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  1. Have a look on Google/eBay for Diver Dave. Better than anything else I've tried, and having worked in the trade for a while I've tried a lot! Really effective and seems to last more than one or two uses before it needs doing again.
  2. Ridgeline Clothing,

    I remember reading somewhere when I was looking at possibly buying some that Ridgeline's membrane has a MVP rate of 3000/m/24hr. Most better mid-range fabrics are at least 10-15k and your very high end kit will be 20k plus. I wouldn't be touching it with a barge pole. Having said that the main contribution to feeling sweaty inside a garment is wearing too much underneath and especially wearing non-breathable kit underneath.
  3. Pump Club

    Thanks for your help folks, you've all echoed more or less what that little voice in my head was saying (not the one that chips in once in a while with "but you don't need it. You should buy a OU instead. Spend the money on stalking") Next question is 3 inch or 3.5 chamber and 26 or 28 inch barrels?
  4. Pump Club

    OK pump people, talk me into (or out of) buying a Winchester SXP. My current and only shotgun is an old Baikal OU which does the job, although it doesn't fit me very well and doesn't especially "feel" great to shoot. I've had it a couple of years for clays, the odd pigeon and this season I've used it for a rough/mini driven walk and stand type syndicate that I joined. I like something a bit different and for some reason I fancy the SXP. Should I buy one for the entertainment value or should I get a "better" OU? Head says OU, heart says I'll have fun with a pump.
  5. Finally got a car I like.

    You missed the crucial part... How much did h̶e̶ ̶p̶a̶y̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ it cost?
  6. How many of you have written to BASC, etc. and your MP to oppose these changes to firearms legislation? I have no aspiration to own either of the rifles mentioned here but I certainly don't want them banned, and another gentle step taken towards a total ban. What next? 22 semi autos? Semi/pump shotguns? Any calibre bigger/faster/more muzzle energy than X? Let's get vocal about this now before minds are made up...
  7. Molly and I

    She's a cracker, brilliant pictures.
  8. Skoda Yeti, out going model

    Yes indeed, if I had to replace my Xtrail tomorrow with a new vehicle I'd really struggle to find the combination of practicality, comfort, off road ability and "niceness" to drive. I'd probably end up with a pickup. So many cars are enormous on the outside and bafflingly small inside.
  9. Had a mair

    I thought I was going home without my teckel this afternoon, I took him out and let him hunt about whilst also hunting my lab-GWP cross. Normally I don't do this, if both are out together then they're both at heel or the teckel is on the lead. Little *** knew I couldn't concentrate on both of them at once and seized the opportunity to ****** off as soon as my attention was on the other dog. Arrived back from the opposite direction after what felt like an age (a minute or two, really).
  10. Honda CR-V 1998 Silver

    Hope you find something worth buying mate. Your CRV will be a good buy for somebody, looks to me like it'll go forever same as all Hondas.
  11. Honda CR-V 1998 Silver

    My XTrail is the post-2007 2 litre manual diesel and according to the dash readout my average is 36.5mpg, that's with a fairly heavy foot and mostly driving around lanes and B roads. On a run with the cruise control at 70 it goes up way beyond that. I think the auto is a thirstier beast and it's also lacking about 25 horsepower vs the manual. I love mine and would definitely have another if it was nicked/written off tomorrow.
  12. Bailiffs & guns ,

    You're all clearly much richer than I am and live in huge mansions, because in my 3 bedroom house (and even more so in the 2 bed cottage where I used to live) my wife would have to be a simpleton of the highest order never to develop an idea of where my keys might be. Should I be blindfolding her and asking her to wear ear defenders to reduce the risk of her working out where I've gone? Maybe a divorce is safer, that way there's no risk of her finding my keys
  13. Over exercising dog?

    Somebody once told me something which made a great deal more sense to me than the 5mins/month idea: Imagine a child the same age in years as your pup is in months. Don't expect the pup to do more exercise in intensity or duration than the child would be able to.
  14. gun cabinets

    Obviously the OP would have to be willing to sort out his end, but I've used ParcelMonkey to have a cabinet delivered before. Cost me about 20 quid if I remember correctly and took 24 hours from collection to delivery.
  15. Co Term Renewal Interesting Moment

    Ha. That's nothing. I've got a friend, and his friend's friend knows a bloke who once heard that a fella had bought a second hand cabinet and paid for a courier to collect and deliver it. And when I (erm... I mean my friend's friend's acquaintance's anecdotal fella) opened it, there was half a box of ammo in there!