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  1. Chap thought he would ride the Ride the tide after duck on an old Cradge bank,, when the tide got to his knees with a hour of tide left he called for help.
  2. There is some meat on them Canada's. Nice flight by the sound of it.
  3. Cheers I will be there at 9. One very close to me has started to take pigeons again, unfortunately he is unavailable in the morning. Save me a two hour round trip.
  4. The duck's will be sorted tomorrow, the pigeons will be in the game dealers in the morning along with another 200 frozen ones.
  5. To be honest ,I thought the was using some 32 steel 4 s, that I picked up for him on Friday. These were up there and with the wind behind them very impressed with the shooting yet alone the cartridge,mind you he does like very tight chokes
  6. Thank you,and I do use that broom to sweep the feathers up, well most of them.
  7. Keep meaning to clean it up but pigeons and fowling get in the way. Thanks.
  8. Friday Motty rang as usual and asked if I fancied a go at some stubble Mallard, of course I do. So we met up at the said field jumped in a dyke, put out a spinner and waited. Well it wasn't long before the first ones came in and we missed 😀. We decided to work them with our calls and get them in close and this worked a treat and we soon had a frantic few minutes, we finished with 15 beautiful Mallard. Saturday morning I had to go and get measured for a suite for my youngest daughter's wedding. When I was done I went home had a bit of dinner and went out looking, Motty was unavailable 😭. I found a field of bean stubble that had been ripped up,with a few down and a few flighting over. I set up in a low dyke with a very strong wind over my left shoulder so I put the rotary to my left when I shot a couple to put on it. And 8 shells . Soon had a couple for the rotary, but it was obvious that I needed to move further down the field as the fligh line was further down. So I moved the rotary and left the shells. The time was one o'clock. The pigeons just poured over and at 2 o'clock I had 50. I was shooting well in the conditions and I had a fantastic triple with the birds curling back on the wind. The next hour produced another 50. My brother joined me and he went 80 yards down the field from me, he was soon taking some cracking high birds coming back on the wind ,with some 24 gram Evo 7.5 . Still they kept coming, in fact pouring out. About 4.30 my brother ran out of cartridges and we decided to pack up as the sky was looking rather ominous. We picked up 214 for a very memorable afternoon.
  9. I was wearing sunglasses and a cap! Yes they were and hot that's why I went back and looked in the morning for any I missed.
  10. Friday and my usual call from Motty 👍,he was looking around as he finished early and had a couple of fields that looked possible for a decent bag. I had the looked at the field I shot the previous weekend and thought another stubble nearby would probably shoot. The plan was for us to spilt up and if one place wasn't producing then move and join the other. I set up with a small bush behind me and the wind cutting over my left shoulder. I didn't have any dead birds at all so I started with 8 old half shell decoys. I soon had a couple down and put a rotary out to my left, most birds came from behind and would either keep going or curl round and come in. I started about half ten and it was a slow trickle but a nice day in the sun and I hoped for about 50. Motty phoned and said his field wasn't looking any good, so he came over to join me,on the way down he looked at the stubble I shot last week and reported that there was a lot down feeding. He asked if he shot it would it mess me up, I didn't think it would, so give it a go chap. Well I could hear him popping away and I was still having pigeons come in. My brother joined me for a couple of hours, and we rearrange the decoys put some on cradles and another rotary, this definitely helped and more birds commited even in though they were not easy in a fairly strong wind.I could still hear Motty having a few. At four o'clock the sun was directly in my eyes and unless the pigeons came in low I was getting blinded by the sun, so I packed up. I picked 149 and a carrion crow. The next morning I walked over the edges of the field and picked another 6, for a total of 155 picked. I went over to me old mucker and he had picked 125, brilliant day in the end.
  11. Well done Stuart, thought that field would shoot, saw him looking Thursday we shot the other field and picked 90. Cheers MM, I can't be ***** to put them out in rows spent ages picking up😀
  12. Motty was unavailable today and I spent the morning loading goose cartridges ,any way I thought I would have a little go in the afternoon on some wheat stubble, I had looked at it and there were a few about but I was not expecting anymore than about 20 . So I set up in a small dyke with the rotary behind me and 8 shell decoys not much moving at first but a trickle started and I soon had 10 down. All of a sudden it became quite busy,so I called my brother and asked if he wanted to join me, he did he arrived at 2 and set up 70 yards further down and flighted the ones not decoying. I suddenly started to shoot very poorly but my brother was still taking some very nice birds. I wanted to be home to watch Norwich paly Man city ,so we packed up at 4. 30 and picked up 168 and a crow.
  13. Motty.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👃👃👃👃
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