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  1. Why would he even want to? They are not exactly difficult to trap in plenty of more sensible ways than sticking a paper cone on their head.
  2. A good friend was killed exactly the same way this year, hasn't got to court yet as far as I know. Mate in the box knew very well it wasn't safe and so did the farmer driving the loader, for the sake of £100 on a scaffold tower my mates dead. A tenner on a ratchet strap would have saved his life by keeping the box on the forks, farmer probably had one and mate probably had one in his truck but lets save 5 minutes by not bothering. Stupid and tragic! Just to make it even worse his son was with him and watched it happen. Not the first time and won't be the last because for some reason some farmers are just idiots. Occasionally there are unforeseen accidents but very nearly always they are easily avoidable. I have farmed all of my 57 years, so did my dad and so did his and so have most of my relations. There have been one or two lucky escapes but no serious injuries. The lucky escapes could easily have turned out much worse but the overriding factor is it was obviously dangerous and almost inevitable that someone was about to get hurt. How can you possibly be too pressed for time to be careful? The first rule is always that everybody goes home unharmed. I have worked on other farms and can't believe how many times I have seen people put their lives in obvious serious danger for absolutely no reason at all.
  3. So that's where it came from! **** everywhere and stunk the whole upstairs out eventually snuffing it on the landing. Couldn't figure out how my window had broken at first but didn't take a lot of detective work. Pheasants are not noted for their intelligence but even I would expect it to miss a house.
  4. A few? I noticed this year than mine actually says 2011 on it, I'd of sworn it was only a few years old too.
  5. My teachers did worse than that to me without getting suspended, a sign of the times I guess. She must be a bit of an idiot to do that when being filmed or not. The horse is never going to improve as a result of being slapped in the face, completely the opposite is more likely. Being kicked isn't so much of an issue as it is what horses do, doesn't show her in a good light though.
  6. I quite like open fires but can't understand anybody having one. Most of the heat goes straight up the chimney and by doing so draws all the colder air into the room. You end up sitting almost on top of the fire with an icy draught around your back/neck. Wood burner for me.
  7. How do you even find a 13 year old thread?
  8. 1573 I think it says, definitely Elizabeth The First anyway. Not a collector but I have found a few over the years, only pic I had to hand though.
  9. Same in the Mersey and it's why I would never fish in it. I know a few that claimed to have caught them. 🤢
  10. My log burner is DEFRA approved for use in a smokeless zone as long as you fit the adapter. The adapter is an ordinary washer that fits under the vent handle to stop you fully closing the vent.
  11. Exactly. Couldn't understand your insistence on getting it fixed.
  12. Most likely a faulty connection or sensor, not something that stops them working properly. Don't be surprised if it costs £1k to find the actual fault and fix it.
  13. Yes it is worth it and I would expect building regs insist anyway. I'd be doing 150mm insulation
  14. 39TDS


    I put a caravan for sale on facebook yesterday, by the response I think I may have underpriced it. Hardly surprised it's down, it must have pinged itself to death with all the folk mithering me.
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