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  1. Not sure where M was, not my call as it wasn’t my permission. My fowling has finished as all the clubs grounds are closed.
  2. Thank you, 40 kilos of muscle, and soft as a brush.
  3. I don’t know I have three freezers and I will start filling them now, and when full I will stop until I can get to the game dealers.
  4. Friday morning I missed a call and the voicemail message was just can you give me a call. I duly rang back and was asked if I could shoot a field of rape( not my permission) as I’m to busy to have a go. I met the kind gent on the said field to be see about 100 pigeons down, I agreed to help him out as it was local and I didn’t have anything else on. I said I would probably be lucky to get 20 but I was quite thrilled to have my first go of the year. I arrived at the field just before 8 and went as light as possible to the far end of the field by a big thorn bush with a light wind behind me. I
  5. Well I’ve just ordered a couple to try, cheers for the replies.
  6. Looking for a choke and I have heard about this brand, anyone tied them are they any good? Cheers.
  7. Sent you a pm, then saw you put cheap😂
  8. I’ve handled one but never shot one, but I do like the high rib
  9. I have always fancied one , any members on here that have and use one I’m looking for reviews, I would mainly use it for fowling. Cheers.
  10. Lee load all 2 20 bore basically new only used it a couple of times come with 300 plus wads and loads of cases plus. £100 buyer pays postage.
  11. Yes I love my rock and only recently started listening to there back catalogue. Ii think it’s a great opening.
  12. Yes it is shame it rained for two days solid, but I suppose that’s Wales for you 🤣
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