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  1. I’d best get onto them Mel !
  2. Wages are definitely improving for us I reckon, the last place I worked at I was there 20 years and paid 20k a year ! So for me to start this job on £30k and 4 day week was unreal !
  3. Same here mate, spannering is a dying breed, lads dont want to get there hands dirty and get paid peanuts anymore haha
  4. Hi I’ve not posted in a while but I’m not sure if there’s any HGV mechanics on here local to Lancashire but a very good job has become available at South Ribble Borough Council maintaining there Fleet of bin wagons ! Good job for somebody 👍
  5. Needs to go because my mums selling house and that’s where the freezer is used to fit about 100 pigeon in Could do with a good clean but was working fine before I turned it off last year. pick up only
  6. Royboy

    Pricked Duck

    Yeah it was a bit late to do a proper check, but when I removed the breasts I didn’t see anything obvious
  7. Royboy

    Pricked Duck

    Well I thought maybe it was another Duck but this was still warm, still tasted good in a stir fry ! if I miss a pricked bird I always have another look next day 👍 Is possible maybe ?
  8. Just had a strange one, I picked up on a pond last night and Couldn’t find one mallard so decided to go back today for another look in the daylight, got to pond the duck was there on the pond, I sent my dog in so the duck flew to the other side of the pond then started walking up the banking. My dog caught up with it but when he fetched it back the duck was dead ??
  9. Royboy

    Suzuki jimny

    Thanks a lot for that info 👍 I’ll definitely not buy the first one I see ! I’ve looked after my mates vitara for a couple of years servicing it and MOTing it and Im trying to talk him into selling it ! It’s a cracker 👍
  10. Royboy

    Suzuki jimny

    Sorry for late reply, I’ve just got back from work. i might be sorted with a vitara but if it falls through I’ll be back to you
  11. Royboy

    Suzuki jimny

    Haha yeah they will be coming out
  12. Royboy

    Suzuki jimny

    Mpg isn’t really a issue, I’ll only be using it on weekends local, I’ve got a corsa for me new job
  13. Royboy

    Suzuki jimny

    I’m thinking of getting rid of my 2003 l200 as I will not be needing it, I start a new job next week so it’s too heavy on fuel for me to commute 50 miles a day. ive got a another car for this but I’m thinking of getting something smaller like a Jimny for feeding my pond and shooting at weekend if anyone knows of anything around Lancashire. A Jimny is half the price of my l200 to insure so it’s going to have to go 😓
  14. I like to use lofting poles to poke the drey then shoot the squirrel as it runs around the tree, sometimes owls will use a old drey to nest in 👍
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