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  1. Sounds like a standard day!😁
  2. That's a great day by anyone's standards,I'm off with Motty next week to Norwich Chelsea game.
  3. Have a great holiday,look forward to your winter posts.🙄
  4. Well done again PC, I bet the pigeons can't wait until you go to Greece for a few weeks.😁
  5. I will try and get some to try ,not sure if any stocks them around here.
  6. PC what brand are you using, I favour gamebore 32 gran 4 s.
  7. PC, were they all **** with steel shot?
  8. I believe that the EU will see Boris means business and will yield to a better deal. Boris will ask Corbin to back the deal in private and promise a spring election.
  9. That's better than Tony Blair handing the baton to Gordon Brown.
  10. The Plus has a high rib and bigger bolt handle,but they have removed the chamber cut off, so that's a minus for me.
  11. They went on about, showing of cricket to the world and youngsters that hadn't seen the game. Then produce a pitch like that, should of been better than that. I think they were lucky it ended like it did.
  12. Nice shooting, nice vid keep em coming please.
  13. I didn't think you were being funny,that's why I put LOl on the end. Text can be interpreted in so many ways, so it can look like a negative comment.😀
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