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    1. Reasonability and proportionate go hand in hand. Is it proportionate to shoot an armed intruder ..... probably...... is it reasonable to shoot an armed intruder who had decided to drop their weapon.... probably not. (The above is no reference to the Martin case it was just a case tried example)
    2. They cannot be judge, jury and executioner - as people moan about that, people moan they do nothing but forget they moaned about the previous the police uphold the law of the land as it is stands in statute. I think you need to be looking towards the judicial and prosecution system if you want to level blame of inaction
    3. Not anymore. It’s a thinking mans game now. One force not long ago would only accept applications from people with degrees. Funnily enough a lot of people who are degree level educated don’t want to start on 19k a year, be a punch bag and be blamed for every wrong choice made 100 years ago and every wrong choice that will be made by people you never know. Being degree educated doesn’t stop you from being inept at life - I know if one who lived 40 minutes away who got a hotel 20 mins closer to a force HQ so they were not late to an afternoon assessment - funnily enough passed with flying colours. You then get a streetwise lad who would make a bloody good copper but can’t even apply because he doesn’t have a degree or equivalent because he didn’t spend his time reading books constantly and went out and experienced life. I think you will find that is the issue now
    4. No he tasered him. he didn’t shoot him in the sense you want to imply
    5. It’s a big trade off between stab and ballistic vests. ballistic vests by their make up are heavy and restrictive and not ideal for day to day wear in a standard role. Stab vests on the other hand are more flexible and lighter whilst carrying limited ballistic protection to the level you would probably encounter day to day
    6. But we are not in the US so the point is invalid. I would sit and explain but I honestly can’t be bothered
    7. ph5172

      The Sun

      I noticed the other day I had a copy offered in Coll’s I think it was. I just assumed it was to stop them having to bundle and send them back. I had 2 copies for the rest room.
    8. In this case I don’t think it would have helped. Some officers would rather resign than carry a firearm, and in todays society when you are investigated at the drop of a hat I’m sure some would not want the scythe hanging over them all the time. As for training, we have one of the most accountable and well trained forces in the world, and the entry standard and educational requirements are actually rather high. A soldier can join the army and 12 weeks later be in charge of a firearm, different scenario and occupation but the theory is the same. I think one of the things that sets us apart from the world is the ability for a police officer to actually interact without doing it down the barrel of a gun
    9. I can usually spot when someone is hands free, either just receiving or making a call as they seem to noticeably slow down and with then speed up to rejoin the speed of the traffic. I dont see it with people having a conversation with a passenger as much for some reason, i dont know what it is but the speaking on hands free seems to require more 'concentration' Im sure those that spend a lot of time behind the wheel will notice the same? I do see people at traffic lights who are head down, either texting or reading social media, that needs to stop, another one is people with expensive cars who obviously have built in bluetooth using the phone handheld, and those who use it on speakerphone whilst holding it (randomly mostly overweight late 20s women for some reason)
    10. I thought that is how you would use a 2 way radio or the oid coil type taxi ones
    11. I think you will find 2 way radios (and variants) are exempt from the legislation anyway
    12. You will find an officer in the course of duty will have exemption from the firearms act. Rurally a lot of officers will have basic firearms safety awareness and in all honesty most shotgun and rifles work on the same action. Anything special will be attended to by a trained firearms officer the usual protocol adopted by most would be to leave it if it’s sleeved or obviously safe or just ask you to put it down Any checking of numbers will probably involve you presenting the relevant location of the number as it’s been established that there is no threat or wrongdoing - along the same lines as having a check at home on a side note how how many people are ‘properly trained’ on a shotgun prior to purchase
    13. I know a few doors down used a weak bleach solution - I will ask how he got on (they were in his back garden) i wonder how it spreads? All ours had it yet 6ft away the other side had none? mine appear to be clear now and are growing back ok (9 months or so)
    14. We had this. I pruned them hard
    15. I used to liaise with one of the UKs biggest. The amount of times we were charged for damage that wasn’t caused by us was unbelievable - sometimes cars would be dropped off and people (cleaners) pressured into accepting them then despite not moving there was damage not noted on the docket. I was part of the final shots across the bow when we presented the same bill (for differing amounts) for the same damage - the record was 12 times for the same bumper corner scuff and they were asked to explain how on each occasion it was ‘repaired’ then damaged exactly the same - to include the uv pen mark drawn around the scuff and the date added to the previous ones. It was put down to a branch admin error!!!! i am a right stickler if I hire a car or van personally now - I get a damage waiver policy via a third party and legal cover in the event of a dispute. I take the guy out photograph the number plate , original sheet the proceed to photograph each panel and wheel then inside. At the end I get them to add the damage they ‘missed’ then say casually the legal department of the liability company requires it to build up a database incase of any issues on return. Usually it’s not even checked I also pay on a slush fund card that has no overdraft and just enough transferred in to pay for the car. I hate them with a passion
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