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  1. Thank you to everyone who has made a useful contribution. However I am still slightly uncertain because it is my understanding that Winchokes and Winchester Invectors have slightly different thread lengths and noses. Can anybody set my mind at rest with any certainty on this point ?
  2. Does anybody have any S/H Optima HE choke tubes in 12 bore that they would like to sell ?
  3. Can anybody tell me whether the choke tubes for Classic guns will interchange with any more commonly encountered brands? As always I will be very grateful to any contributor who is able to answer the question as asked.
  4. Are there any contributors to this forum who have used this product and can comment on how effective it is ? Many thanks, as always,for any helpful comments. Alan.
  5. PM  Sent.

    1. I hope you have some left, the whole family want one ! Three pairs if possible please mixed colours. Please PM me with your payment details. Many thanks, Alan .
    2. P.m. sent.> Alan

      1. gustav


        Might be a good idea to have my mobile number as well ,  Alan.

      2. gustav


        Good morning,

        I've just tried to p.m. you you and made a mess of it, I'm rubbish with it!
        Tonight at Gordano will be fine with me. You have my phone numbers please call at your earliest convenience.

        Many thanks,  Alan.

    3. Hi Chris, I've tried to call him several times on the mobile number from the gun watch ad without success. If I haven't managed to get through by the time you find this message will you please call me so that we can finalise this purchase . My number 01934 4124 59. many thanks Alan
    4. Hello again Christopher, your suggestion is perfectly agreeable to me .I am making enquiries about sorting out my end and will try and speak to you later. Many thanks, Alan.
    5. Hi Christopher, just in case you haven't spotted it I've already messaged you via gun watch with a query re. rfd. Thanks, Alan.
    6. Hello Christopher,  in case you haven't spotted it I've already messaged you via gunwatch with a query about rfd.
      Thanks,  Alan.

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