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  1. Thats very nice, wish it was nearer so i could see if it fitted me.
  2. Hi Gang. Saw one of these in the shop on Friday and it was very nice so i might treat myself to one providing it fits me. So has anyone on here got one and if they have what do you think of it, also have any problems come to light > Thanks all.
  3. Are they pick ups ?
  4. In beige cloth, from a smoke free home, bought Dec 18 at £1100 dont need it any more. so asking £250. Pick up only. Pics by e mail or watts app.
  5. samboy


    Would not waste my eyesight on any of the soaps.
  6. samboy

    Free boots.

    Boots now gone.
  7. samboy

    Free boots.

    Yes you can but your a fair way off.
  8. samboy

    Free boots.

    One pair of Lowa gtx size 10, 18 eyelets. very clean inside bit dusty on the outside. Plenty of life in them. One pair of Le Cham size 10, 16 eyelets.very clean inside bit muddy on outside. Both pairs hardly worn, Pick up only from Rainham Essex .so wont post. No Pics. Provisionally gone.
  9. Bought these 2 years ago and they've been outside twice so 99.9 condition . Asking £325 posted. Pics by e mail or wats app.
  10. Once again thank you for all your kind words.
  11. Taking it as easy as i can but i feel dreadful.
  12. Thank you for all your kind words.
  13. Hi gang. Well i went in on the 23rd Jan and had the op on the 24th. It was a triple i had and it took about 4hrs. I came home on the 30th . But god i feel rough, just hope i start feeling well soon. Had it done at Barts in London and could not fault the staff. Will let you know how i feel in a few weeks.
  14. Thats what i did and a new one was back in a fortnight.
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