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  1. Shamima Begum is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship: Fury as jihadi bride’s legal fees are paid by taxpayers. Just what I said weeks ago!
  2. My clients are not interested in sentimentality, young or pregnant adults are a bonus. Pest control isn't about leaving anything to grow up and become a bigger pest. So called Sport shooting is down to the individual!
  3. The debate rages about what really needs re proof, most RFD/Gunsmiths will insist on re proof if they do any barrel type work simply as an **** covering exercise!
  4. ???? The T3 HUNTER has a wooden stock, are you looking for a replacement synthetic stock for a wooden one? The T3 Lite and others have synthetic stocks but the Lite stock isn't great.
  5. They can see all sorts of light and many get used to all sorts of light and take little notice. Others can turn at the slightest thing. Lamp shy is a thing in my experience, but I wonder why very often, as I don't give mine a chance to get used to any light!
  6. If there is justification under the GL then what's wrong, and there is a big difference between "Sport" and Pest Control. The GL is not there for sporting reasons. I don't have to justify my Pest Control activities to the likes of Packham, I have to comply with a raft of legal requirements and satisfy my clients.
  7. To answer the OP, a PCP will always beat a springer for accuracy, you will never find a springer in competition these days unless it is a springer Only competition. Is a great springer better than a cheap PCP in the field is another question,if you're happy stick with it, if you want a bit more and can afford the extra then PCP EVERY day! Springer to PCP is a major difference!
  8. Very noble but I see obvious conditions, shooting any wildlife out of season (if they have one) is Pest control of one sort or another. I don't see any mention of you eating rats/mice/fox/wasps/fleas/bedbugs/Glis Glis/Parakeet/mole/etc/etc. I do a lot of Pest Control and I don't intend to eat everything I deal with! The Canada Goose is a pest species. It may be shot throughout the year in England and Wales. The birds have been causing mayhem everywhere from the Henley Royal Regatta to Heathrow Airport. Canada geese and Greylag etc fall under several categories of 'general licence' which means that they can be controlled. If you are in a position to eat some thats just fine, but I have no intention of curtailing my Pest Control activities because I am unable to eat everything I control.
  9. as safc1973 above.... This appears to be the email address. surreysussexFELU@sussex.pnn.police.uk Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks to all for help so far... does firearmslicencing@surrey.pnn.police.uk sound likely? Edit This should be simple but I couldn't find it on their website!
  11. Can someone please confirm the direct email address for the above please. Many thanks.
  12. You simply couldn't make up the mess the Government and Parliament have made of this, so what does anyone expect is going to happen by 31 October? No doubt TM's deal will be watered down even more to the extend we are still in, pay them a fortune but have no voting rights or any control/veto!
  13. It doesn't matter how big the calibre if you shoot it in the jaw.
  14. ????????? So she extends 12 April as long as she can! June is suggested but it could easily be a year!
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