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  1. Applied for my coterminous in July. I rang them 3 weeks ago and they said it is in hand. Mine runs out in December but they have given me an extension until February. I'm with the Met and have had no problems with them in the last 39 years.
  2. Hi gang. At the moment i have a Hoggs of Fife Tweed coat it cost me about £110. Nothing wrong with it but i fancy another brand. Eg Chrysalis or Musto etc. But how on earth can they be worth 5 or 6 hundred pounds more. Even Alan Paine at around £350 seems a bit dear. I just cant get my head round it. Any explanations chaps ?. Thanks all.
  3. samboy


    I'd like to French kiss him with a steam roller.
  4. Hi gang. Can anyone tell me the legal side of picking up road kills. Deer, Pheasants and anything else you can eat. Thanks all.
  5. I got a text from HMRC with a link to follow. I just deleted it. Also a recorded message from Amazon saying they are taking money from my prime account which i don't happen to have. Got to be on your guard at all times.
  6. Got to be the worst feeling in the world when you lose your old pet. That's why i always have 2 or 3 dogs so you can always console yourself with them when one of them goes. But time heals as they say. Feel for you though.
  7. About £1500 on carts, clays, 2 club memberships, BASC, Plus a few more bob on bits and pieces.
  8. Don't like them or Christmas pudding. Too sickly.
  9. Hi gang. I started clay shooting in 1981 and am now on my 17th shotgun. Each time i've said this will be a keeper but i see something else that's nice and want one. The one i bought on Tuesday is a Browning xs pro 30" sporter and its nice. The money i've wasted i could of bought a Purdey. Watch this space. I've had my CZ .22 for 15 years and never wanted to change it.
  10. I had one with a seperate battery and it was good but i kept getting the wires caught up and sometimes the filter fell off when i caught it on something so i sold it and bought a NM 800 and never looked back.
  11. Picked up my new Browning xs pro today and the comb is adjusted from the rear, same as my old Ultra which i had no problems with.
  12. Youtube for me too. I spend hours on it.
  13. samboy

    Water meter.

    Update on my new water meter. Just had a letter from the water company saying they have refunded me £72 and my bill has gone down from £56 to £19 a month. All savings will mean more money to spend on shooting.
  14. Yes, there's some good chaps on this forum.
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