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  1. let us know how they taste.
  2. All sorts of things go out the window when it comes to common sense, my best mate is a master craftsman, and makes sets for top films several times on practical issues he's shown me some good common sense....on one occasion he lost his torch while night fishing, i saw him 2 days later he told me he really struggled to tie his fishing flies on the line in the dark... I said didn't you have your phone with you, that's got a light on it? He looked at me slapped his forehead and called himself a wally! Happens to the best of us sometimes. Cheers Aled
  3. That sounds good, Saltings, I haven't done that with pheasant, but i have cooked rabbit that way.
  4. Fair enough. Time will tell. Cheers Aled
  5. If farage makes a hole in the tory vote and wins no seats, wont that hand victory to the other parties? Again not really bothered either way just interested
  6. Will he win enough seats to make a difference?
  7. I wish i could click a like button for that post Taileron. Very moving and informative.
  8. Hello All Looking for some ideas. OK Cooking pheasant in a slow cooker, i would put some bacon on the breast, add cider, a chicken stock cube, some rough cut potatoes and carrots, and leave on a low power for 8 hours. Anybody do anything different? Or have any suggestions? Cheers Aled
  9. Fair enough Scully, thought so. A question: If Boris does not get brexit done in a way that is acceptable to those who voted leave, who are the opponents who will beat the tory party at the next election to deliver a more suitable brexit? Not really bothered either way just asking out of interest. Cheers Aled
  10. Fair points all round, academically, (as it stands) my children could well be the future engineers, accountants, teachers, etc however they are a very very stagnant in relation to their face to face interaction, and as to how much informal exercise they do, i.e. walk to the shop, kick a ball against the garage that is miniscule, they would rather spend every spare minute of their leisure time in front of a screen.
  11. Can i ask which pledge is this is it to "get brexit done" ? Cheers Aled
  12. Good point my school teachers, parents and grandparents were going on at my school year as to how much TV we watched compared to their generation, who only had a wireless!!🤣, ....their parents told them they probably spent too much time listening to the radio!!🤔
  13. Yes you may have a point there you know.
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