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  1. samboy


    I would not waste my eyesight watching any of the soaps. Pure rubbish.
  2. I love it too but it's got to be just greens and potato with a nearly burnt top. No peas, carrots or sweet corn like my local cafe puts in it.
  3. Hi gang. My 15 yr old beddy x whippet had a stroke today. He was crashing into everything so straight to the vet and had him pts. I got him at 2 yr old and he's been a real good dog. I'm gutted. I've had 22 dogs over the years and it never gets any easier when you lose one. This is the first time in 55 years there has not been a dog in the house. Trouble is i'm an old boy now and not sure if i should get another one. I'll think about it.
  4. Hi gang. For some reason i can only eat this on the cob. I can't stand it in or on anything else, salads soup etc. Weird or what ?.
  5. Hi gang. I'm thinking of changing my Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy is £180 in Tesco's but £100 on Amazon so i assume it's a refurbished one. What are your views on refurbished stuff ?. Thanks all.
  6. 3 this morning 1196. My mate had 8 but he's not on here.
  7. Hi gang. Anyone use one of these ?. Seen a few reviews on YouTube but hard to choose one. Remington balder Pro looks good. Any recommendations ?. Thanks all.
  8. Hi gang. I'm looking to buy one of the above. It will only be used for the car and light duties so any recommendations please. Thanks all.
  9. Heard this morning that the land has been sold.
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