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  1. Would he know his **** from a hole in the ground?
  2. 👍 Very good, I can't say that I'm an "art" lover, most I don't see the point of but every now and then I see something that I like and that would be one. A friend has my favourite its a pencil drawing of cows walking along a narrow lane. I've offered then a lot more than they paid for it but the wont sell, can't blame them i wouldn't.
  3. Done it a few times with feral pigeons but that doesn't really count. I have done it once on crows got 2 with one shot and they dropped together almost at the feet of the farmer, he just poked at them with a ****y welly and just said "cartridges must be expensive!"
  4. when i was a kid my mum would let mine out in the morning to come and wake me up.An excited ferret or two in your bed in the morning certainly wakes you up!
  5. Made some window sills out of that stuff years ago looked great but the dust nearly killed me even with a mask!
  6. bluesj

    25 cartridge boxes

    Should be able to find a few on Saturday, in sussex as well so may be close by to you.
  7. It is the seller that fills in the buyers cert. The buyer sends their cert to the seller who fills it in and sends it back.
  8. We have just gone over to them, only had a couple of days on the fully but had no comments yet. We ran about half and half on a couple of sim days and no one noticed a difference, but on most of our drives the clays are at 45 deg+anyway so you are all ways looking at the bottom of them.
  9. bluesj

    Gun nut

    I look at guns in much the same way as watches or cars, you can get a watch the tells the time for a few quid or you could spend a lot more and get one the tells the time and looks good. I have a cabinet full of guns that are tools to do a job but I've also got a couple that are works of art as well.
  10. I don't think they can and I'm sure the courts will say the same.
  11. Just finish watching and as mel b3 said best thing I've seen for a long time. I think it showed farming to a large extent as it is and not as some would like you to think it is. He wasn't spending all his time trying to think of ways to poison the water or land he was trying to produce good food without killing the planet just like 99% of all farmers, he just has a few quid for else where to be able to do some of the things he did. He has a good sized farm and although things didn't go as well as they might have if someone who knew about farming was running it it wasn't a bad stab at running a 1000 acre farm and he made £144.00 for the year! I think that may make a few people think about what the producers get paid compared to what the super markets make.
  12. bluesj


    It would be better than nothing but i would go and get some gear oil as motor oil is not sticky enough and the gears will wear more
  13. Exactly! Although there was a good reason for not using the reusable ones at the time it was stopped, it was so that brain stem samples were not contaminated between a cow with bse and one that didn't have it.
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