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  1. Get him making a toylander there ace, he has a real talent well done to him 👍
  2. jason g


    Blimey I never had that issue I found the AA pretty helpful, I broke down in barmouth they recovered me and the caravan and family back home I even told them what was wrong they still sent a service van no issues. I would contact them speak to a superior and try to get compensation bit of a p### take
  3. Scary world we live In, these paedos are getting more sly and calculated as time goes on. Perpetrators are very clever to manipulate people and should never be underestimated but what frustrates me more is when paedophiles are house opposite schools, close to parks and children with new identities and nobody's any wiser. It happens round here I know absolutely crazy
  4. Your a better man than me I couldn't do it, I work with you people in education who have been victims to all sorts and upsets me when a disclosure is at the heart of the problem and these young people live with this daily. I agree we can learn but surely there becomes a point to call it quits. Fair play to you sir keep up the good work Zapp rather you than me
  5. Saves the country some money, best thing for him probably didn't suffer as much the victims who probably wished him dead year on year. Real justice
  6. jason g


    Lovely looking 👍cool you learn something new every day speak soon thanks
  7. jason g


    Rickardo I posted on here when you put those great pictures of the birds you fly. Just out of curiosity when do you start to fly and hunt with the birds I have got your number and WhatsApp cheers Jason
  8. That is the cleanest best 90 I think I have ever see fair play you've kept that perfect good luck with the sale
  9. jason g


    Sorry for your loss all the best for all your family in this difficult time
  10. I have used tekaloid paint on my series with a roller and the finish is pretty good with a good shine but do test patch first.
  11. Ferreting long net pole would do. They used to sell on Ebay but I bought some from the game fair last year
  12. Ferrets, dogs and air rifle for bunny. My mate uses a .223 for foxes with a thermal night scope of some description 👍
  13. Cheers rich for the tips all gratefully received, I need all the help I can get thanks
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