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  1. I shot on a indoor 25mt Rimfire range where they sprayed the top layer of sand with water. It worked really well, kept the dust down a treat! They didn’t soak it, just damp it down. If a lot of people were shooting when the targets were collected just give it another quick wet!
  2. R1nut

    Barrel blues

    I’ve had work done by Dan Bromley, outstanding work!!!
  3. No cambelt, the td5 is chain. There is one big belt on it, get a set of spanner’s to take the fan off makes it an easy job. I have always been told if you are carrying a spare belt run it for a few hundred miles first, New belts can fail!
  4. Yes, there are loads of disco ecu’s about. I spent months trying to get a second hand fender ecu. If you are struggling give dynachip a call.
  5. They are different. A few companies out there offer a repair service.
  6. Ive gone disco to fender just to get me going but it’s not quite right. Certain things are different, and you would need each injector code putting across.
  7. The injectors are coded, if you put a second hand ecu in you will need to put the codes across.
  8. Have a look at charlton and jenrick, I’ve come across a few now and they are very good!
  9. Be aware the contura has a fixed baffle plate, you will need a sweep who knows what he is doing or a access plate on the vit pipe!
  10. I had to take an evening job to make ends meet. Spring maker by day then of an evening I did a bit of turning. My main task was turn a taper on some wooden handles, and radius the ends. One day I asked what the handles were actually used for, to my surprise they were being leather bound during the day shift then sold by Ann summers as whips!!!! That made the job a little more interesting!!
  11. Try landyzone first
  12. Remove the pipe and give it a good clean, a makeshift pull through works wonders!
  13. I do a lot of grass cutting this time of year, over the past couple of weeks I have gone through 2 cheap Chinese strimmers! They just can't handle hours of work! Either stihl or echo, my old srm echo I have just keeps going! I've had to replace the head due to bearings wearing out but it's worked for hours on end for years!
  14. Oil starvation is the reason, at 120000 rpm they don't last long dry!
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