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  1. Sirius XT its not a laser
  2. 1 dog + 1 vixen tuesday night with 223 Total 250
  3. new price £40 posted
  4. yha for the money they are great its no brainer
  5. the Wraith will perform great with this https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/night-vision/accessories/night-blaster-ir-laser-torch-night-vision
  6. Ward b672 Fitted With Black Sun 2 IR in very good condition Bought it from Clive Ward store £77 sell £45 posted
  7. got home made diy nv kit here good for 200yd+ so more up for the job shooting rats in the garden
  8. got few multitools here that i dont use if your interested
  9. Ian has them in stock https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/compact-laser-ir-torch-night-vision and a very good Laser it is too
  10. well if they not in that good condition i cant see you getting the asking price for them bud and to add pic just you just click on choose files and then upload pics
  11. here you go bud http://www.sportingsupplies.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p2364.html
  12. Hi if you would post then i would like to buy this off you bud and do it come with any magazines?
  13. i maybe interested but are they in mint/very very good condition? and is there a reason why you cant upload pics to your post
  14. ant.mass

    Air rifle

    got a Birmingham model Bsa XL Tactical producing around 10.5ftlb it will come with a Scope in good working order / used condition £135 will post for Extra £18
  15. I have a Gamo Coyote it shoots spot on it comes with New Gamo 3-9x40 Scope + Mounts X2 10 Shot Mags + Fill Adaptor and i found a carbon fibre Silencer in my bits box that i will include it works fine but it has cpl things wrong with it and thats why £200 Now for the cpl things i found wrong with it it has very very slow leak its from the filler valve its just an Oring gone as it lost 5 or 6 bar over night now this other thing i found wrong was the previous owner glued / Araldite the fixing bolt as you can see from the pic i did ask the previous owner what happend to it and he just said it snapped off a year or so ago so he used 2 pack Araldite to glue it back in. and its fine and there the side fixing bolt had been chawed up also as you can see from the pic. but all this and the gun still works fine and shoots spot on but for £200 you just cant go wrong with this
  16. Private postage of Low-Powered air rifles and pistols. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/287689-posting-air-rifles-and-their-components/
  17. i have 2 max pro lamp kits and 1 mini pro lamp in my bits box they both very good and both have dimmers and like others have said they are a bit big but very good lamp kit for anyone on a budget
  18. i have few NV's Here one its a dedicated night vision and 2 are NV-Add-On's or i have few Red Filter Torch / Lamps
  19. i got half dozen pistols here if your still after one? some are still boxed
  20. Deno sorry no pouches and sent you a pm with pic's
  21. scope has been posted out to you this morning mate
  22. i got some scopes here ill send you some details later bud
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