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  1. bluesj

    Elf and Safety

    A mate was after a small ax but they were all blunt, bloke in the shop said they aren't aloud to sell Sharp ones! To be fair he thought it was silly as well
  2. bluesj

    Licorice Allsorts

    I'll have them if the sale to old'un falls through!
  3. It would seem Sussex/Surrey are still playing by the rules, and good on them 👍
  4. It looks like kent are asking for a medical report and for the doctor to make a judgement as that is what the letter is asking for! I would change the word report to information if I was sending it to my doctor and be getting them to send the information to me to pass to the police.
  5. bluesj

    Dog walker in pea crop calls the police

    I've had 2 occasions when I thought ringing 101 to let them know what we were about to do would be a good idea first time I gave up at around 2 hours on hold and on the second got through in a couple of minutes only to be put on hold again after the mention of guns, gave up after 3/4 of a hour.
  6. bluesj

    AAs410 Service Sussex

    Yeah was a bit smokey. Didn't know scrap metal burnt so well!
  7. bluesj

    AAs410 Service Sussex

    You could try air arms factory in hailsham they did do serviceing
  8. bluesj

    Handing in rifles

    A friend of mine had a falling out with his other half (she was an evil bitch), he put his guns in to storage and it turned out he did the right thing as only a week or so later she accused him of rape and threatening her with a gun! When the police turned up he just showed them the ticket from the rfd and an empty cabinet.
  9. bluesj

    Environmental question....

    There should be 3 hydrogen powered car on sale in the uk hyundai toyota and Honda and maybe more to follow, but not too many places to fill them up! If the government want us to stop using oil the could help out by making it possible to use an alternative, and its no good them saying that filling points will open as the need increases as no company is going to build filling stations for a hand full of cars, government are going to have to get it off the ground.
  10. bluesj

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    but have the other staff increased to carry out some of the work that police officers would have had to do?
  11. Pretty sure that farmers pay for the cull anyway!
  12. bluesj

    Temporary Permit

    for just 2 guns I wouldn't think its worth the hassle, a .22 rifle is probably not worth too much (could be wrong) and if the shotgun is worth any thing get it signed on to your ticket and hold it for them. otherwise get a rfd to pick them up.
  13. I thought the government had already clarified what the police should be doing, but some forces seam to ignore it
  14. bluesj

    A bit of market research

    We updated our web page at work a few months back (it hadn't changed in years) it cost a few quid to do but pay for its self in about a month.