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  1. Unused as far as i can tell Full set of 6 in a case with the key £50 each when new Set of sic for £199 posted
  2. Jesus!! Why? .22lr will knock bigger animals than a fox over if you stick it in the right place That said the WMR is my choice over the HMR Energy and accuracy over marketing and poor experience
  3. Bewsher500

    .300wm dies

    have a set of lee ultimate dies here brand new in box they include the collet die
  4. rws little bit slower than the others avoids crackers when its hot
  5. No you are not correct. Neither velocity or barrel length are a sole detriment to accuracy. The US Police use 18" barrelled .308 as sniper rifles Pretty sure their accuracy requirements are higher than most Can a short barrel be inaccurate? Sure So can long barrels Is the sound barrier an issue for long range shooting? Yes But choose an appropriate bullet and crack on You can push a .308 way past the transonic stage with a decent bullet and still maintain accuracy PH Scout is a well made and accurate rifle more important would be to check it for rust Rust kills more rif
  6. check you can feed it before you buy it
  7. I have been shooting Eley VIP in 30gr 6s for a while now. The other day I had someone plant a seed of doubt in the Eley VIPs and it got me thinking. He reported poor pattern plate results and marginal results on game at sensible distances. I noticed that I get a lot of birds that are either winged or require dispatch. I had put it down to operator error or just being slightly off Question: Does anyone else have similar results? Are they as **** as he indicates? not a thread for recommendations on an alternative.
  8. Comes with screws Straight fit Perfect for QR or NV set up Black anodised Aluminium £40 posted
  9. moved to 40gr SBK when the 52gr AMax wouldnt work in my .222 very good terminal effect and have shot them out to 400m on targets
  10. No it does not need proofing either cut or thread The proof house will argue differently but then they make money on proofing! http://jacksonrifles.com/zz-silencers/proofcounsel.htm Counsel's Opinion on the British laws of Proof relating to sound moderators and other muzzle attachments Legal Counsel has now confirmed that: A sound moderator is not a “part” of a “small arm” for the purposes of the Proof Acts. There is no requirement in law for a sound moderator to be subject to proof. The cutting of a screw thread on a barrel in order to affix a sound moderator is most u
  11. Holy Overwhelming Response!! Wasn't expecting that!! Thank you for all the messages and comments Dog on hold for someone who will be viewing tomorrow Good to know there are a lot of kind souls out there
  12. Free to a good home Black & white 2 year old cocker spaniel. Looking for her to be re-homed on behalf of a friend (new baby and not enough time to walk her forces decision) Ideally with a family with a sizeable garden, or is outdoors a lot Very biddable, Excellent with kids and other dogs, Retrieves well but has not been field trained Crate trained for car & home, She is a field rather than show cocker with pedigree, all vaccinations are up to date, regularly wormed & tick/flea treated, Chipped & spayed. She is in excellent health & loads of energy. Photo doe
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