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  1. I am off to Oz soon and this is a concern of mine as we will be stopping at Dubai. No doubt the flight from Dubai to Brisbane will have Chinese travelling on it. I said to the missus the virus is a bigger threat to our hols than the bush fires. She suggested I broke her leg and we claimed on the insurance that we couldn't go. I did point out it would be much less painful if we just forfeited the cost of the flight to which she agreed. At least she didn't suggest breaking my legs. Obviously a keeper.
  2. In our school we were forced to have communal showers after pe. A teacher stood and watched us all as we did. Not sure why he was watching because he never said anything like "wash your neck properly", just stood and grinned and watched. Not sure why he was there at all tbh because he was the french teacher not PE. Never heard of him doing anything untoward but he was deffo creepy. Nothing wrong with seeing your 7 year old, I think all families are different and so they should be. I would think we all know where the line is and when it has been crossed. Nothing wrong with a 17 year old walking around naked, a bit unusual but nothing wrong with it. (not something I would be comfortable with though, I'd be embarrassed)
  3. If you mean they shouldn't have nukes because they accidentally shot down that plane you'd better tell USA to hand theirs in too. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/10/middleeast/iran-air-flight-655-us-military-intl-hnk/index.html
  4. Big parts of the country are going through the worst drought ever, (as far as white men know) so not able to do controlled burns as it hasn’t been safe. It is now exceptionally hot and dry with more fuel lying around than usual.
  5. Yeah I did that one as well, jumped into a river in the Lake District. Nearly choked on my knackers. One of of the reports said the water in the pool was exceptionally cold. Desperately sad case.
  6. The deepest part of the pool was only 6 inches deeper than the man. I'm not very good at swimming but I could survive that. Having said that, I once nearly drowned in the sea. I was quite literally going down for the third time and I knew I wasn't coming back up this time, I was about to drown. It sounds funny now but when my feet touched the bottom and I could easily stand up in the water I was extremely relieved.
  7. 39TDS


    My top tips (for future) is don’t use many cookers to make cider. The acidity carries over too much, a quarter of cookers is absolute max for me. A mix of varieties is better than just one. I find a natural ferment is better than adding yeast Be patient, let it ferment at its own pace and only bottle once it has been settled for some time. if it does turn into something you are not too pleased with you can always use it for cooking, especially pork.
  8. It was from China not here. Rabbit is quite a big export from China. Im in Cheshire and not short of rabbits. Not overrun with them but I reckon I could get one without having to go 100 yards from my door. saw a hare on the road (alive) last night, that’s unusual.
  9. I’ve got to the time that the people I went fishing with are going, not the ones that taught me. It’s a bit scary.
  10. These days I have more cartridges down the seats of my cars than I used to be able to buy in one go. must be Eley Grand Prix, then HV then Maximums. Used to go in Monks and ask for a box of Grand Prix and they always said have some of our own brand, they are exactly the same. No they weren’t! Couldn’t hit anything with them. reminds me of a chap I knew, was taking his gun to Monks for some reason but couldn’t help but take a potshot at the pigeons on the cathedral bell tower. I think you’d be in a bit of trouble these days
  11. A friend of mine is always posting such ****... and then there was that guy on the news convicted of how many sexual assaults? 😮
  12. 39TDS

    London bridge

    A convicted terrorist was invited to a conference at London Bridge? Where will they hold the next one, in the halls of Westminster? Next door to number 10? How do these people think these things up?
  13. If there is a government body keeping tabs on us, can you think of any government body as an example of them being competent enough to do anything with that information? Facebook and Google are more to worry about and what the government allows them to get away with.
  14. I’ve seen a few where my bulletin has gone through the ear. I mean I’ve seen it happen through my scope. I think I’m a pretty good shot with a 22 but I don’t pretend I never miss or hit the ears because I misjudged the drop.
  15. The one I read said it was because Barclays wanted to support local Post Offices in an effort to keep them open. Lies, it was because their own customers said they would leave is closer to the truth.
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