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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  2. What would you recommend as an introduction to wildfowling and/or wildfowling tales? Thanks!
  3. No, don't think so... he doesn't usually eat cow pats 😇 Apparently, there's some medicated food pellets quite appetible for dogs and he might have eaten one of those. Anyway, I didn't notice anything.
  4. Just a warning about something I had no clue about, before today. Saturday morning went downstairs in the living room around 7.30 am where Milo (2 and half yo spaniel) sleeps. Found my best friend completely unable to move, both hind and fore limbs flaccid, not able to sit or stand on his feet. The evening before, Friday, he was completely fine. Needles to say, I was panicking, and called the emergency vet. Diagnosis after examination: vertebral disc disease, referred to the vet hospital for MRI scan and possibly surgery. Few hours later nothing abnormal found with MRI, so no vertebral disc disease. Further investigations revealed no signs of inflammation or infection in the blood or spinal cord. No problems with nervous conduction in the spinal cord. In the evening, Milo was still paralyzed with no treatments given apart from fluids and pain killers. The vets had no clear explanations for what was going on, only a list with 3-4 possibilities. After an almost slepless night, this morning, Sunday, the vet called at 9.30 with the best possible news, she told me Milo COMPLETELY RECOVERED during the night, and to go to pick him up at any time! Came out he was most probably intoxicated with a ionophore agent (a medication given to cows) and was very lucky because the symptoms were relatively mild. The vet told me they had another dog with same symptoms who was walked the same area where I walk Milo (near to a dairy farm). Did you ever heard of this before? I'm so happy to have my best mate back home with me!
  5. Hi Shooter, probably better to remove your phone number from an open forum...
  6. Do you have the stock drop and cast measures? Can you adjust them? Would you rfd? Thanks
  7. it was the same with my KC insurance...
  8. I was proud of my cocker retriving geese from water.... should show him this picture! Thst's brilliant, thanks for posting!
  9. Here's a link to a 28g for sale in Italy, looks the same to me https://images.app.goo.gl/MmpAgRjbbxA2XuE68
  10. I think it could be a "Contento" (from the name of the italian gunmaker) model Sanremo. Boheler should be the steel (good one) used for the barrel. Hope it helps. Cheers
  11. For sale 4 Italian shirts Belmonte (bought in Italy and shipped here as present). They're 39 (neck 15 & 1/2) but a bit on the small side for the size (possibly slim fit). New with tags. 28£ each + pp or 110£ for all (delivered to your door).
  12. Docleo


    I'm really concerned about any outcome that will stop theese trades. My understanding is those are a vital part for London and Uk economy. Possibly I missed something but apparently no one (for sure ALL the politicians) is too keen in explaining such consequences?
  13. Docleo


    (Possibly stupid) question regarding brexit and the deal: what's going to happen from the 31st (or after any implementation period) to the financial service trades between uk an eu? My understanding is they won't be allowed any longer?
  14. Out for some rough shooting with the dog this morning. Saw 7 missed 3.... Great day anyway and the dog worked well!
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