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  1. Exactly . Most have had a bellyfull of all this tosh . Have the vote , build a wall , get your popcorn and watch it all go down the pan ! Whatever happens it'll be the English at fault .
  2. The OP was waiting for the shooters in front to do their thing , then have his go . The squad behind him pushed in . Selfish and rude , I guess they think that as they out numbered the solo chap they'd just do as they liked .
  3. I often go on my own , button on delay , I might have 5 shots on a stand or I might have 25 . 4 to 1 , they'd better have eaten all the weetabix ! Gets my goat , any one who thinks is ok to push folk around .
  4. Did you not tell them they're all a bunch of selfish figgers . I hope you didn't pay for any clays and told the club why .
  5. I think the op is sorted now .
  6. Any good ? How long does it last ?
  7. Shame you didn't move earlier . I'm just about to go back to work after being furloughed since before crimbo ! Just up the road as well .
  8. I only use a kindle - that's got more computerology than I can manage I deliberately didn't look for the electric bikes , the kids did . Google's mine of personal info must have made a connection .
  9. How much info does Google have about people ? I've been getting quite a few adds for kids electric bikes . Funny that the daughter and her other half have been looking at them for their kids . 100 miles away !
  10. Zippo for Europe is in Germany - Google will find the address . Send your lighter to America and they'll send it to Germany for you . Last time , after about a month I got a letter from an America telling me how it works , next day lighter turned up - from the fatherland .
  11. Zippo , all day - every day . And the life time guarantee works , one of mine I've had for at least 35 years - it's been back twice . If you picked on an old knackered one for next to nowt , send it to zippo - it'll come back like new or you'll get a new one + all the old bits back !
  12. Wallet is quality . Thank you
  13. I'd like a wallet with card slots please
  14. cuffy

    UK Military.

    I'd blame the eu sponging surrender monkeys , who will do all they can just to say " I told you it won't work "
  15. cuffy

    UK Military.

    How is it boris's fault if some petty eu pen pusher makes up stuff just to be a pain ? Rubbish like this should just be ignored , we're out - move on .
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