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  1. Not quite the same but many of us shoot and fish: Fishing was specifically mentioned as being "in breach" of present arrangements on yesterdays BBC News (5pm) its on the iplayer, if you want to see it fast forward to 2hrs 02mins, its there. For some reason cant seem to paste links on here! Cheers Aled
  2. Good bag there, dog and I went for an amble away from people yesterday...I missed the 3 chances of a pigeon I had! Cheers Aled
  3. The guy in the Guardian has been on Welsh language TV, fair play to him he speaks Welsh very well. Cheers Aled
  4. Just joining in on the joke figgy. Google translate is easily available and has a wide range of language choices including Welsh.......I found the snickers situation rather amusing,... I'm from the generation that saw Welsh become more mainstream and benefitted from the efforts of others, (including non Welsh speakers like my Mam), the snickers situation is miniscule compared to what's happened in the past!! Iechyd Da Aled
  5. Exactly....he snickers!
  6. Iawn te, i gyd ddwedai i yw: Rhowch e lan eich pennolau!! (come on lads you must of expected this type of response from one of your Welsh contingent ) Iechyd Da Aled
  7. May be of interest: I have Dacia Duster 4wd, I find it fine for what I need, however my mileage is relatively low. Cheers Aled
  8. I saw one back in August...haven't seen any recently sadly! Cheers Aled
  9. When I was around 10 years old my Dad gave me a book called "Fly Fishing is Easy" somewhere along my road through life I lost it.....I came into my office last summer and a work colleague of mine had seen the book for sale in a second hand shop for 50p, and bought it for me as a bit of a joke,....he was totally surprised (and maybe disappointed?) when I was absolutely over the moon at his purchase! Cheers Aled
  10. I've re-read Hugh Falkus, Arthur Oglesby, Colin Willocock, John Humphreys, & Moc Morgans, fishing & shooting books many times. I have also re-read Stephen Kings novels, but a personal favourite is the Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker, and one Welsh language book I often pick up "Bywyd Cymro " (The life of a Welshman) by Gwynfor Evans. Cheers Aled
  11. No it was Llangadog strimmer-13. Cheers Aled
  12. mgsontour: hope you don't mind I too am in the market for calf length boots, some nice ideas here, guys, anybody know anything about amblers pillar boots? A local deerstalker suggested they are worth a look? Cheers Aled
  13. Amazon sell them for some reason I can't copy and post the link, they cost around £10, I just put razor pitt into google and there are plenty of links. Cheers Aled
  14. I'm seeing a lot more than usual saw 5 on Saturday whilst dog walking (no gun), so plan to take the gun one day this week! Cheers Aled
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