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    shooting clay and game re- load all my own cartridges.
    Fabarm lion cammo h360 3" auto 3 shot
    lanber sporting m/c o/u
    Browning 525 Sporter one 3" m/c.
    Armsan 20g 3 shot auto.
    Baikal 12g hushpower.
    Browning Maxus max 4 camo 3.5"
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  1. Bore snakes 12 bore and 20 bore £6 posted. 6 12 bore 7 20 bore payment via PayPal message me for details. tried to load pictures and as usual it won't let me but can send via message if needed.
  2. As above I have reloaded enough shells to last me till I retire next year . Lovely machine got some signs of wear but in great condition. will come with all associated loading materials including 1000+ 32 g plastic wads 1000's of reclaimed primers cut off's in drum powder etc . looking at £500 for the lot any interest get in touch by pm and will send photos by whatsapp couldn't post photos as it says too large and at 60 year old can't be bothered to mess around.
  3. As in the title mate of mine works in the security camera /Alarm business and has given me quite a few 7ah battery's i will never need them all so I thought if any pigeon watch members want any get in touch and i will sort them. I don't have time to post them as work is really busy so anyone in the sheffield /Rotherham or surrounding areas can collect at night when i'm in then your more than welcome.
  4. £75 for a lovely looking s/s about the price of a slab of decent cartridges.One big difference this will last a lifetime .GLWTS Mick as this is a Bosher of all bargains.
  5. Both work very good on there day if i had to chose 1 for the rest of my shooting life I would go for the FF5 flapper .It's All down to personsl choice really . I have had some fantastic days using both at the same time and days when one or the other works just as well .If they are flaring at the magnet I take it in and just use the flapper and to be honest the flapper has never let me down either on stubbles or standing crops.
  6. Be carefull LLoyd I use a teague choke key to nip mine up. The reason being last year a bloke on the end of our shooting pegs blew out the end of his barrel after his choke came loose and that was an extended choke hand tightened. After that I bought my key from teague (£17.50) just for peace of mind.
  7. Any news please on taking orders?
  8. yes Pinewood is a great shooting ground .Alan is a great owner and is always there for any advice to pro shooters or a totall novice . open from wednesday to saturday.
  9. I have recently bought a new Franchi elegant . The shotgun is very comfortable swings through brilliantly and with it being a Berreta owned company now with some of there specs intergrated into the design etc comes up very good .£925 with ABS case trigger locks chokes etc very good value for money.
  10. Cheers Al will keep you updated on his progress.
  11. Thanks Mick with a lot of patience and love i will turn this dog into a fantastic retriver . thanks mate the training will start in the next couple of wweeks. That's exactly what me and the wife are hoping for thanks mate. will do mate looking forward to that day myself mate.
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