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  1. Yes but mine is a lowly Rossi in stainless and the one I would keep hasn't got a scope on it.
  2. Good point well made! Although with me at the blunt end it could look out of place anywhere 😉 If it was just 1 from the safe it would have to be .357 mag/.38 special under leaver, only because I could still do my job and pay the bills.
  3. If we are talking guns as in shotguns and not firearms in general then it would probably be my Parker Hale, it just works and would look out of place on a clay ground or on a pheasant shoot.
  4. In the same cartridge the 30g should be a bit cheaper, less lead and propellent and should have a bit less recoil but it doesn't always work like that.
  5. bluesj

    Bulk LPG prices

    You would think that would be easy wouldn't you but the ones I rang where less than helpful 1 said that they would have to do a site survey and another just didn't want to give a price for all sorts of made up reasons!
  6. bluesj

    Bulk LPG prices

    Thanks for the replies guys but I was thinking 2000l tanks rather than cylinders.
  7. bluesj

    Bulk LPG prices

    Hi all, what are people paying for bulk LPG. Talked to a couple of suppliers but they seam to want to supply first and sort out the price later, not a lot of help when you are trying to decide what fuel is going to be best to use and we will use a lot of it!
  8. I was offered an Aston Martin db5 as a courtesy car once, a customer reversed in to my old truck and he said I could use his other car until mine was fixed.
  9. Did a collection on Camber sands this afternoon, it was a bit breezy! As soon as I was off the beach it was like a different day. Just a bit of rain and the odd gust here at the moment.
  10. bluesj

    Open sights

    Use to shoot flies on the garden wall (about 15 meters) as a kid with open sights! Can't see the fore sight now let alone a fly! Still use the my 308 on open sight at work more that I use it with a scope. but again only a short range.
  11. bluesj


    I would do the other things on you're bucket list first just in case!
  12. I wonder how many ethical vegans will refuse a drug that is needed to save their life because it has been tested on animals
  13. I was training in ag engineering in the time before just replacing bits in the hope it would start working. When I got back into the ag engineering trade after 20+ years doing other things I was still working on the same machinery! You know how farmer don't like throwing things away 😁. even found a couple of temporary repairs I had made still going strong
  14. bluesj


    What ever way you look at it I can't see it ending well but I also feel that what comes was coming anyway just not so soon!
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