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  1. If you like Berettas, I'd suggest an old (late 60s-80s) SO3 EELL. Imho one of the best gun ever made with beautiful hand made engravings. Probably, around 10K you can find a mint one. I might be biased tho (I'm from Italy...😁)
  2. Some nice sunrise/sunset on the foreshore with my dog and possibly my first graylag (would be a bonus!). Less than a month to go....
  3. Spaniels love posing on bales...
  4. Just got an email from BASC on a consultation to ban hunting with dog. Took just few minutes to respond. https://basc.org.uk/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=1002&wysijap=subscriptions&user_id=129419
  5. Docleo


    Thanks but I'm too far away!
  6. Docleo


    Where are you?
  7. The few that really sell them (used), are asking 2-3 X the brand new price....
  8. Here's the picture. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hi all, sorry but won't make it. Still really busy with the moving. Hope to see you soon!
  10. Tried but none is what we need. Where it is advertised, is then out of stock... Thanks anyway!👍
  11. Guess this is a long shot but apparently they're not selling them any longer We have the pram (bought a month or so ago), the car seat but is impossible to find the adapters...Does anyone have them sitting unused and willing to sell? Happy to pay the full price. Any suggestion really appreciated! Thanks!
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