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  1. Hardly any bar some way back, mum is Helmsway Henry to a Buccleuch bitch, dad is Countryways / Rosebay 😊 Can see where you're coming from though!
  2. Getting weight on a dog

    How old is 'young'? 😊
  3. Good chap 😊😊👍😍
  4. Don't be tempted to do too much too soon! Nice pup by the way Looking forward to meeting up with you at some working tests this summer 👍👍
  5. Two springer dogs

    Both boys now gone thanks for all the messages, even the timewasters and pedigree / photo collectors 😂
  6. Two springer dogs

    Two springer dogs only for sale due to lack of time and I'm only keeping one dog for myself now. Both black and white, KC reg docked and Dew clawed with all relevant documentation. Vaccinated. One approx 18 months old. Sits, stays, retrieves. No whistle work done. Might be slightly gun nervous so i can't say for definite he will make a peg dog but would be fine beating. Very handsome with a full black head! £550 but negotiable. One nine months old. Bundle of fun. Has had nothing done with him bar cuddles and a few tennis ball retrieves. £500 no offers. Has the style to trial but is soft. Both boys have heard gunshot at close quarters (thirty yards) as we hold clay pigeon competitions and one of the layouts is forty yards from their run and it doesn't bother them a jot. The only reason I say the older one may be gun nervous is because when out on his own he's not overly sure about the crack of a starter pistol although it doesn't stop him retrieving, I just want to be totally upfront and honest. Both dogs kennel like a dream. They have also already been taught to stay close when out walking round the farm and would never dream of doing a bogoff. No harsh handlers please. N Wales Nr Chester. Please message for more info 👍🏻
  7. My Springer has Eczemai think!

  8. Doesn't want to retrieve..

    Awwwww that's fab to hear! Xx
  9. Tested AMS Positive Carrier.. Gutted

    Same here almost to the word! I've bred a PRA carrier to a clear dog, all new owners are aware of the possibility that their pups could be carriers bar the one we tested who was clear. It's not the end of the world.
  10. Doesn't want to retrieve..

  11. Doesn't want to retrieve..

    Only in the field when they're having a hooley and never allowed to go further away than hunting distance, if you like. I know it's hard to do when they're pets as well though
  12. Doesn't want to retrieve..

    NO free running!! 😱😱
  13. Puppy vaccination

    Second that about the L4. The youngest a pup can have its second jab is ten weeks old. I personally prefer to wait until eight weeks or older to start the course with mine.
  14. Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) in Spaniels?

    True it's not exactly rife
  15. Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) in Spaniels?

    Not tested mine but I'm lucky they're all hereditarily clear. It sounds a dreadful condition