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Found 24 results

  1. Good condition supervarmint stock for Tikka T3. All works as it should. £100 Inc p&p
  2. Blaser R8 Pro Success + Trigger unit Metalwork included 9.5 / 10 £1650 OVNO More photos on request.
  3. Hi, My dad has a left handed Beretta 686, about 25 years old. Would a new(er) 686 stock still fit? Or do they require some "fitting" He wants to convert it to right handed for his grandson. Any ideas where I might get a used one/set? Might need a little taking off the stock.. Thanks Rich
  4. 101 uses for a mousemat ! not perfect but the pigeons won't know. Has anyone else had the problem of finding an extension for their franchi affinity ? From what i can find the importer has decided not to stock/sell/import the TSA extended pads for this shotgun. So, i got to thinking about making one of my own. The pics show how i got on. I now have a LOP of 14.5 which matches the dimensions of my old 712 which has now expired (parts available if anyone needs them). I know the stocks are a different shape and they have changed a lot of the dimensions,but it comes up better than ever now. Just need to get it patterned and i will feel more confident. Stu
  5. Royboy

    AyA number 2

    Hello maybe this should be in the wanted section ? My uncle has the above gun that he bought in the 70s brand new and it was his first gun. whilst out rough shooting this season he’s jumped a ditch and landed on his stock and snapped it in half ! could anyone point me in the right direction for a stock or maybe you have one ? He’s not bothered of the condition of stock he can rub it down and re finish it. thanks
  6. After new black synthetic stock for my Hatsan semi auto N Lincs
  7. Hi all looking for a Diana/ gecado model 22 stock doesn't matter if it's rough as its to cut to to fit my sons air rifle. thanks.
  8. Hi all, Certificate finally landed on the door matt on Monday with a bit of polite chasing. Picked up a brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting Adjustable for a good price from McAvoy Guns. I’ve heard that the matt finish on the Silver Pigeons can be a little sensitive, especially to rain. I also can’t really tell if it’s an oil finish or some type of sprayed varnish. What is the best way way to protect the wood? I’ve had my eye on CCL conditioning oil which is meant for existing oil finishes, but how will it react with the Silver Pigeon finish with not being able to tell if its oil or varnish. Also seen Birchwood Casey Wax which obviously will help with waterproofing, but again unsure how it will react with the Beretta finish. Thanks in adavance for any help/advice. Adam
  9. I bought this from a very nice fella and decide I wanted to (eventually) remove the mossy oak breakup as it is looking tatty, possibly cerakote it and add some tacticool gucci features because I'm a gear tart and even in the forces I'd always want the fanciest stuff. So far, I ordered the MPA escort stock from edgar brothers through my local shop. For those wondering it's £40 RRP which is what I got it for. You may get it for less or more depending on your shop. If you buy it, you also need the shorter stock bolt which was included in the price. Fitting was a pain because the stock, although it had good access through the 2 cartridge holder thingy hole, the bolt is long through the nut so you need a very deep 13mm socket. I ended up sticking my spare spacers in too as the butt pad on the MPA stock is much slimmer than the one provided with my mark one escort. Next is a 11mm dovetail to picatinny/weaver mount for the receiver and a holographic parallax free red dot to see how this works with my gun, because I think the clay/hunting community is extremely closed off to new things (semi autos for one) and i'd like to see more sighting systems on guns appearing in these settings. And before you say it, I know a bead or rib (or nothing at all) works just as well, but there must be some benefit to point shooting with a floating red dot. Even the yanks are jumping on this with their pistols - I think there must be some advantages. I've also ordered a side saddle 6 cartridge holder for the reciever which bolts through the holes where your normal drift pins sit for your trigger group. This was from knight armory in the US. Next I want the MPA cocking handle as it's way less sharp on my fingers than the normal escort 'comma' style and is knurled which looks nice. This is £10. I also will order the newer fluted end cap for just in front of the foregrip with the swivel attached. I already have a two point bungee sling. Anyway - picture (bear in mind colour is subject to change)
  10. for sale my ATI chassis system, i could do with some cash so is up for sale. these are about 250 pounds brand new im asking 130ovno collected, might be able to post but box is large, doubt it would be at all cheap. stock is missing one screw out of six from along the top rail, no idea where this went but works just fine without (6 seems like overkill to me anyways haha) Ruger 10-22 seen in pics not included, Aimpoint also not included Features: AR-15 Replicate Polymer Receiver Chassis Receiver Shroud is comprised of Two Polymer Halves Includes all intricate features of the AR-15 Aluminum components mount to the receiver for added support Invisible parting lines Accepts any 10-25 round magazine Aluminum 6-Sided forend Aluminum FS8 Nose Cone Aluminum 21 picatinny rail ability to mount accessories Six Position Adjustable TracLOCK System Eliminates Horizontal and Vertical Movement of the Stock on the Buffer Tube Provides Smooth Secure Stock Adjustments Eliminates the Need for Secondary Locking Mechanisms No Snag Points Thin Scorpion Recoil Pad Dual Sided QD Attachment Point Scorpion Recoil System Thin Scorpion Recoil Pad Non-Slip, Removable Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip Sure-Grip Texture Recoil Impact is Absorbed Shooting any Load Size can now be Done with No Pain being Transferred to the Shooter Reduces the Challenge to Reacquire the Target by Minimizing the Muzzle Lift Not Affected by Chemicals Remains Flexible in Extreme Temperatures Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil Removes Limitations from Spring and Piston Type Recoil Suppression Systems T2 Style Pistol grip Lowers shooters hand to align your finger with trigger Extended Scorpion Material to Reduce Recoil and Discomfort to the Shooters Hand and Thumb Sure-Grip Texture Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil Made in the USA Limited Lifetime Warranty Fits Most Ruger 1022 with standard barrel or bull barrel
