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  1. Why a bigger gun cabinet ? 😂
  2. Oh are you?!? Wow that’s amazing to find somebody so close to there (in USA terms 😂) Do they have Gundog trials out there?
  3. bigbird

    Honor Blackman

    Nooooo 😩😩😩
  4. Thanks Dave, I’m the same xx
  5. South Carolina.... Thanks petal - got more ruddy cockers than springers at the mo 😂😂
  6. People who know me please keep this to yourselves as it’s not common knowledge that we’re considering this. A job has come up in the USA that the OH is eminently qualified for and suited to. Obviously with things the way they are nothing will happen fast but we both fancy a move as do the majority of the kids. I’ve emigrated before with my parents as a kid and I think the experience has done me good. Of course, all that apart and assuming he a) got the job which he hasn’t applied for yet and b) the Coronavirus pandemic gives over - what hurdles do we face I wonder re visas etc? I imagine the company could sponsor the hubby for his work but would I be able to work? (Would go stir crazy otherwise!) And the kids’ education ? Currently aged 13,15,16. Is it worth bothering? We’re all desperate for a move away from where we are anyway. Vague I know but makes a change thinking about anything other than the Coronavirus! Any thoughts would be welcome and PLEASE anybody who knows me keep this to yourself! Cheers xx Ps could be some awesome dogs up for grabs 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. I did hubby’s with the horse clippers, didn’t look too bad then used the dog clippers to do the finicky bits 😂 Good job he can’t see the back of his head, mind 😂
  8. Poor chap he’s just been on the phone to my hubby who has probably blown his mind with all the possibilities / pitfalls 🙈
  9. Assuming it’s not one that’s been messed up and is doing what the seller says it’s doing you’re looking at perhaps £1200 - £1500 but there are bargains to be had and there are sellers who are looking for more because they’ve done more with it - ‘part trained’ is a really vague term in the great dog scheme of things...
  10. All good thanks, back atcha ! X
  11. Hi

    i would be open to an older dog too. our little boy will be one mid summer when i would be looking to pick the dog up? good advice all round though, with my shifts i will have time to spend with the dog and my little lad. 

    1. Hiya, got your pm! Yes you can pick up a part trained cocker but beware they are few and far between and get snapped up very very quickly. As you’ve just had a baby perhaps it may be a good idea to delay things a little while as there’s nothing more annoying than trying to settle a dog at the same time as you’re trying to settle a baby to sleep... It’ll just end up getting on your nerves (the dog 😂) Believe me, I know 🙄 A part trained dog will still need training as you know so if you have a lack of time although it sounds ideal it may not be 🤔 May I respectfully suggest perhaps waiting a wee while or looking for an older, more seasoned dog who will be more able to settle to your family life than a youngster ... Of course there’s exceptions to every rule and I would love to be proved wrong 😊 We do have an older part trained dog here that will be on the transfer list due to lacking a bit of speed for trialling but if out in a kennel by himself he will definitely squawk the house down 😩
    2. Do you know, I’ve never thought about that, that’s a really good point - poor dogs 😔
    3. Ours are all out on an enclosed yard with snuggly warm kennels open to go in when they please. That said, if we’ve got a test or trial we do kennel them the night before because they come out flying 😂👍
    4. I’ve taken on many many many dogs like this ... Do things at yours and the dog’s pace, 8 months old is a super malleable age to have them at! Best of luck and have fun!
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