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  1. I could sleep for England.
  2. samboy

    Tilley lamp

    Iv'e got one in its box and its never been used and probally never will be, the mantle is still in its cellophane. I put it on here for sale a while back and not one enquiry .
  3. samboy

    UHD TV

    My tv died Sunday night and after driving myself mad looking at a million telly's iv'e decided to get a Panasonic gx 700. In saying that i will probally come back with another brand. Its a tv jungle out there.
  4. samboy

    90° South

    I'll be watching it.
  5. Plenty of Sparrows and Starlings in my garden.
  6. samboy

    14 in 14

    Due to having heart surgery in January iv'e lost over 2 stone through lack of appetite So i'm trying to put weight on. Looks like more sugar and cakes for me.
  7. My 2 Beretta 682's and my 686 Sporter.
  8. Heard a Cuckoo for the past 2 weeks where i am.
  9. Hi sundodger. Glad everything is going well for you.. Another couple of months and you will be chasing 18 yr old blondes all over the place. I had my check up a couple of weeks ago and everything was fine so iv'e been discharged from the hospital. All the best for the future.
  10. Thats very nice, wish it was nearer so i could see if it fitted me.
  11. Hi Gang. Saw one of these in the shop on Friday and it was very nice so i might treat myself to one providing it fits me. So has anyone on here got one and if they have what do you think of it, also have any problems come to light > Thanks all.
  12. Are they pick ups ?
  13. In beige cloth, from a smoke free home, bought Dec 18 at £1100 dont need it any more. so asking £250. Pick up only. Pics by e mail or watts app.
  14. samboy


    Would not waste my eyesight on any of the soaps.
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