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  1. Thanks. 👍 I was surprised to see they were cutting it, but I’m pleased I spotted them. The clever were slightly better than the Eley but they both work well.
  2. You have to respect what they ask of you, I also had to get permission from two game keepers🥴 Cheers, wasn’t sure if people would be bored of my vids.
  3. I shot a rape stubble yesterday, as the farm manager said that day or It will be gone and you can go on that field only as we are working the others. I think if I had been able to shoot the field next to it the bag would have been rather large. I hope you enjoy this video clips of my day. Lesson learned, don’t have a phone conversation while filming.
  4. Very nice write up and a very good bag as well, pleased for you both.
  5. Look in Wanted. Think it’s first page chap looking for a MK 38
  6. There’s a chap on here selling a grade 5 miruko for £1800 only fired 250 shots. That would be my choice
  7. I spotted these with under a minute posted, but too far for me. I did think strewth I could beat Tightchoke 🤣🤣
  8. The safety is selective movement, and I keep getting it in the middle so it won’t come off. I have a piece of tape down one side now to solve my clumsy thumb. The maize was about 2 ft tall and they didn’t want that field it was the field behind of wheat they wanted.
  9. I did get better as the afternoon went on but I started very poorly, I will say the one that was too good for me dropped dead over the field. Thanks I just shoved it together. I hoped a few would enjoy it.
  10. I decoyed a few over maize, they weren’t feeding on this field they were after a field of wheat behind and I intercepted and conned some to decoy.
  11. That’s a very cheap price ? Is it correct.
  12. muncher

    8 bore resizer

    Contact Richard Holden I’m sorted now I believe but he might have some available.
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