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  1. Travelling Distance to far?

    Digs would be my preference , if your family situation can stand it . You can always nip home for a night if your fit enough , but 4+ hours driving on top of a working day will soon get you down . I digs it but most of the others travel - paid both ways . By Thursday they're next to useless .
  2. carillion

    Time for a bail out from the Eu to derail brexit ??
  3. Timber framed houses

    Just put a few coach bolts in the studs/noggins and floor . If your feo no likey they're just being a tool The bolts are only to stop someone picking up your cabinet and walking off with it .
  4. Favourite Country Songs

    Country and western is much better than some of that stuff they make now . Scuzz twiddley is making me chuckle at the moment .
  5. New Site..

    Will the travellers be able to claim compo for sleep deprivation ? Most of them are on nights !
  6. Vegas shooting

    You can't own these weapons here . What goes on across the pond is their business .
  7. Oliver's mount

    On the ticket it says motorsport is dangerous . Pointing out the risks to other folk who wouldn't go to these events may well get the health and safety hand wringers involved .
  8. Lathe tooling

    Newark autojumble soon .
  9. A pensioner? Who me? Surely not.

    Did you get any samphire ?
  10. The Somme

    Brave lads , made of the right stuff .
  11. Chemical haze sussex

    That's what I thought . The delay in telling everyone is so they can lie convincingly together .
  12. 7 Coppers in 5 cars to arrest a Yorkshire Terrier!,

    Unbelievable .
  13. Nelson the white supremacist ?

    Who caught the "slaves" and put them in chains ?? I think it was other tribes , Old whitey was just buying and selling items already on the market .
  14. Ripped off by motorcycle dealer?

    Arthur Daly typ , knew he could make a few Bob out of the bike but had to squeeze a bit more . The geezer probably looks at everyone thinking , what can I make out of you . I hate spivs . greedy , selfish , bottom feeding scum .