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  1. 39TDS

    Tony Blair

    And No10 insisted it was the Queens decision and nothing they could do about it.
  2. Live life like it is your last day, farm like you will live forever.
  3. The apple trees I planted 3 years ago had pretty much a full crop on them last year. Unless you are thinking to pop off sometime soon you should see the benefit of them. 👍
  4. 39TDS


    I can see 4 from where I am sitting at my pc. Dozens of them here.
  5. If your intention is to site them permanently (as it appears you do) they are no longer classed as a temporary structure and therefore need planning permission. Whether or not you would get away with it without permission usually depends on how well you get on with your neighbours or anyone else that can see them. Containers aren't cheap, I heard of someone asking £5k for one 20' container recently. Shanghai has been locked down and they are in short supply again.
  6. I would be thinking someone is rehoming them if you have had that many. Do you ever inspect for signs of recent surgery? Rescue places have a habit of fixing them before relocating town foxes into the countryside.
  7. I'm surprised they haven't flown away.
  8. Dried cat food is good food for your call bird. I don’t moisten it but there is water available of course.
  9. Spent a lifetime shooting them as pest control but since I stopped growing veg they don’t do me any harm so leave them be. Happy to say I have dozens of them. 😊 They are on their third hatch this year (I now hatch isn’t the word, is it litter?)
  10. They are worth more than £60 just for the devilment of setting them off. They are seriously loud and "much louder than a banger" doesn't really cover it, they are more of an explosion than a bang. They make me jump and I have used loads of them. Good luck with the sale.
  11. 39TDS

    Sell your Farm?

    The theory is more farms come onto the market so someone with a small farm is able to upgrade to a bigger farm and that smaller place gets bought by a newcomer. That is very simplified but it is how it works quite often. Even more often the big farmer buys the medium sized farm to add to his collection and it gets sold before even coming onto the market. As I said, there is no guarantee it will achieve its aim.
  12. 39TDS

    Sell your Farm?

    Nothing sneaky about it at all, it has been well publicised for a long time. Its purpose is to encourage ageing farmers to sell up in order for the next generation to get a chance of buying some land to farm. The reasoning is sound as many old farmers don't really do a great deal to advance their farming while the younger farmers are more enthusiastic towards farming and food production. Personally I think it is a good idea but whether it achieves its aims is yet to be seen. Can't see why it should affect shooting in any way whatsoever.
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