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  1. SimpleSimon

    Winchester SXP

    Thanks, I'm after black really but would consider camo. Looking at your location though if your mate is nearby you it's a bit far. Should have said really, I don't mind travelling a bit to collect but prefer not to transfer.
  2. SimpleSimon

    Gunwatch buyers

    If you have a genuine concern that somebody is attempting to obtain a firearm or shotgun illegally then you really ought to call the police and report it. I can't believe anybody would just let it slide thinking "not my problem".
  3. SimpleSimon

    Winchester SXP

    Hi all, As per the title, I'd like to buy a good quality used SXP Black Shadow if anybody happens to have one!
  4. SimpleSimon

    Clock spring

    Bit of googling suggests very likely the clock spring cable, which can fail on any number of its many connections. I also noticed today through experimentation that truning the wheel to certain positions would make the faulty buttons work again, which would explain why the airbag light comes on seemingly at random (I guess after rotating the wheel a certain amount in the right direction)
  5. SimpleSimon

    Clock spring

    Hi all, Been having a problem with my Xtrail for a while now. The airbag light remains on after starting and flashes constantly, there's a reset using rhythmic turns on/off of the ignition which works initially, but after a few journeys the light comes back on. Had a local garage look at it the other day and he said likely to be a connector under the seat, which he cleaned (no charge). Light back on a couple of days later. Now... A long while prior to the first appearance of the airbag light I noticed that the stereo controls on the steering wheel weren't working. I find they're in the wrong place anyway and so I never use them and ignored it. The cruise control buttons (opposite side of wheel) do work, as does the horn. Do you think it's likely to be the clock spring? I was under the impression that the horn and other steering-wheel controls would ALL fail in that case, but I'm basing that on uneducated assumption rather than knowledge!
  6. SimpleSimon

    Nissan X trail Diesel

    I'm getting about 37 out of mine according to the dash display. That's on AT tyres and mostly round lanes and B roads with a fairly heavy foot. Stick cruise control on 70 on the motorway and it'll go up beyond 50mpg
  7. SimpleSimon

    Nissan X trail Diesel

    A 2007 could be either the older T30 or the 2007-2014 T31. I have a T31, which is excellent. Fantastic on-road drive, capable off road, huge boot. Bags of power and pretty much every conceivable toy. I can't speak for the T30, I hear they're good cars but they don't share much apart from the name in engineering terms.
  8. Have a look on Google/eBay for Diver Dave. Better than anything else I've tried, and having worked in the trade for a while I've tried a lot! Really effective and seems to last more than one or two uses before it needs doing again.
  9. SimpleSimon

    Ridgeline Clothing,

    I remember reading somewhere when I was looking at possibly buying some that Ridgeline's membrane has a MVP rate of 3000/m/24hr. Most better mid-range fabrics are at least 10-15k and your very high end kit will be 20k plus. I wouldn't be touching it with a barge pole. Having said that the main contribution to feeling sweaty inside a garment is wearing too much underneath and especially wearing non-breathable kit underneath.
  10. SimpleSimon

    Pump Club

    Thanks for your help folks, you've all echoed more or less what that little voice in my head was saying (not the one that chips in once in a while with "but you don't need it. You should buy a OU instead. Spend the money on stalking") Next question is 3 inch or 3.5 chamber and 26 or 28 inch barrels?
  11. SimpleSimon

    Pump Club

    OK pump people, talk me into (or out of) buying a Winchester SXP. My current and only shotgun is an old Baikal OU which does the job, although it doesn't fit me very well and doesn't especially "feel" great to shoot. I've had it a couple of years for clays, the odd pigeon and this season I've used it for a rough/mini driven walk and stand type syndicate that I joined. I like something a bit different and for some reason I fancy the SXP. Should I buy one for the entertainment value or should I get a "better" OU? Head says OU, heart says I'll have fun with a pump.
  12. SimpleSimon

    Finally got a car I like.

    You missed the crucial part... How much did h̶e̶ ̶p̶a̶y̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ it cost?
  13. How many of you have written to BASC, etc. and your MP to oppose these changes to firearms legislation? I have no aspiration to own either of the rifles mentioned here but I certainly don't want them banned, and another gentle step taken towards a total ban. What next? 22 semi autos? Semi/pump shotguns? Any calibre bigger/faster/more muzzle energy than X? Let's get vocal about this now before minds are made up...
  14. SimpleSimon

    Molly and I

    She's a cracker, brilliant pictures.
  15. SimpleSimon

    Skoda Yeti, out going model

    Yes indeed, if I had to replace my Xtrail tomorrow with a new vehicle I'd really struggle to find the combination of practicality, comfort, off road ability and "niceness" to drive. I'd probably end up with a pickup. So many cars are enormous on the outside and bafflingly small inside.