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  1. Rimfire scope

    All sorted now
  2. .22 best in my budget?

    I have a Brno mod 2 fantastic little rifle a real workhorse! BUT I'll throw a curved ball in, the WEIHRAUCH range of rifles are very nice. Quality trigger and the fit and finish is to a high standard.
  3. foxing

    Ah, that's not going to work then! A very bitter pill to swallow, when money is involved people change!
  4. foxing

    Couldn't you join a local club? That way you keep the rifles and buys you a bit of time for looking? Just a thought! I should imagine you are gutted!
  5. Divorce looking likely

    Yep very similar situation, apart from it wasn't just "normal" pictures!! He is a wrongen, and she found the lot!
  6. Divorce looking likely

    I was once blamed for a mates passion for porn, I was single at the time and to him the obvious choice! His wife wouldn't let me anywhere near the house again!!! Talk about taking one for the team!!!!!
  7. .22 subsonic

    I have 3 1/2 boxes of subsonic .22 if anyone is interested 2 x 50 = 100 eley £4 a box 1 1/2 = 85 Winchester £4 and £3 collection and cert as per the usual
  8. Rimfire scope

    Can you please pm me some pics and a price cheers
  9. Rimfire scope

    Any nice little rimfire scopes out there? Leupold possibly, or similar
  10. "im mainly......"

    Good to see you back!!
  11. Dogs stolen

    I wonder why they are targeting cockers? The lot from Devon were the same breed.
  12. Dogs stolen

    Another theft in the south west
  13. Upholstery and carpet spot cleaner

    We use a bissell and find it very good, with 4 dogs it really does come in handy.
  14. Simply rude people!

    Don't you get so many chances to fix it before a refund? It sounds like there wasn't a problem anyway??
  15. Simply rude people!

    As a licence holder it's HIS responsibility to carry a licence when transporting a gun! This is my understanding and also have been told by various people, how can he say it's your fault for not telling him!! You have been more than fair, some people just can't help themselves!