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  1. 39TDS

    plastic polution rant

    Up until very recently our “recycling” meant we shipped it to China and India. I expect quite a bit of it ended up in the ocean one way or another. That was ok though because at least we had recycled it.
  2. 39TDS

    Moorhen - pest control

    I’ve eaten them in the distant past. Found them ok roasted and served with apple sauce.
  3. 39TDS

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    Started rearing my own geese about 6 years ago. Ate first one at Christmas dinner and me and other half both looked out of the window at the others in the field and said "well they won't be seeing Easter". Missus comment is that the trouble with pet geese is that they are so yummy. A recent convert to goose for Christmas but won't be going back to having turkey. Haven't found them over greasy but strikes me as a meat best served warm rather than cold next day (never been any left to find out)
  4. 39TDS

    A Cheap day out.

    It was a pound more than she did.
  5. 39TDS

    Any thoughts?

    Know exactly what you mean and a BSA Meteor would be my choice. My age may be an influence there though.
  6. 39TDS

    Badger damage

    The irony is that badgers are doing that to lawns all over the place in search of chafer grubs. Chafer grubs seem to be flourishing and probably due to all the chemicals that used to control them being withdrawn.
  7. 39TDS

    Buzzards behaviour.

    I've seen them fall out of the sky with talons locked and continue the scrap on the ground. They didn't take any notice of me either. I did video it on my phone but it came out pretty rubbish.
  8. 39TDS

    Couple of lure caught chub

    Nice fish
  9. 39TDS

    Nissan Terrano

    Front droplinks fail annually other than that they rarely go wrong other than rust as you would expect. Around the bolt you can see on the rear inner wheel arch is favourite. MOT fail as that bolt is the seatbelt anchor point. Droplinks are £10-15 a pair and are DIY. Another thing to startle you will be the alarming noise it makes on full lock sometimes. If you look at rear of front hub you can see a big bolt head. The noise is that rubbing on the stop. Perfectly normal and nowt to worry about. Grease it if you feel you must (I never have)
  10. 39TDS

    Stopping drinking

    I find it fairly easy to stop drinking altogether for a few months but just as easy to slip back into it. My current excuse is to soothe an irritating cough my grandson kindly shared with me. Isn't "stoptober" approaching? I quit smoking just by deciding to stop 5 years back or more, never once slipped on that one so willpower isn't an issue. Bad habits and enjoying spirits too much is my let down, it wouldn't bother me to never have another beer for the rest of my life.
  11. 39TDS

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    I had a 9422M Winchester and there is no way I could use that without hearing protection. I now have a CZ452 in WMR instead and quite happily use that without hearing protection. Same round but either quieter or the extra length makes the noisy bit further away. My ears give me loads of grief if exposed to too much noise so I wouldn't use the gun without protection if it was too loud.
  12. 39TDS

    Heads up Velo South disruption

    These events mean every road in a 5-10 mile radius will be closed. Nobody is allowed to go anywhere in their car be it to the shop, to work (plenty of people work on Sundays) to visit relatives etc etc. That means 400,000 people being told they can't go out on a Sunday. The event will be touted as "for charity", it isn't. It is purely a money making exercise for the organisers. They will give no money to charity whatsoever. None of the people disadvantaged by the event will get any benefit from it whatsoever. I have experienced an event of this type in my area, they are just very wrong in my opinion. The fact that it is cyclists is neither here nor there.
  13. 39TDS

    My wife (yet again)

    Mine studied the weather forecast for about 15 minutes on her phone and then announced the best day for us to go to the local show was Wednesday. Yes love, Wednesday is the only day it is on so I suppose you are right.
  14. 39TDS

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Both good guns but if fox is involved I'd say WMR. It definitely hits harder. Not had any issue buying ammo for mine. My current WMR is a CZ 452 with open sights, I can't imagine parting with it willingly.
  15. 39TDS


    Had a few Trearddur area early in the week. Only the very best (longest) casts found them.