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  1. I think i will clean it as i have just fitted a new extractor and holder into the bolt. I took it out and fired 10 shots through it to make sure it was working ok and it was louder than it used to be. If it is too gunged up after 16 years of use i will just get a new one.
  2. Hi gang. I've had my Parker Hale moderator on my CZ .22 for about 16 years and fired quite a few thousand rounds through it. I've never cleaned it and my question is if i do clean it has the rifle got to be re zeroed or will it be ok to use straight away. Thanks all.
  3. samboy

    British Gas

    I'm with British gas, who should i change too ?. I was thinking We look after your bills.com.
  4. Yes thats the one. I missed the bit about putting it back wrong. I wish i could put the safety catch back as quick as they do. There is another video where the chap has made a little device for pushing the spring in. I am going to make one as its got to be easier than struggling with an empty case like i do.
  5. Hi gang. Was just watching this on youtube. The chap took the bolt apart for cleaning and put the extractor and holder on the opposite side to which he took them out. Does this make any difference ?. I've just put my new ones in the same as i took them out.
  6. Hi gang. Got my spare parts from CZ Rifles. Good quick service. Thanks for all replies.
  7. Hi gang. Does anyone know the best place to get an extractor and holder from for my cz 452 bolt. Thanks all.
  8. Hi gang. Will continuous use of pulling wellies off with a boot jack cause damage to the heels eventually ?. Thanks all.
  9. I might be coming with you as i too have several people after me.
  10. I also ended up with unwanted prime but a quick phone call soon sorted it.
  11. I made the mistake of buying a 2 gun cabinet. I have 4 cabinets now.
  12. Not too bad at the mo but my outside tap has froze even though its lagged.
  13. Pigeons go for good money too.
  14. Yes i have an open ticket.
  15. Hi gang. What is the smallest calibre i could use for muntjac and foxes. The land ls only about 8 acres so i wouldn't want anything too powerful. Would be used for rabbits too. At the moment i'm using a CZ .22 for rabbits and squirrels. Thanks all
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