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  1. Anschutz 1416 bolt jammed

    Excellent !
  2. Anschutz 1416 bolt jammed

    Does the bolt rotate? Or no movement at all?
  3. Are Daystate overhyped?

    I've had my mk11 in FAC for a couple of years with no mither. If it's from a reputable shop you shouldn't worry too much, you can always take it back if in the unlikely event it turns out to be a problem. If someone's gone to the trouble of having it ratworks tuned I doubt it's a dog.
  4. Daystate .308

    This has made me want to look into the larger calibres now.
  5. Pregnant People!

    Our taxes actually get spent on this nonsense. Makes me sick
  6. Air weapons review.

    If you look on the website it is a story about a Facebook group, Si Pittaway is on a least one of the pictures. It's the usual one sided , no evidence drivel, demonising pest control (grey squirrels) Shame really as we've seen a positive slant on this in the press recently.
  7. New consultation

  8. BSA Scorpion SE

    Gonk it would appear that modern warfare thinkers have re discovered what people realised prior to the 1950's when they spent fortunes developing weapons that kill people with one shot; rather than the nonsense of one wounded enemy soldier takes up four or six to carry him off the battlefield. I once spent a couple of weeks with some Spetznatz who laughed at our Western values. The Russians don't care so it is better to kill them with bigger bullets. In lots of circumstances bigger is better, some more fun than others!
  9. BSA Scorpion SE

    Yes the "sharpshooter" rifle is 7.62, I tried to get a civilian version not long ago but cash got in the way! Probably a change in the developing way warfare is waged in the modern era?
  10. BSA Scorpion SE

    The West chose 5.56 vs 7.62 for weight. More bullets for the same weight carried. Either size hurt a lot and will kill the same if hit the same place.
  11. Sons second Rifle

    Not sure where you are as on mobile but Kirklees guns have new air arms s200 for £430 and new s400 for £440 but you would have to get him a pump or bottle. They have a 3lt one (bottle) at same shops advertised at £130. I have no affiliation with the shop I was looking online earlier that's all! That's before scope though so probably going too expensive now!
  12. Zeroing a scope

    Result! Well done hoggysreels
  13. Zeroing a scope

    Where do you live? Can someone local help out?
  14. PPI company

    Go into a Lloyds branch and ask to see all your details Mel, the girl I spoke too printed all mine off for me!!!
  15. PPI company

    You did take a bit of a mauling! Wait until next time you're in town and call into the bank. Worth making the detour and it is a really easy process. As someone else said, download the form first so you know what info you need and away you go!!