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  1. Waited 7 weeks for my pard to arrive, should of took 4days but obviously China got a few issues at the moment.was your ir torch expensive?
  2. dob

    Urika AL391

    Cheers old’un ,says that a code of sp would be on barrel which denotes steel proof so as mine doesn’t have it I guess steel is a no go .
  3. dob

    Urika AL391

    Hello chaps , I am after some advise, I have an urika AL391 and I am having trouble finding proof marks to see if it is ok for steel, all I can see on the barrel is high tensile steel and the symbols BT inside a square box. I can’t see a fleur de Leigh . i will try to put a photo up , does anybody know if it will be ok for steel? Thanks chaps .
  4. Good shooting guys, it’s nice to see hits and misses in these videos 👍🏻
  5. Your hide must have been well made .
  6. Not going to get involved in which caliber is best so just going to say “glad you got the little ****** “
  7. Cheers power, did you do a few different seating depths/ muzzle velocity etc until you found a recipe that worked for you or just go with one particular flavour and stuck with that? Sorry oowee, spell check changed you to power🙄
  8. Hi chaps , I am about to have a last lesson with a mate and I am about to start reloading 223,got all the gear I need but a little nervous, any tips? my mate has just become a rfd in Portsmouth and supplies reloadin* gear as well , if u chaps in Hampshire need anything then give this chap a call . I can forward his details if an6body needs them. seems to me that everything is sooooo crucial with measurements and I am sure I will be fine but you know how it is when you start something for the first time . Sooo if u have any pointers I would be grateful , thanks
  9. Evening , how much are you looking for the double barrel 10 bore? We are coming up to Kinross at the end of Oct and we are looking for a 10 bore for one of the chaps who is coming with us to shoot pinks, thanks
  10. dob

    10 bore shells

    Evening chaps , do any of you guys load your own ten bore shells in the Hampshire area , I am interested in either loading my own . I have a lee loader but need some advise . Thanks chaps
  11. As always great advise, thanks chaps .
  12. Had our poults for 3weeks, look great but just started snicking so gapes, which wormer is best , panacur or flubenol ?. is it better to use a powder in the food or liquid in the water . thanks chaps .
  13. dob

    need a motor

    Want to pay £250-£300 a month max , heard horror stories about leasing but don’t know if it’s all true Lots of extra hidden costs when you hand the car back , want to get a seven seater but I can’t afford to put a large down payment at the mo, just really wanted to if any of you chaps have leased and been hit with extras when you hand it back .
  14. My poor old motor is about to die , should I lease a car or get finance and buy one ? What are pros and cons? Really don’t know which way to go ,I bought my last one from a dealership over 10 years ago and have run it into the ground but has recently cost me a small fortune . Any tips chaps?
  15. dob

    2 days

    Perfect example of the problems that pigeons cause to Britain’s farmers and the reason why they need to be controlled .great job 👍🏻 Just noticed the feed bag on a stick in the field, determined blighters these pigeons, crop seems better nearer the bag but it can’t be that far away from the damaged patch of rape.they can still see the bag from where they are now feeding yet they carry on regardless.
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