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  1. Dekers

    zeroing issue

    NO! It just isn't that simple, what ammo are you using, what is the barrel length, is the barrel in good condition, do you have a moderator fitted, how high are the scope mounts, is the scope1/4 or 1/8 per click etc etc etc...…. Why don't you simply start with about 10 or 20 clicks and monitor that, I get the ammo wastage, unfortunately that can be a fact of life, and you will have to finish with live fire to check whatever you do. Are you always going to shoot at 250 yards? Why don't you zero at 100-150-200 like most people and then use the mil dots to deal with other distances, you will still have to check dots at other distances with live fire whatever. Just the same, as previous posts, the scope sounds suspicious!
  2. Dekers

    No Fuss, No Bother

    My region is the same, no checks on moving, just a new FAC and SGC.
  3. Dekers

    zeroing issue

    Scopes most commonly have issues when dialling. It doesn't matter what form of zeroing you are doing you should be able to dial correct (within scope parameters) . If this isn't happening then there is an issue with the scope!
  4. What's to be a knob about, what agreement do you need to come to? What's the difference to it being your own home, just assume it is and do whatever you would do if it was your house!
  5. Dekers

    Lithgow LA101 .22lr DISAPPOINTED

    As I mentioned earlier I know little about them but I have been reading up a bit, they are certainly meant to be ok, but even so, when I hear things like "I fancied an upgrade from my trusty old CZ452" I simply ask why? An UPGRADE implies an improvement, so where is the CZ falling down? Isn't the CZ accurate, isn't it reliable, isn't it repeatable, doesn't it do the job, what more does anyone actually want/expect? Just the same, I'd take it right back, it shouldn't have these issues!
  6. Dekers

    Lithgow LA101 .22lr DISAPPOINTED

    To be honest can't say I've come across one before, but I have no problem with my CZ collection, so I probably never will!
  7. Dekers

    .17 HMR

    Winchester make their own HMR ammo as well, but CCI do indeed make a high volume!
  8. Dekers

    223 or 243?

    The .243 is ALL deer legal in the UK, (and perfectly capable of stopping all deer) but some estates prefer/require larger!
  9. Dekers

    223 or 243?

    I have 7 rifles, and that excludes the air rifles and pistols and shotguns, but its my business. Most people get by with a lot less, what you need will simply be dictated by your land and quarry! Its easy to keep adding and filling gaps, frankly your original .17HMR and .243 is a great starting point and will cover a lot of bases. The .22lr is a cracking tool and very versatile and perhaps you want something bigger than the .243 as well, but my advice would be stick with HMR and .243 and make other decisions/additions as you find you need to!
  10. Dekers

    223 or 243?

    .223 has limited deer legality, so if you are doing a DSC and going for deer it has to be .243!
  11. Dekers

    Just a thought...plastic wads

    The plastic wads/cups from the NCSC at Bisley have found their way to lane making/covering duties on site!
  12. Dekers

    Scope trouble

    Back to Swarovski, one way or another, it needs looking at, and as someone else mentioned, if its 4"high at 100 it certainly isn't still zeroed at 80.
  13. Dekers

    Scope magnification for 22LR?

    It was .308, but to be fair is was a pretty still day, so if the scope could have been cranked high enough the groups with a .22lr would probably have been better than many would expect!
  14. Dekers

    Scope magnification for 22LR?

    Just back from Bisley, 300 yards, cranked it up to 8x, crumbs, that target looked big!
  15. Dekers

    4" Roller Decorators/Anyone Help Please?

    Yep, then all the flat panels gently brushed with grain to settle rollering!