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  1. billy86


    Thanks how do you find it shoot ? hear some stories online saying they shot 90/10
  2. billy86


    Thanks scully couldn’t find any information online
  3. billy86


    do new benelli m2 come with fleur de les proof mark on them
  4. Any body bought a m2 cerakote yet haven’t seen any reviews of them yet
  5. Maybe try that first before joining a club can you buy a ticket for lough neagh aswell
  6. Thanks for the reply Gerry doesn’t sound like you had a great experience where you shooting now then
  7. Was thinking about taking up wildfowling on strangford lough anybody on here shoot it . many ducks about it ?
  8. Terrible news dont understand why police on the mainland dont carry guns unlike here in northern ireland. Maybe help in dealing with scum like moat and derek bird .
  9. Yea lol i do that all the time . Can that cause problems
  10. Cheers for the reply i'll have to look into that got a nearly new beretta teknys only had it a couple of weeks
  11. Just new to the site . Had 2 non firing 32gram eley 6's today has anybody had similiar experiance with eley carts cheers
  12. any body have any problems with hard primers on eley 32gram 6's had 2 non firers today

  13. hello all just joined

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