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  1. A little bump, any interest in this before I try my luck on eBay? Fantastic piece of kit, not old as the hills used and abused like a lot of used trailers!
  2. Hi all,Up for sale is my Stihl BT131 earth auger. Excellent condition, around a year old and well looked after. Obviously bears some signs of use but nothing is broken, damaged, etc. I've used it for stock fencing and hedge planting jobs.Comes with three different augers (65mm, 90mm and 150mm) all approx 650mm length.The 65mm is ideal for piloting 3-4 inch stock fence posts in firm ground.The 90mm I've used for piloting 4-5inch rounds prior to driving.The 150mm is a good size for planting and also for setting square posts. Makes a good starter for digging out a larger hole as well.Don't confus
  3. This is a Nugent trailer, 2700kg max gross weight, on twin axles. It has removable high mesh sides above the standard drop sides (also removable to make a full flat bed) and a checker plate floor. 5 good tyres (4+spare), lights all in working order, brakes good, jockey wheel good.Will be available early April as I do have one or two jobs to complete first. £2400. No VAT to pay MAY consider part ex with cash my way for something slightly smaller like an Ifor P8e. Collection from Stourport, Worcestershire, or I can deliver for diesel cost. I'll throw in a wheel clamp and hitch lock too.
  4. Sounds about perfect to me. I came into shooting firstly as a deer stalker and that's still my biggest interest but with no deer to speak of on my little bit of ground it's an expensive hobby. Anyway, I've been out plenty of times with the rifle, up at daft o-clock into the cold and not seen hide nor hair of deer. Never stops me going back. Likewise with fly fishing, I used to get out with my dad and we'd have days where you didn't touch a fish, but that makes the days when you get a few all the better.
  5. Yes, I imagine learning the ground is hugely important for safety and also for any hope of being in the right place at the right time for a shot at something. As for the dog, I've never asked her to do anything like that so it's a bit of an unknown. But I don't imagine I'll be getting out by myself for a couple of years at least, by which time she might be showing her age a bit and not up for sitting out in the cold. In which case I'll have the perfect excuse for adding another dog to the family!
  6. Hi all, Looking to join a stalking syndicate in England (or Wales?) as Scotland is just too far to justify unfortunately. Have DSC1, open FAC, insurance, etc. I'm looking for recreational stalking/management, not just to whack anything that moves. If you happen to have such a holy grail, please get in touch.
  7. Brilliant, thank you I'll give you a call this evening.
  8. Hi all So I've been interested in the idea of wildfowling for a long while, and I'm very seriously considering joining (at least the waiting list) for the GWCA. I was just wondering what fowling is "like" on the Severn specifically in terms of the quarry, the terrain, etc. And more generally aside from trawling the Internet are there any good books on the subject of wildfowling? Golden rules for fowlers? Must-have gear? (real must-haves, not just fancy stuff from magazine adverts!)
  9. Hi folks, I realised quite depressingly that for one reason and another I haven't looked through my rifle scope at a deer in over two years! So, if anybody has or knows of stalking opportunities within an hour-ish of Worcester (or further afield if its a lease/syndicate) I'd be glad to hear about it.
  10. SimpleSimon


    How's it going buddy? I looked for a Dmax but couldn't get a decent one for my money... Picked up a Navara yesterday from a guy in Oldham though so I'm happy!
  11. Hi all, I had to take last season "off" due to changing work demands, etc. but I'm now looking to join a friendly rough/walked up DIY syndicate somewhere in Worcestershire/Shropshire or nearby... Shooting Saturdays or weekdays (but not Monday or Tuesday) would be ideal. I have insurance, etc. Also a qualified and experienced chainsaw operator, and work on a farm, so willing and able to do upkeep around the shoot and happy to get stuck in with work parties and keepering, etc. Please get in touch if you have or know of anything. Simon
  12. SimpleSimon


    Hi all, I'm looking for a new truck. Navara (post 2010 facelift preferable) L200 or Isuzu. Must be clean and tidy, sub or close to 100k miles. Not interested in anything that's been messed with, abused, parked in the sea, etc. This will be my work and shooting vehicle and the family car so must be clean and tidy internally, the bigger spec the better. Budget is up to 8k, I have seen excellent trucks go for that sort of money recently (in fact I missed out on one which is why I'm now placing this ad.) I've given up looking on ebay as its hard to navigate the sea of sellers who t
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