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  1. Just found this and thought to post the link. https://basc.org.uk/basc-calls-for-voluntary-restraint-of-shooting-of-wildfowl-in-scotland/
  2. I have a (couple of) Benellis and a Beretta s/a. I tend to agree with Goldfish, the Beretta feels lighter and more compact. Benellis don't like light loads (30 g should be ok). For Beretta, just avoid anything shorter than 2 3/4. 👍
  3. How do you know? Genuine question and hope you're right in case of no deal.
  4. This is Milo, during a great flight at the beginning of this season!
  5. Glad she's recovering well. Best of luck
  6. +1 If you buy extra barrels, they go on your licence. I would rfd.
  7. Same in East Lothian.... geeese around all the morning! 👍
  8. 3 chokes in good condition (2 of them in very good condition). Full, Imp. Cil. and Skeet. Not sure of the value, so lets say 15£ posted to your door. Cheers
  9. Nice foraging there! There're a couple of B. aestivalis as well (I think!).
  10. Welcome! What kind of shooting are you interested in??
  11. Just an update... Order placed on Sep 1st, emailed them a couple of times (afrer the 6th) and called the number on their website. Didn't hear anything back...
  12. I have a Garmin eTrex30 for trekking. In my opinion if you have to rely on something you better choose an appropriate device rather than a mobile phone. That said, I don't use it for my wildfowling.
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