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    1. ph5172

      Card Fraud

      We had the same with a company I once worked for. Expenses for the month on the company card signed off no problem one of the lads was early for a meeting so scanned his card statement prior to signing it. A few quid here and there at shell stations (funnily enough) so he passed it off as a sandwich on the run.... another transaction to ... bling blink phones (I kid you not) for a substantial amount. Turns out the card had been cloned months before and a quid or so taken every now and again, that turned into a few quid a few tunes a week then a few big transactions, if it wasn’t to such a stupid name he even then may not have twigged!
    2. ph5172

      Card Fraud

      I had mine done a while ago. It was a slush fund account so minimal account activity. I had made 2 payments, 1 to a big insurance company and 1 to a small country attire retailer. Turns out the banks have mapping softwares to analyse transactions and fraudulent activity. It was a woman in the account department of the small country company. She had set up PayPal accounts and eBay profiles and would create a buy it now auction for a random title with a buy it now then move the money this was back in the day where you could just use card details to create PayPal accounts without the need for the 3 digit on reverse. All the other info she had from the delivery details!
    3. Mine has gone up about £12 a month A majority of that is the county rise and a big increase in the adult and social care takings. The local charge increase is only about 50p a month plus an extra ‘special expenses’ levy on our area (the only special expenses levy in the town) i read the report that said this rise would allow us to keep the current service provision. The thing that I did notice that annoyed me was the minutes of the previous meeting were the state of the local coffers..... there was an outstanding amount based on unpaid social housing rent in arrears by 4 weeks + currently sitting at 1.4 million!!! But I need to pay a small amount to keep service levels???? also stated was the payment amount needed to move social housing tennants from sub standard accommodation into alternative housing due to the ‘disturbance’ this was averaged at 7k a house hold not including removal expenses and carpeting - with an expected need of 200 moves this year.
    4. We have a few and most people are pleasant surprised. They can hold their own on a long commute and yet pottering around are frugal enough. Never known one to play up but I don’t drive them that often. I do hear the moans of a small fuel tank meaning on long trips it may require a refuel before or during the trip home
    5. As above in Sage (grey to normal people) brand new with tags size Large but these come up big - think US sizes. I am XL/XXL and have room to spare in this size. £30 posted 5.11 Tactical Shirt is the comfortable, durable and functional choice of law enforcement, military and fire professionals. Ideal for both on and off-duty wear, the innovative 5.11 Tactical Shirts are the only tactical shirts in the world with 5.11’s exceptional fit, patented hidden document pockets and unmatched heat management system. The Tactical Shirts have hidden button-down collar stays and a handsome, functional design offering a professional appearance that is also appropriate for casual environments. Stash airline tickets, maps, your cell phone or a small backup in 5.11’s patented hidden document pockets located on the front chest of the 5.11 Tactical Shirts. Discreetly designed with a Velcro closure and one-handed access, the strong, roomy pockets work in tandem with 5.11 Undergear Holster Shirts. Overlaying the hidden document pockets are large, pleated patch pockets finished with Velcro . The left pocket incorporates a dual pass-through slot for pens, chem-lights and tire gauges. Two narrow pen pockets are placed on the left sleeve, for six pockets in all.Made of tough, 5.4-oz. cotton canvas, the 5.11 Tactical Shirts lets you work, play and travel in comfort and style. Triple needle construction, 26 bartacks in high-stress areas and reinforced anti-crack, anti-chip melamine buttons result in an amazingly hard-wearing shirt.In addition to its breathable fabrics and strategic construction, the 5.11 Tactical Shirts employ a 5.11’s unique heat management system. A large cape-back with a tacked center point covers moisture-wicking Drilex material to efficiently vent and evaporate moisture around the clock. Stitched eyelets at each gusseted underarm further dispel heat and moisture to keep you cool. Both short and long sleeved versions are available. Accept no imitations or look-alikes. No other tactical shirts compare to the authentic 5.11 Tactical Shirts the global choice of true professionals.
    6. Probably be celebrating by watching an adult movie containing only women in solidarity
    7. ph5172

      Vitamin B

      We used to get this taking vitamin supplements. If I recall my pee was flouro yellow others green perectly normal apparently when excess water soluble vitamins are being excreted.
    8. Luckily I did give it a squirt with washing up liquid and water then left it. Didnt really do a lot but I have put some loose soda powder over it tonight then tomorrow will wet it and give it another scrub. I just don’t want half the street thinking it’s me who has dropped diesel all up the road !!
    9. Thanks for the tips, its light colored tarmac
    10. Sometime over the weekend some kind soul has split a pool of Diesel on my drive (about a coke can full) along with the associated large spots from driving on and off (as well as a trail down the road) How would i go about cleaning it off, i assume it was done Saturday evening or Sunday day. Cheers
    11. I miss mine terribly. One of the comfiest cars I ever had and cost me nothing aside from consumables and a spring in nearly 100k aircon compressor jammed and threw the belt into the engine so was uneconomical to repair but saw it on the road for another 2 years after I sold it fir spares. Join the Volvo owners club there used to be a guy work in the parts department who would post out spares at trade prices (usually cheaper then non branded parts from the motor factors)
    12. ph5172

      Omega or Rolex

      I used to work with a guy who had an omega for a 40th present they finally made the last payment 3 years later. Madness
    13. ph5172

      Omega or Rolex

      I think a watch (or a pen) for a gentleman is like a set of diamond earrings or necklace for a lady, normally gifted on a milestone - seems to be the big old 40. Edited to add I have a ‘nice’ watch but it’s not a Rolex or omega I used to save it for best but the good lady moaned I never wore it normally. First outing clouted the face on a wall and put a deep scratch in it. Hey ho!!
    14. I have swapped maps by deleting one then adding the other - obviously swapping when I got home. Not sure if you can still do it but once purchased the maps remained on your ‘store’ there is a help section on Tom Tom support regarding cards and device compatibility
    15. I’m not sure. i suppose it ultimately based on the nationality of the mother - the cause of the issue.
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