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  1. It's a DSPS and yes it loads and ejects from the underside. Slam fires too for when you just need to burn money that little bit quicker
  2. I had one of theses in the late 70s use to pump it up for ages thinking it would make it more powerful 🤣 In my defence I was only about 8 or 9 years old.
  3. Well my pump family has gone through some changes over the years, some come, some go but these are all keepers.
  4. I've got an Aldi Router table unused that I'm happy to let you have foc. I've never even looked in the box. Im only at redcar and will be working at Hartlepool next week if you want to collect it from either location. Ill get it out and have a look tomorrow. Feel free to message me an email address or mobile number and I'll send you pics if you like.
  5. It is, everyone loves it. I won't be upset if I have to keep it. I'll have to buy another safe tho 😂
  6. Well since selling my supernova and Mossberg Maverick 88 shotguns it's left me with only 2 pump guns, My Ithaca DSPS and My Remington 870 so when I saw a pump gun I've been wanting for a while on a stall at the Northern Shooting show I had to have it. I couldn't bring it home so photos will follow when I can get to collect it.
  7. 🤣. You know what to do it you find them 👍 I’m actually on the hunt for a couple of others too but I just keep winding my self up when I see shotguns selling for 3x what they were 5 years ago when I was broke and only had 1 spare slot that was reserved for a very specific gun. Now I have 2 X S1 slots to fill and a bit of money everything has rocketed in price with the exception of anything I want to sell 🤦‍♂️
  8. Section 2 model 11 wanted. Any about?
  9. I don’t have any direct experience of the LASF but I have on order a Lantac Raven in .223. There’s not a lot to touch it here in the uk. The main difference between the one you mention ant the Raven is basically the receivers. The Raven is milled from solid billet where the other is forged. Have a look at their website. I have an M&P 15-22 and I have zero complaints with it. And it’s about a 1/4 of the price of a Raven and what mags are Arguably the best .22 ARs in the country running? 15-22 mags. There’s obviously a reason for that, they’re readily available, reliable and hold 25 rounds as opposed to the 20 the Black Dog ones hold. If I had the cash I’d be buying a Lantac Raven, if I didn’t have £2200 to dump into a .22 I’d be buying a 15-22.
  10. Sco77w

    Large gun safe 10+

    I’m looking for a large gun safe, what’s available?
  11. Sco77w

    Spas 12

    Anyone got a reasonably priced Spas 12 for sale or know of any around? Ive seen the one on gun trader but that’s about a grand more than than the ones I’ve seen for sale before I had the spare slot on my FAC (typical I suppose)
  12. Had quotes for both and got an appointment at Leeds for Tuesday if I don’t sell them before. I’d rather see them going straight to someone that wants them rather than watchfinder Just slapping a grand on them and selling them thro their swanky boutique. Cant believe they’ve got the same Black Bay for sale at £2750. I only paid £2330 NEW.
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