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  1. dob

    Vortex scope.

    Cool but do you think it’s worth £450 ?
  2. dob


    1233 replies to sxs club ! I think that they are still fairly popular. Would love to go to a firearms auction one day ,I bet there are some great bargains to be had.
  3. Hi chaps , looking for a new scope, been offered a vortex viper PST 6-24x50 EBR-1 MOA2fb IR RET,with sunshade ,boxed and comes with a lifetime vortex warranty. The guy wants £450 for it . what you reckon . Good value or not ,I don’t know much about vortex scopes . Thanks guys.
  4. His name is Eric , full of character and loves water.
  5. He can be a bit nervous, but he is very keen to please.his training is coming on well ,he is fine with starting pistol and learns quickly,perhaps I am worrying too much but this is all a bit new to me so keen to learn.
  6. Took dummy from his mouth, he is 9 months and yes very placid .the other dog is a lab but not going to be a gun dog , he only came along for a run but I worried about my dog having problems on shootdays . Do you think he will ‘man up’ more as he matures?
  7. Hi chaps , training my lab at the mo ,all going great but did some retrieving work with him and a friends lab came over to see what’s going on ,I normally train him on his own but the other lab kept taking the dummy from my dog, my lab let him have it but I am unsure how to make him keener to hold onto the dummy but I don’t want him to end up in a tug of war with another dog . Obviously on shoot days there are going to be a lot of dogs about and I don’t want him to just give up the bird if another dog comes close. thanks.
  8. On a driven day there are beaters, countless dogs ,children,other guns ,pickers up and their dogs so would you lot consider it safe to shoot foxes on a driven day? I personally think no foxes or ground game/ vermin should be shot because of the safety issues. Could you please give me your thoughts on this ,every driven day I have ever shot on around the country and in Scotland have had a no ground game policy including foxes. Thoughts please gents!
  9. The issue is not if fox is classed as game its wether it is considered safe to shoot anything that runs on the ground on a driven pheasant day !!!!
  10. Not getting into handbags over it but in my opinion ground game is not usual place for a driven day but it's up to you boys if you want to do it.over and out
  11. Thats not a NO GROUND GAME policy then is it , in my experience people get over excited when a fox bolts on a pheasant day and it's a recipe for disaster, I know you lot are going to give me lots of stick but I feel it's a little dodgy.I have seen people sent home from a driven day due to shooting ground game.
  12. Looks like a great day but can I ask why do you not have a no ground game policy on pheasant days, it's not a dig just curious.
  13. lots of rabbits,deer and badgers but Charlie seems to have all but vanished, most odd ,perhaps the rabbits had started eating foxes.
  14. I understand what u say about nv but we lamp over 6,000 acres we may see 1 a night ,none of our neighbouring keepers use nv either.this time of year we are normally still get this springs Cubs that are obviously fully grown but this year we are seeing next to nothing , don't get me wrong it's great for our birds but it's just a bit puzzling.
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