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  1. Encouraging comments about this year and therefore hopefully for the future as well!
  2. Well, I decided against it this year, despite having my Free BASC tickets, so have several of my pals. Just the same I hope it does well, I really do want it to get back to the great show it was in years gone bye, and really look forward to it coming round every year!
  3. Dekers

    Why ???

    ?????????????/ Only you can decide if you need a FAC Air Rifle. Everyones circumstances and requirements are different, I run FAC Air as well as a lot of other tools, I keep it because I have occasional uses for it, but overall it is my least used gun!
  4. Generally lower in my areas over the last 2-3 years. Just found mixxy again on one site as well!
  5. Terrible War all round, aren't all wars!!!! My grandfather spent virtually all WW1 at Ypres/Passchendaele and somehow survived, he was also in WW2 as an Arms instructor, UK based on the whole! Died in his late 80's and would never talk about the wars!!! Some very brave people back then!!!!
  6. Looks like someone has cared for them well over their life!!!
  7. I told the BASC I was not impressed with these cards about 3 months back when mine first turned up, they said they were getting better ones made and it was temporary, but temporary seems to be dragging on!!!!
  8. Divecrew – UK's Leading Scuba Diving Specialists
  9. Firearms Licensing <FirearmsLicensing@thamesvalley.police.uk> To: You Tue 21/06/2022 12:12 Thank you for your email. Please ensure that you read the below advice as your email may not be responded to depending on the type of enquiry: Grant Applications We have currently suspended the grant application process........................................... Please sign up to our TVP email alert (firearms licensing) group for more updates on when we will re-open our grant process. Note - We will not be responding to emails relating to grant enquiries there is a genuine vocational, professional or livelihood need for certificates
  10. Not sure if this is common knowledge but don't bother trying with your GRANT for the time being.
  11. If you have the room to store the box/case then do so. It can never do any harm and you may well find it increases the price of the used gun.
  12. I have regularly attended the Game Fair for 20+ years, seen the ups and downs and the closures. Last year was disappointing and much smaller than normal, I have my free BASC ticket this year and Im still not likely to go, shame, I always looked forward to it.
  13. Thank you, found somewhere closer and cheaper, thanks for the info, I'll remember E&S should the need arise!
  14. Help me out please, I've just been told my local dive centre (Divestyle, Arborfield) has closed and I need a cylinder refill ungently. Can anyone tell me where I can get a refill as close to Reading as possible please? Many thanks
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