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  1. I don't know of any chemicals that would be used to kill weeds (dandelions) that would also kill bees. If for some reason he had some insecticide left in his tank it might be enough to cause such a disaster. One of the problems farmers face is that so many chemicals have been withdrawn from use (banned as the media like to call it) that there is a very limited selection of insecticides left, of those there are very few if any that are bee friendly. Generally speaking the insecticides left are absolutely lethal to bees, and all other insects be they good or bad. The neonicotinoids were sup
  2. If you want to scare yourself silly put the following search into Google. rape pollen dogs
  3. I get that bit but I would still consider changing its position slightly and drilling new holes the correct size.
  4. I used these in a breeze block wall and I can swing off it without it coming loose. Do them up tight but over tighten and I expect they mess up.
  5. Sounds a bit dramatic to say sorry for your loss but I am all the same. Would be interested to know what he sprayed and also why. What was the crop meant to be because dandelions aren't a crop and I know of no weedkillers that would also get bees. It could be his sprayer had some insecticide left over from previous operations. No doubt the farmer would be defensive if asked but he might tell you. I am a farmer and I go out of my way not to kill bees but I have no doubt there have been times I have done so by accident.
  6. Prosecute the sellers with large on the spot fines. Nobody set out to police the carrier bag ban that I am aware of but it seems to have been pretty effective.
  7. 39TDS

    Tesco's fruit .

    The only way you can stop that is by using fungicides. Lots of fungicides have been withdrawn from use and the ones that are left don't do a very good job. I've been a commercial raspberry grower most of my life and long term storage and long distance travel have never really been solved as far as raspberries or strawberries are concerned. There was a comment about hard strawberries, that is one of the ways around it, breed fruit better suited to transport and storage but so far it has been at the expense of flavour and texture. The supermarkets use centralised storage/distribution d
  8. Shall we say he was inappropriately dressed and brought it upon himself too? I'm no expert on such matters but I do know male rape victims suffer even more because they are expected to have fought back enough to prevent the attack. That makes it even more traumatic for them and does indeed lead to suicide in far too many cases. Some pretty shameful comments in this thread tbh.
  9. Yes I do, it nearly always is as well. (is it ever not?) That doesn't mean all gamekeepers would do the same.
  10. How can you make a curry without turmeric, cardamon, star anise, cassiah bark, garlic and ginger etc? You missed out most of the best ingredients not least the fresh coriander leaves. I made a curry this evening, and I put banana in it.
  11. The guy I asked to do one for me said he would not do it unless it went for reproofing and the timeframe and cost that involved would mean I wouldn't agree. That was the end of that conversation.
  12. This is why you need to be on the ball yourself, robbie claims all trees above a certain size are protected, I will insist they are not. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/244528/2127793.pdf All types, but not hedges, bushes or shrubs. An order can protect anything from a single tree to all trees within a defined area or woodland. Any species can be protected, but no species is automatically protected by a tree preservation order.
  13. I would be very surprised if the solicitor had any idea whatsoever on what to do. You will of course need one for various things throughout the development but wouldn't look to one at this point for advice.
  14. Life will be easier if you remove the trees first and don't tell anybody why you are doing it. Nesting season at the moment but talk to arborists about the job. I am assuming these trees are in a domestic environment rather than agricultural. Either way, the planners will want to keep them protected or not. I would expect an ecology report to be required so check out bat population, likelihood of newts etc to have an idea where you will stand on that one. IIRC you will have to have an affordable housing element on a development that size, Community Infrastructure Levy, contribution t
  15. Would love to know what the simple treatment is.
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