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  1. I would like to ask, what is the difference between an rfd importing from outside the uk and a normal person?, surely it would be the same courier sending the gear?
  2. This is legal and quite easy and straight forward, the US has now stopped exporting from the likes of Clives because of export paperwork needed in the US, europe is on the other hand straight forward, Alpine has been suggested and there are others that will send,
  3. skinners sights are good, you can buy direct, atb wayne
  4. can i ask what lens you are using please and what focal length is best,thanks and great job, wayne
  5. well I have been after a marlin for ages but went on holts website I saw what looked to be in good condition winchester 94 now i have been after a 444 or 30-30 and this thing looked ok and worth a punt, it turns out to be the same age as me and looked like it had been shoved to the back of someones cubard and forgotten the bore is spotless, everything is original and i have since found out it was only made for a couple of years so is better valued than a standard 94, just ordered some ammo and tommorrow night i will see how it fairs this is to be my tracking rifle and driven game gun. I spent this week ironing out the dings and oiling the stock and its looking really sweet, pics to follow, good luck in your search,wayne
  6. I am a lefty but actually using a right handed rifle is better in a lot of instances, shooting off sticks is quicker for a start or a bipod, i personally don't use a bipod but same principle as sticks, you have a free hand to cycle the bolt whilst still being on target, when culling this means i get chance for a few beasts. I know a few right handed shooters that commented on wanting a lefty for the same reason, atb wayne. ps just got an underlever so that's going to be really interesting
  7. I Have not used a DE as such but use a straight razor, i do also use a dovo shavette with DE blades and the shave is superb, I only bother once a week but they easy cope I use the blades 4 times before changing, these are dovo blades i got when i bought the two razors, Paul get those straight razors in use use a good soap and brush and get your face properly soaked and soaped up you wont look back. It will feel awkward for a couple of goes then it will become easy after that, atb wayne
  8. mick will you be selling these? if so what costings and going back to the 66 is this little number as power full,atb wayne
  9. I had this issue with my bavarian and has taken a long time to sort out I have finally turned a corner and touch wood we are nearly there. she has a crafty sideways glance now to see if i am close but i am on the ball and she knows it. good luck in sorting it out,wayne
  10. Thanks Kent I do strip strike but after using braid there is a definate lack in feel to it, I do tend to pull hard to set the hook and its probably my fault, i can say though it is really exiting and you do get some really explosive action, atb wayne
  11. A really good fix for those seats would be to drill the back rest at the top and warm up the rail at the bend and straighten so it would bolt through the new hole. cut the box section off and weld a 25mm flat on the underside with a central hole to make up a tube flaten one end this will bolt to the tab then weld a slightly larger tube to the box and weld a captive nut to the tube then you would have a fully adjustable front rail,atb wayne ps good effort on the seat, wayne
  12. I work with stainless, The price in materials is high but should have an offcut to work with cutting and working is harder to guillotine without warpage on smaller strips to start with. I am assuming you just want a three sided tray as a hot plate and not a griddle with roundbar?, matt its fabricating the part that could warp as when finished artical the thing is warming and cooling in a uniform fashion so goes back without warpage but fabricating stainless it can warp atb wayne
  13. I enjoy pike fishing on the fly just go to around 9wt rod I use a fine trace onto my flies its not very ellegent but it gets the right results. I would be glad to here of others who do this as i find it quite hard on setting hooks, all my pike fishing has always been using braid and it gives so much feel but fly fishing i found quite vague but very explosive action, good luck and post results wayne
  14. home brew, I am using corny kegs as its also easier to store but still do a few bottles
  15. I have a huge open fire it heats the whole house but it costs, it uses far too much coal or wood but i love it I have thought about a log burner for effieciency but keep the coal fire its so nice sat in front of it with a nice glass of wine. maybe one day but for now i will keep it my reluctance is probably also due to actually making the fireplace and the grate,atb wayne
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