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    Mines ok.
  2. Minox 8x43 HG.

    Mint cond, bought on a whim last year on the 4/8/17. I think i paid nearly £700 for these although i believe you can get them cheaper now. I am asking £400 posted. Pics by e mail if interested. I think iv'e been outdoors with them twice.
  3. Hi all. After a few hundred shots my Browning xs 12 gauge stock becomes loose. Would a bit of loctight on the bolt thread cure this or is there another remedy ?. Thanks all.
  4. Opening FAC

    I was lucky i got mine opened in 3 months with the MET. I had plenty of land and was out 5 days and nights a week. The landowner who was also a shooting man said i was safe and competent and it opened with no hassle.
  5. Auto renewals.

    There is no loyalty with insurance companies any more. I think i have a different one every year.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    How do these muppets get into Parliament in the first place ?.
  7. It came.

    good man, now break into that wallet and treat yourself .
  8. I need a new telly ???.

    HI gang. As above so do i go for Panasonic, LG or Samsung for about £500. Thanks all.
  9. I have yet to find anything that keeps me warm but i fancy a Harkila annaboda.
  10. Browning ultra xs - Prestige ??.

    Yep i'm going to keep it but you know what it's like when you get the wants. I'm off to my local rfd tomorrow but i think i'll keep my blindfold on lol.
  11. Browning ultra xs - Prestige ??.

    As it happens i am shooting an xs 30" sporter at the moment and am well pleased with it but i was just wondering if it was worth upgrading to a Prestige but after reading the comments it would not seem worth it so i'll keep what iv'e got. Thanks all.
  12. Glasses and the rain!

    Good tip that as just lately ive been lifting my head off the stock.
  13. Hi all. Whats the difference between the Ultra xs and the Prestige ?. Thanks all.

    Iv'e just had a labour candidate ring me up asking if i would vote for them. Told her where to go.
  15. Google ???.

    Seems to have sorted itself.