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  1. MUCK TAY has my vote, very warm and tough, very good value
  2. I have a small Stihl which has always been faultless, I also have a Solo which I have never used as I always run the Stihl. Has anyone got any thoughts on Solo saws? If its a pile of rubbish I will not waste time replacing the piston and ring, its already done a bit of work judging by the worn linkages. Ta, Sick
  3. I would go for a small good quality scope, I put a Pecar on my BRNO 4, http://cgi.ebay.com/Pecar-Berlin-6x59-rifl...%3A1%7C294%3A50 This ones a bit big but if you keep an eye out you find one on E Bay, mine is a 4X40 and its very good. I used to have a Simmons Whitetail Classic 1.5-5x20 Nightview Compact Riflescope not as good as a Pecar but still better than my Niko Gold Crown, you can get these from here, they are the cheapest by far, http://www.jsramsbottom.com/cgi-bin/jsr.cg.../SM_simmons.HTM Why have a huge heavy scope on a rifle that you are only going to shoot at a distance of 90M ?
  4. This can be done, a Ruger 10/22 can be fitted with a JG Bolt lock which is a plate that fits into the trigger housing that enables you to switch modes. I have one and its handy for me, but its fiddley. But I would take the advice of the Sages on this forum if I where you, 10/22's are regarded as the Devils Breath by most people, stick with a CZ, cheap, accurate, and with a trigger kit nice and sweet.
  5. About 8.5 I think, am still a bit squiffey after a large intake of beer and then Port Am not very well, a long slow walk with the hounds might help Have a good 2009
  6. I used to have a RD 350 with a big alloy racing tank on it, completely rebuilt by yours truly racing reeds, racing inlets, tuned re jettet carbs, re ported barrels, tuned racing pipes, clip ons silly seat, everything stripped off that did not need to be there. It was very uncomfortable, very very noisey but wow did it goooooooooooooooooooooo. Did nothing to the gallon and stank the place out Always made me smile when I pulled away on it, but it was the sort of bike you just had to ride fast.
  7. Hope you enjoy your new bike mate, I have an old Tribsa (1952 A10 Frame T120 Motor) that I blast around on, everyone keeps telling me its ****, slow, old, noisey, what no indicators well that illegal for a start!!!! Its not japanese well it must be rubbish, blah blah, blah, oh and and why dont you get a proper bike, ,,,,,,,,,YAWN You are so right about meeting or getting involved with anyone you see out shooting including PC Plod, sound advice that, :o Hope all works out for you
  8. If an RFD sells a moderator for use on a section 1 firearm, it MUST be subject to proof testing, and stamped to confirm that it has passed. If you do not belive me, sell a NoN Proofed Moderator fitted to a .22 RF and then phone PC Plod and tell him what you have just done All the best Have just phoned a mate in the trade who says that as the result of a stated case back in 2002 (Jackson Rifles) NO moderators for small arms have to be proofed, and nor do barrels that have been cut. So I them called a mate who works in a Proof house who stated that they Must be proofed if fitted to any firearm, not just sect 1, so check your hushpowers chaps??? This is the same for barrels that have been screw cut, It seems that like a lot of firearm legislation its all open to interpretaion, one says this the other says that. If you are in any doubt, CALL YOUR FLO after all it will be him with your nuts in his grasp if you do fall foul, Take care
  9. I got the American with a modified SAK and a Swarvo scope, I am very happy with it. My advice is to go for the CZ, and with the money you save get a very good quality scope, say Zeiss, Pecar, Swarvo, Meopta. http://www.rimfiremagic.co.uk/new_firearms.html do a good one, you must get the trigger done, it makes a huge difference. Good luck mate
  10. This has been mentioned a lot on this forum mate, do a search under scopes and you will find a ton of advice, All the best,
  11. Now we have seemed to stray off the poor lads first Shotgun, and we have done the tree lighting, the advent calender, the nice feet, nice feet my ****. He has the feet of a Hobbit, are you really called Bilbo by any chance Nice shottie by the way, a good choice that. Best of luck with it mate
  12. With regard to moderators on your ticket, in order to use a moderator of any description on the front of a Sect 1 firearm you must be licensed, this is shown on your FAC alongside the rifle, to show you have permission to use one. So you could have say a .22RF that you are licensed to use a moderator with and a .17HMR that you are NOT allowed to use a moderator on as you have not requested to use a moderator with that rifle. You do not have to have the moderator proofed for general use on RF rifles, but you DO fo selling purposes. There has been a lot of fuss over this, ask Roger at SYSS. You would not be able to purchase a moderator for a Sect 1 Firearm without a blank slot for one on your FAC, sometimes the RFD will not sign off the moderator on your ticket, this usualy occurs when you assure him that it will only be fitted to an air rifle.
  13. I must recommend that all shooters and ferreters get written permission, with FAC applications its all listed on the Police Firearms Computer, all your permission, all there phone numbers, anyone else with permission on that land. I am not sure if thats the case with shotgun cert's. So they know if you have permission as soon as they check your ticket on the system, the days of getting nicked on Suss should be over I get the Law called out quite a bit due to some mean and nasty "Town Folk" who have bought country retreats and think they own all the land that they can see I just slip away as soon as I hear the two tones, but then I do not drive about my permission so its easy to just wander off.
  14. A Sick Old Man


    Pedro, I hate you now, all this toaster talk is getting daft. Hot butter dripping down your arm,( I will hold that thought ) *****'s spending a oner on a toaster they can easily nick. Dualit :blink: Whats that all about eh? I thought that was ryming slang for your Hampton :wacko: Dualit's well there bloody rubbish for a start, Brass polish in fluff thats what that is. And its all your fault, :blink: I blame all this credit crunch stuff, oh and christmas thats rubbish as well. Its never been the same since the King died!!
  15. This point has been well aired before, I called the BASC Legal department and asked there opinion. They say that as long as your permission states that you shoot on the land with another, That person is over 17yrs, Then there is no problem so long as that person is always under your direct supervision, that is to say you do not both have a .22. Or he is found in a different field to you with a weapon blah blah blah. This has never been tested in court as yet, but BASC are of the opinion its a non starter so its unlikly to ever be tested.
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