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  1. Remember me !!!! it's a bit far for me to come ,Hereford .lol ============Slimwilly lol
  2. I do boiler safety tickets for letting agents,(not your area) , the agents only add 10% around here,so not too bad and then all the boxes are ticked.
  3. Buzzards a brilliant hunters of healthy birds,crows and pigeons, swooping from high in the sky , grabbing one and then landing under the hedge where they cannot be divebombed by the crows. They also feed on Rabbits,and dead or injured animals and birds.
  4. Hey up "oldun" I am from Leominster, the pigeons have returned,,flocks and flocks ,mainly flying about overhead,, I went out this morning, had a few shots over decoys,,had one very large flock turn up,,2 shots ,one bird,,then they cleared off,,so not really interested in feeding,,old stubble I was on. last year they were here but no shooters could rely on then feeding after one shot. A bit of a pain really,
  5. My brother lived by the Stiperstones for 20 years, knows the place in the dark,,mind i went out many a night rifleing ,didnt know where we had been. As for clay shooting,,the best and hard to beat is Griffin Lloyd,,about 20 double traps set up all the time, collect a counter and take it with you , choose which traps you want to shoot and go,,also there is an olympic ball trap set up,stand in the dry, . Ludlow town is a superb place for a few hours, not far away is Clee Hill,DHustone,, totally open moorland dog freindly and amazing veiws of the countryside. Long Mynd,again open moors,
  6. So no one uses 30 grms? you rekon 28 gram are good?
  7. Hello Matt, you could come over near Tenbury Wells to try some rabbits from the truck at night, .22 rimmie
  8. I have joined here to read and learn and share some hunting tips,shooting and rifles I have Firearms and Shotguns, foxes,rabbits pigeons,pheasants,crows,, anything legal really
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