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  1. bluesj

    FAC Grant

    No but the police should but if they don't after 21 day they take it that all is ok. no my sons renewal the doctor send him a bill that had to be payed before they would reply to the police. He got it 2 weeks after he got his new certificate. On my renewal a few weeks latter I didn't get a bill and it was the same doctor.
  2. bluesj

    FAC Grant

    Think they do the visit down here well waiting to see if the doctor replies or not
  3. bluesj

    FAC Grant

    True other than the bill!
  4. bluesj

    FAC Grant

    Think they do the visit first, you have already got the first bit right by being honest and declaring some thing that they should know about. Sussex are generally good to deal with.
  5. bluesj

    John Wilson

    RIP. what I liked about his shows was that it wasn't just about the fish but everything in, on and around the water
  6. If I feel I'm not doing as well as I should / can and start thinking about what i'm doing wrong / right I just give it a rest for a bit and reset, but with a lot of pest control a miss works just as well as a hit.
  7. bluesj

    Ear defenders

    You should see the size of them!! 😱
  8. bluesj

    14 million in poverty

    Yes it is just one example of someone who was setup very nicely for life but just wasted it all. There are plenty of others out that do the same and they are the ones that are stopping the help getting to those in real need. It would seem that the OP is saying that the other 2 brothers should bail him out as they have more than he does and in the same vain why should I bail out the family up the road (not that I'm super rich or even rich) when they have 2 cars newer than mine go on 2 or 3 holidays a year latest phones etc but complain they have no money and have to use the food bank. The system needs fixing. but I also agree that in many cases the pay structure in many companies could do with sorting out but as I don't own the companies I can't do much about that (and not sure that I would want to be put on a pay scale that payed staff a percentage of the bosses pay as I get payed more than him)
  9. bluesj

    14 million in poverty

    I think that in a lot of cases a lot of people are in poverty of their own making. I know 3 brothers all had good well payed jobs, they got left a small business , 3 or 4 acers of land and some money. they sold a bit of the land, converted some building to small industrial units and all started working at the business so all 3 have had the same in come for many years 2 own their very nice homes, one has a couple of vintage bikes and a car he built and enjoys his shooting trips, the second spends about 4 months a year on holidays shark fishing and the third hasn't got a pot to **** in
  10. bluesj

    14 million in poverty

    at what level of income is someone not living poverty?
  11. bluesj

    Ear defenders

    I got some of these a few weeks ago for work after dropping my expensive ones in cow poo! https://www.screwfix.com/p/delta-plus-interlagos-premium-ear-defender-33db-snr/3365r They work really well! They even take the sting out of using a 308 indoors
  12. bluesj

    More JOBSWORTH's - Road markings

    No great shock the councils around here can't do stupid things or waste money fast enough! If they can do both at the same time even better!
  13. You seem to have forgotten laws only apply to those that take any notice of them
  14. bluesj

    A Cabinet Problem.

    Option 1 is most likely, but I did once order a jacket that came with a stain on it I contacted the company I got it from they sent out a new one and told me to keep the other one as well 😀
  15. bluesj

    Injured Roe Deer

    I am aware of all that, and the 4 rifles I have on my fac that are only used for humane dispatch are not conditioned as such, even though that was the good reason that went on my application and why they were granted. Humane dispatch trumps the deer act (and many other parts of firearms law) so a 17hmr is fine, any thing under 200 joules may be frowned upon but a .22lr would do the job or a hammer if that is what is available. But as said before just because you have done the right thing and best you can doesn't mean you won't end up in hot water. Also some of the bits you posted are out of date, the rules have changed.