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  1. He was a real character, always inquisitive, very normal outside of his public appearances, spoke his mind, but easy to get on with, and loved his shooting right up to near the end.
  2. Same here, centrefires and Mods for them after every use, rimfires slightly less!
  3. Thanks everyone, I think I have found some now!
  4. Help me out guys, I have several lamps that take these batteries and historically found them easily and cheaply on Ebay etc. It now seems they all come with chargers and Im struggling to find a bundle with maybe 4-6-8 or even 10 batteries by themselves. Any idea whats going on or where I can simply buy a few new battieries? Cheers
  5. Thanks to Yellow Bear and Zapp, that answers the question perfectly!
  6. Out of curiosity.......Yan Bingtao and Stephen Maguire as mentioned...why, on the scoreboard on screen, was Maguire listed as Maguire and Bingtao listed as Yan. I have noticed this before with the Chinese playes, they list by their first name where historically all other players seem to be listed by surname??
  7. Great standard of play!
  8. I dont think the .223 is any less screw cut than other calibres. Not that many years ago virtually nothing was delivered screwcut but more and more is now turning up screwcut. Mods are personal preference and slowly getting smaller/lighter although not necesarrily that much quieter. All mine have a mod, the P8 COMPACT, they go back a while now. .223/.243/.308 (the tube top right area shows the length of the normal size P8 Tube, after a bit of experiment I found the additional benefit limited so stick with the P8 Compact) All my centerfires are zeroed at 200 yards bu
  9. I rate my .22WMR and would not be without it even though I also have .22lr and HMR. I use 30g V-Max WMR almost exclusively now and out to about 100 yards it flies pretty similar to 17g HMR V-Max
  10. You will get a lot of variation of answers to this, and only YOU will know what you are capable/confident of over time. In the field, if I have good support, (Bipod/Tree/fence/whatever) then I'm very comfortable with 70-80 yards with my .22lr with subs, and about 125 with the HMR, but I have been doing this a long time and know the guns and ammo very well. I also hate free hand shots and go out of my way to avoid them wherever possible, distance comes down if I have to shoot freehand. In both cases I have taken longer shots when the sitution has seemed reasonable, but also in both c
  11. It's pretty much all been said and personal preference and budget will play a part. For all practical purposes CZ will do the job in an excellent manner if you are talking general pest/vermin work. (Actually they will hold their own in normal target work as well) You can spend a lot more but you will not find any practical benefit for field work. My guns are work tools and I have never found them lacking in the field. All CZ in various calibres except for the semi (Magtech).
  12. BWT WS355 Standard Electronic Water Softener Can anyone tell me the Engineer Code please? MANY THANKS
  13. Mine all go back a while now but never found a need to change, they are all CZ452 except for the Magtech Semi at the bottom. There is no question that Anschutz make good guns but from my perspective you simply pay a lot more for no advantage in the field over a CZ.
  14. Only because nobody knows how to count that high!!!!
  15. That's as good an answer as you will get!
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