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  1. Oh bloody hell. So sorry. Jesus 😔 Poor baby and poor you xx
  2. Just got a bit snarky, not my usual cheery self 😂
  3. Might have been 😂😂 that’s about as keyboard warriory as I get 😂👍
  4. Sorry guys I was in a strop generally last night 😂😂
  5. Anyway this discussion has degenerated into something completely unrelated to the OP’s question and I think we should get back on track.
  6. In a shoot day scenario this bird should have been picked to avoid further suffering. If I’m reading it right. In a trial scenario this would be very unusual given the fewer number of birds shot and the controlled situation. Definitely not a black or white situation but the poor bird should have been despatched at the earliest opportunity regardless 🤔🤔
  7. Probably a result of nerves / pressure on the part of the handler our Andy!
  8. Absolutely sick to death of people who say trial dogs are ‘robots’ and ‘can’t think for themselves’ A good dog is a good dog whether a trial dog or a shooting companion or I should say AND / OR a shooting companion.
  9. It’s going to be happy days for the search dog people, perfect age for them to start at 6-12 months 😂👍
  10. Don’t worry it can happen any time up to two years and late starters season wise are more prevalent in some lines than others from what I’ve had experience in 👍
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