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  1. Hi John can you ring me please.
  2. Pair of flying pigeon decoys with mounting bracket on underside so will fit any rotary or pigeon bouncer/floater £23 deliverd. just ring orderline on 01405 862539.
  3. yes and a T bar for decoys to sit on
  4. we get these made for us.
  5. Lofting poles set of 6 with Tbar for 2 decoys £50 deliverd.
  6. got a RL7+ btrattonsound £280
  7. ok paul how much are your pigeon magnets I’ve had a look on eBay but the bloke that sells the ones that say uk made mega magnets only does £200 ones now.want one with long extended arms 

    1. paul hart

      paul hart

      got none at moment not sure when they will be in stock take no notice they all come from china I buy motors from china and put them together here.

    2. alros01


      ok paul thanks for getting back to me I bought one off a1 decoys looks ok don’t know what they are like I only ever use an ff5 just going to fit two enforcer decoys on it anyway 

  8. 49 inches tall and have pocket for hide poles on side
  9. Set of 4 hide poles light weight £22 deliverd
  10. Offer of the week 2 X3mts x 1.5 stealth nets 2 ply with black mesh on in side including delivery £25 with Free Cap with Built in Lights be quick as only got 15 of these. To order please ring 01405 862539
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