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  1. muncher

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    I bought a SBE3 in the end got a good deal on a trade in, I still think I will have one of the above as well!
  2. muncher

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    I had that problem with a SBE2.
  3. muncher

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    Yeah,sold the DD so I would like a nice handling semi.😁
  4. muncher

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    Just like to hear from any owners on their opinions are on these guns, good and bad.cheers.
  5. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    That explains a lot!
  6. muncher

    McNab 3.5" over unders

    I think Jack Sykes (might be the wrong man) has one under review and from what I have heard he is very impressed.
  7. muncher

    McNab 3.5" over unders

    The new Yildiz o/u has been getting some positive feedback.
  8. muncher

    Browning BPS 10 gauge

    I have a very full cabinet so I'm having a clear out,and those long walks over the marsh I'm not getting any younger.
  9. muncher


    Has anyone got one yet would like to hear your opinion. I handled one today and I liked it a lot, but review from American say they shoot high.
  10. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I have never protested in my life, but over this I'm sure I will if it's not delivered as we voted. I believe before next March,if they don't deliver, there will be riots.
  11. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They won't let a democratic vote get in the way of the gravy train.
  12. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    In my mind,that or a referendum with the choice, except mays deal or stay in the E U.
  13. muncher

    BREXIT - merged threads

    No it's not, they will extend article 51 and work to keep us in.