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  1. I would read your license if I were you. On the front you will find your name and address and a photo of someone that may look a bit like you, below that should be a bit headed conditions telling you about informing the cops of any guns you buy or sell or loose. Below that or on the next page should be a bit headed Additional conditions, that is the bit that tells you what and where you can shoot it may say something like The firearms and ammunition shall be used for ...
  2. Has anyone got any they no longer need?
  3. Sussex / Surry are one of the better forces but renewals come first so grants can take a bit of time.
  4. In some resects they are right some of the shoots do need to clean up their act, well maybe a bit of a tidy up. Like the disposal of processed carcases that made the news a few times last season.
  5. That's the one, came over again today.
  6. I know what you mean had a pair come over the other day and just hearing them in the distance had the hair standing up, which is sort of strange as I'm not old enough to have seen them in action protecting us. The bosses car has a merlin engine in it, its impressive but its not got that spitfire sound!
  7. Until someone or some organisation with enough money to take the police / home office to court nothing will change or things will change as and when a force thinks they might just because no one is going to stop them. I can't think of any other national laws/ rules that can change so much from one county to another.
  8. Any one in the east sussex possibly kent area know why there is a spitfire flying over near daily? I see it almost every day and some time twice a day. Not that I'm complaining I'd be more than happy if it flew over a lot lower!
  9. If he gets 300 after stoppages that's probably more that minimum wage but only just. It sounds like the **** may be being taken a bit, I got nearly that on the building back in the 80's!
  10. bluesj

    Food mileage

    Just been reading a thing about the distance our food has to travel so I worked out my tea has travelled 576 miles. The new potatoes and peas have done 10 miles from my dads garden to home the steak has done 14 miles from farm back to farm and then 5 miles to my place so 29 miles the cider did the rest, breakfast will have done about 19 if it wasn't for the coffee. So how far has your tea or dinner travelled?
  11. bluesj


    Not saying the land owner would be in the smelly stuff but they could be. That is part of the problem new / unknown shooters have
  12. bluesj


    No basically. If some one is on your land you have a duty of care for that person to some level, so if you gave permission to some **** wit who then shoots another person you could well have questions to answer. even if someone was trespassing and had no right to be there you could still come unstuck!
  13. bluesj


    👍 Good plan, even if the shooting doesn't come straight away you'll probably get a few quid for wandering around the country side, get a few birds for the freezer and a beaters day
  14. bluesj


    I do know someone who had success by leaning on a gate on a foot path looking at a farmers sheep and lambs as the farmer turned up, the farmer ask what he was doing, he said he was out looking for pigeons to then ask for permission to shoot but got distracted by the lambs, said he knew nothing about keeping sheep but just standing watching them in the field made him fell happy. With that he was told to go get he's gun and sort out the pigeon on another part of the farm. So you can get lucky, you drop in at just the right time and your in. The spring is a good time to ask as loads are happy to go out in the summer when the weather is nice and you stand a better chance of getting big bags but not so keen to be out on the rape when its just above freezing and my only get a chance of a few shots.
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