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  1. Blimey! Some of the stories about Jack are quite surprising, never knew any of those stories. Something did cross my mind though: after watching his salmon run programme where he talked about timeshare groups buying out salmon fishing, it did cross my mind that he only once mentioned angling associations, who were also warily watching timeshare groups at the time. Cheers Aled
  2. Aled


    Centrepin, there is many a true word said in jest. Aled
  3. Went looking for them on Saturday sadly didn't see any. Cheers Aled
  4. Their New Zealand Pino Gris is lovely too, and for those of you who are or know someone with gluten issues this a good choice of white wine, according to my wife. Cheers Aled
  5. Get well soon, hope it all works out OK. Cheers Aled
  6. How do you define successful education? One of my mates worked hard to "make sure I can do the three R's" (his words) then left school set up an agricultural engineering business and is financially better off than many of us who went to University. Cheers Aled
  7. Yes I've heard other stores have it as well but for some reason not mine...yet! As others have said there are some strange food location issues! I too had a student job in a food factory, back in the late 90's Ambrosia Rice pudding and Tesco Rice pudding (if my memory is correct) were made in the same factory with the same ingredients just different labels.....also English Country Life butter was made in a milk factory in Rural Wales! Cheers Aled
  8. Well Aldi gin is very good, and I wish they would stock Hogwash whisky again, I loved it! Cheers Aled
  9. Panoma1: Is that IC he was guest speaker at our angling club dinner back in the mid 90's he caught a cracking sea trout the following summer, I've got a picture I need to send to him been meaning to send it to him for years! Cheers Aled
  10. Aled

    Hatsan escort

    I got mine from Wabbitbosher, it is an older version but I like it! Cheers Aled
  11. Ahh completely got the wrong end of the stick! Tight Lines Aled
  12. Sounds like my 10ft salmon spinning rod will do OK for the LRF. Cheers Aled
  13. Let us know how you get on. I Fancy buying some sea fishing and getting out there, maybe next year! Tight Lines Aled
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