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    pigeon shooting just getting into foxing inland geese.

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  1. ive got all sizes all brattonsound
  2. paul hart

    7 gun cabinet

    can do brattonsound RL7+ at £210 new but B grade still as 3 year warrenty
  3. Northern shooting show 12th /13th of may miles better and a lot cheaper to get in.
  4. which model are you wanting as im selling 1 of mine.
  5. paul hart

    Large Gun Cabinet

    got brattonsound titan 14 gun £360 brand new.
  6. got list with over 50 to come to me.
  7. should know Tuesday when coming to me.
  8. i have a few propertys that I rent out, ive never had any problems with insuring them I have mine on a block cover and some of them are let to DHHS but not them all,
  9. it was made by chris witherington from Harpenden but now retirerd.
  10. Been told all the insides of the ATA are baretta.
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