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  1. I soaked , heated tried brute force on mine still wouldn't budge so ended up putting a slit down the choke with a hacksaw blade and bent it out
  2. hi all ive been doing a bit of goose shooting lately so bought myself some remington 3 1/2 inch carts and as some of you might know they aint cheap (just over £1 a shot). when i was on the marsh sat morning i started to use these in my semi in total i had 4 shots and out of these 4 i had 2 misfires/duds so only ended up getting a pink and a crow. if the carts would of been ok i would of had the chance of a few more . could anybody tell me should i take just the dud carts back to the shop or the whole box thanks
  3. I will take them if you still have them thanks
  4. Same here been 3 times in the last week they're just not interested. Set all up get 20 -30 birds come in a few minutes couple of shots and they are all gone not to return. I will give the peas a go at the weekend see if they're any better
  5. Im using trust sporting at the moment 40 quid a slab cant fault them.
  6. Thanks guys I will contact my feo during the week to find out for sure thanks
  7. Yeah I thought it would be ok as its still going to be a lot safer than a gun clamp could ever be
  8. Hi all I have a brake down cabnet and would like a garden gun but they are to long do you think it would be acceptable to drill a hole in the top so the end of the barrel pokes out as it will still be secure. Sorry if this seems a daft question but I just cant afford a new cabnet at the moment thanks again
  9. debo

    AA decoys

    i also got a few bits off him yesterday 5 meter stealth net 2 boxes of fuds and a good set of hide poles £85 all in
  10. I went yesterday left yarmouth at 4:45 got there at 7:45 used toilet got coffee in the show by 8:15 there was a big queue at main entrance so bypassed that and went through the food hall straight in . got a few bargins off aa decoys stall and the pigeon shooter then had a wonder round nice and calm for the first couple of hours then mayhem so went and got robbed by the food stall (the crappest pork roll ever £5.50). we then went outside for a shoot 5 out of 9 of us shot i didnt i have never paid £30 for a 50 bird shot and i dont intend to any time soon and im glad i didnt when one of my mates
  11. hi i would like to try my hand at pigeon shooting this year. im going to the shooting show in febuary to get some gear what will i need to get me started and what sort of money will it cost. I think most of the crop that will be shot over will be peas if that helps thanks
  12. debo


    no snow here in great yarmouth but we only had 1 proper day of snow here anyway
  13. im with virgin 60mb unlimited full hd tv package and telephone costs me £61 p/m
  14. i rent my house just worked out ive been here 6 years and its cost me £33,480 to date and at the end will still have nothing to show for it apart from buying somebody else a house
  15. me to saturday with 7 others just buying
  16. thanks mate must be my lucky day first I get let off work early then some free snap caps
  17. debo

    egg incubator

    i have never tried but on there website it says: "Quail - 60 Pheasant - 40 Hen - 24 Duck - 20 Goose - 9/12" hope this helps thanks
  18. same here probably just a con to get lots of peoples info
  19. debo

    egg incubator

    hi it will take 20-24 hen eggs duck eggs a few less or quail eggs a lot more it all depends on the size of eggs thanks
  20. debo

    egg incubator

    Hi selling my brinsea octagon eco20 semi-auto egg incubator have used it a few times with good success but no longer needed. The egg seperators are home made due to me missplacing the original ones but these work just the same and the clear lid has a slight haze to it but im sure it will polish up alot clearer. As you can see in the photos its not that bad and it doesnt bother me. Also it will come with a heat lamp although theres no bulb. These are a good and easy way of hatching eggs. These are about £120 new and £15 for the lamp. £70 inc p+p or £60 collected from great yarmouth thanks
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