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  1. Unfortunately these idiots find any excuse to have a pop, such a shame a young child died but for the antis to get invited is disgusting. These antis are all the same bloody idiots
  2. Fetched wood from Mel this morning cheers for the wood now need to figure out another project 👍👍
  3. It's nice to see the youngsters involved, great to teach then young at least they will respect the dangers and quarry on time, great set up 👍
  4. Mel that would suit me, I'm happy either way, saves a journey 👍👍
  5. Wall heath Kingswinford 👍
  6. I'd be interested in some please
  7. Same here lol, not enough hours though and too many projects 😅
  8. Deffo in shed, plenty to do for winter ferreting 👍👍
  9. Not too bad, 1 of my Jill's died a few weeks back, I've now put a gay silver hob that's firing blanks with my other Jill to get out of season 👍
  10. I've got your number I'll txt it over cheers
  11. Can you do me a pouch for a leather man with a belt loop, same sort of thing like the ferret finder cases with button to keep shut 👍
  12. It's sad to lose someone who has been in your life like this, my friend passed last year and he had a small bit of land where I could shoot and I learnt so much about wildlife and land rovers tbf, such a shame, the older generation really know how to teach in a way that is interesting, sorry for the loss
  13. What a great video, really good explanation 👍👍
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