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  1. Now Castrol R that brings back memories, My workmate used to brew his tea in a Billy can and the inside was rotten. One of the lads cleaned it out for him and he went mad. I like a bit of patina in my cup and on my teaspoon.
  2. Hi gang. Went to my local dealer and told him about my finger problem and he said i might not be holding the gun tight enough. But i bought a trigger guard anyway and fitted it but have not tried it out yet because of the virus problem. Although the club was open today i thought it best to keep away till things improve. Will do part three as soon as i can. Thanks all.
  3. samboy

    Random Finds.

    Could be my mates, poor old chap had to have his left leg amputated about a month ago.
  4. Gun fits ok but will have to have a measure up and maybe move the trigger.
  5. Hi gang. I am finding that when i fire my Beretta 695 the trigger guard is stinging my middle finger. Any ideas why this should be ?. Thanks all.
  6. I also lost my 12yr old Border a short while back. He was the best dog iv'e ever had. But he was the most useless too if that makes sense. Everybody loved Lennie and Lennie loved everybody. I was heartbroken when he died. As above it will be hard to get a good working one.
  7. Now sorted thanks to the kind chap above.
  8. samboy

    Chromebook ???.

    Hi gang. Any recommendations for the above, Budget of max £300. Not interested in anything else just a Chromebook. Thanks all.
  9. Funny how we chop and change. I shot Beretta for 16 yrs and went over to Miroku and Browning and have just gone back to Beretta. No real reason but i like a change now and then.
  10. Hi gang. Mine is cracked and broken so looking for just the box as i have all the cleaning gear. Thanks all.
  11. Hi gang. Put 50 carts through gun today and all is well. One hiccup when i never released the trigger for 2nd shot but that was my fault. If i have any more probs i will let you know. thanks all.
  12. Good job iv'e got a little rough haired terrier.
  13. Hi gang. Got gun back from dealer today and apparently the problem was the cocking rod was sticking. So i will try it out on Sunday and see how it goes. I will let you all know if all is ok. Thanks all.
  14. I have seen 3 in the last 6 months on my local bit of land. But iv'e not been over there early or late.
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