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  1. steve42

    Nylon pouches

    Received them Les ATB Steve
  2. Got a pair of these great gloves
  3. Thanks for that, but am now sorted
  4. Thanks , but not my thing mate
  5. As titled not fussed about colour , but needs to be the rubber finish
  6. As titled , anyone got one for sale ?
  7. Have a dog cage specifically made for a Nissan X Trail but use it in my Navara has rear escape door and will take 3 labs easy , no longer needed £30 Tried to upload pictures but site won't let me PM and will send by email if interested Cheers Steve
  8. steve42

    .223 crimp die

    Think I have one , will have a look tonight when I get home if you havnt already got sorted ?
  9. As titled after reloading dies and brass for 6.5 x 47
  10. A small syndicate in south Northumberland. This is a rough shoot syndicate of 6 people who shoot once a month through the season. The bag ranges from 5-10 each day (this season the total bag was 29) and the land is big enough for a 4-5 hour day, start at 10.30 and finish around 2-3pm. Included in the price is your lunch which consists of a couple of hot beef rolls, a soft drink / glass of port and a piece of cake. There is no expectation of work, but it is also welcome. A dog is essential, please don’t express interest if you don’t have one. Cost for the season £80. (There are no extras such as pigeon shooting or vermin)
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