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  1. What's your dog called and why

    Turbo ...... because she goes like stink 😂 Spot because she has a black spot on her back Cinders because she's black as coal Cole because he has a full black head BenBen The Mighty because, well, he' a Jack Russell Boris because, well, he's a Jack Russell and I like saying it in a Russian accent Jono because we have a fellow trialling mate called Jono and we thought it would be hilarious on training days! Everyone else has got 'normal' names
  2. spaniel hunt command

    Cheeky beggars 😂😂😂 You're just jealous of my grey/blue truck of pain 😂😂😂
  3. spaniel hunt command

    Too right or I'll put you over my knee young man 😂😂
  4. spaniel hunt command

    Don't speak to Stanley like that! 😂😂😂 I can't imagine you saying that, that's so funny 😂😂
  5. Cocker or Springer

    For what it's worth I have a few of both and love them all but if you live in a built up area it might be worth considering (in my limited experience) that cocker tend to be a tad more reactive and noisy than Springers in a kennel but of course no issue if living inside 😊 Like I said just my experience 👍
  6. spaniel hunt command

    If the dog is hunting a normal beat or pattern why would you need to use an extra command to get it into cover if the cover is on the beat? Bit confused 😐 I click my dogs off to hunt and I expect them to hunt whatever's in front of them be it thick brambles or open woodland (tried to find a 'pondering' emoji but cant) Oh unless in the case of getting a shot bird you've marked but the dog hasn't so essentially a blind I guess? Sorry to sound like a dim female 😂
  7. Now fully booked thanks all 😊
  8. Awwwww Kevin thats lovely thank you! We'll miss you this year!
  9. A day of firsts

    Love the updates what a star he is so happy you're pleased with him x
  10. North Wales Nr Chester 3rd March Novice / Puppy, 4th March Intermediate / Advanced. £65 per handler includes tea coffee and bacon butties on arrival and a hot lunch. This was a fab day last year and everyone enjoyed it and agreed it was a valuable experience - all welcome whatever the level. Please pm for any more info 😊
  11. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Oh my days lol!! Thinking on, I'll scan and send you her awards, might be a nice thing for you to have! She looks far too happy in her Christmas jumper lol!!!
  12. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Oh that's AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!! SHe looks so happy!
  13. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Lol!!! I had a beautiful calendar with a photo of her on every month but changes of phones and SIM cards meant we lost touch 😢😢
  14. I've lost touch with the chap who had my Springer Molly, I know he's on here, please get in touch! Xx