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  1. hi peter I have sent you a pm cheers
  2. price reduced to £40 posted ...
  3. hi Geordie they should suit up to a 38 waist I would say a 40 as they drown me ... don't know the inside leg they are treggings so sit half way up your boot can measure them later if you want cheers
  4. lol mate ... yes great pair already puchased a smaller size !
  5. I bought these a couple of weeks ago for beating and walked up shooting, they are a great pair of treggings, but to large for me, im a 32 waist and they keep slipping down, I have used them twice in some very heavy cover and they are extremely thorn proof and water proof. I paid £65 for them, would like to get £45 for them posted, they are as new, payment by paypal thanks.
  6. Took these photos this morning Lucy aged 16 weeks loves the water ... great photos on here keep them coming.
  7. looking forward to your next post I have a 16 week old lab bitch my first dog so any info greatly appreciated
  8. Sorry for your loss mate never easy losing a loved one, as you've already said you have fond memories to look back on.
  9. Thanks for the replys, thought the drake was an older bird as he was quite large, pole star my lab lucy is only 15 weeks old I posted a few pics of her a few weeks ago although im wishing she was older so I could take her with me lol, my father brings his springer when we go out.
  10. Alarm went of at 4am this morning and with a handy 1/2 hour drive to my spot it wasn't long before I had my hide set up and my deeks in the water, there was a good wind blowing when I arrived but it soon died away and come daylight it was more like a June morning than a September one, high tide was at 9:30 and a few birds started moving with the rising tide but nothing came close enough. As I was contemplating heading home I spotted two mallard heading for my decoys I dropped the first one with the first shot and the second bird peeled of to the right and it took my third shot to get onto it, I was surprised I hit them at all as I was stiff sitting there all morning lol. Both shot with gamebore super steel 32g no3 through 1/4 choke. Great to be back at it hope you all have a great season.
  11. Brilliant!!! im out with my father tomorrow as we can't shoot here on a sunday ... hopefully will have a picture to put up.
  12. great bet he loved it ... what age is the dog ?
  13. brilliant cant wait to get my daughter started ... good on you !!!
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