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    shooting clay and game re- load all my own cartridges.
    Fabarm lion cammo h360 3" auto 3 shot
    lanber sporting m/c o/u
    Browning 525 Sporter one 3" m/c.
    Armsan 20g 3 shot auto.
    Baikal 12g hushpower.
    Browning Maxus max 4 camo 3.5"
    Full BASC Member
    Browning Gold 3 shot Auto.3".

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  1. steveshoots

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    Any news please on taking orders?
  2. steveshoots

    west/south yorks mid week clay shooting

    yes Pinewood is a great shooting ground .Alan is a great owner and is always there for any advice to pro shooters or a totall novice . open from wednesday to saturday.
  3. steveshoots

    20 Bore recomendations for Game

    I have recently bought a new Franchi elegant . The shotgun is very comfortable swings through brilliantly and with it being a Berreta owned company now with some of there specs intergrated into the design etc comes up very good .£925 with ABS case trigger locks chokes etc very good value for money.
  4. steveshoots

    new home for labrador

    Cheers Al will keep you updated on his progress.
  5. steveshoots

    new home for labrador

    Thanks Mick with a lot of patience and love i will turn this dog into a fantastic retriver . thanks mate the training will start in the next couple of wweeks. That's exactly what me and the wife are hoping for thanks mate. will do mate looking forward to that day myself mate.
  6. steveshoots

    new home for labrador

    Thanks mate.
  7. steveshoots

    new home for labrador

    He's had a great night Alan just had a nice long walk . He's settled very well looking forward to starting his training in a week or 2 changed all his details on the microchip. Thanks mate we are over the moon with him.
  8. steveshoots

    new home for labrador

    sent you a pm.
  9. steveshoots

    Half or Whole Organic Lamb meat box

    sent you a pm.
  10. steveshoots

    Lanber Sporting Delux

    There's one on page 2 in private sales.
  11. steveshoots

    Baikal Hushpower 12 gauge

    gun now sold.
  12. steveshoots

    Ponsness werran 375

    contact pinfire man off here he deals in your reloading machines.
  13. steveshoots

    Baikal Hushpower 12 gauge

    no mate not very often.
  14. steveshoots

    Browning B325 12 gauge

    very nice gun dates to 1985 . I had one in the 30" model and have had sellers remorse ever since. priced Very reasonably should sell very quick I think personally they are Brownings finest made shotgun.
  15. steveshoots

    Hull Superfast Pigeon?

    when you have confidence in a cartridge stick with it confidence leads to momentum and when you are in the groove shooting at whatever quarry you are on becomes second nature and the birds seem easier. However like motty says same size shot velocity etc any cartridge hits with the same power.