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  1. samboy

    Thanks Sussex police!

    I sent my SGC off to the Met for an amendment and it was back to me within 2 weeks. I've always has good service from the Met.
  2. samboy

    Rag and Bone Men

    They still come around my way. Put stuff on the drive and its gone in no time. I had a skip on the drive for a couple of weeks and as quick as i was filling it they were taking it out. Done me a favour as i could keep topping it up.
  3. Iv'e got one of these, very good gun.
  4. samboy

    Unlucky Fox.

    Whippet had a slight bite mark on jaw as did the Lurcher. Thats all.
  5. samboy

    Shower panels ???.

    Thank you all, thats put my mind to rest.
  6. samboy

    Shower panels ???.

    Hi gang. I'm having my bath took out and replaced with a shower but as i cant get any of the existing tiles to make good its been suggested i use shower panels. What i want to know is are they any good. Pros and cons please. Thanks all.
  7. samboy

    Unlucky Fox.

    Hi gang. Looked out of my bedroom window yesterday morning and saw a dead fox on the lawn. Whippet and lurcher laying there looking quite pleased with themselves .
  8. samboy

    Holes in lawn ???.

    Deffo not rabbits as there has been no rabbits on his plot for a while now. So make the holes 2 to 3"..There only small holes.
  9. samboy

    Holes in lawn ???.

    Hi gang. My pals lawn and flower border has had about a dozen or more holes burrowed into it. Each hole is about 3 to 4" wide. Not rabbits or moles. Could it be rats ?. All thoughts welcome. Thanks all.
  10. Hi gang. I have no spaces left on mine so is it a matter of applying for an extra page to be sent to me or have i got to send my one off for renewal. It has 2 yrs left on it. Thanks all.
  11. samboy

    Spider / Bluebottle

    No flies on Stevie.
  12. samboy

    Flies grr.

    I will send you some of mine lol.
  13. samboy

    Flies grr.

    Been killing them all day. There's been no let up. Just when you think you've cracked it there back. I must of lost two stone working the swat and the hoover 😅
  14. samboy

    Flies grr.

    Thought i'd got em all but there back again. cant find where there coming from but there keeping me on my toes.
  15. samboy

    Flies grr.

    A few more this morning but i'm getting the better of them i hope. They seem quite easy to catch and they seem quite docile,deffo not Bluebottles.