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    Shooting, fishing, all aspects of hunting and having a go.
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  1. jason g


    beautiful bird mickey 😎😁
  2. jason g


    I'll drop you a pm with my details cheers can't wait 😎
  3. jason g


    If you decided to do a hunting experience I'd be interested 😎
  4. jason g


    I went on a falconry hunting experience last year with 2 harris hawks and loved it. Fantastic to watch them hunting. Some cracking pics you have I'll look out for some more 😎
  5. jason g

    A few jobs out the way

    Lovely bit of woodwork there makes me jealous. Best not show my better half of never hear the end. Nice work 👍
  6. jason g

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    you should get a trail cam and set that up be interesting to see what's there.
  7. jason g

    No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

    Unfortunately in the NANNY STATE that we all live the criminals seem to have more power that any victim and human rights step in. Crazy world we live in.
  8. jason g

    LR Disco Brakes problem

    Mechanically ace but rot is a who different ball game I spent 3 months welding my mates discovery and no end of hours on my own.
  9. jason g

    LR Disco Brakes problem

    It shouldn't because there sealed however the newer landrover discovery has that exact common fault if that was the case you may see fluid in the footwell where it passes through the bulkhead. Landrovers are renowned for their leaks on all shapes and sizes l.
  10. jason g

    LR Disco Brakes problem

    I had an issue similar when I had mine first was caliper slowly leaking causing pedal to go soft so I had to pump it up. The other after was where the pipe went across the chassis in front of the rear axle. Hope this may help
  11. jason g

    Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

    Mine will be to get out,shoot more and better and make the most of enjoying good times with friends and family 😁
  12. jason g

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth

    Are they still for sale
  13. jason g

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    My dad keeps pigeons and had this a couple of times he enlightened me that it's rats because they eat from the head down. Nature doing it's thing I guess
  14. I've knocked a few doors with no joy yet but reading this add makes me feel the need to get off my **** more especially this weather. I have fell lucky with a friend who has permission and takes me along otherwise I think without him and this forum i would lose all hope. Cheers all 😀
  15. jason g

    spray underseal

    Try looking for gravtex that's pretty good aswell