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  1. Sussex gardener

    S@B 6X42 SCOPE

    I think that the s&b pm 6x42 was used by the British forces as it's sniper scope in the 1980's-90's so should be a very robust design.
  2. Sussex gardener

    Ardingly game fair today and tomorrow. Sussex

    No, they didn't fit after all that
  3. Sussex gardener

    Ardingly game fair today and tomorrow. Sussex

    The gun dog display wasn't bad, but not many dealers this year, and those that were didn't have a great sense of customer service. Most stalls were difficult to engage with staff, my high point was when I was trying on a pair of trousers at the Harkila dealer, south African guy, in a make shift changing room, when the assistant pulled open the curtain and socked me in the face by accident, forgot I was in there! Not so much as a "sorry". I enjoyed it last year, but not even the traders want to be there.
  4. Sussex gardener

    Ardingly game fair today and tomorrow. Sussex

    Just got back, it was pretty bad.
  5. Just thought I'd mention that the Ardingly autumn and game fair is this weekend. https://www.seas.org.uk/autumn-show/
  6. Sussex gardener

    Tikka T1x MTR.

    How are people finding these now that they have been in the field for a few months? I am selling my hw100 to fund a .17hmr and love the look and feel of the tikka from handling one in the shop
  7. Sussex gardener

    Baikal Single Barrel 12g

    What a generous thing to do, hats off to you sir.
  8. Sussex gardener

    Netflix series 'meat eater'

    I will have a look Really! I thought Meat eater was bad enough with Vortex optics and First light camo splashed on everything.
  9. Sussex gardener

    Netflix series 'meat eater'

    Just seen that a new series is coming on the 2nd of October ?
  10. Sussex gardener

    Re waxing wax...

    Do you have a link to these, all I can find are fleeces with that name
  11. Sussex gardener

    Netflix series 'meat eater'

    I've been watching the series on Netflix and find it really interesting. I am especially impressed by the bag limits and the general ethos portrayed, it isn't gung ho at all, which given the way Americans are made to appear in the press etc. is a breath of fresh air.
  12. Sussex gardener

    BASC Training Courses

    Same here, but then some people would complain if you hanged them with a brand new rope
  13. Sussex gardener

    Trying .17hmr before making application for fac

    First foray with the cz zeroing and testing a few different types of ammo. Rws 40g subs were the clear winner with eley close behind. Cci were like shotgun patterns! The rws were coated in grease whereas the others were dry, is this normal, and would it account for the accuracy difference like with lubed airgun pellets?
  14. Sussex gardener

    Is no news good news with SGC application?

    I've been there, these past 2 months have felt like the longest of my life! My fac turned up on Saturday along with sgc renewal and my European fac. I gave them a call last Thursday to check progress and low and behold it arrived 2 days later. Perhaps the squeaky wheel gets the oil, perhaps a call may get your paperwork shuffled to the top of the pile? Either way, you will feel like you are doing something constructive.
  15. Sussex gardener

    Trying .17hmr before making application for fac

    A little update, after what feels like an eternity, my FAC arrived in the post this Saturday! Straight out to pick up a lovely second hand cz455 thumbhole in . 22lr Thanks for sharing in, and guiding me, in my journey.