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  1. bluesj

    Cheap pcp hand pumps

    Hi all, looks like I have to invest in a new pump. Has anyone had any experience with the cheap (£50 or less) ebay offerings?
  2. But they don't make ammo in the uk, eley etc do but if the above becomes law they won't be able to along with the rest of us!
  3. Think eley, gamebore and hull will be happy about that!
  4. To move the following Clause— “Offensive Weapons and online videos (1) It shall be an offence for a website to host online or distribute a video in which a person displays an offensive weapon in a threatening manner. (2) No offence is committed under this section if— (a) the website removes the video within 24 hours of the registered owner of the website being informed that the video includes a person displaying an offensive weapon in a threatening manner. (3) In this section, “threatening manner” means that the person (“A”) uses the weapon in such a way that a reasonable person (“B”) who was exposed to the same threat would think that there was an immediate risk of physical harm.” That will be sky, bbc, Netflix etc in a bit of hot water then!
  5. bluesj

    Shooting on your own land.

    He doesn't have to show "Good reason" to shoot on his land he just needs to find out if it has been ok'd or get it checked and hopefully ok'd
  6. bluesj

    Receiving shotguns

    Lock Smith would be my chosen route to get in
  7. bluesj

    243 powders

    I have but wouldn't bother if I wasn't already using it, same for trail boss but don't use much of that.
  8. bluesj

    243 powders

    H4895 will do 55 too 107grn bullets and 110 too 200grn .308, in 243 I load 58grn ballistic tips and 95 grn soft points that can hit within 1.5 inches of each other at 200 yards on the same zero. Shame I cant always do it and its a shame that H4895 is on the to be banned list. My advice would be don't bother with any thing that is on the list because your going to have to change at some point
  9. bluesj

    243 variation dsc

    Well it is true that the home office guidelines are guideline and not law from what I have been told it is like your boss setting out guidelines for your job, your boss expects you to stick to then not change or ignore then as and when you feel like it. Other wise what is the point of having them.
  10. bluesj

    Series 2 Land Rover

    Don't know about prices the last 2a I bought was £400. Depending on how much tinkering he wants to do a rotten chassis or bulkhead is not the end of the world just a price negotiation point
  11. bluesj

    cant speed up magnet

    Is the battery fully charged?
  12. bluesj

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    If I was accused of committing a crime to do with my work my bosses would get the best legal team they could! if it turned out I had committed a crime I would get a bill along with my p45
  13. bluesj

    Swiss Army Knife,

    Is it one of the non Victorinox ones can't think who made them but they were better than the Victorinox ones
  14. bluesj

    Sporting Rifle 'Spot the Difference' competition

    Think Im looking at different photos to you!
  15. bluesj

    Missing Screw

    Being French you may be lucky and find something with the right tread and be able to make something that will do the job.