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  1. Alloy wheel revamp

    Cheers and thanks,the whole hub comes out of the center of mine,took them today, bead blasted and primed £40 for 4 wheels, I'm going to have a go myself and see what happens. Any tips on paint and clear coat.
  2. Alloy wheel revamp

    You don't happen to be local to mold area,on my phone sorry,I have 4 17" alloy mag wheels for my mopeds that need striping and painting. As in the pictures.
  3. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I'm sticking with the e50 automatic for now,I will get to 50mph on the flat,they do a 3 speed also.
  4. that old bike project

    Like this,project two
  5. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Looking at other tuners,it matters alot even altitude. Im a novice willing to learn and experiment. I thought at first, just stick a bigger cylinder on and away you go,not the case.
  6. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Only problem is your proberbly towards 100bhp. Standard I'm 2hp,very rough estimate I'm 4.5 - 7.5bhp I need everything optimum.
  7. that old bike project

    I'm addicted to learning about 2 strokes and making mine get past 50mph with what I have. Paint I'm poor at so will have to get someone else to for me.
  8. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I didn't know of carb icing on carbs, my mate a work told me about the old kawasakis and the slides used to stick open.. I have made another manifold it's shorter so will be a lot closer now. Just picked this up today,no compression, big end rattling and main drive bearings goosed, now my plan is to have this new red one as a general runabout suspension lights all the mod cons, then use my gold one as a sunny day bike,so I'm going to be buying more performance bits to go on the race bike and use the stuff I already have for the red one.
  9. that old bike project

    Both look good guys,I can't wait to get my little moped in paint.
  10. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    New 19mm phbg carb, 60 choke,45 starter,262 atomiser, 95 main jet, w7 needle second clip up. Starts ticks over and revs up great, 38mph max boggy as hell running very rich, going to drop the pilot to 40-42 and go from there. My intake froze it sucked that much cold air in.
  11. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    My dream build is s mobylette, too much going on on them for me at this point in time,they have variators and loads of other stuff I don't understand yet.
  12. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I rebuilt a 280cc ktm exc-f, it was originally a 250. Little auto 2 strokes can be dismantled stripped and fully rebuilt in a couple of hours, if you have all the bits.
  13. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Thanks, I've been following an American two stroke tuner,he specialises in the puch and Moby, two strokes are quite complex to tune, I'm currently working port timing and tuning and how many degree's to take them to.
  14. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Inlet will be just above ambient temperature I think. The carb sucks air like a trooper, my exhaust is also larger and heavily modified, I did think about a venturie type stack for air flow, I fell the bigger dellortro will work better as it's more suited to my exhaust. Im after speed with torque. Had a few vw's my favourite was my t25 2.1i
  15. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    It runs better without a filter,will try one on the 19mm one. Im slighty rich on purpose, I don't want to cook the piston or head,also running 60:1 premix . I have 3 jets in the phb,pilot 40, choke 50, and main 80. W7 needle 3Rd clip up. Temps are good I want to be in the high 300's f,not exceeding 400f. Needles and clips arrive tomorrow, so bigger carb more air flow,bigger jet and hopefully more mph.