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  1. +1 I like my dogs to flick their eyes up at me every two or three passes just to make sure I’m still there 😂
  2. True but as far as a dog’s concerned it associates the word with what it’s been taught - anyone could teach their dog that ‘stick around’ or even blowing a raspberry at them meant have your hoolie now 😂😂 Agreed, a well trained dog should and will know the difference between work and play 👍
  3. Actually maybe I should add that those of us who have multiple dogs can rely on them to play with one another and stay occupied that way whereas a single dog may be more inclined to find its own entertainment where we dont want them to🤔
  4. We take all ours for a run together round the fields - they know the command ‘that’ll do’ and they know it’s their free time. That said they all just hoolie around our feet anyway 😂
  5. Lol she’s two and a half, dunno how I ended up with her 🤷‍♀️😂 Pitter patter of tiny paws due in exactly nine weeks too, I must be flippin mad 😂🙄
  6. Here ya go, I feel better taking pics now she’s put on some weight oops meant to quote Lloyd’s comment about the cocker 😂😂😂
  7. The cocker isn’t photogenic, she looks like a collie 😂😂
  8. Just checking the FTSE for the price of Nike shares at the moment 😂😂
  9. Went to Gloucestershire to pick up my pup (the black devil puppy) and ended bringing back two..... Meet Molly (mine) and Brutus (hubby’s) oh.... also ended up picking a cocker bitch (the photo bomber) up on the way back too, we must be mad!! Looks like my break from dogs is well and truly over 😂😂😂
  10. Nothing to say but ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to both you and moondoggy xxx
  11. Believe me, many of the ‘trainers’ out there have no compunctions whatsoever about being or telling a client to be hard on their dog. I’ve seen it first hand on many many occasions. I’ve seen a top trialler pick up a young dog at a training day and punch it in the face, I’ve also seen a trainer take a client’s dog away at a session and beat the **** out of it. It happens, make no mistake.
  12. We often unconsciously do things like spitting out the whistle then putting it back in our mouths to call them in rather than keeping it in our mouths all the time - little things like that can soon become the cues that the dog notice first, you see. Was just wondering if perhaps this was something that was contributing 👍
  13. Lloyd, when you sit and stay him do you tend to call him to you afterwards or go back out to him and release the stay command then? 🤔 Also what are you doing with your whistle..., sounds daft but what you do with it often tells your dog what you might do in the next couple of seconds - you’ll know what I mean if you’re mindful of it next time 😊
  14. Absolute tosh. I have no reason to be annoyed about divulging my age. At 21, it’s only a number 😂😂
  15. We start with a starter pistol inside a game bag at a distance, possibly about 100m to begin with. We have a slightly different ethos though, we don’t just want the dog to put up with the sound, we want our dogs to associate the bangs with something positive! So, as soon as the shot is sounded the other person with the dog immediately wangs a retrieve and lets the dog run in. It doesn’t take them long to not only tolerate gunshot but have positive associations with it. It works sooooo much better than just exposing the dog to shot with nothing in it for them or nothing else to concentrate on at that very moment. Steadiness can be introduced or reintroduced later. As others have said, banging and clanging of food bowls is great to begin with as they associate it with food.
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