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  1. I would as that is all deaths as gun deaths in the us run at about 100 to 120 a day I think, and about 60% of those shot them selves in some way!
  2. Thats good to know, Mine are 34" waste 😁
  3. Just checked and no its not changed, but I had never noticed it being small before now!
  4. Another vote for Hoggs form me best value for money I've found. I have had good service from these people https://www.fifecountry.co.uk/
  5. I think someone might be forgetting that a lot of animal feed is waste from the human food chain, but the land its grown on is still classed as land used to feeding animals.
  6. Have you tested the voltage with a meter? If it is putting out a few volts, it could be the regulator that is at fault. Have a search on youtube a few videos that might help.
  7. Doesn't need to go to proof house a gunsmith or anyone with the tools can measure the barrels
  8. Maybe it was just the yildiz saleman breaking the news that they can't make barrels that will last more that a few hundred shots!
  9. May be wrong but not sure that you can even give a firearm that is not in proof.
  10. I think thats the one!
  11. bluesj


    Ash before oak your in for a soak, oak before ash your in for a splash. It does work out like that but not because trees can forecast the weather but because oaks come in to leaf before ash in the spring so less rain, and ash trees loose their leaves before oaks in the autumn so more rain.
  12. I've had 2 , a 06 auto and a 10 manual no real problems with ether of them. the 06 had 200k when i sold it. Not sure I know what the different models mean.
  13. Looking at it a different way, I think lead was going weather voluntarily or by a ban so why not start pushing the shooting orgs to put our money where their mouth is and try and sort out the development and supply of alternatives. I couldn't find bio cartridges of and make when I tried a few months ago! A couple of gun shops said they would not stock it because if it started to break down well they had it then they sold it and something went wrong they would be on the hook, they would order it but that ment a delivery charge unless they were doing a stock order. Might be ok for a clay or
  14. 06 on l200, mine had done over 200k when I sold it a couple of years ago and its still going now.
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