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  1. Harris Series S Model LM. 9" to 13" Swivel and notched legs. Excellent cond. £65 posted.
  2. To me its got to be the worst feeling in the world when you lose your dog. That's why i always have 2 or 3 dogs so when i lose one i can console myself with the others. I'm on my my 20th dog at the moment and it never gets any easier when you lose one.
  3. Hi gang. Just had my first portion of this with a bed of rice. Tasteless and chewy. Won't be having it again.
  4. Hi gang. Been out with my SP 3 4 times now and my clay scores have improved both on OSK and sporting. Have not tried it out on ABT yet but will do. If i had one criticism of the gun i would of liked the fore end to be a bit wider but thats all. I'm really happy with the SP 3. Definitely a keeper.
  5. samboy

    Marsh Man

    Yep get well soon. Hope all is ok.
  6. samboy

    Flea bites ?.

    Hi gang. Just been playing with my lurcher and i must have at least 50 flea bites on my left arm. None on the right arm. What is the best stuff to put on them ?. Thanks all.
  7. samboy


    Hi gang. I've watched this programme for years and enjoyed it. But now Anne Robinson has took over i will never watch it again until she has gone. She looks like a ventriloquist's dummy and has the personality of a plank.Can't stand the woman. Rant over.
  8. I applied about 6 months early because of the delays.
  9. Hi gang. I'm after one of the above and i believe they are 6mm. Thanks all.
  10. Took my new 687 SP3 out today on a 60 bird clay shoot and hit 44/60. It felt so much better than my XS Pro. I can see me keeping this one as it just feels right.
  11. 2 Browning titanium invector plus chokes. Cyl and Improved Cyl. Excellent cond. £70 posted. These were for my Ultra xs pro which i have now sold. They are over £100 each.
  12. Hi gang. After handling the 694 and the 687 silver pigeon 3 i decided on the SP 3. it just came up a lot better. So the px was done and i will be trying it out on Sunday.
  13. Top lever can be a bit stiff to open but once i get something into my head that's it. It is a nice gun but if you have doubts about it it's got to go. Going to Dealer today to hopefully px it.
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