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  1. Im looking at getting a ss evo stock but boyds dont make them for the 452 it seems. Would a 455 stock fit a c452? and if not would there be much work involved in making one fit?
  2. or upgrade to the nighteater 4-16x50 model for the HMR? great bit of kit
  3. Ive a nikko sterling nighteater 30mm 4-16x50 and theres never been a shot I couldn't take with the hmr on it. Can make out animals at over 4-500 yards under the lamp so its suited well over the range of the hmr. about £150 for the non illum version.
  4. I find that the bolt is no issue at all for me, all my shooting is always done off a rest or a bipod so i can fire with my left hand and use my right hand to cycle the bolt and this allows me to get a second shot off faster than a right handed shooter.
  5. hawke endurance 3-12x56 is very good in low light. the eclipse should be just as good if you keep it on 8x or there abouts in very low light, probably not so good in very low light on 16x.
  6. Blackhawk is a cheaper option and the build quality is excellent, just as good as harris. Deben also make a good bipod too. Ive got the 9-13 traverse model. There's a few on Ebay in the UK for sale cheap. I started with a cheap one for €20 on ebay and it lasted 2 years before a leg fell off.
  7. actually a bore snake fits down it quite easily even, I give it a pull through of one maybe every 100 rounds, but I wouldnt consider that proper cleaning.
  8. Hasnt been cleaned properly in 3 years and probably more before me and still shoots perfect with no spread in groups.
  9. I sanded down my shotgun and had it done in no time at al with 1200 wet paper. Took very little effort to get the paint off. You would be better reblueing it or getting it cerekoted which will give a strong long lasting finish. Normal paint even with a lacquer marks very easily.
  10. Ive got the nighteater 30mm 4-16 x50 and its a class bit of kit for the price. It will leave the night eye in the dust. Ive used it along side higher end hawke scopes like the endurance and and its a great piece of kit. Imo 4-16x50 is plenty on the hmr and 6-24x56 would be an awful big scope on it. I looked into a lot of scopes around that price recently when getting a new scope for my hmr and I'm glad with the choice I made, comes with a sunshade and scope caps too.
  11. a .22 might not be an issue but on a hotter round if you fire a lot and the heating of cooling of the barrel/mod thread can stick the threads together and make the mod very difficult to remove.
  12. http://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/nikko-stirling-nighteater-4-16x50-mil-dot-30mm-rifle-scope--flip-up-caps-and-sunshade-1479-p.asp Cant recommend this scope enough. Great value for money, have it on my hmr and wont be getting rid of it.
  13. I had the mossberg maverick t88 and it was a great gun, its light enough considering it is a pump action and i carried it around all day rough shooting and it never bothered me. If fired all cartridges and never had any problems, but then again theres not much to go wrong with them and if it does jam its usually the users fault, you could short pump when getting used to it and the shell could get caught up. I got mine and it was a wreck, i sanded it down and resprayed it a few times. it took dogs abuse and never once gave a problem. I miss it :(
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