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  1. bluesj

    Humane dispatch

    Not all unfortunately, I had a run in many years ago, but agree I think most would see it for what it is / was.
  2. bluesj

    Humane dispatch

    The important bit of the law as far as this goes is, without lawful authority or excuse, . The police have to stick to the same law as us but carry loaded firearms in public and use them. As for going out to shoot things on the side of the road you could just give your self more aggro that its worth as you may have to go to court to prove you had lawful authority or excuse. I know a bit about humane dispatch and I wouldn't be going out to shoot a deer on the side of the road just because some random person asked me to. You would have to show good reason to have a 410 pistol and I don't think that shooting the odd deer or fox would cut it. I think guide lines say that shooting rats etc around building is the only reason for having one. It doesn't automatically mean that the police if you have a fire arm conditioned for humane dispatch, first call would be to a forest / country side ranger or someone how has put the selves on a list, professional stalkers etc. For non wild animals they send their own fire arms teams or professional knacker man.
  3. bluesj

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    From what I have seen the copper rifle bullets don't expand as well as lead. The copper and polymer hand gun bullets don't expand at all but then they aren't designed to
  4. bluesj

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Short answer yes. A lot of manufacturers do a solid copper bullet of some sort, you can also get polymer hand gun bullets not sure if they do them for rifles
  5. bluesj

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Didn't Norway ban lead then change their minds for some reason?
  6. bluesj

    Does the the team think..

    200 years ago if you made it to over 40 years you were doing well, so I guess cholesterol wasn't a big problem!
  7. bluesj

    Benelli 828u

    Has anyone got any experience of these?
  8. bluesj

    Grand solar minimum?

    I think that is part of the problem no one has enough real data to say what is happening. The starting point has a big bearing on if the temperature is going up or down, from 6 months ago its going down, from around 2013 its going down, from the late 70's its going up from the 1930's its going down. from the early 1800's its going up. 3000 years ago it was colder, 6000 years ago it was hotter 9000 years ago it was about the same. We are closer to the coldest the world has been and the lowest co2 than we are the highest. Plants need around 300 ppm of co2 we are at around 400 ppm at the moment humans can breath and live (and do) levels of upto 5000ppm (space station limit) and even 8000ppm (subs limit)
  9. bluesj

    Grand solar minimum?

    I tend to agree with you, sure it used to be that co2 levels followed temperature not the other way round. Some scientist are saying that the sun is in some ways changed by the action of the planets in particular the gas giants
  10. bluesj

    Grand solar minimum?

    Are we heading in to an ice age or not? Some say that the planet is warming, the Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting and glaciers around the world are shrinking! Others say that the planet is actually cooling and the ice sheets and glaciers are growing, and that we are heading in to an ice age like that in the 1600s or late1700's early 1800's and it could really start to show this year! So what is going to happen, should I get a new coat or shorts and flip flops?
  11. bluesj

    Oil central heating cost

    We run an oil burner and a (mains) gas burner at work the oil burner is way more expensive to run. I'd look at LPG. If you do go down the oil route have a look for "Buying clubs" in your area they can save you a few pence a letter.
  12. bluesj

    Plus one for the Duchess

    May be they (female royals) have had a chance to speak to people that know how things work and have found out the stuff the media spout is just bull and lies
  13. bluesj


    A couple of photos from the meet at lewes
  14. bluesj

    Wage packets

    Not been paid in cash for many years! last time it was 1 £20 note 1 £10 note 1 £5 not and 1 £1 note! £36 for a 40 hour week
  15. bluesj

    Non payment of overtime hours

    I think they just thought it was good business to use people. found out afterwards that our boss was up for a bonus if he got the part of the contract we were on in under budget so he had us doing all the overtime we could (that always got under payed or not payed at all) to get a 3 year contract do in just over 2 years. once we had done all the work for him he dropped us like a hot potato and decided it wasn't his problem to find us work to do, so we sat around doing next to nothing and then got made redundant! I'm now on a salary but will often find extra in my pay packet if the boss thinks I've put my self out by starting early or finishing late, he brings us a beer over when its hot and tells us to ****** off home if there isn't much on