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  1. What about a mine alarm.. uses a blank shotgun cartridge 👍
  2. This is what a friend has said to me I haven't had time to try but if it looks half like his I'll be happy hope this helps
  3. Since the ban magpies, crows and bloody pigeons descend on my garden and the birds in the hedge have gone down in numbers
  4. jason g


    Saw 1 today on the way to Craven arms lovely looking bird
  5. So we can now shoot pigeons again 👍
  6. Spot on reads very well. Realistic and to the point no nonsense like what packham speaks. Piers Morgan Twitter account might be the best bet if any one has Twitter he seems to spend a lot of time on there. Unfortunately or fortunately I don't have any form of social media. Good luck hope you get a response
  7. Make sure you have good tyres and a strap/ shackles just in case. If you're unsure follow someone who know never alone. Take it easy and occasionally you may need to use your right foot but otherwise enjoy the day that's what its about 👍
  8. I took mine to Coney green 4x4 never worried about specific insurance. I picked the routes I wanted and enjoyed the day. I had a disco 300tdi make sure its suitably equipped for off reading
  9. I'm in the process of looking into joining a syndicate but with the new general license changes might need to put on hold the syndicate is over at trysul or bobbinton I believe
  10. Cannon shooting Halloween. There is a ground over kinver run by Terry hale. There is another 1 on the way to bridgnorth coming from the rabbit run way think it's called Grange farm or the 1 I have shot at is on the way to Worcester park farm shooting hope this helps
  11. I was just enquiring into a syndicate aswell guess that could be on hold. Bet when there cornflakes run low there will be a few complaints. Bloody idiots in power without a realistic clue on how the world works. It All sounds good on paper for some moronic pen pusher who's related to a vegan tree hugging ****......
  12. Not sure about this in particular but I use brierley guns or sandwell field sport
  13. Good on ya 😁 not quite what you would expect. Lovely animal
  14. Some may disagree but I'd of left it until later in the year at least hes bigger to eat 😁
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