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  1. Wanted a skeet or ic to either buy or swap for a mod, full or x full to fit a Browning xs pro. Must be a Browning choke. Thanks all.
  2. I've got the xs pro and love it. I wont use the barrel/stock weights or the trigger lock. I would of liked a skeet and another quarter choke instead of 2 half and a x full choke so perhaps i could have a swap with someone. I'm on my 2nd xs and should not have sold the first one.. I think it's worth the price.
  3. I love spending money but i hate getting robbed.
  4. My pal gave me two left handed golf gloves so that will do for me. The chequering might smooth out a bit over time as i don't really want to rub anything down. So i'll see how it goes. Wore gloves on Sunday at the shoot and had no problem.
  5. I've just had a chicken curry for breakfast.
  6. For what good that is i might as well shove it up my ****.🤣
  7. Hi gang. Just been to the car wash in my local Tesco's. And they want £35 for inside and out. I told them to poke it. I'd like to earn £35 for about 15 minutes work.
  8. Hi gang. I'm looking to buy the above so was wondering if the John Shooter ones are any good. About £150/200 is my budget. Thanks all.
  9. I have 6 permissions and walk my dogs over acres of land and i cant remember the last time i saw a hare. But i have seen more rats this week than i have ever seen.
  10. Your more than welcome. Regards Ron.
  11. Only hope they fit. Dont owe me anything its always nice to try and help someone out.
  12. Hi gang. I gave a pal a fresh rabbit i shot on tuesday and he started to boil it and the water turned orange. He said the meat had an orange tinge to it too. He tried a taste of it and said it was ok but binned the rest of it. Any idea what could cause this. Thanks all.
  13. Hi gang. Shot my Browning xs pro sport today and the forend took some skin off my middle finger. I've had about 21 shotguns and been shooting since 1981 and its never happened before. I put a glove on for the 3rd round and all was ok. Any ideas what could cause this. Apart from rough chequering. I have only shot the gun about 5 times but always had gloves on. Thanks all.
  14. I'd like one but i cant see it being worth nearly 2/1/2 grand more than my xs pro sport. But i'll have a look when the sporter comes out.
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