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  1. muncher


    Has anyone got one yet would like to hear your opinion. I handled one today and I liked it a lot, but review from American say they shoot high.
  2. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I have never protested in my life, but over this I'm sure I will if it's not delivered as we voted. I believe before next March,if they don't deliver, there will be riots.
  3. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They won't let a democratic vote get in the way of the gravy train.
  4. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    In my mind,that or a referendum with the choice, except mays deal or stay in the E U.
  5. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    No it's not, they will extend article 51 and work to keep us in.
  6. muncher

    Bricks and Mortar Discount used shotgun

    I always ask, I do my research on the web,it nearly always pays off. My local rfd now say when I ask about a gun ,to you it will be! I ask everywhere even superstores like currys,they aren't so willing these days but sometimes you get free insurance etc.
  7. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My thoughts exactly.
  8. I found when I did some testing the pattern was quite good ,the problem I had was BBB went through the wad and scored the barrels I have not used them since!
  9. muncher

    I love October

    That was one eaten by one of the young dogs, has one for himself Everytime! Then Carry's on retrieving as normal afterwards.
  10. muncher

    I love October

    Norfolk style of counting.
  11. muncher

    Too warm ... ?

    Me as well Steve.
  12. muncher

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    Not many as I've cleaned a lot up but I have found another load ,just need to get permission.
  13. muncher

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    Yes I hope so as my confidence in the set up was dwindling fast. No it's not but the wind is only due to get worse.
  14. muncher

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    Well I changed the scope to see if was the culprit,and I soon got my answer. Top picture is the last shot s of Hornady 17 grain . Thanks for the advice people it was much appreciated.Now to chose another scope. There was a right to left cross wind and as I have to remoythe scope I decided not to use any more ammo.
  15. muncher

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    Thank you a kind offer, Dave Shipman loaned me a Weaver scope to try.Fingera crossed I can get out tomorrow to check it out.