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  1. As per title, 1 new sanding pad available. 23£ delivered or collected from EH25 (20£) Cheers
  2. Nope, we pay taxes (including for NHS) since we work in UK and probably need less services than people retired in Spain?
  3. Are the EU nationals (who failed to apply/obtain the settled status) going to be allowed to stay in UK? 🤔
  4. Knife arrived today. Thanks
  5. We're all the shooters out yesterday living in area or allowed to travel for any other reason?
  6. Thanks for all the interest, now provisionally sold.
  7. I think you're right... 1.600 kg barrels must be like hen's teeth. I've owened and shot quite a few Beretta and Perazzi Trap guns but none with such heavy barrels! Good luck with your quest!
  8. Hi Phil, It's 1.500 kg. Please let me know if you'd need any further info or picture. Thanks
  9. The one on top if still available please? Cheers
  10. Glasses arrived today. Very pleased with them. Cheers
  11. I'll take the orange glasses if available please? Please pm the details. Cheers
  12. I found a couple of the above in a drawer. The gun is gone and they are no longer required. Free to a good home, just send me your address.
  13. Caesar Guerini maybe? I shoot the 410 a couple of times and it's a nice little gun. Very well balanced with the 30 inch barrels.
  14. Hi, I'm looking to join a syndicate for the coming season, as close as possible to the Lothians. I'm not bothered at all by bag size, rather after a place to work my cocker and enjoy the countryside. If you have or know about anything available, please get in touch. I know it's a long shot but might be lucky! Thanks
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