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  1. Sussex Sporting Championship 2012 to be held at a new venue http://www.elmhouse.co.uk/index.html on August 26th, fantastic valley setting, looks promising to be a great shoot
  2. Congrats on acquiring IMO one of the best classic PCP's going If it was me i'd leave be
  3. tosspot


    Happy Birthday to the man that makes me look positively Karen Carpenter
  4. Do they keep? ( add red faced smilie)
  5. Shout louder to reach the OP, this thread is over three years old
  6. Brian, I presume there were multiple combinations to prevent learning a pattern but each combination having to ultimately make the shooting even between the two guns :blink: Must've been a nightmare to trap? PS, made the final a couple of years running at this, pity it seems to have disappeared :(
  7. ME gave up shooting ages ago, he now turns up and loses a few shots in a general direction.
  8. Heard there was an incident there, helicopter called ect
  9. 12 ltr 300 bar full hydra test, new valve seals and filled £54 last week
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