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  1. bluesj


    I predict that a bunch of untrustworthy **** houses will get elected.
  2. Trouble is it could be awkward skinning a lot of things!
  3. As I'm not in Northumberland the trip wouldn't be worth it, but you're not giving much away as to what the job is
  4. bluesj

    Pellets for rats

    Surprisingly they look as good as new, they are lubed
  5. bluesj

    Pellets for rats

    Just found a tin of wad cutters in the shed that i'll give a try. Just one more question, how come I can remember where I put a tin of pellets 25 years ago but can remember what I did last week?!
  6. bluesj

    Pellets for rats

    Can't argue with the diabolos being accurate, after just a few shots I was hitting a .22rf end on. I was just wondering if there was something as good but would deliver more of its energy into the target.
  7. Just picked up a Weihrauch HW100 kt in 177 to try out, so just wondering what pellets people are using for rats? I've got a tin of AA Diabolo field that I've been playing with on targets but is there any thing else I should look at for live quarry.
  8. The op's permission that he put on his application may have said some thing like I give sharpeshooter60 permission to shoot rabbits foxes and vermin on my land at some farm and the police just made a cock up on the original certificate. Or he may be in an area where the police make up the rules as they go more than others.
  9. The rfd (or person) that sold the gun should fill in the paper work, but I can't see that they should have transferred it to anyone else before they had filled in the paper work. looking at it from their point of view the rfd could have done any thing to the gun and they would be liable for repairs.
  10. It may be that your force ads tighter conditions on "closed" certificates, but it does seem odd that they would change them. just reread your first post, your 22 250 would only be legal for muntjac and Chinese water deer (if in England or Wales) so if you haven't got any on your ground then that might be why they have taken deer off
  11. Where are you? someone in the same area may be able to shed more light on what your force does. Just looked on my ticket It says the firearms and ammunition shall be used for shooting deer and any other legal quarry, subject to the suitability of calibre, bla bla bla. Most of the rifles I have are not legal for deer so most of what I shoot comes under the AOLQ heading.
  12. Any Other Legal Quarry. So you certificate would read some thing like X rifle may be used for fox and AOLQ the some thing about suitability of calibre. Not got my ticket to hand to give the exact wording.
  13. As the law is if you use your rifle to shoot any thing not listed on it you are breaking the law! I thought most forces are adding AOLQ now
  14. Not easy if the gun doesn't have a safety. Not that that has much bearing on the ops question.
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