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  1. I am after small rifle primers but thanks .
  2. Ant idea why there is a shortage of rifle primers ? Anyone know a supplier that’s got some ?
  3. Hi chaps , I want to put a hawke scope on my .17 Remington , want one with side focus but don’t want to buy a sidewinder as it’s a lot of pennies, which scope do you think would be a good alternative ? I also want to use a pard nv007. thanks
  4. dob


    Your are a star , not tried them .
  5. dob


    After some buffer for loading my 10 bore shells , components seem really tough to get online , cheers.
  6. I don’t think I have seen bismuth loads for sale , maybe try John foresy ,he has a good selection
  7. Great shooting ,you make it look easy .my mate missed a fox at 60 yards on Friday 🙄, of course I was very sympathetic. How do you rate the 260 rips chap?
  8. Call clay and game and ask for Steven dales,they were showing no 10 overshot cards but he sorted me some , he may have something hidden away .
  9. dob

    Cottages . Com

    Have any of u guys had issues with holiday bookings this summer,either in Uk or abroad? if so were cottages . Com involved? we booked a holiday back in September to France, paid half with final balance due 2weeks before holiday date , a day after balance due we had no payment confirmation from cottages.com so looked into it. after 4 hours on hold we were told that a computer error had deleted our holiday and it had been resold within 6hours of our final payment date . It turns out it was sold for double the original price. after checking on trust pilot it turns out this over 18000 holidays had been double booked and sold for higher prices, not one of the customers that lost there holiday was offered the chance to pay higher totals and keep there original holiday. many people turned up to the holiday homes to find other families already in place after paying more money than original price. its a massive scam brought on by demand for holidays due to covid 19 Be very careful as lots of companies are linked to cottages . Com. we got our money back eventually but trying to book a holiday in France for 7 people with less than 10 days to go before ferry leaves was impossible,so thanks to this company we no longer can go away as Uk homes are also booked solid .
  10. Waited 7 weeks for my pard to arrive, should of took 4days but obviously China got a few issues at the moment.was your ir torch expensive?
  11. dob

    Urika AL391

    Cheers old’un ,says that a code of sp would be on barrel which denotes steel proof so as mine doesn’t have it I guess steel is a no go .
  12. Hello chaps , I am after some advise, I have an urika AL391 and I am having trouble finding proof marks to see if it is ok for steel, all I can see on the barrel is high tensile steel and the symbols BT inside a square box. I can’t see a fleur de Leigh . i will try to put a photo up , does anybody know if it will be ok for steel? Thanks chaps .
  13. Good shooting guys, it’s nice to see hits and misses in these videos 👍🏻
  14. Your hide must have been well made .
  15. Not going to get involved in which caliber is best so just going to say “glad you got the little ****** “
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