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  1. I opted for welding a steel tube through my sledge,never moved or broke since πŸ‘
  2. Like body control modules all this new stuff has little boxes to control everything and very sensitive and expensive if you knacker it πŸ‘
  3. 1/4 ply I've used and bendy ply back or a couple of pieces of 1/8 ply for the bow back gently pressed and glued on then apply a second piece fully glued both work well and last if well covered, the holes in the front if you put them there the ferrets will chew on so bare that in mind
  4. I was always told to put the headlights on first incase of surge reducing the risk of damaging ecu or modules, put positive lead on both then negative my car has always been running anyway when I connect leads just be mindful of moving parts
  5. jason g

    Ups and downs

    My neighbours are anti social, my missus locked herself out once and the neighbour opposite was in the garden she completely blanked my missis and went in, cold and wet day although the postman offered to climb the gate and break in for her, community seems very distant
  6. jason g

    Crab pots

    YouTube the fish locker he's ace with anything sea fishing, he does alot of crab and lobster pots in Cornwall πŸ‘
  7. These have there own collars there the round ones that only pick up on that type of box
  8. I'd rather give to someone who can use than cut up πŸ‘
  9. Cheers for the responses 1 of the pw massive is taking off my hands πŸ‘πŸ‘ thanks for the help its been on my mind for a long time 😁
  10. Don't fancy being clonked with a spring? I will put on here they both work but aren't worth any to me anyway but if someone has a use then it will do me a favour i need to thin my stuff out cheers
  11. Cutting up has crossed my mind, there only break barrel springers what about the spring ??
  12. Hi lads, I could do with a bit of advice on what you do with old air rifles. I have a couple of cheap rifles from about 20yr ago only cheap Chinese stuff but not sure what to do for the best, last thing I want is someone having and messing around like some youth of today any suggestions would be appreciated thanks Jason
  13. jason g


    I'm gonna have a look at the link has been put on, good to see people willing to help out restores faith in humans. I work at a alterative school with vulnerable young people thanks
  14. jason g

    Ferreting gear

    Got some nets that I don't use, think there Bisley they will need some pegs though.
  15. Great ill have a look really appreciate the adviceπŸ‘
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