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  1. Mistake IT misunderstanding nothing to say here.
  2. No probs, but Lets agree to disagree on that one and leave it there hey😃
  3. I found Glucosamine Gel worked for me, it also helped with inflamed tendons. May work for you. Cheers Aled
  4. Well my comments were meant to bring a bit of lightness to this subject, seriously the Welsh language lines at Banks, Public Offices, and NHS etc do get answered far more quickly than the English language lines. No idea why! Aled
  5. LOL 😅...but i think you'll find its 81%.......Ifor ap Glyn On Speaking Welsh |The Welsh Language | Wales.com😉
  6. LOL, well cheesing off visitors can be quite amusing as well.......😉
  7. Sometimes being a Welsh speaker has its advantages. Seriously the Welsh language phone lines get answered a lot quicker, and i can always understand them! Cheers Aled
  8. Sorry to hear that
  9. Good man, enjoy.
  10. Sorry to hear that condolences to family and friends.
  11. Outside peak season, we usually have a weekend at a Center Parks usually October, started looking in January prices around £350, no nearer £600, looks like it will a Premier Inn in Bristol for a weekend! Still its a change of scene!
  12. An important point in rural areas. https://www.thedpjfoundation.co.uk/ May be of relevance, Another rural based organisation which can offer help with these issues. Cheers Aled
  13. Born in a Welsh rural town, and had the countryside on my doorstep. My Dad is a keen fisherman, and loved the outdoors. So i fished from an early age, shooting came later, my Mam was not at all keen on guns, although Dad did have a 12bore he was a keener angler than a shot! We had a black Labrador and walked him regularly in the countryside, and Dad shared outdoor knowledge with us. Fishing became and obsession, but shooting came a bit later, winter was rugby time and my brother and played for a local club. However i dislocated my shoulder in 1994, and had to take a few years out of the game. So in early 20's i started shooting properly.
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