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    Broadmoor, for the criminally insane
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    Clay shooting, FAC Air Rifles, >22 Rimfires.owner of -stick with nail in end--ballon on stick---cap gun---pirahna fish on lead---- gat pistol(not working like me)---rolled up newspaper--and other deadly artifacts

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  1. It's too late, I've just seen the EM General List, your name is at the top, in red letters.
  2. Ooh Erh, Is that a threat to do me harm then Jerry?? Must make a note to pass on to your local police , who have OK your SGL then..I dont remember your exact qualifacations you put down when you joined this forum, but I remember you stated head/ or main coach. I only raised what I did in revenge at your putting down my replies to PW members inquiries re, what was the rules at two different types of clay shooting discipines, I stated what had occured several times when I was a participiant. You tried to belittle me in my honest replies, so I decided to see what was your shooting Qualifications
  3. Sorry Sonny, but when you have even the slightest grasp on what you are bleating about, then- and only then will I reconsider and decide if you merit a response to your crude knowledge of the English language.. now off you go, soon be your bedtime sonny jim!!
  4. Hey Maiden 22 !!When you awake in the morning and turn to kiss your lovely wife, that loving horse like face you kiss,!! might not be your wife at all !! YES YOUVE GUESSED.!! Its a real horses head!! MUngler s revenge, reaches EVERYWHERE!!
  5. Sorry old bean you are not good enough to be in my shooting class!... 1 You do not show enough reverance, and 2. you cant spell, A you misspelt )Awnsered !! and B. Anylise !!. you will obviously not even make it to level one of hopscotch in the infants class!!... you sir are a Wally of the lowest order!! please come back after 20 or so years when you have attained C class in sporting!! or top/and whip control. !! Or get yourself in AA class in any shooting discipline by a half hour course with a CPSA Coach
  6. Hey, A worda of a warninga,, Youa dida nota seea anythinga?? from a frienda offa the cosa nostra, Rememba you dida not seea mr biga, MUNGLA!!... Sh, I a tolda you to keepa stumma.
  7. I dont fancy the Masia bird at at all but I would do the lady doc, FREE.( If she can hang around a couple of hours till it WORKS!!..
  8. Well done Webber you look allmost Alive!!!
  9. Ha HaHa, Mungler thinks he is mr BIG!!... But thats not what his wife told my wife!!!
  10. No, my friends dont chicken out the word is___ Hummer!! Well it rymes with that anyway!!!
  11. Hee Hee Hee, Oh come on!!! I have just been reading how to con people and make lots of dosh for doing allmost nothing!!... yes you have all guessed,..... tomororow I will stand as a New Labour Canditate!!!!... no, Not as a head coach for the CPSA!!
  12. What?? What,, dont you understand?? Following your train of thought I will have to get myself off to a top brain Hospital in the morning and tell the the doctors how to operate!!.on serious cases..No Problem, I will tell them you sent me....
  13. No No, I tought Mungler everything he Knows!! ...... Allas he still knows NOTHING!!
  14. Hmm, Still dont know how Lefty finished up?? C,man,, is Lefty the new owner of the,HAT??..... Hhm why the silence?? Is LV trying desperatly trying to hang on to it??.. or is Lefty too ashamed to be the new recipiant of the Pink Hat???
  15. Ha Ha Ha, Beretta, I will teach you everything I know!!... bad side , is, you know more than me,!! my mate!!... Ooh Eer My cheque is in the post!!
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