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  1. Hi gang. When applying by post to the above is the cheque still payable to the Mayor of London ?. Thanks all.
  2. Been with them for years and had no trouble.
  3. My mate has just bought a brand new HW 95 today. We zero'd it in and it seems a nice comfortable rifle to shoot.
  4. samboy

    Petitions ???.

    Hi gang. I'm often asked to sign various petitions to save this and protect that. But once the required number has been reached and submitted do they actually get anywhere. Thanks all.
  5. Hi gang. I have a blue choke with cl - c **** on it and a gold choke with ic **** on it. What i want to know is which one is the tightest as my brass choke gauge measures them the same. The chokes are for a Beretta 695. Thanks all.
  6. Hi gang. Tried the trigger guard today and it has solved the problem, i just need to solve the problem of missing many clays now lol.
  7. I've had the Montana for a few years now with no problems.
  8. Hi gang. I'm looking for the above with windage and elevation. Anything decent about ?. Thanks all.
  9. This is my mates gun and he's had it about 10 yrs and he said the mag has never jumped out on its own before.
  10. Ok thanks for info i understand what your saying so will give it a try.
  11. No, It only has the mag ring. But on top of the front of the scope it has printed on it 3-9x50 md2 mildot adj @ 35 yds.
  12. Just found another mag in the gunslip, put it in the rifle pulled the bolt and it stayed put. I will have a look at them both tomorrow to see if there's a fault on the other one .
  13. 3-9x50. Its clearer when i look through it with my glasses on.
  14. Hi gang. I've just borrowed one of the above and when i pull the bolt back the magazine pops out on its own. You have to catch it. This never happened on my S410, any ideas chaps ?. Also it has an AGS scope on it which seems to have no adjustment on it to make it clearer to see through. It has a thin ring that turns on the objective lens end of the scope but it seems to do nothing when i turn it to and fro. There is nothing that moves on the eyeball end except the magnification knob. Any thoughts chaps. Thanks all.
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