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  1. I've found this thread quite interesting, i'm chairman of an angling club, and Covid has actually seen a surprising and welcome increase in membership numbers this seasosn. I've rejoined my closest wildfowling club this, last season was the first year my dog was ready for the marsh, sadly lockdown last year meant i only got to the marsh once. It will be September before we turn round, i'll be back out soon. Cheers Aled
  2. Happy St George's Day to all Englishmen everywhere. From A Welshman
  3. I've got a 4x4 Dacia steve b, and its use's probably mirrors yours. I love it and as others have said it does what it says on the tin. Room for Dogs, outdoor kit, fishing gear etc. I'll probably buy another one! Cheers Aled
  4. Well i never knew there were so many fellow fly tiers on Pigeon Watch, nice one, another vote for fly tying here, back in the bachelor days, i would deliberately sit down to tie flies to keep me out of the pub! Cheers Aled
  5. Very easily...just look at our politicians..... (sorry couldn't resist it!)
  6. So sorry for your loss. Heartfelt condolences. Aled
  7. I get to survey footpaths at some of Wales most beautiful areas. Cheers Aled
  8. Bird Flu: Anglesey pheasants to be culled after confirmed cases - BBC News Not good news!
  9. Aled


    Bit of mix with us, some ash and 2 year old Oak, and the last bit of Scotch Pine which we felled 3 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the dried pine and burnt as when we were splitting and stacking fluid was pouring out of it. 18 months later it was good. Cheers Aled
  10. Pumpkin, what are those over trousers like when walking through rough stuff while beating/rough shooting? Thanks Aled
  11. Maybe of Interest: Battersea dogs home, Black Retriever Cross Re-homing, and some of the Dogs Trust Homes do re-home dogs to fieldsport homes. Cheers Aled
  12. I was a member for around 15 years, left when i ran out of time (parenthood) and when they decided to sell their Teifi waters which were the stretches near me, however I can see me apply to rejoin one day in the future. Loads of good water and diverse angling, for the angling they offer it is great value for money. Tight Lines Aled
  13. That sounds familiar, i saw one whilst out on our morning walk last week. If it wasn't for the fact i am doing dry January i would of thought i was seeing things. Miss seeing them around to be honest. The thought of shooting one here is at the moment not a viable option. Cheers Aled
  14. Aled

    Hatsan escort

    I agree i got mine from wabbitbosher, great service as it was sent to my closest RFD with no fuss. Cheers Aled
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