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  1. He was still being nice. Over a ton is automatic ban possible jail. Mate of mine was ever so grateful when the copper wrote down 99mph.
  2. 39TDS


    Why would you? Rusty, difficult to see if it is clean, not designed for food etc. I can only think of reasons why not to.
  3. 39TDS

    oil tanker

    Can we not just shoot a few and chuck the rest overboard as a deterrent? Then just say we don't know what happened.
  4. All being well my new grey windows will be arriving on Wednesday. Have my reservations tbh but as I ordered them in July and have been boarded up since I think any colour will do!
  5. 39TDS

    Valve Rubber

    silicon tubing on ebay and sold for that exact same purpose.
  6. Lack of pub culture has probably had a massive effect on the young too. In days gone by it was the guidance of the older generations that "taught" the next in line how to behave. No guidance these days and seems like nobody knows right from wrong. I don't think it's a good thing at all.
  7. 39TDS


    Always puzzles me too. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, it matters who is going to come worse off. The complete lack of self preservation in so many people these days startles me and I don't only mean cyclists. Joggers in dark clothing on country lanes in the rain with no footpath. Joggers that will not move out of the way when you approach in a car when there is no reason not to. What are they thinking? As a child I was always told to keep out of the way of cars, that seems to have been replaced with "you have equal rights on the road and you should stand in the way of the car t
  8. At my last house the only heating was log burners and for 40 years the chimneys were never swept nor ever needed to. Never had a chimney fire either. Only burned well seasoned wood, probably 90% of that was leylandii. I wouldn't recommend not sweeping but I would suggest dry logs are a very big help to both clean chimney and warm house.
  9. I often hear that quoted but not convinced it is true. I will accept that if they can prove your house just burnt down because you failed to have your chimney cleaned you are going to have a problem. The quote suggests they won't pay out on a burglary if your chimney hasn't been swept. Or am I just being a widgey.
  10. What is it even about? Can't make any sense of it and have lived in Essex.
  11. 39TDS


    Had one myself today for the first time in 12 months or so. I'm fairly stressed at the mo so probably related to that. Fortunately didn't get the headache, just the sparkly eyes. Bright or flashing lights definitely set me off but don't think it was that today. Migraleve used to be fantastic but no longer available for some reason. Codeine and paracetamol has sorted me in the past. Today I took a pink tablet out of the cupboard but don't really know what it was.
  12. 39TDS


    Saddened to hear this. Rest in peace.
  13. 39TDS

    Water meter.

    At my last place the meter was nearly a mile away in a straight line and more like 5 miles via roads. At this place my meter is up the road a bit but doesn't go round anyway.
  14. I find CCI TNT very effective.
  15. 39TDS


    It puzzles me why people find the death and destruction of other peoples lives a good topic for entertainment. His crimes were horrific and here you are saying how good it is to watch such stuff on telly, each to their own but definitely not for me. The made up stuff in soap operas is bad enough never mind real life misery.
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