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  1. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Not much to loosen up really only a couple of bearings and to run the bore in and bed the rings. Should be good to go from scratch. Im delving into the electronic wizardry of hpi cdi and curves at the moment. Chasing power and speed,Basically you throw your old points, stator,flywheel, coil away and fit an electronic ignition with a mini rotor,and a new cdi. This will retard and advance the ignition automatically once set up right.
  2. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Tidy. Im awaiting hpi cdi electronic ignition at the mo,still nor enough torque to drag two people around tho.
  3. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    New race seat, bracket fabricated and not the most comfortable but looks great.
  4. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Clip-ons came today,fit a treat, just need to cut the access off when I'm happy with positioning.
  5. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    OK changed the main jet to 76 it was about 78, bog has gone a little low down, speed wise it's 40-45 flat and down hill with the wind behind me,headwind you can knock 5 mph off 😔. Will put a fresh plug in and check it after a run.
  6. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Carb and gaskets are all fully matched allowing maximum flo. Used a piston stop,I use dti's day in and out,it will still give the same result. Im happy with tdc,same every time all marked up. Im concentrating on running of it before body work and paint.
  7. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Changed my mix to 50:1 now it's had some running in, factory is 17tdc 16-17 tho points gap. Put the kit on strobed it and I was up at 27bdtc,hence the dremel work on the stator . Im rich on purpose as I can lean it out and be on the safe side,What does WOT stand for please. Will have play with the jets and needle one at a time and see what happens. Appreciate the info. Two smoke tuning is new to me. Ideally I want to fit a electronic 12v mini rotor hdi cdi with a curve. But still working out which is best.
  8. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    E50 timing 70cc,race crank,mildly ported-case matched,b8 plug,17.5 dellortro copy carb with the standard jets it came with, air screw 1.5 turns out,Idle screw spring cut to get more Idle,40:1 mix. It rides well apart from bogging a little low down,40-45mph on the flat I'm 6ft1" and 13st stock gearing 16 45 I think. 16-17bdtc timed points at 015", I wanted them at 16-18, I have dremeled my stator slots as far as physicaly possible. So I'm at my max without advancing my timing. Plug comes out wet and black the white part is dark brown so I guessing I'm running rich,no temp gauge so I'ts mere guess work with my hand,I can put it on the fins but not for long,its definitely 200+.
  9. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    OK more fiddling today, I managed to drop the forks by 50mm,stage one was to remove 4 washers each side that set the preload, that dropped it by 20mm,so once I worked it out, I cut 30mm off the threaded spring guide -preload adjuster,this dropped the forks by 50mm altogether. The picture is the 20mm drop. Now I can lower the fork tubes in the clamps to a reasonable hight. Still more fine tuning with the fork Set up but I will do that when my tyres are sorted. Put some flat bars on just to mock the position up.
  10. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    That's the way to do it, Good luck,these Chinese pit bike things made of cheese wouldn't last as long as your Honda.
  11. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I haven't got a mrs or boy friend 😁
  12. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Nice one,looks well,has 20cc on mine with a kit on, from standard, I'm feeling a little upset now, I also want some wider tyres, but that means more grinding and welding. Oh the joys. Currently trying to work out if I need cdi hpi ignition with a curve. Want and need are two different things.
  13. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    OK moving on, All front end backtogther with appropriate spacers sealed bearings and a retro fitted drum holder,I'm going disc brake front, need to source a disk. I managed to fit my old 6V bulb inside a 12V bulb,basically I broke a 12 V bulb removed everything drilled 3 holes through the base soldered 3 wires onto the fitting then onto my 6V bulb,it now all fits nicely inside the white enduro style light,it's temporary until I decide what I'm doing,rear light can't figure out it how it works obviously its one wire to earth then one wire is lights on and the other wire is the brake light it's not connected up right somewhere . I took the silly seat off as I don't want it too look like a cafe racer,removed mudguards, I'm pondering over making my own or not having any. Still need to lower my fork interals,I'm waiting for a top yoke nut and clip on bars. Managed to dremel my stator plate again point gap now 015" gap and 17-18btdc timing. Still need to retard it a few more degrees,I want the points gap to be 17-18 fully open,I'm on full retard so seeing the tdc timing with the points gap.
  14. 2 Strokes back in MX1.

    Puch is a project to keep me busy,got a ktm xcf 350 for play days and green lanes. Don't think a 70cc 4 Stoke would be much goodd
  15. Am I mad?

    What he said.