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  1. Offer of the week 2 X3mts x 1.5 stealth nets 2 ply with black mesh on in side including delivery £25 with Free Cap with Built in Lights be quick as only got 15 of these. To order please ring 01405 862539
  2. Any more seats /poles or nets left my mate.

    1. paul hart

      paul hart

      Hi yes just ring order line on 01405862539

  3. This is a great deal for xmas £95 deliverd pigeon magnet and bag 4 mts stealth net large decoy bag and a baseball cape with face veil. Just ring order line on 01405862539
  4. Got some of these seats boxes got wet and nuts have gone a little rusty but does not affect in any way £28 deliverd
  5. Got lots of these they are set of 4 hide poles and 4 mtsx1.5 woodlands stealth nets. £45 deliverd and get a Free fox call and a Free Base ball cap with face veil FREE Must ring order line on 01405862539
  6. This weeks special set of 4 hide poles and a 4mts stealth net £45 including delivery and get a free fox call and a free Camo base ball cap with face veil.
  7. Hi, yes i would like one, thanyou.

  8. got some stealth nets out of wrapping 4mts x 1.5 £18 deliverd
  9. Rotary fully adjustable with set of 4 hide poles a 4mts stealth net 12 shell decoys and a large bag to put it all in £120 including delivery. just ring order line on 01405862539
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