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  1. Can I have the second dibs if the sale doesn't go through? Thanks
  2. Docleo


    Pm sent. 👍
  3. Can't think to any top o/u ticking all the boxes. 7 lbs limit being the most challenging for new 3 inch steel proofed guns.. Agree with WalkeUp, I would buy 2 guns. A proper game gun and a wildfowling one. I have a Beretta SO3, great guns (the eell version would still be within the OP's budget) right weight but they are 2 3/4. As said, would NEVER use it on the foreshore...
  4. 80£, form completed in a couple of weeks. Edited to say this happened couple of weeks ago.
  5. What if you try aiming at clays? Do you miss?
  6. Thanks Scully. Unfortunately it is not close enough to me to call in. I'll wait (trying again to speak to them) for 1-2 more weeks. Then I might just send my renewal application. Cheers
  7. I owened an old Grand Vitara (10-11 years old) and it was a rust bucket... 🙄
  8. I tried few times, no answer. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, apologies if this has already been asked/discussed. My SGC is due for renewal at the end of Feb 2022. Shall I wait until I get the reminder through the post, or should apply now? Thanks
  10. So, if Brexit is "biting" those against Brexit are to be blamed?
  11. Really interesting point. I was wondering pretty much the same few days ago, while reading about the fuel shortage. Do you think people (brexiters or remoaners) will ever be objective enough evaluating the impact of Brexit?
  12. Docleo

    50 days to go

    Good luck everyone. Enjoy the day and be safe 👍
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