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  1. Bought them off the dark web?
  2. Parsnip? Certainly scalds pigs. Car batteries cause lead poisoning rather than acid burns, quite common actually and would expect the vet to have ruled that one out.
  3. I can log in but can't change or update my password/account.
  4. I'm not really sure what we are looking at. Hogweed will cause sunburn/rash/flaking skin, especially in this weather. photosensitivity Dandelions and sow thistles will cause a black/darkened tongue. Acids Oak will darken the tongue too if the leaves are chewed due to the tannins
  5. Those folk in Germany where the floods were would probably have appreciated some warning. I expect that has some influence on it. I have been to Australia and have been in 45+ temps but no I have never really enjoyed anything at 37C (other than a pasty at that temperature)
  6. I like them. Good stuff Scully.
  7. 39TDS

    Mammal ID

    Could well be a pine marten but I had seen it I would have said polecat.
  8. I have always had access to some very powerful insecticides, most of which are banned now but I have never had anything more effective than Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam. The nest is dead and inactive within 30 minutes, astonishingly good stuff. I don't kill every wasps nest I come across because they do a great deal of good controlling caterpillars etc but sometimes the nest is where they are a nuisance so have to go.
  9. While shooting clay pigeons I asked if it was allowed to hit both clays with one shot. I did exactly that with the next shot, deliberately. Have shot two crows with one shot of a .22 by deliberately ricocheting off a rock to get the second one. Have lined up two rabbits and got both with the rifle, did it with a pair of pigeons sitting on a fence too. One fell one side and the other fell the other side. Most with one shot was 6 pheasants with 12g. Not sporting but it was for food not fun. Heard many tales of how many pigeons you could shoot with one cartridge in the 1963 winter as they fed on snow covered cabbage/sprouts/caulis. None worth picking up because they were starving and no meat on them.
  10. It was the frostiest April in 60 years, that was country wide
  11. Do you not remember all those frosts we had when the cherries were in blossom? Your tree doesn't need replacing.
  12. Hilarious that it is drinking straws that got banned rather than a 22
  13. If it is purely to fulfil any legal obligations to scare birds just wave your arms and say "shoo shoo".
  14. I would have said honey bee. Google backs it up with a caveat of maybe more than one sort of honey bee.
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