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  1. I can probably scrape a few together
  2. I worked with a chap for a bit that fiddled about with things that went pop as he put it, 100% fully paid up barking mad and the most level headed person that I've ever met all at the same time. Work was fun with him around.
  3. That is cheap! I think i paid £33 / 100 for 38sp lead round nose 357 mag jacketed soft points and 9mm jacketed hollow point subs
  4. Bulls that you need to stand back a bit from! That is very true!
  5. .223! like I said the yanks want it for their ar's! You should try 7mm weatherby mag, last lot was £4 a pop! 😱
  6. I have a supplier for hand gun calibers locally so that wasn't a problem last time I got some a few months ago. I just find that all my local RFDs can't or won't get what i want.
  7. What gets me more than price is not being able to get the same ammo the next time you want some that's why i reload for my 243 I could never get the same stuff twice, now its starting to be a pain for my 308 I was using Winchester deer season xp (i think) got down to my last box and no one has it now.
  8. Because the yanks are buying it all up in preparation for a civil war
  9. Got the chance to go out and try the gun yesterday, It got pinched for most of the day and used for training with some first time shooters, then my son had a go then someone else who was thinking about swapping to a twenty, and then I got a go and I have to say I really liked it. I only shot one slow and easy flush (set up for the beginners) with it but I was very happy with how it handled, looking forward to next time out. Thanks again guy for you're input.
  10. I would think that practice would improve your score more than a fitted gun as long as the gun fit is not miles out
  11. I think the rule of thumb is nitro proofed 1/2 choke or less and no bigger than no 4 shot and you are good to go. For me its not the possible damage that steel could cause, but that steel may not be as good as lead at killing and that there are some question marks with the non plastic wads.
  12. Very nice! Something I would like to have a go at, not done any smithing since college many years ago
  13. Got a few Shultze brass case Purdey and watson bros branded
  14. Thanks for the opinions guys. The gun I mentioned in my first post turned out to be a short stoke one, but i found and bought a nice premier gold in another shop. It was a little more money but with a bit of discount on the gun and the other bits i was picking up I ended up spending the same. Just need to get out and give it a try.
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