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  1. Interesting reading, thanks guys!
  2. Pretty much the same. I'm in Cambridge and finding Pigeons are feeding early and late on Peas. Feeding patterns during the day it's anyone guess!
  3. Maybe wrong title 🤣
  4. Hi guys, What numbers are people shooting at the moment and on what crop?
  5. Hi, How quickly have people shot a field after it's been drilled? Should you wait? Or go straight at it? Cheers.
  6. Hi, I am looking for Pigeon shooting in the Cambridge area. I am fully insured and can shoot throughout the week. Text me anytime 07876222332. Regards Tim.
  7. Pigeon decoys x6 in perfect condition.Photo realistic.Made from neoprene.Full sized.Light weight.Comes complete with peg Can post with additional cost. Cambridge Area. £15
  8. Hur5ty

    Hide Seat

    I have found an office swivel chair with these things ⬇️⬇️⬇️ screwed where the wheels go.
  9. Hi, I use these in a 6. I can't fault them!
  10. I have a family with little ones so time is a factor so I go regardless to the surroundings. I am more than happy just to be out in the field shooting the odd Pigeon.
  11. I've been watching and they are still plentiful! It's 2 minutes from my house which help. Great advice all round. You can never stop leaning. Some great advice and some interesting points.
  12. It's very interesting reading all these different theories. It just shows that the Pigeon has many different characteristics! I'm shooting the same field next Wednesday so will let you guys know how I get on.
  13. Interesting comments. Thank you! I sometimes find that Pigeons do not like flying over it so I place my Magnet at the back of my decoy set up. Interesting. I was shooting over Rape a couple of weeks ago and they didn't mind the Magnet at all.
  14. I found today shooting on Peas that my magnet scared 90% of the Pigeons away. Bought it in after and hour or so and they started to play Ball. Its was fairly windy so maybe that had an impact on the Magnet. Ended up with 74 so on this occasion taking the Magnet in worked. Anyone else had this experience in windy conditions?
  15. Interesting that you had to take the Rotary down in a strong wind. I was shooting over Peas Wednesday in a good wind (17mph) and I had to take mine down as it was putting the Pigeons off.
  16. Hi, Where abouts are you?
  17. I'm sure both do the same job. Over time they might not though!
  18. I have a FF5 and they are bloody brilliant. Worth spending more money and get what you pay for.
  19. Im selling a office swivel chair that I've used in my hide Perfect for hide shooting Perfect working order Also selling full body Pigeon decoys Swivel chair for £10 15 for £15 07876222332 Msg me for Pics Cambridgeshire
  20. I've just bought some Gamebore High Velocity 7-1/2s 28g. Shot over rape stubble yesterday and they seem to work a treat. 28 for 41 shoots. And they are reasonably cheap!
  21. Hi What cartridges to people use for Pigeon shooting?
  22. Best decoys are the ones out of the freezer the night before. I use 6 and 2 or 3 full bodied ones and they work wonders.
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