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  1. My feo told me it's a steel tube, so it doesn't need to be on your license. The action is the part that's important.
  2. Nice to see PC, I'm sure my posting has cost me a few times, but I try to be philosophical about it, the more people shooting helps with cartridges prices and helps our sport.
  3. I had a go with a 20 bore sx4 this weekend, first the cartridge wouldn't stay in the mag , the forend is squashy. The grip has a Winchester sign either side that dug into my palm. I honestly thought I would buy it but after 10 shots or so I put it away and it went back to the gunshop on Monday.
  4. Nice report JD, I had a go Wednesday afternoon on some pea stubble trying out a huspower 20 bore pump I shot 54 for 80 shots it was blinking hot. I didn't take the dog because if the heat and I've decided I don't like retrieving my own winged birds.🤪
  5. Too far for me, cheers anyway.
  6. Where abouts in Essex please.
  7. Well done Steve, glad your getting a few .
  8. Probably a wad not opening properly, easier to ring the birds neck.
  9. Very true, I only bought this to help someone out and now I will lose money on it as they didn't go ahead with their certificate! Just need to have a clear out.
  10. muncher

    Black Lab Puppy

    They don't reply, to email phone calls or messages?
  11. That was a nice video, good job you were not near me with all the bad language coming out of my mouth as I got to grips with the Hushpower 410.
  12. What's the sound like with subs? Think I will probably go for a 20 over and under huspower.
  13. The A- Tec 12 looks a good bit of kit not sure how much quieter it would be but as it has a valley down the sightline it doesn't effect the sight plain. I am a bit tempted.
  14. Will this never end with these clowns.
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