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  1. jason g

    spray underseal

    Try looking for gravtex that's pretty good aswell
  2. jason g


    Hiya thanks for the reply I currently have 1 gallon which has worked and is clearing ready to bottle. I do prefer sweeter cider and I have been trying to try and find out methods to sweeten it slightly cheers
  3. jason g

    Rise in young children swearing

    I work in alternative education and just when you think you've heard it all we have a parent in with her kid for a review and she's **** and jeffin. Then her 3yr old is repeating it all and she says nothing like it's all normal. Most people swear on occasions depending on circumstances but society is crazy and bad or lack of parenting is to blame.
  4. jason g

    John Wilson

    RIP J Wilson. My first fishing rod I bought was a John Wilson and kick started a hobby of mine.
  5. jason g

    A wonderful gift from a good old boi on this forum

    Fair play nice to see a bit of generosity. Restores a bit of faith in the dwindling human race if only there were more generous people around the world would be a better place good on ya Simon 😁👍
  6. jason g

    Field knives

    All sorted cheers
  7. jason g

    Field knives

    I'll take both plz
  8. jason g


    Sounds like an interesting combination I'll let you all know how it comes out when done
  9. jason g


    I have my first gallon fermenting and I'm hopefully going to start the 2nd this weekend. I'll either end up with cider or vinegar 😁. Does anyone know when you bottle the cider cheers
  10. jason g


    YouTube sounds like a plan thanks for the reply
  11. jason g


    Has anyone got a simple recipe for making apple cider. I have pretty much everything to make it but unsure of the method and I don't want to spoil the apples/ juice Many thanks Jason
  12. Wish you were closer to me I'd of snapped it up, what an opportunity good luck 👍
  13. jason g

    Modern life.

    Big brother and other **** reality tv shows for the sad folk not on this forum or getting a real life
  14. Hiya can you send me 2 if you still have some I'll sort PayPal from the above details cheers