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  1. There's hope for me yet then.
  2. Watched 10 minutes then switched off. Boring.
  3. Mixed chicken and tripe with biscuit added for my dogs. In my opinion dry food is just a convenience food. Dry food must be like eating cereal with no milk.
  4. Hi gang. I have not seen a Rabbit for well over 3 months. I'm over the fields and woods with my Whippet and Lurcher every day. God knows where they have gone. I can only assume it must be something to do with the weather. Anyone else not seen any .. Thanks all.
  5. Hi gang. After reading all replies i think i would be better off just keeping my Ultra XS. It's in vgc with an adj comb. 6 Browning and 4 Teague chokes. It's as tight as a drum. I would be lucky to get a grand for it so i would have to spend a minimum of 3 grand to replace it so would it be worth it ?. But you know what it's like when you get something in your head. Thanks all.
  6. Me and 2 dogs on Christmas day. Lovely and peaceful.
  7. Hi gang. At the moment i'm shooting a Browning xs 30" sporter, lovely gun nothing wrong with it but i fancy a change. To either a Miroku MK38 teague sporter Grd 5 or a Beretta DT11 30" sporter. Two different guns i know and at the end of the day its which one fits best, But i cant see how the Beretta can be worth £5000 more than the Miroku. Any idea's chaps ?. Whichever i finally decide on will be used as an all rounder. Thanks all.
  8. Branston beans for me too. Will never buy Heinz again.
  9. Had 2 Miroku's, a 9000 grd 5 and a Mk 60 grd 5 that was Briley choked. Wish i'd never sold them but might be getting a Mk 38 grd 5 next week. If i do buy it it will deffo be a keeper. Nearly forgot to add that i had a Miroku skeet gun too but i cant remember what model it was.
  10. Hi gang. Can anyone recommend a good brand. Thanks all.
  11. Their bedding is good, duvets and proper dog bedding. Changed often according to the weather.
  12. It can get cold here, 1 Whippet, 1 Bed x Whippet. They have a kennel each but sometimes snug up together. 100% wind/draft and waterproof. Was thinking of having heating hour on hour off on the timer.
  13. Hi Gang. I'm going to put a 2 ft tube heater in the dogs kennel on a timer now winters approaching. Can anyone recommend a decent one. The 2 kennels are in a shed so they have plenty of protection. Thanks all.
  14. I'm looking forward to getting out again. So far this year iv'e had a triple bypass, a chest virus which saw me spend another week in hospital, diagnosed with stage 2 Parkinsons and nearly 3 weeks with gout. But iv'e just managed to start clay shooting again so i'm getting there. Looking forward to doing a bit of bunny bashing again. Another couple of months should see me up and running. Just got to take every day as it comes.
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