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  1. cuffy

    Sign this

    340,250 .
  2. cuffy

    Wanted lever action shotgun

    Try a&a guns , skegness. He often has one or two in .
  3. cuffy

    Wanted: Cheap Dectivation service

    You can get trigger guards that bolt to the wall .
  4. cuffy

    Wanted: Cheap Dectivation service

    Hang them on the wall with a trigger guard
  5. cuffy

    Car jackers come a cropper

    Why are investigations continuing ? Shirley the offender should go straight to jail
  6. cuffy

    Yokel Mobile

    Pinzgower or kubelwagon
  7. cuffy

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    I can't understand why the anti royalists don't just piste off to some commune in Russia/anywhere else but here . Whininggob****esallofthem
  8. cuffy

    UPS lying driver.

    We just put in the notes bit , Leave in porch , safe place as all the front is covered with cctv . Not missed a delivery yet !
  9. cuffy

    Stealth, micro camper van diahatsu hijet

    Pics and price please
  10. cuffy

    Plant ID Help Please

    Marestail . Spread round ours like mad , New stuff grows from the broken bits as well . Roseate did the job but you need to bruise the plants before/during spraying every 2 weeks . Took the best part of 2 years to clear and still the odd bit pops up .
  11. cuffy


    All sorted now . Increased amount of carts plus black powder . No increase in premium . Result !! I think they're changing it for all , nice to know your properly covered .
  12. cuffy

    Billy Monger - well done

    What a star .
  13. cuffy

    Black Fence Paint

    Creosote and old engine oil , lasts for years .
  14. cuffy

    worst ever TV programme

    DR Gillian mckieth .
  15. cuffy


    And give the insurers an easy out if I have a nasty bump , and get done for no insurance ! Or are you suggesting to just give them whatever they ask for ? Should know next week what the extras will be . The renewal with them conditions was a couple of quid cheaper that last year .