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  1. He worked for my grandfather for a time and with my father as a young man. My father said he was a bully and not very pleasant at all, but all three are passed away now so probably best left as a good tale.
  2. My grandfather is the man with the swans,he told a very different tale to Kenzie,he always claimed Kenzie dropped him in it😁
  3. muncher


    How the hell does it cost 500,000 to ring a bloody bell!
  4. muncher

    im back

    Where do I find out what you have in stock please.
  5. I had one years ago, the bolt went miles, last shot I had was a ricochet of a shed roof and went straight down a row of houses. I put it away and never used it again, that must of been 35 years ago now, scared me to death that I might have hit someone.
  6. Not sure, Motty has the odd good day!
  7. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Sorry gents not sure I can fit you all in, Motty gets very possessive!
  8. Get well JD, I will have to have you over again for some Norfolk pigeons.
  9. I had the privilege of seeing the uncut version of the flight on the Ouse wash and it was fantastic, but cuts had to be made I wish I had that copy. Yes it was a unbelievable flight and we called it because we had enough,and the birds still kept coming.
  10. muncher

    Jebs choke

    Jebs 675 ported choke for sale. Beretta optima HP £100 nearly new.
  11. muncher

    The Irishman

    I thought it was ok ,but the fight scene when he beat up the store keeper was very poor.
  12. I use the game bag of this site ,very good and seem not to let water in.
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