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    shooting clay and game re- load all my own cartridges.
    Fabarm lion cammo h360 3" auto 3 shot
    lanber sporting m/c o/u
    Browning 525 Sporter one 3" m/c.
    Armsan 20g 3 shot auto.
    Baikal 12g hushpower.
    Browning Maxus max 4 camo 3.5"
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    Browning Gold 3 shot Auto.3".

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  1. What a bargain make some one a cracking hide gun. For less than 2 slabs of decent cartridges.
  2. Fiochi cases

    I only ever reload my cases once and then bin them.
  3. I have reloaded my own cartridges for years. I also run all my own shot I have a mate who is a roofer and he supplies me with all my lead and years ago got a huge amount of antimony which i put 1% in to every smelting of my ingots to run. its the biggest saving out there and I also have drums full of cut offs for the dets which i bought years ago from a gun shop at 5£ adrum so its just the powder and wads to buy and they come from clay and game reloaders.
  4. 20 bore cartridges for pigeons etc.

    Thanks a lot i will be looking hard at all suggestions but the RC seem to come up regularly so i will be buying some and then also save the hulls to reload. The information received is just what i was after thanks a lot guys
  5. 20 bore cartridges for pigeons etc.

    cheers guys thank you all for the positive replies
  6. 20 bore cartridges for pigeons etc.

    any specific brand?
  7. Manchester arena hero pleaded guilty to theft.

    Totally agree Figgy.
  8. Hi I am new to 20 bore shooting as i have only ever shot 12 bore for many many years. I reload all my 12 bore and intend on doing the same with 20 bore. I am in the process of building up a used mec jr into a 20 bore but in the meantime wondered what is the best cartridge i can buy for pigeons , ducks ,geese any help will be appreciated . Thanks in advance Steve.
  9. new year

    Happy New Year to all p/w members have a nice time tonight but be safe and good shooting in 2018 . All the very best Steve.
  10. Estimated for gun repair

    I had a firing pin made and fitted for a Parker hale o/u (winchester grand european really) by Peter Dyson for £18 last year.He or his son did it for me as I am not a gunsmith and wanted it doing correctly so Gordon is right .
  11. Bettinsoli Diamond X Sporter 12 gauge

    thanks for the info . I have decided to buy one at the British shooting show in February .
  12. Bettinsoli Diamond X Sporter 12 gauge

    Good value that if it was a 20 bore i would have taken it in a heartbeat i'm after one. good luck with the sale but i think you won't need it mate.
  13. Muck boots or Skee Tex ?.

    go the cheap option and buy some hot socks.
  14. Hi

    welcome to p/w
  15. kofs shotguns

    That's what I thought just need some input as to what they are like.