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  1. Bought my last pup from Waynnson gundogs in Dunston, Gateshead. Does anybody know if he is still in business. His mane was Kevin McDermott i think
  2. Hardys EWS wading jacket XL Great condition. 3 years old I have just received a gift of the Simms G4 pro jacket hence the sale (yes i am a jammy bas*&%d ! I will include the double zinger (seen on photo). Looking for £75 posted (No offers) Looking for £75 posted (no offers)
  3. If you look closely you will see two ospreys i managed to catch whilst salmon fishing on the Tweed. we saw one of them have three dives before finally catching a brwn trout for tea !
  4. Dr james hasnt got the money at the moment. i will give it another day then put it on fleabay
  5. its on o2 although i have unlocked it on their website today. i will receive an email within 14 days (although it shoiuld be just a couple of days) confirming that it is unlocked
  6. Iphone 3gs 16 gb (in original box) This phone is less than 2 months old so will still be under guarantee with apple and is in excellent condition as you would expect. I have just upgraded to Iphone 4s. includes charger. £175 with free postage (paypal) SOLD
  7. sorry for not replying to your question. i was on Ladykirk beat .
  8. A client of mine invited me to a days salmon fishing on the tweed. I had never held a 2 handed salmon rod let alone spey cast. had a fantastic day and saw a kingfisher as well as othe river wildlife. Anyway after a lovely lunch sitting looking over the river we went back into the water up to our waists and low and behold i caught a 9 pound salmon. What a buzz !
  9. I have a 4 year old lab and for the last 4 weeks she is constantly turning around and nibbling her side (on both sides). we have checked and there is no signs of any rash etc. Any ideas anyone ?
  10. seems a long way off until the new season
  11. Loved the way she marked her second retrieve whilst returning with her first duck !
  12. I picked up a pinewood rotary, 2nd hand last year and it has paid for itself twice over. I know they are priced far too high, i find they work like a dream and very light to transport about.
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