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  1. You’re doing brilliantly Lloyd 👍
  2. You know how dopey I am Andy 😂👍
  3. Haha I didn’t read the post properly did I! 😂
  4. Oh bless him, I wonder if being attacked has given his confidence in general a knock?
  5. Not bad to be fair, more importantly (to me) was the intuitive careful and gentle way he was trained so it was a privilege that he wanted another 😊👍
  6. No change, Stan’s mum didn’t have the best time whelping and I don’t want to put her through it again and Turbo only had two, I wanted to run three or four on but they were promised to the owner of the stud dog and a pal from Dorset who got a 3rd in his first trial with Stan’s brother - there’s no way I was keeping just one pup by herself 😫😫
  7. 😍😍😍 Thank you, I do try!! No springers due for two years I’m afraid but I have a beautiful litter of cockers....
  8. She’s 17 months old .... I would be worried if a 17 month old didn’t have a lot of oomph and enthusiasm, particularly a bitch and especially if she’s from ‘hot’ lines. Relax, it’s not as if you’ll be working her this season, they get their sensible head on when they’re ready. I very much doubt it’s completely down to diet but it may be worth looking at. Have fun and don’t stress about it 😊 Edited to say - you walk her before and after work, it’s understandable that she’ll be full of beans when out training - is she kennelled or in the house? (Sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere on the thread) @Misser on here is the one to talk to about hyperactive labs 😂😂
  9. Sames for our holiday in the Dominican Republic 😫😫 Hope you get sorted out !
  10. Boris had a horrid infection from the puncture wounds but is back to normal now unfortunately and plotting his revenge 🙄🙄😂 Had we not had Tess the staffy the outcome would have been fatal I have no doubt. So glad Stan seems to be okay! X
  11. Oh no!!! Poor Stan, your poor wife and poor you!! Hope he’s ok! I know what it’s like, our new next door neighbour’s Rottie x Staffy jumped the fence and nearly killed little Boris, it only let go because Trusty Tess grabbed it around the throat and wouldnt let go. Keep us posted on little Stan, he’s your dog but he’s still my baby 💖💖💖😂
  12. Oh bless him look at him!! So glad he found you ❤️ And what a beautiful pup!
  13. Possibly, can’t say much publically as she’s had a hard time although she’s a very happy wee girl now 😍
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