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  1. Well I hope you have a great flight and put something in the bag, there’s nothing to compare with wildfowling.
  2. We have had a new member this season, contact the mentor coordinator at 10 o’clock at night to go the next morning! How can you deal with this sort of attitude. Then another request was Friday evening flight Saturday morning and evening and the Sunday morning. So are easy to deal with and get them confident to be allowed to go on their own , but others take a lot of effort.
  3. I sometimes take new members out, and the problem generally is the new members don’t give their mentors much notice when they would like to go, this makes it near on impossible to get someone to take them out.
  4. Thanks , is it chromed chambers and bores as well please.
  5. Brilliant news , I had a similar result for a problem in my throat. Does take a weight off , enjoy your Christmas.
  6. I’ve never heard or seen one and I’m always looking for a good 3.5 O/U.
  7. Well done PC , nice to see your post again.
  8. Your dedication is being well rewarded JD. Great effort.
  9. Enjoyed that again, thanks for posting I know the poor videos I post take some time to edit..so yours must take a lot of effort. 👍
  10. You will, I’m sure and it’s a very nice feeling if they are challenging shots. Nice flight for two hours shooting JD. 👍
  11. Well that’s all the bishop and actress jokes gone now🥴
  12. My brother and I did a goose cull of greylags for a farmer that had taken up residence on his reservoir and damage his crops. We were asked to reduce their number by half ,which we did (16). We prepared all the shot geese for the table and nearly every one had air rifle pellets in and several lead pellets, tough bird.
  13. I haven't had a problem at all , they have gel ear cups so they are comfortable for some time,I even can wear my hearing aids with them . I use them on the foreshore and probably keep them on for two hours or more.
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