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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll give them a try! 👍
  2. You'd of probably got your lunch for free 😆
  3. You might as well add the BBC to those shambles!!
  4. I've got an Airsporter S .177. Even though I've not fired it in an age, the pellet I used was/is AA diabolo in 4.52s
  5. PIL1

    Makita 4" belt sander

    This is the one I have, hooks up to the vacuum nicely so no mess. It has a switch for 2 rates of material removal.
  6. PIL1

    Makita 4" belt sander

    Hardly, Stevie Wonder can see better than you. He wouldn't of missed that bunny that I had to shoot for you with the AA S510 sub 12 😜 Hope you've improved with that power burner 😁 Hope your keeping well, Dave
  7. PIL1

    Makita 4" belt sander

    Thanks for all the replies fellas Just to be a little clearer, I've got a Bosch industrial 150mm random orbital sander that works great, better than the Dewalt one that I had stolen. I've worked a couple of green oak porch jobs in the past and had the use of a makita belt sander back then as the client's wanted a smooth finish. For maximum stock material removal the one I used was smashing apart from the exhaust I found was too low down, hence why I thought the one pictured would be best. If it was only a small amount of oak then I would of just used the orbiter but by the sounds of things there's going to be a fair amount. Never thought of using angle grinder with flexidiscs, maybe one to try in the future. Steve
  8. To those that are in the know, which one do you recommend as being the best? I've got an oak porch / roof to start in the near future so was thinking this was the one? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pSZ1yPKLp82jQPFK_03tk5__xapkc2mS/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Love the look of the Airsporter S and still have mine from about 83 I think, in the rarer .177. Not shot it in a long while but I will never sell it as I have lots of fond memories and a scar to remind me to be more careful when changing the spring lol Only regret I have with mine is I stupidly put a suppreser on it and marked the barrel with the grub screw doh
  10. Probably better to read all that than watch the fake news coming from Sky News and other MSM outlets!!
  11. It says Chesterfield in his profile, buddy.
  12. I feel his pain Delwint as I had my transit done about 5 years ago, lost about 5 grands worth of tools and shooting kit . I got off light as they had the van emptied but they must of been on foot because all my other kit was stacked ready to be picked up. I must of disturbed them when I let the dog out for a squirt at 3 in the morning, totally sickening feeling . I think they used a lock-pick , bloody eBay do them for as little as £15 . Insurance paid out for the shooting gear luckily enough as I've been told usually they only pay out if there are signs of forced entry. Check out the ford transit forum regarding security buddy, as they say on there that there are picks for the Garrison Locks out already. Pal of mine had his handbrake cable cut and they towed the van away. They emptied his van and left it parked on a coppers driveway. Hope you get to find out who robbed the kit, too much of it going on.
  13. What model van was it, Delwint ?
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