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  1. muncher


    The beech mast might need to be frozen for a while to represent a winter. My father used to breed roses and he had to freeze the pods for several weeks to get them to activate germination. Might be worth a Google and see.
  2. The police said, thank you that's fine, if we get a call about shooting in that area we will not attend. This was a favour for a friend of the farmers who's land I don't shoot as he is ill and he is trying to save the rape field. Strange as the other farmer has always said no to me, he is a rather fiery man😁
  3. I had a call from a farmer about crop damage,I can't go as my wife and I are self isolating due to her having a cough. So I asked a friend if he could oblige, he rang 101 and got ok from them and a reference number if any old Bill turn up.
  4. Thanks, I just wondered, we all have different tastes.
  5. I've never understood the need for fAC shotgun's on crop protection, I have shot a lot of pigeons and can only think of the odd occasion that I needed extra shots. So can someone explain to me the reason why there's a need . Not to be a killjoy, I'm genuinely interested. Cheers.
  6. Are they the ones that just pull out as I have some ,not in the best nick and I have the couple that clip in between to steady them, couple have bent spikes. Pm if your interested them.
  7. muncher

    Gun fit

    This is probably nearer the mark, as I was sitting down shooting pigeons coming into decoys. Now my cheeks has gone down I will try again, well when we can go out a again.
  8. Nice outing that well done Dad.
  9. They will keep for now👍
  10. Yes it does open like a sxs, and I'm not sure he did while working,to be honest the last to trips is the best behaved he has ever been. Possibly worried he is next! I had to out 5 ounces in the stock to balance it up. But it handles very well for 9 1/2lb I've shot triples on pigeons and pinks with it, U bought it around Xmas. To give you a rough idea if the layout. Sorry yes they are a single trigger, some say the trigger pull is heavy but not on this one.
  11. Well I managed to find a home for 60 today,and I'm working in the others, but to be honest I'm not sure what I will do start cooking them for the dogs? That would be a Great help.
  12. muncher

    Gun fit

    That will soon happen JD as with self isolation I can see me getting fatter 🤧
  13. muncher

    Inexpensive .22LR

    Shame as I have one just perfect for you.
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