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  1. Hi gang. Went rabbiting this morning, planted myself down and spotted a fox 50ft away just sitting there watching me. It must of sat there for 5 mins. I stood up and it still never moved. Then it decided to amble off in no hurry. He was lucky i was only after rabbits.
  2. Hi gang. Can anyone recommend a pair of the above with prescription inserts and rimless with a few extra lenses. Thanks all.
  3. Have not seen any except for a dead one in a spiders web Monday.
  4. I got my Beddy x Whippet at about 2 yrs old. I asked the chap why he was getting rid of him. He said he's bad on the recall. So i took him on and walked him round the fields where i live for a couple of weeks on the lead and then let him off. GONE. 1 hour later he turns up. next day same thing but this time 2 hours. So the 7 years i've had him he's been off the lead twice. Cant take the chance of him running into the road and causing an accident. But he is one lovely dog and that's why i've kept him.
  5. I shot Beretta's for about 20yrs with no problems. Bought a 695 and it went back after about 3 weeks as it would not recock the 2nd barrel. It came back and was fine but i pxd it for a Browning Ultra xs pro as for some reason Beretta's don't seem to fit me as good as a Browning does.
  6. I was on my 7 acre permission yesterday and only saw 1. Might give it a rest for a few weeks. Getting up at 4am to get 1 rabbit is not worth it. The last few weeks have been the same.
  7. samboy

    Gout again.

    Hope to get some medication from the Doc on Wednesday. Plus i don't drink.
  8. samboy

    Gout again.

    Hi gang. I've got the dreaded gout again which means no shooting or dog walking today. Drinking plenty of water but cant see the Doc till Wednesday. I've had it quite a few times now. I don't seem to eat the foods that can cause it. So i don't know why i keep getting it. But i know one thing it is very painful. Oh well must just soldier on.
  9. Hi gang. I bought this bag of off CaptC and what a lovely bag it is. Nothing like a handbag at all. Got to be one of the best things i have ever bought. Thank you CaptC.
  10. As above. They are slippery little rascals.
  11. Hi gang. Been watching a few of the above on youtube. Women and men have been fleeced for thousands. How can people be so utterly stupid ?.
  12. Hi gang. Can't remember the last time i saw a corgi. Are they still about ?.
  13. Hi gang. Quality wise which is the better of the two as a clay all rounder . Beretta 695 30" sporter or a Miroku MK38 Grd 5 30" sporter ?. Thanks all.
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