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  1. Ian, I have messaged you you via gunwatch. Alan
  2. In answer to the queries so far, The gun is a 2014 model and has been stripped and cleaned. When loading I drop one onto the lifter and then depress the button before putting two in the magazine. The mag tube has been flushed out with service spray, the cartridge follower operates smoothly the spring is strong and the lifter appears to be square. Please keep trying guys there must be an answer out there somewhere. Many thanks, Alan.
  3. I am using 70 mm 28 g Lyalvales. Which I would have thought should be adequate for a gun which is primarily designed for clay shooting. Please keep the suggestions coming. Alan
  4. I have an A400 Xplor, on firing the first shot it cycles perfectly and chambers the second cartridge. However when this cartridge is fired the third cartridge exits the magazine tube and sits on the carrier but goes no further. The carrier remains in the lower position and so the cartridge does not chamber. If anyone has encountered this problem or knows what might cause it please let me know. I telephoned the workshop at GMK and the gunsmith could not offer me a suggestion as to the likely cause. I am mechanically competent and would really like to try and sort this myself. Many thanks, Alan.
  5. Cartridges now sold.
  6. I have 4 slabs of Ely CT20 cartridges for sale 24g plastic wad 7.5 shot £50 per slab collected from North Somerset
  7. P.m. sent. Regards Alan
  8. A problem has come to light with a recently acquired Winchester sx2. On the clay shooting ground with two cartridge loaded it functions perfectly. However when taken pigeon shooting recently it was discovered that with 3 cartridges loaded [ one in the chamber and two in the magazine ] it would not function properly. Having discharged the first cartridge the second cartridge fails to chamber because the third gets its nose out of the magazine and jams the loading gate. The gun would appear to be in first class condition being very little used and looking as good as new. Help please, any and all informed practical advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Alan.
  9. I bought this gun, it is even better than described. db135 absolutely top bloke ! Alan.
  10. P.M. sent, Alan.
  11. PM sent. Alan.
  12. PM sent I would like to buy them all please. Regards, Alan.
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