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  1. You say the freelander is unreliable, good luck with the p38 😂
  2. R1nut


    I bought a cheap air rifle a few years ago, first cock the spring snapped inside. contacted them, was offered for them to collect and repair. It took them over a week to pick it up, a month later still no word on condition. I forget the amount of calls to them, now we were up to 2 months. Finally got them to issue a refund, it took another 6 weeks for the money to show, I had to phone numerous times, every time they promised it had been done there and then. It was like pulling teeth dealing with them, never ever again will I use that company.
  3. Scopes.

    Hi, what's your budget?


    I have the following going spare-:

    Nikko-Stirling 4-12X50 mildot.  USed with a couple of marks. £40 posted

    Hawke 6-18X50 10X IR mildot.  Virtually new, no box. £120 posted

    Nikko Stirling Panamax 4.5-14X50 mildot. Virtually new and boxed. £120 posted


    Do any of those take your fancy?







  4. R1nut

    Air rifle scope

    What a choice, there should be one in there. Any chance you could ping me a pic of the ao jap scopes and the Simmons wtc also prices please.
  5. R1nut

    Air rifle scope

    Has anyone got a cheap ish scope to sit on top of my old HW77? Thought I would try here first before the bay
  6. I have a left handed Daystate huntsman up for sale
  7. R1nut

    Sub 12 or fa

    I’ve got a Daystate in the sale section if that’s the kind of thing you are after?
  8. Yes I still have it. The tape is for a night vision add on. send me a pm and we can go from there
  9. There is a Anschutz match 54 in the for sale section
  10. I shot on a indoor 25mt Rimfire range where they sprayed the top layer of sand with water. It worked really well, kept the dust down a treat! They didn’t soak it, just damp it down. If a lot of people were shooting when the targets were collected just give it another quick wet!
  11. R1nut

    Barrel blues

    I’ve had work done by Dan Bromley, outstanding work!!!
  12. No cambelt, the td5 is chain. There is one big belt on it, get a set of spanner’s to take the fan off makes it an easy job. I have always been told if you are carrying a spare belt run it for a few hundred miles first, New belts can fail!
  13. Yes, there are loads of disco ecu’s about. I spent months trying to get a second hand fender ecu. If you are struggling give dynachip a call.
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