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  1. She’s called Molly, yep another Molly 😂 Sorry OP for hijacking your thread x
  2. Yup. Seen a lot of ‘pro trainers’ do that but thankfully more recently I’ve seen a lot that don’t do that too, I think things are changing - I could go on but won’t get started. Certainly I can hand on heart say that anybody on here who has ever been to me or sent their dog to me for training has never seen me do anything like that! 😘 thank you! Yesterday that wee Pup was hoolying around the field when they were all taken for a run as a break from the yard and their kennels and would recall etc but today on our first session my only goal was to make myself the centre of her univer
  3. I’ll say what I always say. Find yourself a good Gundog trainer and have some one to one lessons. My pups have nothing done with them bar recall, sit and maybe an odd retrieve and getting out and about to see the world. I only started ‘training’ my 9 month old springer bitch pup today, for example. Oh! What area are you in as between us I’m sure we can help recommend someone in your area. Photo taken today because well, why not and I adore her! Edited to add I do apologise I read it as you had been on a shoot day. However still get yourself some help 😊
  4. +1 More importantly what are YOU doing?
  5. Can’t see the kennel club registering those 🤔🤷‍♀️ Gutted MyKc is down at the mo so can’t have a nosey!
  6. Oh my days yes, I didn’t look closely at the pedigree as was in a rush! You’re right!!
  7. Walk it at heel on a lead or train it. Playtime and hunting for itself needs to stop. Basically the outside world is far more interesting than you are. Honestly now I think you’ve got to the point where you need the help of a trainer. Whether you’re working from a book or with a trainer it’s Jack all good unless you’re going to be consistent. You have to put the work in and so does whoever walks the dog or you’re fighting a losing battle. Edited to add: best of luck, we can all wax lyrical on here ‘til we’re blue in the face but none of us has seen the dog - I strongly sugg
  8. As above really, North West / North Wales area would be ideal. Cheers
  9. And there was me thinking you’d mellowed 😂😂😂 Blow pipe 😂😂😂 ‘Ave eet 😂 Or... ‘Get oot’.... 😉
  10. Brilliant 😂😂 Cute and fluffy? You must have mellowed 😂😂
  11. Please don’t tell me you have a Pomeranian, that totally ruins my image of you 😂😂😂
  12. Be putting my FTW cocker in soon but she’s not a big dog. Enough thread hijacking now anyway 😂👍
  13. Oh crud sorry I forgot to reply!! Anyway the answer is no I dont but I’ll keep my ears open 👍😂 Update on CSJ - I won a bag recently or rather my cocker bitch did and we’ve noticed (we’ve been away on hols and mate used that bag) that poos are smaller and more white and firm and dogs look great on it 👍
  14. CSJ is made literally a mile down the road from me - wasn’t a huge fan but haven’t tried it for years and I hear it’s good stuff now 👍
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