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  1. 39TDS

    Growing Blackberry From Seed

    Cuttings are a better way to propagate if possible, that way you get an identical clone. On blackberries the end of the growing shoot will root if pegged into soil. Weather plays a big part in the fruit quality. Last year was an incredible year for blackberries, the hedges around here were absolutely laden and the best flavours for quite some time.
  2. 39TDS

    Any pharmacist's on here?

    My missus asked me one day if my todger was OK. "What do you mean, OK?" Well you know, have you any problems with it? I sometimes think it's a bit too big (joking!) but other than that its fine as far as I know. Why do you ask? Well I have been told that I have a bit of thrush and was just wondering if you were OK. Yes fine. I didn't know you had been to the doctors. "No" she said, "it was the dentist" True story. I have no idea why she tells me these things 🤣 🤣
  3. 39TDS

    EBAY Feedback,beware!

    I left a negative on eBay and they somehow got it removed. That annoyed me more than the reason I left it in the first place!
  4. You are now required to provide medical information verified by a GP for all firearm and shotgun applications - this includes renewals. This applies to any application, whether declaring a medical condition or not. The change is being implemented to enable Cheshire Constabulary to make informed decisions which will protect both the shooting community and the wider public. This will affect any new application submitted from 22nd October 2018 and any renewal from the 21st January 2019. https://www.cheshire.police.uk/advice-and-support/firearms-and-explosives/
  5. It was obvious from the very start that someone was going to get hurt. I was surprised the contestants even did it.
  6. This whole thing is completely stupid. No benefit to anyone at all. The people coming up with this nonsense are proving themselves unfit to manage the system.
  7. 39TDS

    Stove fan

    https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-wood-burning-stove-fan/p/072454265672401 Buy online, delivery is free too.
  8. 39TDS

    Humane dispatch

    If it is a single barrel then shooting the animal should lead to the "rifle" being unloaded.
  9. 39TDS

    Splitting Axe

    X27 is usually the one everybody recommends. Son bought a X25 recently and raves about it but it is a bit short.
  10. 39TDS

    Grand solar minimum?

    It will be both, I can be pretty certain of that. Not sure in which order or when but it will deffo happen
  11. 39TDS


    My understanding of coils and capacitors is that a coil produces bursts of electric as a result of being turned on and off. The points in your distributor are what used to turn it on and off. A capacitor holds electricity until it is discharged. A capacitor of the right size will work, a coil won’t do anything.
  12. 39TDS

    Oil central heating cost

    I'm living in a static at the moment. That has lpg central heating running off the 47kg bottles, nice and warm but using a bottle a fortnight and paying £65 a bottle for Calor. Usual supplier was shut and nearest alternative stated the asking price at £105!!! Didn't pay that but was still £20 more than usual. The boiler would run a house and I bought an identical boiler for spares that had come out of a house. I would buy an oil boiler if I was doing it. Sorry, can't advise on prices but new boilers are very dear, I would consider a used boiler and a used tank.
  13. 39TDS

    Lure Fishing my Local Canal. Hard graft !

    Lads catching loads on local canals. (And lasses for that matter)
  14. 39TDS

    Canadian Geese Problem

    I was comparing with chopping the head off a farmyard goose rather than trying to behead a wounded one. I’m sure you are familiar with the headless chicken phrase and it’s origins. Anyway, providing it was within 704yds why would anyone miss?
  15. 39TDS

    Canadian Geese Problem

    The OP said it was on a fishing lake so it’s a good idea not to use lead so it can’t be injested by waterfowl. I wouldn’t shoot them with an air rifle either but a head shot would do it. No doubt there’d be lots of flapping but there is when you chop their heads off too.