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  1. samboy

    Heart bypass update.

    Once again thank you for all your kind words.
  2. samboy

    Heart bypass update.

    Taking it as easy as i can but i feel dreadful.
  3. samboy

    Heart bypass update.

    Thank you for all your kind words.
  4. samboy

    Heart bypass update.

    Hi gang. Well i went in on the 23rd Jan and had the op on the 24th. It was a triple i had and it took about 4hrs. I came home on the 30th . But god i feel rough, just hope i start feeling well soon. Had it done at Barts in London and could not fault the staff. Will let you know how i feel in a few weeks.
  5. samboy

    Shotgun certificate Table 2

    Thats what i did and a new one was back in a fortnight.
  6. samboy

    Caesar Guerine

    I was going to p/x my Browning ultra xs for a Guerini but my local rfd said dont bother. My pal who works in another gun shop said the same. He said go for a Miroku Grd 5 MK70 0r MK38 whiich i also fancy. Its very differcult to know what to do for the best sometimes/ Nothing wrong with my Ultra but i just fancy a change.
  7. samboy

    Dollars to pounds ???.

    You'd only waste it on booze and dirty birds.
  8. samboy

    Dollars to pounds ???.

    Hi gang . I am expecting a cheque from the States very soon and was wondering where would be the best place to cash it in. Any idea's chaps ?. I stuck my last one in my bank. Thanks all.
  9. samboy

    Post - op recovery

    I agree with Mice.
  10. samboy

    Unwanted advertising

    Same as me.
  11. Hi Gang. I fancy a new one of the above and fancy an Alan Paine for about £200/250. Dont want to pay £500 for a Musto. Dont want a cheap one so any reccomendations ? Have a Hoggs of Fife at the mo. Thanks all.
  12. samboy

    Heads up for Big Foot and Yeti’s

    Well thats the wife sorted for Christmas 😂
  13. samboy


    For general field walking with my dogs i use the Harris dry boot.
  14. samboy


    I'm an old grumps too.
  15. samboy

    Corgi's ???

    Hi gang. I cant remember the last time i saw one. Are they another vanishing breed ?.