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  1. Can anyone recommend a 12g SxS, that is HP steel proof with pistol grip, single trigger around with a budget upto £800. Cheers pete
  2. Have you though about taking a sabitacal from work?
  3. The way I see it is GP's are paid to provide a service to the community, they new about the risk of infectious diseases before taking the job. It's the same as a soldier joining the army and not wanting to go to war. Utter ridiculous.
  4. Thanks for all the help chaps. I am booked on a mole catcher course towards the end of the year, just another service to offer.
  5. So I've decided in the new year to go and work for my self. I'm tired of working for a company and all the politics that go with it. I'm an agri engineer at moment in manufacturing and looking at the same 4 walls is getting a bit mondane. I'm going to set up as a garden maintenance company, I love being outdoors. I'm putting a few things in place at the moment to get going, courses etc as eventually want to go into small tree work. Is anyone else in this line of work that can offer any advice? ATB Pete
  6. Yup lovely gun for the money, I bought it from a members wife on here. Any questions please ask. ATB Pete
  7. I have a 687 silver pigeon, lovely condition if interested?
  8. Hi all looking for a cheap .177 break barrel for garden targets for my son. Don't mind condition as long as useable and safe. Norfolk
  9. Hi all, I've got a 687 silver pigeon 1997. Fixed choke 1/4 and 1/2. No fluers de lueys Mark. Can I shoot standard steel through it?
  10. As title, 3 gun cabinet, Norfolk. ATB Pete
  11. NorfolkAYA


    Can't see that I'm afraid, JP Morgan have just released there own fund, following the likes of Goldman Sachs, Standard Charter, fidelity etc. Also talks of USA and UK developing there own coin. As for money laundering, to set up a trading account you do the exact same procrss as for setting up any other bank account.
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