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  1. As always great advise, thanks chaps .
  2. Had our poults for 3weeks, look great but just started snicking so gapes, which wormer is best , panacur or flubenol ?. is it better to use a powder in the food or liquid in the water . thanks chaps .
  3. dob

    need a motor

    Want to pay £250-£300 a month max , heard horror stories about leasing but don’t know if it’s all true Lots of extra hidden costs when you hand the car back , want to get a seven seater but I can’t afford to put a large down payment at the mo, just really wanted to if any of you chaps have leased and been hit with extras when you hand it back .
  4. My poor old motor is about to die , should I lease a car or get finance and buy one ? What are pros and cons? Really don’t know which way to go ,I bought my last one from a dealership over 10 years ago and have run it into the ground but has recently cost me a small fortune . Any tips chaps?
  5. dob

    2 days

    Perfect example of the problems that pigeons cause to Britain’s farmers and the reason why they need to be controlled .great job 👍🏻 Just noticed the feed bag on a stick in the field, determined blighters these pigeons, crop seems better nearer the bag but it can’t be that far away from the damaged patch of rape.they can still see the bag from where they are now feeding yet they carry on regardless.
  6. dob

    Little beauty

    Tell mr packham where your frogs went.
  7. The way I shoot it’s as good as a warning shot anyway .
  8. Can’t seem to get onto link for general licence , think its a problem my end but does anyone know costings for these licences ?
  9. dob

    Little beauty

    Man,you must have very good eyesight,I had to put glasses on to look at the photo.
  10. dob

    Vortex scope.

    Cool but do you think it’s worth £450 ?
  11. dob


    1233 replies to sxs club ! I think that they are still fairly popular. Would love to go to a firearms auction one day ,I bet there are some great bargains to be had.
  12. Hi chaps , looking for a new scope, been offered a vortex viper PST 6-24x50 EBR-1 MOA2fb IR RET,with sunshade ,boxed and comes with a lifetime vortex warranty. The guy wants £450 for it . what you reckon . Good value or not ,I don’t know much about vortex scopes . Thanks guys.
  13. His name is Eric , full of character and loves water.
  14. He can be a bit nervous, but he is very keen to please.his training is coming on well ,he is fine with starting pistol and learns quickly,perhaps I am worrying too much but this is all a bit new to me so keen to learn.
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