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    shooting clay and game re- load all my own cartridges.
    Fabarm lion cammo h360 3" auto 3 shot
    lanber sporting m/c o/u
    Browning 525 Sporter one 3" m/c.
    Armsan 20g 3 shot auto.
    Baikal 12g hushpower.
    Browning Maxus max 4 camo 3.5"
    Full BASC Member
    Browning Gold 3 shot Auto.3".

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  1. pull back the block insert cartridge in breech push just past where it should stop and the block automatically picks it up and loads it .That's the speed load common now on all Browning semi Auto's.
  2. how many do you have please?.
  3. what is the barrel length on the Berreta and is it 2 3/4 or 3 inch?
  4. loving that woodwork it's as Ditchman says absolute bargain £95 for a gun of that class this won't stick around long. I've paid more for a pair of extended chokes. If you ever travel up to Sheffield bring it and I will take it.
  5. just bought a 55 inch hisense 4k uhd hdr qled tv from currys £500 the picture was the best they had out of all the others i looked at and it's fantastic . Its a smart tv with loads of free channels has a built in internet so you can go online with your tv. simply put it's unreal.
  6. if it's a mec junior 600 thats a bargain.
  7. still all a bit confusing hoping my local rfd has a clue. thanks for replying.
  8. Does anyone know if beretta mobil chokes fit a Bettinsoli shotgun at all been told they might but i would really like a definite yes or no answer at all if possible.
  9. what a nice write up Ed good reading and at times shooting is not always about killing loads of birds a good walk around and having a laugh with mates is what it's about at times.
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