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  1. This is Milo, during a great flight at the beginning of this season!
  2. Glad she's recovering well. Best of luck
  3. +1 If you buy extra barrels, they go on your licence. I would rfd.
  4. Same in East Lothian.... geeese around all the morning! 👍
  5. 3 chokes in good condition (2 of them in very good condition). Full, Imp. Cil. and Skeet. Not sure of the value, so lets say 15£ posted to your door. Cheers
  6. Nice foraging there! There're a couple of B. aestivalis as well (I think!).
  7. Welcome! What kind of shooting are you interested in??
  8. Just an update... Order placed on Sep 1st, emailed them a couple of times (afrer the 6th) and called the number on their website. Didn't hear anything back...
  9. I have a Garmin eTrex30 for trekking. In my opinion if you have to rely on something you better choose an appropriate device rather than a mobile phone. That said, I don't use it for my wildfowling.
  10. Thanks, I completely missed that on their website! Cheers
  11. As suggested by a few on here, I placed an on line order with Scotlandreloading on Sep 1st. The order has been confirmed by an email saying they would contact me to arrange delivery. So far, didn't hear anything... tried to email them but no reply and the phone number appears to be invalid...🤔 Anyone ordered recently?
  12. I'm surprised all the medical educated people on here did not "accuse" you already to be sponsored by Big Pharma! Thanks for posting and for the hard work you're doing.
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