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  1. Thanks Arthur! Hope you’re all well? Xx
  2. Brilliant if you wouldn’t mind! I suspect I’m overthinking things rather but I want to get this right from the off. I’ve a few contacts but the more the better - although you’ve frightened me a bit saying she makes you look like a pussy cat 😂😂 Name ideas also would be great - I wanted to call him ‘Cuddles’ but my eldest said noooooo 😂😂
  3. Hello all, we’re getting a Malinois pup from a friend of ours who is a GP dog handler. We’ve given it a lot of thought and consideration and will be training him with help from him and a lot of other experienced people we know. I’m just wondering, especially as I know there’s a couple of current and ex GP dog handlers on here if there’s any tips you can give us, you know the sort, the ‘if I could give you one piece of advice’ sort of thing. He will be with me every day whether at home or whilst I’m out at work - my job currently often consists of visiting contractors to assess them f
  4. For those who are invested in Pepper’s story I thought I would let you know that she’s been on her holibobs here for a week as her owner had hurt her leg. To begin with she was very unsure of everyone else but remembered me straight away. She’s been my constant companion this last week much to my kids’ chagrin 😂 ‘Muuuuum that dog’s obsessed with you’ 😂 Shes going back tonight, I’m going to miss her but so very glad her owner asked me to have her despite other offers as there’s no way she could have gone anywhere unfamiliar ❤️
  5. Trials bikes did it for my three! Oh and a dog each to train 😂
  6. In the same boat but with an Audi A4 estate, it’s just not quite big enough!
  7. 😂😂 most I’ve ever had is 12, thank God!
  8. Mum and pups all great this morning, I’ll get a pic later 😊
  9. Don’t know how I’ve managed to quote myself below 🙄 Sorry, knackered 😂 So the little one has passed away but we have five (miscounted!) chunky pups ❤️
  10. Now on 7, don’t think the tiny one’s going to make it, no suck reflex whatsoever which is sad 😔 Dont know the boy / girl ratio yet...
  11. Not an unpopular opinion 😂
  12. Four so far, all black - one is much smaller but seems strong enough so we’ll see...!
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