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  1. Crumbs guys, read my posts, don't take a line out of context! I work with the police, probably 80-90% of my time with them I'm DISCHARGING firearms, they are generally very sensible and also generally very ignorant with regards firearms, as I've already said, many don't have a clue what a FAC (or SGC) looks like. The vast majority I work with I wouldn't let anywhere near my guns and we get on just fine! It is easy to talk to them and ask them to get assistance if you think they are not competent, that doesn't mean starting a war with them and it doesn't mean you are refusing to hand your guns over to the police, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guns.
  2. I'd recommend you read my posts before launching off on one. Firearms security is YOUR responsibility and nowhere have I said you refuse to hand over your gun to the police!
  3. If you want to roll over then get on with it, there is no issue in adopting a sensible attitude and asking any officer you are concerned about to get someone better qualified to help him. You are responsible for your guns, nobody suggested starting a war with the police, but if you have doubts about the competence of an alleged police officer then ask him to get someone who is better qualified. It is certainly within the power of an officer to ask you to hand over your guns, it is also within your power and rights to refuse if you have concerns!
  4. NO, you don't...YOU are responsible for your guns and if you have any doubts about the officer or his competence TELL HIM, and ask him to get a Firearms Officer out to handle the situation!
  5. Dekers


    ????????? signage was not great in my opinion and the toilets were not easy t find! Gin Alley was ok though!
  6. Dekers


    Had 3 different Barbours from new and always happy, except for the price. 7 years back I bought a waxed, similar to Barbour jacket off the web, it cost me under £40 inc. delivery, and is still going strong, despite some serious beating duties over the years! Does for me and that means another sale lost for Barbour. Program was worth a watch just the same!
  7. Lets assume I didn't understand it, kindly enlighten me in big letter which LAW and the specific wording and section that says it is illegal If a dealer makes it clear that a product is sold with no warranty in as seen condition.
  8. That is odd to me, I would certainly place them very near the top of the list with regards HV .22lr. The Remington Yellow Jacket 33g HP also did well for me!
  9. Sorry, I don't accept that...which LAW says that? If a dealer makes it clear that a product is sold with no warranty in as seen condition, then which LAW says he can't!?!?!
  10. They only have a very close range use and as a rule would NOT be recommended through a mod. Up to you if you want to try, but make sure it isn't a Loooooong Moderator!
  11. ???????????????????? They were the best HV .22 I found. As accurate or better than any HV I have used, fast with lots of energy and good terminal results. My only negative I found with them is they tended to be hard/tight to chamber!
  12. Thanks, I really need to know how the .223 Varmint barrel/action performs in the Achangel stock!
  13. Anyone got the above setup please? Honest opinion/review required. Good/bad/whatever? Many thanks.
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