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  1. rugged phone

    Have a look at the sonim phones. not great if you do a lot of metal grinding as the speaker fills with metal filings. but other than that they are tough, have a 3 year guarantee and a loud ring. I managed to put mine through a baler once and it was ok once I found it. A griffin survivor case make an iPhone pretty tough and the Samsung s7 is pretty good
  2. Common sense

    We had a driver deliver 4 metal wheelie bins today. Our yard has an in and an out gate one at ether end of the yard, top marks to the chap he did try to come in the in gate but there were a couple of people waiting to come and be unloaded so I told the driver to spin it round and revers in the other gate so we could unload him first so he could get on his way. he then turned round and tried to revers in the same gate! So told him again to revers in the other gate, he turned the truck round again reversed out through the estate and came in the in other gate forward at that point we gave up and let him wait until we got some of the others out so he room to turn round again.
  3. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    A friend and I use to have a few drinks and watch **** films and just take the **** and pick holes , so even the bad ones bring back good memories. But one that doesn't is clockwork orange. What a crock of **** that is
  4. Project next week.

    Cider press?
  5. Terrible decisions

    Your GF will get over it, not so sure that the dog would
  6. .357 humane dispatch revolver

    A bit rough looking but cheap http://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S0418+++4292+&refno=++124499&saletype= Or have a look at Vale firearms http://www.valefirearms.co.uk/ Hope you got .38 special ammo on you ticket as well
  7. Lidl

    Ostrich is good kangaroo is not to bad, wouldn't be my first chose but crocodile is horrible!
  8. Can any one tell me if the trigger on the above rifles are adjustable easily?
  9. New bins needed

    I'm in the market for some new bins, something around 7 or 8 x 50 and fixed focus. At around the £150 - 200 mark anyone got a recommendation ? Got a pair of no name ones that have given good service but have just about succumbed after many years of life in the truck
  10. Pointless Madness

    An old boss of mine decided that the first letter of PPE was personal so it was up to us to buy it. but not on company time. Current bosses attitude is nothing we do is worth breaking a sweat over let alone getting hurt for and if you need something to make the job safer/easier, grab some cash from the safe and go get it and a spare one well your at it.
  11. Pointless Madness

    Once on a site with no power and the generator had gone down I was refused entry because it was unsafe because there was no lighting. Made no difference when I explained that I was there to fix the generator! H&S is important but it does seem to be a bit of a breading ground for jobs worths.
  12. Been given a large shotgun cabinet ok for rifles?

    if they fit in then yes. I think its best to remove the mods anyway
  13. Crow Shooting

    One dead one on its back can work well at brining them in.
  14. Transferring ammo

    If you are not using the ammo it shouldn't be if they drop your allowance should it?
  15. Transferring ammo

    May be Cambridgeshire firearms licensing department give out different certificates to the ones most of us seem to have or may be they should read what is printed on one!