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  1. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    That was blackmail, and should be fought all the way by BASC,it's wrong.
  2. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    This I find hard to take,Pintail a legal quarry but they say you can not shoot them, tell me how that is legal.
  3. Nearly To Cold To shoot Pigeons

    There are several fields still left to be done, Motty has his eye on some just in case the pigeons hit the tops.
  4. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    I would think that is incorrect and that was one of the reasons AUKWC was formed as we didn't agree to those conditions.I believe all wildfowling club' need to have more dialouge with their neighouring clubs and nationally so we know what' going on and fight each other' corner,that way we are a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Nearly To Cold To shoot Pigeons

    Well done MM, Motty my brother an I had a go blimey it was cold and gale force winds at times ,think we managed 32 I shot very badly, but we had a good old natter.
  6. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    Visiting limits and bag limits we should fight all the way . They will not adopt the American system where it's done on proper bird counts they will give bag and visit limits and it will only get smaller until it's not worth us going, death by a thousand cuts.
  7. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    We shouldn' settle for anything ,why should we bloody dog walkers er don' have to.
  8. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    The Aukwc, was formed as panoma1 says with a bit more to it, but wanted to work along side Basc not against or to replace BASC .
  9. Non lead, non steel 10 bore cartridges

    You will probably have to load your own.What chamber has your ten got?
  10. NE Wildfowling consents consultation.

    The part that worries me ,was the supposed high % of replied in favour of bag limits,that is a very dangerous game.
  11. one size fits all

    For me I would op for 2s they pattern well and give you the best of both I have shot teal to pinks with 2s on the same flight many times, for.me 4s are a bit light but that' me.
  12. You can Rely on Pigeons

    Well done again, I will soon be out after them, not sure I will hit a ton for a while though.
  13. Missfires not so common these days

    If I have a misfire I generally bung it in a dyke or river. Last year when we dredge a stretch of river when clearing the spoil the.lads found several 303 live rounds dated 1945 ,we pulled the bullets of and ignited the powder, amazing after all those years in the river the powder was still viable.
  14. Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    I will have the one with the net please, send payment details.or shall I just PayPal on the original link?
  15. Confused from Birmingham

    PM sent pc