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  1. I used a plastic Gromet , or I did look at a copper washer as well.
  2. They are either good or bad , I’ve had four over the years, some jam a lot others are fine. They are a nice goose gun.
  3. Single 8 bore , steel 40 inch barrel full choke, 3 and 1,4 chamber 14 1/2 length of pull, comes with 25 Brass cases that were made for it. £1000.
  4. Charlick I believe Probably spelt that 😑
  5. Are these still a available? Are these still available? If so I’ll have em
  6. I have these choke for sale 5/8 flush sk, 1/4 and half extended plus the Teauge choke key invector plus £110 including postage.
  7. Well done, persistence paid off.
  8. Was lovely to be out and at em. Thanks
  9. I have been keeping an eye for any pigeon activity but unfortunately I could find anything worth setting up for. On my travels I spotted a field with a lot of crows on and I believed I new who’s farm it was, after a call or two I had permission on a new farm. I hadn’t any decoys other than four dead pigeons so I set up at the far end of the field away from some nearby houses, with the light wind in my face, not ideal , but it was the best position for a hide. After half an hour I had two down and placed them out as decoys. The crows were very cagey and kept veering away. The dead slowly increased and with it the crows became more confident and started to decoy quite well, the only shame was the carrion crows were not being fooled, I did bag a few of them but it was mainly rooks I shot. I finished with 62 crows and 3 pigeons. So a nice session.
  10. Try Whittlesey gun shop I got one from there.
  11. You will need to fit one of these to the rotory.
  12. Yea they come with a charger, but a phone charger will do it but slowly. I think it’s 13amp but you can get a bigger one, but to me it defeats the objective.
  13. Fishing tackle shops or Google ridge monkey battery, just be careful which one you order. I haven’t had a problem charging it
  14. I doubt that’ll happen again, what I can see happening is pigeons being dumped in large quantities to the detriment of us all.
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