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  1. Sounds like the new guide lines came in the day the survey closed and the old bill want to check you face book and bank balance!
  2. I think the money might be the least of it! I have been like you in the most part in that nothing changed work wise, and the dogs still needed walking etc
  3. looks like you win the prize for worst year! Hope all comes right for you and your family! For me the only thing that has made any difference is the problems with fuel, but that was only in as much as a bit more planning so as to keep at least 1 truck with fuel in it in case of an emergency call out.
  4. Someone should sort them all out with job, in pig processing.
  5. That will go very soon after!
  6. The man is an idiot but a dangerous one!
  7. If you want to believe hear say carry on but don't complain when others do the same and believe the **** put out by the likes of packham, wild justice and the rspb but perhaps you think they are right and BOP are being killed on all the grouse moors Correct me if I'm wrong but your not saying that this hunt is breaking any laws but they should be punished anyway?
  8. Well one couldn't stand so you tell me.
  9. Three hounds where put down thats is what was going on. The video said that 7000 hounds are put down each year, give or take 200 packs = 35 hounds each of the 3 packs local to me that would be all their hounds gone! Do you think that is very likely?
  10. I wouldn't take 12gauge82 take on it as being a true reflection of what is happening or the person doing the commentary. That about sums it up.
  11. As you seam to think you know the truth I won't waste my time trying to educate you a little.
  12. It was private but the antis trespassed and put cameras up, the video show one hound that could not stand being put down then another that the commentator says was shot once the shot again 3 minutes later but the video shows it was nearer to 3 seconds, If the person was not 100% happy with the first shot he did the right thing.
  13. I regularly shoot cows that are 5 or 6 years old! I shot a horse a couple of days ago that was only 3 years old! what does it mean? It means that some times animals need putting down regardless of how old they are. What loopholes exactly?
  14. Just because he posted it does make it true or even mean he knows what he is talking about!
  15. I would think its very very few but 12gauge82 seems to think all that the antis say is true so he must think all shooters are after birds of pray
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