  11. My brother managed to break the stock on this Powell boxlock. Wondering if it can be repaired or is it a case of a new stock? The guns not worth much but has some sentimental value, so don't want to scrap it but also don't think I can justify some of the prices I've been quoted for restocking. Would cascamite hold? Or is the break too bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Photos to follow.
  12. I hit my stock off a gate yesterday and it left 3 patches that are lighter than the rest any way to darken them so they don't look as bad? Thanks also would camo tape on the stock help keep it better?
  13. Hi Guys, Selling a ATI Shotforce 6-position Adjustable Tactlite Stock. Fits most of the following 12g Mossberg/Remington/Winchester shotguns: Maverick 88, Mossberg 500/535/590/835, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200/1300. I have had it from new for about a month. Still in excellent condition (used twice) and comes with instructions and the original box. Has all the necessary bolts and adaptors to fit the guns listed above. Reason for selling - have been shooting with it a couple of times installed on my Mossberg Hushpower 12g and have found that I prefer shooting with a conventional stock than with a pistol grip. Just my personal preference really but the stock fits perfectly and has great reviews. Selling the kit for £60. Located nr Coningsby, Lincs but do travel regularly up to N Yorkshire. Happy to post the item for £65 but would require payment in advance. PM if there are any questions. http://s650.photobucket.com/user/edarkell/media/image1_1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 http://s650.photobucket.com/user/edarkell/media/image4.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s650.photobucket.com/user/edarkell/media/image2_1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s650.photobucket.com/user/edarkell/media/image3_1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3
  14. stock wanted for fabarm goldenmatic 125 sl semi auto or full gun for spares anything out there plz
  15. Hi all - looking for some advice... I've just acquired a Browning Ultra Xs with adjustable stock at rather a good price! However there is what appears to be some oil penetration on the right hand side of the stock where it meets the action (dark areas in pic). This seems to have caused two very small hairline cracks in the wood no more than 10mm in length. So I’m wondering what (if anything) I should do about this, as I would hate for the cracks to get any worse. Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  16. For sale: CZ455 Varmint thumbhole laminate stock. This stock was fitted to my new rifle and has been out of the cabinet just a single time, I bought the rifle as a package but always intended to swap the stock for a Pro-Varmint to match my other rifles. Well, my new stock turned up this morning so I now have the thumbhole for sale. As expected, it's in fantastic condition, will be supplied in a Boyds box. Pictures below. Looking for £90 plus post. And how it looks fitted on a rifle:
  17. Looking for the above action only as I have a 17hmr barrel and 22lr just find it a bit of a pain to switch between the barrels with zeroing the scopes etc. any help and advice welcome with how people who have the same rifles. Cheers.
  18. My club has had an influx of younger shooters and sometimes they struggle with the length of the rifle when first starting. Fortunately they grow confident very quickly and can then cope with an oversize stock but we need to help them initially. Rather than purchase a new rifle it has been suggested we get a spare stock that can be shortened. So does anyone have a spare wooden stock. Not too interested in finish provided it is cheap and not split. Standard Stocks are ridiculously cheap in the USA but I’m not going to be there for at least another 6 months Located South Bucks but often in South Essex
  19. Wondering peoples opinions and preferred Stock that they use mainly Beech vs Walnut as i can't decide? Also interested to hear in any other type of wood stocks or Plastic Stocks? Also Thumbhole vs Standard? OPINIONS PLEASE!!!
  20. For sale is my Air Arms original stock. It is beech but has a nice natural colour and grain to it as you can see from the photos. I had to very closely examine this stock to find any imperfections, knocks, scratches on it. I did eventually find 2 tiny dents where a bipod was temporarily fitted over the front stud. There is also a tiny mark at the end of the inletting where the air cylinder would sit. I tried to get these on camera but they just wouldn't show up. It has got sling studs already fitted as shown below. As you can see from the photos this is a great looking stock and is a bit of a reluctant sale. However, I could do with a bit of cash my way at the moment so has to go! I am looking for £60 posted for it please which seems to be a very good price after some research. This advert will only stay on here for a few days before this has to reluctantly go on the bay beginning with e. Any questions please ask...
  21. For sale Beretta Trap stock, in immaculate condition and a nice piece of wood. Was used very briefly on my 687. Not a mark on it and a rubber pad fitted to it. I think it will fit other Beretta's 686 etc. Will send pics via email. £180 posted. Thanks
  22. I am looking to try my hand at making a gun stock. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a old air rifle or one that needs a new stock.
  23. Hi All I have an Air Arms S400/410 LH Walnut Stock which could be sold as brand new, this was taken off of a gun i purchased that was bought and then never used, appart from i shoot right handed, i have just purchased a custom RH stock from Rabbitter (Daz) from on here, and as he done me a great deal,so i will do the same on this stock also. Im looking for £125 Posted Hopefully Pictures below. http://s262.photobucket.com/user/richprior/library/ or just message me for anymore info. The stock is in Buck's if collection is wanted. Thanks Richard
  24. borden

    sako 75 stock

    wanted sako 75 laminated varmint stock in good condition for 243
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