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  1. NSP bought Falcon years back, they later bought Air Arms. NSP owned them both, but Falcon is no more of course.
  2. Not yet, thinking of calling NSP (previous owners) and asking them for ideas!
  3. I'm glad you said that, they certainly have a reputation for being tuff but they all fall down when I shoot them!
  4. I very rarely use the bigger shot for anything theses days, used a couple of boxes of BB all my life, I may just be on the second box of AAA, and I have never used my SG for anything except seeing what it can do, and still only used about half of the only box I have ever bought. That's me of course, other people may well have more use for them! To get back to the original question, YES, it is legal to use AAA on any deer (within conditions), but it would very rarely be first choice for most people with deer issues!
  5. I don't, and I guess you missed this!
  6. Cheers! I am being drawn to the mice, but there are definitely plenty of Parakeet in the area!
  7. Its not bad, it hits pretty hard and is a much better pattern than the bigger stuff. 20-30 yards off its just possible a Muntjac could walk clean through the pattern of a SG cartridge!
  8. That's what the Act says!
  9. Ok, thanks all, mouse seems to get the vote!
  10. From The 1991 Deer Act. (b)a cartridge purporting to contain shot each of which is .203 inches (5.16 millimetres) in diameter (that is to say, size AAA). It's AAA size, bot bigger or smaller!
  11. This is apparently an old Blackbird nest, it was approx. 6 feet from the ground and has been taken down as you can see. Inside was found the Kumquat as shown. Looks like the outside is largely removed and left whilst the inside gone/eaten! There are no squirrels in the area, and the edges of the single Kumquat shown seems to be showing beak marks rather than teeth...I could be wrong.... the big question, what would take Kumquot into and old nest to store/eat it? Cheers
  12. There may well be differences in regions around the country but Mentors were never a legal requirement, just an option some regions considered a good idea. So not moving the goalposts as such, just moving on, some may say this is better!!
  13. Cheers, I have been a member for years, posted on there asking for help....still waiting I may have the ability...not sure what tools I'd need, but I think the gun really needs a good once over from someone who knows them! Cheers. As above, the gun needs a good once over/service, more than a few seals! I'd be happy to give it to someone who knows them!
  14. It's about mental age and physical ability in my book. Safety shouldn't be an issue if you are mindful of that and exercise proper control. My lad was about 5 when he first let go an air rifle.
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