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  1. I have mislaid the link which I originally found on PW you for a site which provided instruction manuals for a large variety of firearms. Can anyone please help me relocate this ? Many thanks, Alan.
  2. Chokes wanted as per title.
  3. It is a breech loading gun and is not an obsolete calibre, so a shotgun certificate will be required.
  4. Powder flasks as well perhaps it's a muzzleloader !
  5. gustav

    20g Shotkam mount

    I use my shot cam on a 28 bore. I took a short length of plastic hose pipe and slit it lengthways I use it as an adaptor, works perfectly at no cost.
  6. I have just acquired a 302 12-bore with just a full drop-in choke. On the lookout for some others.
  7. Transfer sorted now, thank you for all your help.
  8. Does anyone know of a RFD who works from home or a gunsmith working from a workshop in the South Yorkshire area who is still operational and can transfer a gun. Any helpful information will be gratefully received. Many thanks, Alan
  9. Hello Dave, Yes that's the number, apparently it has recently been allocated to someone else. All the best, Alan
  10. Does anybody know no whether this company is still trading? They have current advertisements but their phone number seems to have been reallocated. Alan.
  11. Thank you all for your suggestions, helpful as always on pigeon watch. Alan.
  12. Thank you for the memory jogger with regards to shellac and linseed oil.
     I knew that it was linseed oil but I couldn't remember what the second ingredient was.

     All the best,


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