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  1. Thanks for the recommendation button I wasn't aware they did one, I know the Lincolns do. I'll have a look into it. Cheers pete
  2. Yes but the post from London best seemed to be a sarcastic one with no real purpose except to belittle.
  3. Why would I think that it would make a difference? He wants a camo synthetic O/U. Whats so hard to comprehend about that?
  4. Yes but it was pretty much a 2 pence worth comment. It had nothing to do with the original question asked. I know plenty of people also that rough shoot with the traditional style gun which himself has done. He now wants a composite camo O/U which he isn't worried about getting filthy or knocked.
  5. Not a very constructive reply that Why bother? Why do people buy synthetic semis or camo semis? Why do people buy black actions over silver actions? Why buy a browning over a beretta? Why have a blue car instead of red car? All comes down to personal preference, if he wants one he can buy one.
  6. hi all, My step dad is looking for the above for pigeons and ducks. He doesn't want an auto. Anyone recommend a decent one? His budget is up to £750. New or secondhand. Pete
  7. Its AYA as my first gun was an AYA yeoman 👍
  8. just for a bit of fun and a bit of debate. My favourite would be browning and I do have a soft spot for a Lincoln. ATB
  9. Hi All, I got given these as a Christmas present, Fiochhi 20b TT one 28gram 7.5. Through 1/4 and 1/2 chokes these are working well for me. I have taken some seriously good pheasants with these. I think this might be my only cartridge i buy from now for game and clays. Worth a try if you shoot a 20b and you can get hold of a slab ATB Pete
  10. Nothing wrong with the franchi at all, was a cracking gun. The only thing I didn't like about it was sometimes the forend could be a ****** to get back on if not lined up. Just have a hankering for a maxus...nothing against the franchi
  11. Thanks for the replies, could any one tell me what chokes the standard maxus one uses? Are they investor or invector+? Cheere pete
  12. How easy are the maxus semis to clean and how often do you need to clean the gas ports? My last semi was a franchi so minimal cleaning was required Cheers pete
  13. hi all, Any one got any reviews on the benelli sl80 passion and the columbus? ATB Pete
  14. Thanks Stephen ill have a look. Cheers pete
  15. I would consider a 32, however I'm looking for an all rounder so ideally a 30
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