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  1. In answer to the question, very low, very very low
  2. Will be interested to see how it goes, I've got a old sword that worth nothing it will get a refurb if I have to isolate at home
  3. That won't happen! No micro chip and the residents of the nearest dwellings when asked about the pony just told us to go forth and multiply and through stuff over the fence
  4. Any thing with a paper case! you can unroll them 😉
  5. One of the best because in can be adapted any situation when things go wrong is the one every one knows from Jaws " you're gonna need a bigger boat "
  6. Was a shame as he was a nice friendly little chap considering the neglect he had been put through and yes possibly a blessing as he could well have had other on going problems.
  7. Sadly the poor little chap didn't make it 😞
  8. Nothing should have been in the field! But calling it a field is pushing it a bit, more a bog come rubbish/ scrap storage area!
  9. I was coming back from a job this afternoon when I saw one of the vets I know dealing with a small black and white cob type pony that had gone down in a field, so i stopped to see if she needed help. Ended up helping her get it up and loaded on to a van and off to the vets once rspca and police had done their bit. Its a good felling having helped the little chap 😁. Just hope the update on his condition comes from the vet and not via a call for my services.
  10. I,m not one to buy in to conspiracy theories but history has many examples of things being done "for the greater good" only it turns out that it wasn't good for everyone or even for most! Once power is taken by someone or given to them it seams it's not very often given up.
  11. When I asked my feo about reloading he said the only thing they are interested in / do is up you're ammo buy and hold limit
  12. I think the reason is that the Italian resorts give good prices for school trips so I guess that would be the main reason so many go the Italy plus its not a bad place to spend a week.
  13. The problem with that is someone is going to have to pay for it, do you want to pay the full cost? The cartridge makers make cartridges and it would be almost impossible for the to do the research and development on cases and wad materials them selves they would have to go out to other companies to see if the make a product that could be adapted to be use for cartridges and it all takes time. What is worse for the environment plastic or lead? I've tried both standard and hp steel, nether seemed to carry the energy of similarly loaded lead (in a very non scientific test). The hp steel wasn't too bad and had I tried different brands loads etc I would have probably found something as good as the lead but there steel isn't that easy to find around here at the moment. plus only one of my guns is steel proofed and most of the places I shoot have ask that I don't use plastic wads. I agree with the idea of getting rid of plastic and some lead (I wouldn't be happy using steel for humane dispatch! not looked at bismuth etc) and would be happy to try anything but I think it would have been better to try to get manufacture's and shooters on side first.
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