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  1. I've been to look at a litter and the breeder has shown me the sire and dam's pedigree but didn't show me anything to show the puppy or litter had been registered, he did say the litter is registered. Is there a way of me checking? Thanks
  2. Golden retriever cross Welsh springer

    The reputation of chessie's puts me off, its primarily a family dog.
  3. Golden retriever cross Welsh springer

    Thanks all. Decided to give it miss and wait for lab.
  4. Golden retriever cross Welsh springer

    Mating was accidental.
  5. Looking for some advice. I've been offered a pup from a litter of golden retriever cross Welsh springer. It's not a natural choice but the time is nearing when I need another dog and this had stirred an interest. The dam is the retriever and has working lines a few generations back in her pedigree but doesn't work, I am banking on some natural instinct being passed. The sire doesnt have any working history and I've never seen a Welsh springer work and understand there aren't many working lines. My main shooting is wildfowling with lots of water and whilst I realise in an ideal world I'd go for a chespeake or a big strong lab the dog is primarily a family pet with its gundog work being a minor part of its life. I currently have a clumber and he is not built for the marsh and restricts my shooting. So in short, does anyone have experience of Welsh springers and what are your thoughts on working potential? Thanks in advance.
  6. Jump to it !!!!!

    I had irregular heartbeats following the flu, couple of episodes where I collapsed and following tests, cardiac mri, electrical stimulation test and echo, they confirmed a scar. Only 2 possible causes of scar, hereditary condition or virus. Tests confirmed clear of hereditary condition so cause was confirmed as virus. Just **** luck.
  7. Jump to it !!!!!

    I had proper flu around 5 years ago, left me with a scar on my heart, lifetime on medication and other issues. Don't understand estimate it.
  8. Cheddirect hp steel

    For the last few years I have used game bore mammoths and had good results, however, since Neath Gun shop have stopped selling shotgun ammunition, the next nearest shop is only stocking Cheddite HP steel. Before stocking up, not that I use many, has anyone tried these and if so what are the results. Thanks in advance. Bloody auto correct, title should be cheddite!
  9. My company car has to go back and I'm looking to spend up to £12k on one of the above. I've had a short drive in all of them and don't really have a preference, I am fearful of the LR reputation but understand the freelander2 is a good car. I would appreciate any comments on ownership of any of them, things to look out for, which one would you buy and why, and whether auto or manual is better, I prefer auto but its not critical. Thanks Chris
  10. New kitchen, whats the best value for money

    We have had kitchens from wickes, b&q,and most recently a company called diy-kitchens, an online retailer. It took a leap of faith to order online and you have to be able to plan yourself and know exactly what you want but the value for money was fantastic, the price came in around 2/3rds of the cheapest quote from wren, Howdens, Ikea and b&q and you can order sample doors in any of the colours and styles. One of our neighbours ordered from them after seeing ours and her fitter couldn't fault the quality or believe the price, if your happy to order online its worth taking a look at their website.

    Sent you a pm. Chris
  12. Whilst you are at work? Dog Advice.

    Older dog inside has the run of the downstairs of the house.
  13. Whilst you are at work? Dog Advice.

    How do people manage with pups, we have an older dog who is left a up to 5 hours a few days a week and is fine but one reason stopping me getting another is the thought of leaving a pup for more than a few hours.
  14. laptop choice help

    Hi, can anyone offer some advice in choosing a laptop for my 15 year old son. He is in the first year of his gcse's and will use it for homework, browsing, word processing etc but he is also doing programming for gcse. Not being technology minded, I don't understand the difference between all the different processors, memory and prices. I don't really want to spend more than £400, but want to get something that will last in terms of performance. Any advice or help greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris