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  1. PM sent about x2 of the £3 ankler pieces
  2. Various caravan equipment as no longer have the van anymore. Sunncamp swift 220 porch awning used about 5 times complete with poles pegs and gravel pegs and ground sheet £50 Aqua roll 40ltr with handle £25 Water hog 50ltr with handle £30 Aqua waste 40ltr £30 30m hook up lead £20 Hook up lead adaptor £10 Whale water pump used twice £30 Puppy small dog travel crate £10 Small lcd tv £20 Half full toilet fluid and flush fluid £5 All located near Swaffham in Norfolk. May post smaller items for postage. Read less
  3. So it would be £25.10 posted? If so I am very interested
  4. Yes I know it's a very good price however I can't really justify paying out that much I would rather have a second hand bottle. Or just wait and save up to get the new bottle
  5. As in title I am looking for a 300bar 7ltr dive bottle for my pcp air rifle to charge it. Bottle must be in test date with all the regulator etc may consider 4ltr or 12ltr What have you got? I can get a brand new 7ltr bottle kit for 160 but as an occasional user I would prefer second hand
  6. As title looking for some second hand warm jacket and trousers for hunting Deer hunter, jack pyke, sealand, harlika etc Must be the good material waterproof and breathable not the throw over thin gore Tez or fleece stuff. Jacket size large Trousers 34" waiste and 32" leg so roughly a medium to large I can buy new deer hunter avanti jacket and trousers for £160 But looking to spend less than a 100 if possible
  7. I can get a brand new Winchester sxp camo for 360 or hatsan escort camo for 290. So I'm looking for cheaper than that really it's only for rough shooting and a couple of fun days at the clay ground
  8. How much would this be to transfer to my local RFD I'm after a cheap toy
  9. I would like a 12bore pump action camo shotgun or even full black synthetic shotgun must be a 2+1 for a shotgun license and hopefully have some chokes Preferably Winchester sxp camo Looking for under 200quid
  10. Would you be willing to send through RFD and also how long is the barrel and also what choke is in it?
  11. Do you get charged if the application is rejected? In mine the reason I am stating is for vermin, Clays and avian pests on a patch of land I have permission to shoot on and also I am statsing on any other land where permission has been obtained all in accordance with the wildlife and countryside act 1981 I am hoping that is a good enough reason
  12. Would that really justify for a section 1 for shotguns. I am looking into getting g my section 1 as I do a lot of clay shooting and just got some permission to shoot on some land for pigeons and rabbits etc. I have been looking at some 3 shot pumps but would love to get a section 1 pump however I don't want to push the owner to sponsor me for a firearm since it's just took me a while to even get into his land
  13. Now sold. It will be used for agriculture country shows which will be nice.
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