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  1. Stock adjustment

    I have a franchi affinity that is for sale but I will use it until it sells. However I when I shoulder the gun I see a lot of the rib, does anyone know what shim I need to bring my eye more level with the rib?. Cheers pete
  2. Easy hit bead

    Sorted 👌
  3. Muller U2

    On the look out for a muller U2 to fit beretta Mobil/benelli. ATB pete
  4. Easy hit bead

    Hi all, anyone got one laying around or a different make but the same thing?. Needs to be red though. ATB pete
  5. Franchi Affinity Semi Auto

    Where are you located mate?. ATB pete
  6. One for the plumbers

    There is a little tank in the loft mate yes, but sure there is only one 🤔.
  7. One for the plumbers

    Hi all, This may be a stupid question but I've just bled my radiators for the first time in this house. But I can't seem to find a pressure gauge for the heating system to check?. Its an oil fired boiler not combi, does it even have one if it's not a combi?. My previous house was a gas combi boiler. ATB pete
  8. Falcon Prairie .22

    Sorry, didn't see it was FAC. ATB pete
  9. Falcon Prairie .22

    Would you post?.
  10. Weihrauch Hw100 .22

  11. New mortgage

    No that's absolutely rubbish, if I was paying £500 a month @1.2% and it then went to 2.4% I would be paying £506 not £1000.
  12. New mortgage

    No, it would have to go up 100% to be paying double ATB pete
  13. New mortgage

    Thats wrong, if my mortgage is £500 pound a month @ 1.2% and the it suddenly jumps to 2.4% I would not then be paying £1000 a month
  14. Free Experian HPI vehicle checks

    Very kind indeed, you have a pm. Regards pete

    I had this problem last year, I bought an Audi A4 7 speed auto, 2 weeks later the gearbox spat its guts out. I returned the car for a full refund under "fit for purpose" as it was not. ATB pete