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  1. Docleo

    Another Season About To Draw The Curtains

    The one just closed was my first full wildfowling season and was GREAT! Not for any big bag, (managed 3 geese and few ducks on the foreshore through the season ) but I did enjoy every single flight especially in the late part of the season when I had my young dog with me. Reading some of your reports here makes me even more aware of how much I have to learn about this fantastic sport! Next season target: first goose under the moon
  2. No worries Leo you can contact me on 07794977232

    1. Docleo

      Scottish Members Clay Day 12

      It's a shame I cannot make it! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for organising such good days. 👍
    2. Docleo

      Lyalvale Hevishot 32g no 5

      Where are you?
    3. Docleo

      Tungsten Matrix 12 bore cartridges

      Bargain! ...too far away! Good luck with the sale.
    4. Docleo

      Can you trace a mobile number

    5. Docleo

      BREXIT - merged threads

    6. Docleo

      Beretta SO4 12 gauge

      That's a beauty! Pm with few questions...
    7. Docleo


      Thanks for all your great pictures! Ever think to make a calendar?
    8. Docleo

      Benelli spares in the UK?

      Probably the little metal clip that holds the pin (fitting in one of the 2 grooves) is broken or missing. Pm'ed you.
    9. Docleo

      Goose calls

      If they're still available I'll have them please!
    10. Docleo

      wild mushrooms

    11. Docleo

      wild mushrooms

      Really nice! How do you prepare the puffballs?