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    shooting clay and game re- load all my own cartridges.
    Fabarm lion cammo h360 3" auto 3 shot
    lanber sporting m/c o/u
    Browning 525 Sporter one 3" m/c.
    Armsan 20g 3 shot auto.
    Baikal 12g hushpower.
    Browning Maxus max 4 camo 3.5"
    Full BASC Member
    Browning Gold 3 shot Auto.3".

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  1. steveshoots

    S.1 semi-auto wanted

    Browning gold s/a mint £400 This also has the speed load system.
  2. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Thanks Dave will do mate.
  3. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Yes I will mate. Looking forward to it and my pups arrival.
  4. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Thanks Lloyd but I am well on the way to getting my pup.I have to wait till the 8th of July till she's ready to go. off working parents liver and white lovely marking chipped and docked KC registered £600. Which I thought was reasonable.
  5. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Cheers kevin will take a look.
  6. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Cheers Dave looking around all the local breeders at the moment as you well know picking a pup that i have had no dealings with at all ie (ESS) is a minefield but i will be getting one i'm not being too picky as long as both parents are from a good working background thats all that matters to me ,
  7. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Thanks Dave will have a look for it and buy it thanks for your help. As a follow up I bought it of ebay.
  8. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    well that's very generous of you J dog Thank you.
  9. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    could you give me the title of the book please ? i have talked it over with the wife and she is keen on a ESS. I am very capable of training dogs as i have done all my shooting life but never a springer and may need all the help i can get thanks for your help. Best regards Steve.
  10. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Thanks J dog yes grief especially for my wife is a very hard thing to cope with and yes I will be buying another dog as i am a firm believer in if you shoot you should have a dog. Thanks to all for your very welcome advice given me food for thought.
  11. steveshoots

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Well i lost my fox red lab dog to cancer 2 weeks ago. I moved heaven and earth trying to save his life and couldn't. My wife and I have been through hell and back. It was like losing one of the kids. I was going to pack up shooting altogether but was talked out of it by my son the question I need some advice on is ESS dogs hard to train up ? i have heard different ideas that they are very lively and hard to train they are no good till there at least 3 year old as they are nuts. I obviously have had no dealings on training this type of dog . From what i have seen on shoots especially walked up flushing shoots they look amazing which is why I really fancy one any advice would be very help full . Thanks in Advance Steve.
  12. steveshoots

    Tinned dog food ??.

    When my dog was ill recently my vet told me to try him on chappie and he loved it Ditchman is spot on.
  13. steveshoots

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    pinewood shooting ground open wed to sat 9 am onwards at Blyton just past gainsbrough brilliant ground £15 50 birds.
  14. steveshoots

    Hello from South Yorkshire

    Hello and welcome to p/w from a sheffielder.
  15. steveshoots

    Flapper info ? Recommend one ?

    As above I have only had my 2 ff5's a short while and i have used them 3 times the last being on bean drillings yesterday were i shot 87 woodies. My FF5's did the business pulled them in from very large distances . I even took in the magnet in the early stages as they were flaring and it wan't anything to do with the pattern because as soon as it was in they decoyed fantastic . Get the FF5 you will not regret it.