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  1. Cats shot with air rifles

    Sorry, I know I shouldn't, but all I can do is roll around laughing at that. He would have been better off hitting it over the head with the rifle if he was trying to kill it, or was this deliberate torture?!
  2. Six shots Six foxes, 3 head, 3 chest. 17g Hornady V-Max, delivered accurately at appropriate distances, works just fine. Certainly a bigger calibre gives more leeway, but sometimes the environment is better suited for a rimfire than a centrefire. Shoot within your capabilities and that of the rifle/ammo and all should be well!
  3. This subject has been round several times. The answer simply depends on the land and distances, but HMR is probably the best general option. It has the energy and accuracy to deal with foxes to over 100 yards and with a bit of thought and experience foxes can usually be persuaded to comply with those distances, good on bunnies as well. IF you are looking to take foxes in the next county then you need something bigger! I take a lot of foxes with all my rimfires, but that is simply down to experience and the type of shooting I usually do, if you are in the Highlands or on very open ground you may well want something more like a Hornet or .222/.223, but they are usually a bit OTT on bunnies!
  4. Shotguns on Boar

    AOLQ or ALQ definitely covers Boar, that's what it says! On top of that, a couple of renewals back when my FAC came back with the condition AOLQ (which was new to me then) I noticed Boar had disappeared from my larger calibres and it only went as far as Deer. I was straight on the phone to my region and assured they simply listed the main quarry now and "ANY OTHER Lawful Quarry" meant EXACTLY what it said!
  5. Shotguns on Boar

    I am not aware of any ammo/calibre/energy regulations on shooting Boar in the UK, there are an assortment of Guides/suggestions. So the answer to the question is yes. I am over in France quite regularly and the shotgun/slug combination is common with the locals in the country areas, never been on a driven hunt there, just countryside weekend hunting, it's pretty common in a lot or rural areas, although a lot of rifles are in evidence as well. I prefer a rifle, and whatever suggestions are made about AAA or SG or SSG I'm not entirely convinced (but I've not tried), those Boar are tuff and bulky, decent rifle ammo with penetration, well placed, works for me.
  6. I agree, but that doesn't mean we just roll over and die. BASC, CA, Uncle Tom Cobley, whoever are trying to do something, its better than just giving up!
  7. As above, offer them for sale on PW at sensible prices and they will go!
  8. Remington arms bankrupt

    That's news to me, and if true, which seems likely, is more than unfortunate! They have been through the grind for a long time though, so perhaps this really is the end...but I'm sure someone will step in and do something/buy them....but I haven't a clue who that may be!
  9. Cats shot with air rifles

    My view is simple..... If I wanted a cat I'd get a cat, so what makes you think I want yours? Just the same, cats do what cats do and shooting them is a tad on the extreme! Just shooting them for the hell of it is out of order!
  10. Falcon FN8 removing jammed pellet

    Cleaning rod or appropriate size dowel from the pointy end. Shooting it isn't going to do any harm if you can!
  11. Cats shot with air rifles

    Thread has lasted longer than I expected already!
  12. Rat poison

    Anything with Difenacoum, Bromadiolone or Brodicicoum (internal only). There are others, but they tend to be more expensive, less commonly available and/or not required. Trade names of products are irrelevant, check the contents, these ingredients are common and available at DIY stores, Garden Centres, etc etc. USE PROPERLY, watch for resistance, never let the bait run out, use plenty, check REGULARLY.
  13. Empty cases on a golf course

    Semis always present more issues than BA retrieving cases, I do my best to collect all cases whatever, everywhere, not just Golf Courses!
  14. Magtech 40g HP. The HP is massive, expands very well and does the job . I used to use them all the time when few knew of them, they were cheap, but are far from cheap now, worth a try if you can find someone selling them!
  15. Amazing Shot with .22lr

    25.1.18 08.50 (page 5) I quite regularly use my .22LR at 200yards at Bisley, on a still day, right conditions, off the bipod, after sighters, I would expect about 4/10 the shots to be V-Bulls. The V-Bull is considerably bigger than a rabbit brain! A hint of wind and I pack up, the shots go everywhere. ..........................