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  1. How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 this morning 14
  2. Manchester arena hero pleaded guilty to theft.

    Vermin ! It will catch up with him
  3. Bought the kids new shoes

    Brilliant !!
  4. Intruder shot

  5. squirrel control

    Ha, that made me smile
  6. Speeding Fine (Best option)?

    Any challenge you could bring up would be around calibration of equipment, training of the operator or anything that could interfere with the readings. You have to weigh up whether you're able to demonstrate any of those vs the risk and cost of appearing. For me, you know you were speeding and don't know by exactly how much so I'd not go to court as painful as it is to accept the landing.
  7. Hunt rider beat sab

    This confirms my opinion that she was right, every story has at least two sides!!
  8. Hunt rider beat sab

    Hi grrclark In the second one with the extra footage it does look worse on the lady on the horse because she does ride towards and near the sabs. but they were never in any danger of being hit. It goes wrong when the sab tries to take control of the horse, he can't have been scared or intimidated by her actions, none of them are, the commentary from them sounds worse than the actual events in the footage. I'm still happy she did the right thing in seeing off the threat but take your point on her thinking before acting in the future.
  9. Hunt rider beat sab

    You've obviously seen more than me BUT by taking the reins he's attempting to take control which the rider prevents? My opinion obviously
  10. shingles

    Wishing you a speedy recovery
  11. Hunt rider beat sab

    A measured response to the threat. Well done her.
  12. Anschutz 1416 bolt jammed

    Excellent !
  13. Anschutz 1416 bolt jammed

    Does the bolt rotate? Or no movement at all?
  14. Are Daystate overhyped?

    I've had my mk11 in FAC for a couple of years with no mither. If it's from a reputable shop you shouldn't worry too much, you can always take it back if in the unlikely event it turns out to be a problem. If someone's gone to the trouble of having it ratworks tuned I doubt it's a dog.