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  1. muncher

    Dad's day

    A few beers and a cards, luckyas it was my birthday last weekend and I was spoilt ,so I said I only would like a card.
  2. That's a great afternoon MM, I had a flying fortress over me last week, fantastic sight.
  3. muncher

    Code black!

    https://ibb.co/cwb9AJ https://ibb.co/eGxSxy https://ibb.co/kwT0Hy https://ibb.co/eq2MPd https://ibb.co/g3qxxy
  4. muncher

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Motty and I shot a big bag of pigeons with steel and he recorded it,you can find it on YouTube or if your lucky someone might share a link ,we used 32 steel 4 s that day and steel 7s in fact all sorts, it's worth a watch ,steel works.
  5. muncher

    Pump or Semi?

    On this forum, The Trading Post private gun sales but I think you are possibly to late.
  6. muncher

    Pump or Semi?

    Nice pump for sale mossy£ 100 can't go wrong great guns on gunwatch now.
  7. muncher

    Double D fun.

    I having just come back from a holiday in Wales only had Friday evening for a look round to find a few Woodies to have a go at. I looked at pea field that had several down and decided that was my only option. Having recently aquired a Zabala canardier,which I had the triggers lighten up at Trulock and Harris, good opportunity to try it out.I arrived to find about 50 feeding and decided to set up with a cross wind from left to right with my back to a dyke,two on the rotory and a few half shells.A few decoyed and I had a some down when Motty called, come on over it's a big field we can have separate hides to keep the birds from landing at the other end, I also gave my brother a call and asked if he fancied a few shots,not over promising but a chat and the chance to bag a few, he was happy to join me. The Zabala wieghs in excess of 9 pound I believe and if you pull the back trigger it will simultaneously discharges both barrels. This gun is mainly to be a fowling piece but DD long range pigeons with 2 ounce of 7s is amazing good fun as the skirt the decoys.Motty set up further down the field and my brother joined me, but the birds were not having much of it, so we took the hide down and got down the side of the dyke this seemed to help and we had a trickle of customers.at 3.30 it was very quiet so we decided to packed up with 53 from our hide and Motty picked 18 ,so 71 for a pleasant afternoon.
  8. muncher

    ESS new member

    Nice pup, and congratulations on the aquital that's must have been nearve racking for you and yous.
  9. muncher

    Ex Military Rucksack (KL 1995) SOLD

    Send me bank details please and I will send it now.
  10. muncher

    Ex Military Rucksack (KL 1995) SOLD

    I will have this please ,pm your details.cheers Jules
  11. muncher

    Its Been a Long Day

    Good result PC I'm away in beautiful Wales ,not seen one woodie here yet.
  12. muncher

    Browning BPS 10 Bore

    Send widgeon man apm he had a wooden one for sale I think.
  13. muncher

    New HMR17 or second hand

    I have had one before Boyd, but thanks for the offer, but for the amount I use one I think a new set up might be the best way to go . That wasy thinking too just thought I would ask to see if it's worth it,but with new you do have the knowledge of how the gun has been treated.
  14. muncher

    New HMR17 or second hand

    That is the way I'm leaning,just so many for sale second hand but I'm probably only saving£150 .
  15. muncher

    New HMR17 or second hand

    I have a slot for a HMR 17,and I only want a reliable work hosre,so to speak .The question is should I buy new or a second hand one with scope and moderator on. Sorry if this thread has been done before.