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  1. bigbird

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    Whatever you do dont put your dog on crows, they’re nasty beggars and expert at playing dead before trying to peck your dog’s eyes out 🙈
  2. bigbird

    White paws

    They can quite often have this and / or a white flash on their chest. Rumour has it it’s from throwbacks to outcrosses to produce the colour. Personally I would probably bypass a pup like that but like horses a good dog is never a bad colour! Perce may be along shortly, he’s far more up on Labs than I!
  3. bigbird

    Cocker dropping short and now refusing to pick

    Pressure pressure pressure. if she’s retrieved happily until now look at yourself and what you’ve been doing. DO NOT force the hold. This will reinforce the negative associations. Go back to rolled up socks in the house and don’t rush. Cockers are funny beggars and less forgiving / resilient than springers. Best of luck.
  4. bigbird


    Thank God you’re here ?? There is NO SUCH THING as deliberate disobedience. No dog thinks ‘oh I’m going to do this to take the mick’ As somebody else above has said you need to make yourself THE most interesting fun thing in the world. Find out what turns him on and use it to your advantage. Best of luck.
  5. bigbird

    Terrible decisions

    Oh so sorry Lloyd :(
  6. ??? She does have a look of Annie doesn't she Mark, although they're not closely related! Hope she and you both are well B725 - Stanley's half sister!
  7. However the pup we kept back from our last litter has other ideas... Meet Niamh whom I have high hopes for... Fingers crossed!
  8. bigbird

    Puppy hernia

    Lovely pup. Is it the angle or does his left foot turn in slightly?
  9. bigbird

    What's your dog called and why

    Turbo ...... because she goes like stink ? Spot because she has a black spot on her back Cinders because she's black as coal Cole because he has a full black head BenBen The Mighty because, well, he' a Jack Russell Boris because, well, he's a Jack Russell and I like saying it in a Russian accent Jono because we have a fellow trialling mate called Jono and we thought it would be hilarious on training days! Everyone else has got 'normal' names
  10. bigbird

    spaniel hunt command

    Cheeky beggars ??? You're just jealous of my grey/blue truck of pain ???
  11. bigbird

    spaniel hunt command

    Too right or I'll put you over my knee young man ??
  12. bigbird

    spaniel hunt command

    Don't speak to Stanley like that! ??? I can't imagine you saying that, that's so funny ??
  13. bigbird

    Cocker or Springer

    For what it's worth I have a few of both and love them all but if you live in a built up area it might be worth considering (in my limited experience) that cocker tend to be a tad more reactive and noisy than Springers in a kennel but of course no issue if living inside ? Like I said just my experience ?
  14. bigbird

    spaniel hunt command

    If the dog is hunting a normal beat or pattern why would you need to use an extra command to get it into cover if the cover is on the beat? Bit confused ? I click my dogs off to hunt and I expect them to hunt whatever's in front of them be it thick brambles or open woodland (tried to find a 'pondering' emoji but cant) Oh unless in the case of getting a shot bird you've marked but the dog hasn't so essentially a blind I guess? Sorry to sound like a dim female ?