change in our society and I'm not sure how this can come about, especially with the very poor political class we seem to have.
  9. muncher


    Oowee, you come across as very intelligent, I would like to ask you a question as your political leanings seem apparent. Do you believe that the Labour party would make a good government, and not make a complete mess of the economy?
  10. muncher


    Some won't, but will you also admit to being wrong if it's a success? The trouble I see is the political class don't seem to understand it wasn't about money.
  11. muncher

    First for me.

    One morning flight on the Ouse Washes ,I had 4 spoonbills come out of the fog, they were lucky I was on the Ball.😁 There are a lot of cranes on the Whittlesey washes and Ouse Washes, regularly see them while I'm at work.
  12. muncher

    Rem chokes

    Before I buy new,has anyone got any extended or flush rem chokes available, anything tighter than half please.
  13. And me, was only talking about this yesterday. Bathing by candlelight most night!
  14. muncher


    You said you were lost, I thought you meant the apple side 😁shortage of labour is possible but there's plenty around here Romanian etc ,so I think it's mainly good headlines.
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