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  1. Hi gang. Anyone use them and if so are they any good. For clay shooting only. Thanks all.
  2. samboy

    Dawn dew

    I wish i could get up and out that early instead of lying in bed stinking.
  3. samboy

    Bore snakes ???.

    Hi gang. Bore snakes, are they any good and if they are what one should i buy in 12 gauge ? Thanks all.
  4. Hi gang. I believe most of it is rubbish but can anyone confirm if Chappie is any good. Thanks all.
  5. samboy

    New kitchen ???.

    Been quoted £8650 + tiles. Went to the showroom today to have a look at what i'm getting for my money and the cupboard doors are chipboard. I'm not paying £8 grand plus for chipboard. At the moment iv;e got wrapped mdf and thats all peeling off. Will have to keep looking me thinks and pay a bit extra for something decent.
  6. samboy

    New kitchen ???.

    £12.000 max.
  7. samboy

    New kitchen ???.

    Hi gang. I need a new kitchen so should i go for the likes of Homebase, B&Q etc or go for something a bit more upmarket ? I want something decent and going to last a while. Thanks all.
  8. samboy

    Huawei mobi help ??.

    Well i done it but i dont know how.
  9. samboy

    Huawei mobi help ??.

    Hi gang. Has anyone got a Huawei mobile phone, if they have how do you delete watsapp contacts ?. Thanks all.
  10. samboy

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Would not waste my eyesight on it.
  11. samboy

    gun insurance???

    Me too.
  12. samboy

    ear muffs

  13. samboy

    New laptop ???.

    HI gang. My HP laptop is on the blink so i need a new one. Iv'e been happy with this one so should i stick with HP or go for another brand. Its only to be used for a few forums im on, a bit of you tube a bit of surfing and banking. About £350 max. Thanks all..
  14. samboy


    Heard one on Thursday.
  15. samboy

    A rattle.

    Hi gang. Picked up my Browning today and heard a rattle so i decided to take it apart and have a look. Took the snap caps out shook the gun and it had stopped. Turned out it was the allen bolts in the snap caps loose so that was a quick fix and a relief.