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  1. Based on the footage I’ve seen I think his actions deserve to be commended. Suspension Is the opposite of what should happen.
  2. Grass is so tall here that the target would have to be up a tree for the prone. Wouldn’t see it otherwise.
  3. Waiting to be fixed.? Isn’t that the rest of the stock stood upright.
  4. The pic is a graip and a pikel, or at least that’s what they are called here. Still use both.
  5. 39TDS

    Ebay rip offs

    I quite like eBay. Buy and sell regularly and rarely have a problem. For example, my last new iPhone came off eBay and it was a much better experience than a similar transaction in carphone warehouse. First place I look when I am after something but you do need your wits about you.
  6. 39TDS

    .22 WMR

    My gun shop wouldn’t sell me a WMR onto my .22RF slot. Reason he gave was he'd been in trouble with the constabulary about doing it before. That may be wrongly but a heads up before you rush off with notes clenched in hand
  7. Spaldings sell them.
  8. Complete nonsense. There are no sprays used in grassland that would have an effect for even a couple of years never mind 20+. If it were true there wouldn't be a single weed in any farmers field. Ask him what chemical it was, I could do with some.
  9. Found enough bricks and rubbish buried in my new build garden to build a garage!
  10. Put the mine in a bucket of used engine oil. I've been told it works well. Wouldn't want to clean the mess up afterwards though.
  11. The most pointless waste of people's time imaginable. I think it is supposed to make drivers safer but the only way it does that is have them sit in a classroom being bored to death rather than out driving.
  12. Shropshire. Next door to me. 🙄 No problem, the offer stands. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.
  13. AYA No3 (I think) SxS near Beeston Castle. Nothing wrong with it just never use it. £100 if you collect it, that is the price not the starting point. If you prefer to haggle it’s £120 (and probably worth it or more). You are welcome to put a few carts through it before deciding.
  14. You don't have to shoot many to stop the rest coming back. They are clever birds. I think it is better to definitely kill one or two than try to shoot at them lots of times. Use a rifle for definite kill rather than run around with a shotgun teaching them to keep away from you rather than the sheep/lambs. When you shoot one hang it up, better still pull it to pieces, cut the wings off and spread them around. Make sure the others see you do it i.e. straight away. Sounds primitive but it works and you don't do a lot to the raven numbers.
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