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  1. Is that apart from the ones that already make a non lead alternative? or are they going to stop producing it?
  2. Make you wonder if our government will get the idea that maybe we should pay the tree planting and rewilding on hold for a bit and plant something we can eat instead!
  3. bluesj


    You pay the person or shop you are buying from, sent the you're ticket they fill it in send it back to you and the gun to you're RFD you go to RFD he checks its on you're ticket and hands it over. Job done.
  4. Very true, it would be quicker to list the politicians with them! It would be a very short list!
  5. Not really, Johnson doesn't seem to have principles!
  6. As I understand it the wording on the certificate for the condition was something like Only to be used on ground deemed suitable by the police, if his condition says the same then he just needs to get the cops to see if the ground is cleared and if so he should be good to go.
  7. It will be interesting to see what boris has to say if starmer and rayner are found to have broken the law! after all he can't say they should go can he 🙄
  8. I would have though faking he own death threat was low enough.
  9. bluesj


    They are all in it together! Or did you think we meant us plebs as well?
  10. Just seen her on the news, my guess is that she isn't towing the woke line so must be stifled. How dare she tell the truth and show up the woke agenda!
  11. I take it by standard you are thinking .22Long Rifle. I could be wrong but but sure there was / is a .22 Long, same case as .22LR but a shorter bullet.
  12. bluesj


    As far as i can see nor have you
  13. bluesj

    Your loan

    I do know one person that thinks its a good idea. We were talking about it the other day and it turns out he will be around to get the £200 but won't be around to pay it back as he's off back to Oz! 😁
  14. Id go with twenty. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2018/06/witches-broom/
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