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  1. samboy

    Post - op recovery

    I agree with Mice.
  2. samboy

    Unwanted advertising

    Same as me.
  3. Hi Gang. I fancy a new one of the above and fancy an Alan Paine for about £200/250. Dont want to pay £500 for a Musto. Dont want a cheap one so any reccomendations ? Have a Hoggs of Fife at the mo. Thanks all.
  4. samboy

    Heads up for Big Foot and Yeti’s

    Well thats the wife sorted for Christmas 😂
  5. samboy


    For general field walking with my dogs i use the Harris dry boot.
  6. samboy


    I'm an old grumps too.
  7. samboy

    Corgi's ???

    Hi gang. I cant remember the last time i saw one. Are they another vanishing breed ?.
  8. samboy

    My Lurcher ???.

    Hi Gang. My Beddy x Whippet is 9yrs old and iv'e had him 7yrs, In all that time iv'e never heard him bark. He grumbles a bit at feeding times but apart from that he's as quiet as a mouse Anyone else got a dog like it ?.
  9. samboy

    blaser f3

    Strange how these things happen. My my mate has just sold his DT11 and bought a F3.
  10. samboy

    Bit ten

    I was lucky enough to see 2 of these in 2 weeks on the ponds where i live. I didn't even know what they were until someone told me after i described them to me.
  11. samboy

    The Wild Life

    Yes please if 1st to reply.
  12. samboy


    Iv'e been using dubbin on my leather boots and find it good stuff but have been wearing the Harris rubber dry boots for a while now and love them. Would certainly buy another pair when they wear out.
  13. Hi gang. Was thinking of buying some of these are they any good ?. Thanks all.
  14. samboy

    Absolutely Unbelievable

    I admire anyone who donates to animal charities.
  15. samboy

    Heart Bypass ???.

    Thanks for all your kind words. When i'm up and running i will let you know how it went.