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  1. bluesj

    More terrorism

    Only because the left have more than enough already
  2. bluesj


    Maybe those that voted remain should pay up for all the money payed to the eu over the last 3 years
  3. Looks like some back peddling going on, but if the lacs was "non compliant" why haven't the taken the money back? My guess is they are scared 1 of loosing income from the rural community (got to be their biggest income) and 2 the flack they will get from the ar loons. Who owns calor is it its own thing or just part of a bigger group?
  4. Not very I wouldn't think. can't see you getting a test on one so won't be able to get it filled.
  5. https://www.browning.com/support/date-your-firearm.html The A5 number doesn't look right looking at the above site. may be if you have a dig around you can turn something up. I've not really used it much only found it when after some info on a rifle I was looking at.
  6. With any luck they will get a taste for ravens
  7. Because its easy and the way ebay works in favour of the scammer they end up with the item and the money for no effort
  8. Ebay has become a scammers paradise! more so by buyers that sellers, I've never had trouble with any thing I've bought but loads when selling mostly people say stuff hasn't arrived
  9. I agree about the electrics, most on there are not needed but even my transit has traction controll, abs, hill start, blue tooth hands free etc etc etc. I think they would have been better to have just fitted what was needed and spent the time and money making it as good as it can be. As for being a good hard working vehicle time will tell for the vehicle and if land rove produce a basic pickup or van etc at a more sensible price
  10. I quite like it not that I will be buying one any time soon. I do worry that the electronics won't be reliable, the more modern land rovers haven't been great as far as that goes! I can't see many being use as the old defender was but the old one couldn't be brought up to modern safety regs etc so land rover never had much chose but to change it.
  11. Happy days. I think we should all give the forces that do a good job a thumbs up and not just slag off the poor ones.
  12. The company I worked for some time ago said that we shouldn't drive their vans in the snow unless it was important, I asked if we would get payed if we stayed at home they said no so as far as I was concerned it was important 😁
  13. That's about it! I don't think the springfield named guns are officially imported in to the UK mainland and some of the guns made for springfield by HS are not available here ether which is a shame as I would have liked the xde
  14. I think there is a good chance January and February will be colder! 🙄
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