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  1. bigbird

    More wreaths, sorry!

    Thank you I’ve ‘spoken’ to her xx
  2. bigbird

    More wreaths, sorry!

    Thanks guys! 😍 Thinking about biting the bullet in the ‘Other Sales’ section - how much do you think they’d be worth? They’re on a 12” oasis frame 🤔🤔
  3. bigbird

    More wreaths, sorry!

    Bit sick of the sight of feathers now but pleased with the results 😂😂
  4. bigbird

    Gundog working tests

    Scotslad maybe I guess but I’ve never ever been in or seen a test where the dogs are run individually - except as you say at game fairs. 👍
  5. bigbird

    Quite chuffed with my camo wreath!

    Thanks all!! Xx hiya welshandy long time no speak hope you and family are well 😊
  6. bigbird

    Gundog working tests

    Great! You need to get him in some tests next year! ilovemyheckler this has just reminded me, as B725’s dog’s littermate won his first time out - the Dorset Working Spaniel Club holds spaniel puppy tests but the other end of the country from you 😞
  7. bigbird

    Gundog working tests

    Haha no just feeling the dog urge again after a bit of a break. How’s Stanley? 😍
  8. bigbird

    Gundog working tests

    Cover varies hugely but *generally* it’s quite easy stuff for novice dogs. There will be two of you a hunting’s sweep apart (but will vary with cover). You both hunt your dogs up. You will each have a judge walking slightly behind you and there’ll be a ‘gun’ somewhere adjacent too with either a starter pistol or shotguns with blanks. You hunt up until a shot is fired at which point the dogs are supposed to park their bums and not move. Usually the seen is done first so as the shot is fired it’s thrown ahead. Either dog can be sent for it and the other has to wait patiently. Assuming it’s picked off you go again. The blind is placed behind the handlers and again a shot is fired and whoever is told to send their dog picks it. Hopefully. You both get a blind and a seen and the same happens again on your second run but you swap judges. Blinds in a novice vary, I’ve had one laid out for me in a lovely straight 15m line through a convenient gap in trees but there again I’ve also had 30 odd metre blinds over logs, through bogs and around obstacles so your handling has to be spot on too. 😂 A friend of mine trains his dogs to go out to where the electric fence stick is (which is usually the marker) and wins more often than not but I think that completely defeats the object 😂 It’s highly unlikely there will be a water retrieve.
  9. bigbird

    Proud owner

    Fantastic xx
  10. bigbird

    Gundog working tests

    Spaniel puppy working tests are few and far between, I can give you a rundown on a novice test? You might be surprised !
  11. bigbird

    Quite chuffed with my camo wreath!

    There’s always one 😂😂😂
  12. Had a crafty afternoon yesterday, had no plans or idea how this would look but I’m quite chuffed with it!
  13. bigbird

    7 month old lab bitch - cold game retrieving

    Whatever you do dont put your dog on crows, they’re nasty beggars and expert at playing dead before trying to peck your dog’s eyes out 🙈
  14. bigbird

    White paws

    They can quite often have this and / or a white flash on their chest. Rumour has it it’s from throwbacks to outcrosses to produce the colour. Personally I would probably bypass a pup like that but like horses a good dog is never a bad colour! Perce may be along shortly, he’s far more up on Labs than I!