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  1. Tees Valley Target Sports. Was looking forward to some amusing random guesses
  2. I'm a member of TVTS. There's an indoor range for FAC (up to pistol calibres) and an air gun / archery range. We also use an outdoor range at moorsome and have regular days at Cattereick with the occasional trip to Bisley too. Unfortunately it's all closed at the moment but worth considering if living in Boro as it's open (when we're not suffering from Covid restrictions) in the evening. Gutted as I've just started work in Boro and pass the club every day.
  3. PSG is a great sport and a perfect reason to own one of these types of shotguns. I had a Bora years ago and have been using a Typhoon F12 for the last couple of years. (That's now for sale too on here) due to having a Tigris on order from 3GunNation UK.
  4. It's been a great shotgun but it has to go as I need the slot. My FLO won't let me have another S1 shotgun slot.
  5. Open to any sensible offers and willing to sell with or without brake and extra mags. Shotgun with flared magwell, full set of chokes and 2 x 10 round mags £695
  6. Hi, this is my gun. Feel free to ask any questions. I will take a safe (6+) or a section 2 Mossberg 500 in part ex here's a photo I had on my phone but I'll add some detailed ones later.
  7. Sco77w

    Mossberg 500

    I'm looking for a cheep Mossberg 500. Anyone know of any?
  8. Where have all the cheep Mossberg 500s gone? I gad a 500ATP a few years ago that I gave £100 for at a local gun shop then not long back I had a Maverick 88 that I gave even less for now I want a 500 again (section 2) and the bargains just don't seem to be around. Anyone know of any?
  9. I've seen the Chinese 1887s but not the 97
  10. Weren't they a 20" barrel?
  11. OK, I have an Ithaca DSPS and an 1897 and have a real craving for a trench gun but don't want to butcher either of these, especially my beloved DSPS that seem to be a bit scares. That said if someone made an affordable UK legal 24" barrelled version of one of the well known models what would you want, would you buy one and what sort of price would you want to pay? If a clone of a M37 with a 1917 bayonet came out of a Turkish factory for about £750 I'd be on it like a tramp on dropped chips providing it was made to the standards of some or the o/u shotguns that have been coming out o
  12. Hi, are there any collectors here that can give me some guidance? im a big shotgun fan and have several but over the last 4 or 5 years I've developed a particular interest in combat shotguns or ones that have been used by the military and police around the world. The vast majority of these have barrels that would deem them a S5 but my interest is in the type of gun, the manufacturer and operation so UK legal Sec 1 or even 2 (to a lesser degree) I find acceptable. I already have an 870, a M37DSPS and an 1897 but want to expand the collection with maybe 4 or 5 already high
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