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  1. Dekers


    What have I missed, you have a few???? Never did rate the aesthetics of the S200 but in my experience they are a very good rifle!
  2. Not being funny but if you want cheap without recording etc etc, why not look at these, adjustable beam torch and mount for under £10, you will need a battery and charger though, less than £10 again. Rechargeable 25000LM LED Flashlight Tactical USB Super Bright Torch Zoomable | eBay or this package, but you will need a mount.. 2X Rechargeable Battery Li-ion Batteries+ 2X LED Flashlight Torch+2x USB Charger | eBay Lots of choice on eBay and worth a look!
  3. Mines the T3 Hunter as well, with wooden stock, over 10 years old now and never missed a beat. My .223 is a T3 Lite and gave me all sorts of balance issues but the Hunter has been great, mine favours 90g ammo, but there you go. As above, the Varmint barrel has no use for me in the field, but others like it!
  4. You will get mixed opinions on Franchi, I think they are perfectly fine, and being part of the Beretta family, and the guarantee they offer, as you say, what's not to like?!
  5. That's a problem area often overlooked!
  6. I know very little about these Weihrauch, not many about, but what I do hear seems to be good!
  7. I know I'm going back a bit here but whilst you are right about some of the HEAVY WMR, the WMR 30g V-Max I use flies VERY close to the HMR 17g V-Max out to around 100 yards. The WMR starts around 2200ft sec and 322 ft Lb and the HMR around 245ft lb, by the time they get to 100 yards they are both very similar at about 135ft lb, the HMR holds its energy a tiny bit better than the WMR after that. Each to their own and whilst I have a selection of different types and weight of WMR I find the 30g V-Max is my go to ammo!
  8. Must be really frustrating, whilst my WMR does not come out every day, it is a valuable tool for me!
  9. He was a real character, always inquisitive, very normal outside of his public appearances, spoke his mind, but easy to get on with, and loved his shooting right up to near the end.
  10. Same here, centrefires and Mods for them after every use, rimfires slightly less!
  11. Thanks everyone, I think I have found some now!
  12. Help me out guys, I have several lamps that take these batteries and historically found them easily and cheaply on Ebay etc. It now seems they all come with chargers and Im struggling to find a bundle with maybe 4-6-8 or even 10 batteries by themselves. Any idea whats going on or where I can simply buy a few new battieries? Cheers
  13. Thanks to Yellow Bear and Zapp, that answers the question perfectly!
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