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  1. Albert 888

    Leupold scope vari-x 111 4.5-14x40mm tactical.

    PRICE DROP £350
  2. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I based it on a picture of another one,now I have got to grips with what fits and goes on and what not to do,I will do a better one, still got my standardish one to put together. Thanks for the positive comments.
  3. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Thanks, just hope it goes well.
  4. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Thanks, Waiting for glass blasting then waiting for paint,out of my hands that part. Also the herendous weather isn't helping much. Will soon have both done.
  5. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Nearly finished, 74cc airsal piston port cylinder and head,21mm dellortro phbg carb 45pilot 60 choke,w7 needle 2 clips up 98 main jet,hpi cdi mini rotor -timed at 2mm btdc with auto retarding,domino fast action throttle, all cables shortened,wires hidden. Strengthening bar added,holes and stuff not needed deleted and welded,frame and wheels powder coated,gearing changed to 18:40. Just need some good weather and for the salt to disappear then I can tune and jet correctly. Hoping for 60mph. Other bike is awaiting paint,that will be standardish.
  6. Albert 888

    what mag scope to use

  7. Albert 888

    what mag scope to use

    Must be,i did have a trip to the opticians, apparently I'm good. using peep sights on a 1917 rifle next to new ones with £2000 scopes and still hitting the gongs us fun.
  8. Albert 888

    what mag scope to use

    I use 24x at 25 yards for target shooting with the 22lr. I seem to remember reading that 7x50 was the opticaly best scope from dusk till dawn,due to light gathering,think it was metopa ametris or something toped the table,obviously good glass. Each to their own, if I'm not getting the bullet through the same hole I just shot, I'm having a bad day. Also use 24x at 100-300 yards,with center fire. Also use peep sights 25-300yrds.
  9. Forsale my leupold vari-x 3 4.5-14x40mm 1" tube,tactical scope,It has mill dot reticle,Adjustable objective covered target turrets. It's a great compact light scope, I was saving it for an ar15 I was planning on having built, but after 4 years it's still in the cupboard. Scope number 148066j. Scope is in very good condition no ring marks, chips or scratches, only downside is I don't have a box as it came with a rifle. I will post but it, may be a bit to Insure it and be it at your own risk. Obviously I will box and package it best I can. Pick up welcome from Flintshire Wrexham Chester area. £400
  10. Albert 888

    Alloy wheel revamp

    Cheers and thanks,the whole hub comes out of the center of mine,took them today, bead blasted and primed £40 for 4 wheels, I'm going to have a go myself and see what happens. Any tips on paint and clear coat.
  11. Albert 888

    Alloy wheel revamp

    You don't happen to be local to mold area,on my phone sorry,I have 4 17" alloy mag wheels for my mopeds that need striping and painting. As in the pictures.
  12. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I'm sticking with the e50 automatic for now,I will get to 50mph on the flat,they do a 3 speed also.
  13. Albert 888

    that old bike project

    Like this,project two
  14. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Looking at other tuners,it matters alot even altitude. Im a novice willing to learn and experiment. I thought at first, just stick a bigger cylinder on and away you go,not the case.
  15. Albert 888

    puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Only problem is your proberbly towards 100bhp. Standard I'm 2hp,very rough estimate I'm 4.5 - 7.5bhp I need everything optimum.