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  1. Maybe they will spend some of it on their firearms licensing team.
  2. Just trying to understand what is going on after the last few days. We leave on the 29th unless the deal that the eu want is agreed. in which case we may get an extension. If the eu deal is not agreed we may not get an extension so we leave on the 29th with no deal. but parliament have voted not to leave with no deal. So as I see it we leave but not really as we will still be under eu control or we don't leave!
  3. Funny how some mps are now say that the parliament have voted and the will of parliament must be respected!
  4. Think some may be getting their p45 in the morning!
  5. Still got another vote on the amended no deal vote so it could change yet
  6. Looks like its now chose between stay in or a bad deal at the moment!
  7. bluesj

    Flat Earthers.

    Have a look at sci man dan's videos, good for a laugh
  8. Sure he said they were stainless with a smooth bore but chambers not restricted yet. I will try to get a name out of him
  9. Some one told me about a dealer that has got some taurus .410 revolvers the other day
  10. That won't help if or when there is another referendum they won't take the chance of voters giving the wrong answer again, we will be asked to choose between staying in the eu or not leaving
  11. bluesj

    Knife crime.

    Sure in the thing I was reading they said that Stanley type knives had lost popularity because they don't look impressive and sheath knives etc are too expensive but kitchen knives are easy to steal from shops or homes.
  12. bluesj

    Knife crime.

    I wouldn't think any criminals would use a zombie knife, they are illegal! 🙄 Sure I read somewhere that in most stabbings its kitchen knives that are used not pocket knives locking or not, not sheath knives or expensive sporting knives.
  13. bluesj

    Knife crime.

    I'm not sure that many stabbing happen during a punch up in a pub car park at kicking out time
  14. bluesj

    Knife crime.

    It looks like the knife crime over here has the same causes as gun crime in the US gangs and drugs, but as normal its easier to stop you or I having a folding knife that is safer to use because the blade locks that to try to sort out the causes of the problem, or even to admit that its mostly caused by and too certain ethnic groups.
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