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  1. Send the paper work in with the medical bit to follow, If you have done you're bit in good time they may look at it more favorably.
  2. I've sort of got modern versions of them but can't use some of them for fun and its not like having the real thing
  3. Nice looking bit of kit with a good story to go with it! A Winchester 1892 has always been one of the guns that I've wanted along with a Colt 1861, a Colt 1911 and a Lee Enfield 303 must have been all the cowboy and war films as a kid. 😁 I've got a couple of copies in 357 mag just wish i had more chance to use them for fun.
  4. It would seem they have tried to be just as eye catching in this weeks installment
  5. A cheap roll of wall paper and make some
  6. Don't think biden will do much to derail the gravy train
  7. Sussex armory were based in hailsham east sussex and i think they are now air arms ( could be wrong on that) Looks like a revolver holster for a S&W K frame or Ruger special six.
  8. Easy 1) I'd keep my 20 bore lincoln premier gold. 2) I'd have a 20 bore made by purdey or holland and holland
  9. I guess the rifle will have been chucked in the bin and a new one purchased by now! the thread is 5 years old 😜
  10. They seem to have gone down hill big time! I used to like them, wouldn't bother with them now.
  11. For others reading this (as the OP is sorted) take a look at the seeland range, I've had the keeper jacket for many years and its been used and abused but still keeps the wet out. I only replaced it because its looking scruffy now. I treated my self to a harkila and that has been great so far.
  12. I'm not normally a fan of engraving, maybe because I've not had anything that has been hand engraved. But that is a thing of beauty! Its going to be some time if ever before you can pull that out the cabinet without a smile on your face!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S993mdq09l0
  14. I would think the fabarm is closest to what you are looking for
  15. The biggest problem I've had with the steel eco cartridges is no one around here seems to stock them.
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