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  1. I'm giving some serious thought in to getting a lurcher. I had a lovely whippet collie cross boy, and it broke my heart when I lost him 5 years ago. He was practically telepathic, and could learn at an incredible pace. Anyway, I digress. I am very drawn to the Whippet/Bedlington cross and wondering if anyone has experience with them? I have found a breeder in Devon called Travelerways, again any feedback would be welcome before I contact them. Many thanks in advance
  2. 1ha and 1.4ha Me neither, clearly everyone has been doing it wrong.
  3. As per the title, can anyone advise on how best to deter owls from the release pens? So far I can only think of using a radio on a talky channel.
  4. Just a quick update, I applied for both .223 and .222 and 200 rounds of ammunition. I gave a covering note to say that I would like the option of both calibres, however my preference is a .222 6 days later, my shiny new variation lands in the letterbox with .222 added Just as well I found an amazing deal on a brand new Howa package
  5. 7 days including posting for my variation to .222 with Sussex police
  6. So I'm about to send in the paper work for a variation and I am unsure how I should proceed. I will be applying for a .22 centre fire, and the likelihood is it will be a second hand rifle. Therefore, it may be a .222 or a .223 that floats my boat (and wallet!) Can I apply for both to be listed on a single slot or must it be specific to exact calibre? There are some nice deals on .222 but I'm not going to turn down a good deal on a .223 either.
  7. Thanks for all the replies and input. I suggested a DSC1 as I felt a standardized test would be a more fair way of showing competence. The reply was DSC1 is a good starting point, but not sufficient for a grant as it doesn't include real world practice on actual deer. .243 for fox wouldn't be allowed as it comes with automatic ALQ, and is not species specific. As said above, as a relative newcomer to rifles, 12 months of rimfire ownership and a few outings on boar in France, it is difficult to argue with the FEO for fear of them taking a dislike and making life difficult.
  8. You are a star! I forgot you had .223 Thanks for the offer, I know I would learn more in an hour from you, than in months on my own.
  9. I had a chat with my FEO today to discuss my putting in for a variation to a centre fire. I initially asked for a .243 with the understanding that it would be used on fox, and would allow me to master it while finding a mentor and gaining deer to my licence in a year or so. This was not allowed as .243 is deer legal and would not be granted for fox alone. Ok, so can I have a variation to a .22 centre fire? .223 or .22-250? You can, but need someone with an open ticket to write a covering letter to state I'm competent was the reply. So where do I find someone who would do t
  10. A couple of syndicate places are available on a driven shoot on East Sussex and Kent border. 80-100 bird days £2600 full gun £1300 half gun possibilities for walk one stand one. Partridge/pheasant/duck
  11. Just like you Silverpigeon69, I'm surprised that you weren't asked to model.
  12. I had a look at a Kofs 20g a few weeks ago and liked the feel and fit, and would have brought it had I not opened the gun. The top chamber was lined with rust 😲 so no sale.
  13. @Silverpigeon69 has the ellipse in a 12g game, and he shoots very well with it. Very pretty gun and well made, the "game scene" always attracts attention!
  14. Fantastic! Are we talking many hundreds of pounds?
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