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  1. So after 15 years smoking, I have today thrown away the fags in a bid to stop? Any one else done cold turkey? Any words of encouragement? 😂 All the best Pete
  2. NorfolkAYA

    Spinning rod

    Hi all, On the look out for a spinning rod, wondering if anyone has one they are thinking of getting rid of before I buy new. 7-8ft ideally. Best Wishes Pete
  3. Thanks for your replies. Like I said very early on, we are planning on holidaying in NZ next year first off. With regards to shooting, I'm not thinking I can just go out and take it up, to be honest I have been slowly moving away from my shooting, much more enjoying fishing (or was before the lockdown). Just looking for much more of the relaxed lifestyle. Work life balance. New zealand is over due a major earthquake at the moment which is quite worrying, but I spose you can't live your life on what it's. ATB Pete
  4. NorfolkAYA


    Hi all, Finally convinced the Mrs that maybe emigrating would be a good idea. Really open to Canada and NZ. I've been to Canada (edmonton) before, although we are looking at BC for the milder winters. Never been to NZ though, I don't think aus is in the question as we like the heat but wouldn't want it year round. My brother spent a year in NZ and preferred the South island to the North. My question is, has anyone done it on here? Either Canada or NZ? Obviously we would go before we made the jump. ATB
  5. I've always fancied north California. I've been to the states a few times with work. Last time was Las Vegas for 6 weeks, love everything about the states. If everything adds up I say go for it. ATB pete
  6. NorfolkAYA


    What kind of things are you trying pork chop? I'm thinking graphic design but seems a lot of software online for this.
  7. NorfolkAYA


    Hi all, Following on from my 9-5 rut topic, does anyone run a successful sideline which allows them to spend less time at work and more with the family? My only hobbies are shooting and golf, so can't really make money doing hobbies. What do people do? ATB
  8. NorfolkAYA

    9-5 rut

    Blimey JTaylor that sounds like a niche market, hope it pays off for you mate.
  9. NorfolkAYA

    9-5 rut

    It's what I dream of, would live to run my own business andbsoend more time with the family. It's just having the balls to do it. Like you say don't want to make millions but enough to be comfortable. I'm an agri engineer on trailers so would be a hefty start up to do that and round here the big boys do the maintenance. Always fancied a bit of landscaping and gardening business but not sure there is enough money in it. What are you thinking of starting JTaylor?
  10. NorfolkAYA

    9-5 rut

    That's the thing I earn a half decent wage, but literally feel as though I'm living for the weekend. My Mrs is a nurse and works 4 evenings a week, and with my 2.5 year old in the evenings once he's in bed, I feel like I'm ready for bed.
  11. NorfolkAYA

    9-5 rut

    Anyone else get this feeling? Start at 7 finish at 5:30ish, have tea shower, sit down and repeat the next day until the weekend? Starting to despise my job, thinking there's got to be more to life surely? Or is this just me?
  12. NorfolkAYA

    Hide net

    Camo hide net, BNWT. Believe it's 3x4m £10 collected from swaffham Norfolk £13 posted Cheers Pete
  13. 125 Eley first 28gm 7.5 plastc. 100 are the new white ones 25 are the older style red ones £20 collection Norfolk
  14. Hello mate, it's a Baikal ij58 mae. Yeah has a butt cap. Cheers Pete
  15. Anyone recommend a good all round cartridge for side by side for pigeons and the odd clays? Doesn't seem to many ounce 7 shot around anymore. Cheers Pete
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