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  1. I'm looking forward to getting out again. So far this year iv'e had a triple bypass, a chest virus which saw me spend another week in hospital, diagnosed with stage 2 Parkinsons and nearly 3 weeks with gout. But iv'e just managed to start clay shooting again so i'm getting there. Looking forward to doing a bit of bunny bashing again. Another couple of months should see me up and running. Just got to take every day as it comes.
  2. Iv'e just bought a 2 yr old auto 1600cc Juke and i'm happy with it. But it is a bit juicy, small boot, not a lot of room inside but enough for me. Yes they are funny looking things but there are plenty of them on the road so they cant be all that bad. After driving a Vauxhall combo van for 8 yrs its lts like driving a Rolls Royce. I can see me keeping it for a while.
  3. I use a Zippo and cant fault it.
  4. Hi gang. My house stinks of dogs, although i wash their blankets weekly the smell seems to linger. The Whippet is ok but the Lurcher smells like a tramp. (waste of time washing him) So can anyone recommend a good air freshener. Thanks all.
  5. Hi gang. I am giving my mate my van on Monday and as the roadtax is not transferable how do i go about claiming back the 5 months left on the van ?. Thanks all.
  6. Done both. Bank suggested using a new password but made no mention of using 12 digits.
  7. I would not watch any celebrity rubbish.
  8. Hi gang. I am having trouble trying to log into my Online banking account. After putting in my customer number and 3 pin numbers, its then asking for 3 of my password letters. My password consists of 6 letters and 1 number.but in the 3rd box it says number 12. The Bank suggested to reregister which i did and it was ok. But when i turn the laptop off and turn it on again and try to log into the Bank it is still asking for the 12th digit, Any ideas ?. Thanks all.
  9. A pal of mine has had his Miroku 7000 for about 18 yrs. It gets used every week on clays and he has never had it serviced. The only thing that has gone wrong is an ejector screw worked its way loose and fell out. He replaced it, job done. I bought a s/h Ultra xs sporter and had it serviced and 2 new firing pins replaced. That should see me out.
  10. Hi gang. Basically my laptop was full of trash. Although i deleted 7000 e mails the trash bin was full up and i also got rid of a lot of junk that was just taking up space. I've had my laptop for about 8 or nine years so perhaps its about time for a new one.
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