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  1. 39TDS


    "In like a lion, out like a lamb." Generally speaking the reverse is also true and this year March has definitely come in like a lamb.
  2. I have friends with very valuable classic cars and they generally agree Lanoguard is best. Look it up, I haven't used it but do intend to.
  3. Ahole next door has been repeatedly revving the nuts off his very loud bike for no reason if that counts. Was very tempted to let him hear my very loud chainsaw at 7am.
  4. As many cabbages as I can eat
  5. They go black very quick when it is cold, that's why you shouldn't store them in the fridge and be careful what you pack them next to at the supermarket. Do not put them in the same carrier bag as frozen stuff or even refrigerated stuff such as milk, butter etc. The recent weather has been a bit of a nightmare especially when you live in a tin hut like I do.
  6. The letters they send are all quite horrible, no other company I know of sends such awful stuff through the post.
  7. I thought he wanted to go. Wish my kids would take me.
  8. I would feel the same, it was bad enough when I forgot my dentist appointment this week! I never want to put anybody else out in the slightest. I don't really see what covid has to do with it though. I understand they weren't supposed to be up there during lockdown but what difference does that make? If there wasn't lockdown in place and the same thing happened it would be OK? Of course not. Hats off to all those that volunteer for such things, they are braver than me.
  9. Someone in the local pub roasted one years ago, must have been too drunk because I don't remember how it tasted. Had rook pie in same pub, that was nice enough but more gravy than meat as I recall. Recipe and method plays a big part, my missus could ruin the finest cut of any animal.
  10. Local market had many a skinned cat hung and sold as rabbit in WW2.
  11. Mass hysteria imo. If you ever ask the people spouting about it most if they actually know anybody that has had a dog stolen they don't. Fake news, fear spreading nonsense pedalled on facebook. It surprises me how many seemingly sensible people are repeatedly willing to believe this stuff. Yes dogs get stolen but not on the scale these people would have you believe. All the cable ties left over from long since perished posters in the street have suddenly become secret signs. Some of them I am convinced put the zip ties there themselves and have forgotten they did.
  12. "Legover" Uncle used to drink rum and pep regularly, bit of a blast from the past (so is Babycham for that matter)
  13. I have heard of a few folk being bitten in UK. Makes no difference as I wouldn't want them on me anyway, nowt to do with biting. I also have a fear of heights, I think it is incredibly sensible because you would be seriously hurt from a fall.
  14. Daughter in law has a Freelander only used for school runs. Completely trashed!!
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