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  1. Reserved for tight choke 🤪
  2. I had a Lincoln premier gold deluxe 20b, the gun I regret selling the most
  3. 150 eley first 28grm 7.5 35 various loose cartridges including 28grm 7.5, and 28grm 6 shot. Only selling as use 24grm in my sxs now. £25 collected Norfolk
  4. Is there different oils ford different things? Example is there a different oil you should use for anxiety as opposed to muscle pain?
  5. Shame you are not in Norfolk mate, would of done them at work for you. But yes it can be pricey, what we charge out of work is eye watering
  6. I disagree sorry, man city is owned by the UAE state, and Sheffield UTD is owned by a Saudi royal family member.
  7. Because of the geopolitical war between Saudi and Qatar. Qatar have a big influence over the premier league hence they will not sign of the Saudis taking over Newcastle It has nothing to do with football
  8. I don't know if there is many football fans on here but I am an avid toon fan. If you could take a minute to sign the below petition it would be great. What the premier league have done to Newcastle United and the North East in general is disgusting. Pete https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-an-independent-investigation-into-the-epl-takeover-process?recruiter=1137084864&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=df2d73c0-d34a-11ea-a137-c3e7aa4d8c3d
  9. No one has hit anyone 🤣
  10. So for last few weekends mainly Friday's a house not to far from me (who is a dj) has parties. I mean like ibiza style parties. He's no doser, quite a posh estate to be honest. But last night it came to blows. Midnight they were on the karoke, which woke my lad up petrified. I thought enough is enough, went round and told them to stop, along with another neighbour that joined. Sure they did turn the music off. However roll onto 2:30 they were up and down the road changing **** the neighbours. My blood was boiling. My sister is a police officer and reckons noise disturbance is a coun
  11. So after 15 years smoking, I have today thrown away the fags in a bid to stop? Any one else done cold turkey? Any words of encouragement? 😂 All the best Pete
  12. NorfolkAYA

    Spinning rod

    Hi all, On the look out for a spinning rod, wondering if anyone has one they are thinking of getting rid of before I buy new. 7-8ft ideally. Best Wishes Pete
  13. Thanks for your replies. Like I said very early on, we are planning on holidaying in NZ next year first off. With regards to shooting, I'm not thinking I can just go out and take it up, to be honest I have been slowly moving away from my shooting, much more enjoying fishing (or was before the lockdown). Just looking for much more of the relaxed lifestyle. Work life balance. New zealand is over due a major earthquake at the moment which is quite worrying, but I spose you can't live your life on what it's. ATB Pete
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