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  1. bluesj

    European bison

    Got water buffalo at a school near me, it has been known for then or one of then to put the wind up a few walkers and fishermen plus they go for a walk round the town when someone thinks it would be a laugh to let them out other than that not a problem.
  2. I've found the last lot i got (.32 acp) a few months ago seem to have hard primers causing miss fires! I would go ppu over s&b
  3. Just got to catch up with the little ****** now, it has been seen around the yard every morning until the morning i turn up at sparrows ****! I did say the the girl that has ask for it to go that it may have smelt the bacon rolls she turned up with at half 4 Monday 😁
  4. I think that about sums it up and the same can be said of a lot of shooting people. Far too many look down their nose at people that do a different type of shooting to them or use a different type of firearm!
  5. I've been asked to deal with a wild boar (think its more of a ****** off pig) for someone. So i was wondering what is the best way of cleaning the carcass, I know some use a blow torch and scrapper even heard of someone using a steam cleaner or skinning the same as any thing else, what do you good people of PW recommend?
  6. It will be if it turns its toes up with in 100 miles of a grouse moor!
  7. As said I think you will find they will all do the job and its just going to be a case of what you fancy
  8. Love mine (.177) its very accurate, not had a problem with pellet fussy as the first ones I tried worked so no need to try any others. The only con I can think of other that the price is it is heavy
  9. Could the screw a bit too long and interfering with some when tighten up?
  10. Weirdly you are almost right 57 resigned from that unit not the police and not because the 2 cop got the boot but because their union said that they will not give them any backing
  11. I can see in america before long the cops will not be able or willing to do anything to stop crime of those suspected of crime black white or sky blue pink. why as a cop would you put your self in a position where if someone kicks off and you do any thing to stop it even if it is with in the rules you are hung out to dry and it will come to the uk. How haven't protest group such as blm worked out that kicking off or allowing them selves to be linked with those that kick off in their name just rubs people up the wrong way and they just shut down to anything you have to say.
  12. Guessing that they didn't worry to much about the conditions on their fac then!
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