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  1. Docleo

    Goose calls

    If they're still available I'll have them please!
  2. Docleo

    wild mushrooms

  3. Docleo

    wild mushrooms

    Really nice! How do you prepare the puffballs?
  4. Docleo

    Not walking on lead

    I'm not a dog expert at all but when my cocker was about 3 months old he was pretty much the same. I tried to encourage him with treats and making the walk as fun as possible...It didn't work all the times 😂. Then little by little he started enjoying the walks and after 5-6 weeks he was absolutely ok. Now he's 11 months and when I get the lead he goes crazy...👍. I'd say it is just a matter of time. Be patient.
  5. Docleo

    Express hevi shot

    🤔 almost 400 miles...
  6. Docleo

    Express hevi shot

    I thought were 26 or 31 grms? Where are you?
  7. Docleo

    Isle of Mull

  8. Docleo

    Isle of Mull

    Hi guys, I'll be on holiday on the isle of mull next week and was wondering if it might be any good for some (foreshore) wildfowling? Any restriction I should be aware of? Any advice? Thanks!
  9. Docleo

    Pictures of our companions.

    Milo, 10 months....
  10. Docleo

    John Muir Permits

    Still waiting for mine as well....
  11. Docleo

    28 sleeps

    This will be my first 1st september on the foreshore.... can't wait....
  12. Docleo

    Pigeon decoys and bucket seat

    pm sent?
  13. Docleo

    What would you do?

  14. Docleo

    Scottish Members Clay Day 11

    Sorry for the late notice but I won't be able to make it tomorrow...
  15. Docleo

    Pigeon Decoys

    If still available I'll take them please!