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  1. 39TDS

    12 bore alarm mine

    For blanks search for 12g yachting maroons. Or take the shot out of a cartridge. They work but not as good as a black powder blank.
  2. 39TDS

    Plant id

    Looks like Silverleaf. Underside of leaves have a silvery appearance and has yellow flower?
  3. Cut my SXS down decades ago, I can hit things with it now.
  4. I think we are already there
  5. 39TDS

    Lawn damage.

    Could easily be crows/magpies (or badgers) Whatever it was will have been after possibly leatherjackets or more likely these days chafer grubs. Chafer grubs have become a major issue in lawns, destroying the lawns themselves and compounded by other animals searching for them.
  6. I looked it up and now think it is a Murder Hornet.
  7. It is the start of a wasps nest, as has been said. At this time of year wasps are out collecting caterpillars to feed their young, they are very efficient at this and will remove an incredible amount of pests from the garden. Later in the year they switch from this protein requirement and go after more sugary things, fruit, sweets, pop, beer etc. It is at this time they become a nuisance. The clever thing to do is leave them alone for now and then see them off just as they switch to being a pain (literally).
  8. I have one and for the money they are surprisingly good
  9. 39TDS

    MMS on phones

    Nowhere else she could have got my number. Probably a ladyboy anyway knowing my luck
  10. 39TDS

    MMS on phones

    I recently joined whatsapp. Wasn't all that struck on it tbh as my phone was constantly pinging. Then one day I get a call from an unknown number and a young female claiming I had tagged her. I have no idea who she was or even how to tag anybody anyway. She then sent me some pics of herself. Gorgeous dark skinned Jamaican girl not old enough to be my daughter. I know some dream of such things but I prefer to keep them as my fantasies, not real life. I deleted whatsapp.
  11. Hadn't thought of that, thank you.
  12. I don't own the field any more so not my place to call the archaeologists. I am all for preserving history but in this case it is just nature stuff rather than ancient people stuff. Having said that, two fields away I found a collection of worked flints. Maybe 15-20 flints as if someone had sat there all day knapping flints. The plough had brought them up so nowhere near as deep as this bone. I did tell the archaeologists about the flints but they couldn't have been any less interested
  13. Thank you for the reply, my thought was probably deer but I wouldn't know the difference between deer or cow or even boar for that matter. Digging a new pond out and it was in a layer of peat that was covered by sand and clay and soil layers. You can find twigs, tree trunks, intact hazel nuts and things in there but first time I have seen a bone of any sort. There must have been a lot of water flowing to have covered the peat with 3-4' of sand so I think most likely melting ice from last ice age. I have farmed the land for nearly 50 years and seen some flooding in that time but the amount of water needed to wash that much sand would be incredible. Can only be melt water imo. Just fascinating to think how many thousands of years old the bone would be.
  14. Could any of you knowledgeable folk identify this bone for me. It's in a terrible state having just come out of some peat I was digging in. It is a shoulder blade off something but would just be interested to know what.
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