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  1. Mine all go back a while now but never found a need to change, they are all CZ452 except for the Magtech Semi at the bottom. There is no question that Anschutz make good guns but from my perspective you simply pay a lot more for no advantage in the field over a CZ.
  2. Only because nobody knows how to count that high!!!!
  3. That's as good an answer as you will get!
  4. ...that's because he has been looting Russian resources himself for years, his alleged worth is £200 BILLION and nobody seems to know where it came from, put another way, the richest man in the world!
  5. Whatever, if they blocked the road and stopped me getting to work it would ++++ me off and hardly make me sympathetic! Why are they screwing up the public who in a number of cases agree with their cause, seems counter productive to me?????????
  6. It's a long story but the Optisan has gone...…...recognise this scope!
  7. Stock is rigid and not exactly light, barrel is heavy too, great feel for target work!
  8. Got there at last, new gun and scope for my club, Optisan 6-24x56!
  9. That in particular does them no favours and wins them no converts, it simply ****** off people in the cue whilst they generate far more carbon from their cars ticking over!!!
  10. I know nothing of this except for the brief article linked. Seeing as a shotgun was used I guess the distance wasn't massive, but the story is very sparse on info. Easy to jump to virtually any conclusion you like, even the brother of the owner shot it himself by mistake and is making up the rest of the story, just saying!!!!!!! Sorry for the dog!!
  11. Dekers

    Sub 12 or fa

    They certainly can, and .22lr is possibly the most likely to bounce, but it hasn't stopped .22lr being the most popular civil calibre in the world by miles, and if you actually hit the quarry the chance of bounce/ricochet is minimal!
  12. Dekers

    Sub 12 or fa

    I'm not sure what language some of that is but 80 yards with a12 ft lb is a LONG way and 120 is rather silly. Of course it can be done but those distances are not for the VAST MAJORITY of people in the field against live quarry! I have 12 ft lb and FAC Air and I wouldn't be considering either of those distances. My .22lr is zeroed at 60 yards (circa 100ft lb) and my HMR at 100 yards (circa 245ft lb)!
  13. Crumbs, I didn't expect that sort of response from the panel!
  14. Dekers


    I think the majority are celebrating his demise, but I struggle to see the time when the country will return to the overall prosperity of Ian Smith days. Please...I'm not getting into a racist debate here and I know there was a lot of inequality then to but......
  15. They are great for what they are, BUT, a LBP comes with so many restrictions you have to be a real enthusiast to consider one. I have a slot for one, I also have a proper pistol, and even though it is a revolver and not a semi, I have decided against the LBP route!
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