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  1. Sold, thank you for the interest
  2. Possibly all sold now, thanks for the interest
  3. What would you want for the lot? Can collect tomorrow 

  4. Hi all,As with many people I am going through my cartridges and theres stuff there that I will not ever use.So why not put them up for sale.Below is the list and just to let you know that this is collection from Ingatestone (social distancing will be observed) in Essex and a valid shotgun licence will need to be seen on collection.Grab yourself a bargain and make an offer for all of them.Other than that below are the details and prices that I am looking for.143 x Eley Magnum 75 (3") 12g number 3 / 46 grams Extra heavy load/charge extra-forte (Specially loaded for Sporting Supplies) £35125 x Ly
  5. If you are interested Brad i can take you pigeon shooting. I am only up the road in ingatestone.
  6. Logun s16 28 ft/lbs .22 cal, not mine but can put you i touch with my friend. I am sure he said £200
  7. How about an extended rapid rail? My local gun shop makes a superb one. I have two on my Rapids and they allow you to use standard scope mounts. May of London is the gun shop and from memory I think they are £28.99. They are the gun shop that made the drone pro mount that fits standard dove tail
  8. Essex rocks! Welcome a board the mad house
  9. I have one of these legendary guns also, keep an eye on the ports in the barrel (keep them clean), make sure that the sealing o ring is in good condition for the ports and replace the spring that is broken. After this I doubt very much there will be a cycling issue for your loads. As previously said Bomb proof
  10. So the general opinion is leave the motor alone and offer the pigeons a cuppa! Blooming marvellous Lolol
  11. ****, just look for the one with the pink fluffy dice hanging from the mirror lol
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