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  1. jason g


    Lovely looking 👍cool you learn something new every day speak soon thanks
  2. jason g


    Rickardo I posted on here when you put those great pictures of the birds you fly. Just out of curiosity when do you start to fly and hunt with the birds I have got your number and WhatsApp cheers Jason
  3. That is the cleanest best 90 I think I have ever see fair play you've kept that perfect good luck with the sale
  4. jason g


    Sorry for your loss all the best for all your family in this difficult time
  5. I have used tekaloid paint on my series with a roller and the finish is pretty good with a good shine but do test patch first.
  6. Ferreting long net pole would do. They used to sell on Ebay but I bought some from the game fair last year
  7. Ferrets, dogs and air rifle for bunny. My mate uses a .223 for foxes with a thermal night scope of some description 👍
  8. Cheers rich for the tips all gratefully received, I need all the help I can get thanks
  9. Cheers lads iv got a lot to look into thanks for the videos really help 👍
  10. Lol, fishing at home tbf I haven't got a passport yet. this type of fishing is a first for me I'm a complete novice and need all the help I can get before trying out cheers for the reply
  11. Hi all I'm thinking of having a go at cat fishing but I have a few issues. I'm geared up for carp and river fishing so is there any specific tackle required, what bait do you need and what are the best tactics. Any advice would be appreciated as I have never fished for a cat fish ever cheers jason
  12. Sorry for your loss a real tragedy RIP Sarah. My heart goes to you and the family as you said you just never know the real side of someone's life
  13. Worth a read but what a money spinner. All those mugs paying towards a bunch of idiots with an unrealistic ideology of how the countryside should operate. Thanks for the post to keep us informed
  14. Wonder if the evil b****** would mind if I beat him and choke him that's what he deserves
  15. I thought a firearms offence was 5 years plus killing the kid he should hang. This is why our country is in such a mess lack of real justice, poor kid, poor family
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