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  1. Dekers

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    My apologies if I have not picked up on all the detail but the Home Secretary is trying to revoke her citizenship as far as I'm aware. This will inevitably cost a fortune and she will almost certainly appeal, which will mean a lengthy and VERY expensive legal battle between our Government and Judiciary, which may ultimately end up with even higher courts. If/when she is successful she will no doubt cost us all a fortune more in benefits of all sorts! ALL funded by you and me! I can't help thinking there are far cheaper ways to solve this specific problem permanently.
  2. Dekers

    .17 hmr velocity

    Product AND Chrono variations I suspect!
  3. Dekers

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    She isn't sorry and doesn't disown ISIS. She is simply looking after her own interests. Frankly she comes over as arrogant and unrepentant. Dangerous, keep her out!
  4. Dekers

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Just seen a Sky interview with her! What can you say, is it all an act to get back and cause grief here?! Its already been said by most here, I would not be prepared to take the chance!
  5. Dekers

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    I keep control of my sites so never vast numbers after initial visit or two. Just the same, my feeling is there are generally a few less about. We have to be realistic here, my job is Pest Control and the majority of Landowners of all sorts, and even the Government, want them greatly reduced or gone altogether. For them this is good news, if you are after a bit of fun, perhaps not. Frankly, I have no long term concerns for work, the rabbit survived myxomatosis when the UK population was allegedly reduced to circa 2% of numbers prior to its introduction and I rather suspect they will be back. Rabbit numbers always fluctuate as well, with good and bad years all the time!
  6. Dekers

    Gun Tag 'chip'

    As a matter of interest why, what are the pros and cons, perhaps I've missed something, but personally I believe any benefit is marginal! Cheers
  7. Dekers

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    Each to their own but I have no issue with the springs and tubes in the kits! They make a proper job and give a vast arrow of break and pull settings! Oh yes, and they are dramatically cheaper!
  8. Dekers

    Gun Tag 'chip'

    Been chipping bikes/pets/etc for years! Any gain would be marginal I suspect!
  9. Dekers

    22lr and Horses

    You will not get much quieter than a .22lr with subs and moderator! Horses are unpredictable, some ignore everything and others bolt if you cough. These just wanted a good sniff!
  10. Dekers

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    I have fitted the kits on two of my 452's. They are not unsafe as such, but if you are using the gun for field work do not be tempted to make the trigger too light!
  11. Dekers

    indefinite leave to remain

    What did he say?
  12. They deserved it, they were shocking to point of potentially being dangerous. I understand newer models have improved marginally!
  13. Dekers

    Help Required

    YES. If you have UNRESTRICTED access to the Cabinet then you have more than 72 hours loan!
  14. Dekers

    Help Required

    How is he going to do that as the SGC holder is deceased? That's the general route, but an Executor can sign over the guns to a SGC holder and advise the Region without a S7.