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  1. There is a step by step video on you tube. If I recall it’s about 15 mins long
  2. You can get a repair bandage. Put it in water and it goes pliable. dries solid. or jb weld products?
  3. Give Norman Clarke Gunsmiths of Rugby a call. they are more than willing to discuss the feasibility of things over the phone.
  4. Try taking the handle off another. See if that works first. I got my replacement off the bay
  5. I still had title to my old property as the buyer had instructed a factory style conveyance company and they had not updated the title. This was months and months later. I can’t recall how it came about us finding out I think a letter arrived and I had re direction. my solicitor dealt with it.
  6. The ‘original’ deeds may not exist if the property is that old unless they were passed through solicitor to solicitor. if I recall correctly there is no requirement to pass on the original paper deed. All deeds are held electronically by the land registry. it maybe worth asking the original solicitor or mortgage company if they hold the ‘original’ deed or just a copy.
  7. Sheets of Blutack work
  8. ph5172

    council tax

    I appealed the banding on my first property. luckily a friend bought a house in 1991 with an extra bedroom and bigger garden just up the road. I used his sales pack as my trump card. my band was lowered along with a fair few others. 110 if I recall upon enquiring as the estate was new it was subject to a paper banding using the present sale price minus x y z. All were 1 band higher than they should have been
  9. Thanks for the idea. The cost of hiring a skip to dispose of the soil that’s taken out is the prohibitive part. Clean soil delivered and bagged over the wall isn’t actually that expensive in real terms. the picture below is September time and gives an idea of size and location
  10. I have an old raised bed that was in the bottom of our garden put in by the builders when we moved in. its about 10ft long, 4ft wide and 3ft deep, it was filled with horrible back fill clay and rubble laden backfill. I have tried growing some veg and such - strawberries, corn and lettuce seem to grow ok everything else stalls or dies. I have tried clay breaker but it has no effect. Removing that amount of soil and dumping a couple of ton of clean fertile soil will probably cost a small fortune. I was thinking of making a fruit garden with some miniat
  11. I assume the ads pay for the forum. could we all chip in and get rid of them for good?
  12. 4 and a bit years. still going strong
  13. I have a wallet purchased 4 years ago still going strong. Used everyday. I will put up a picture when I can work it out.
  14. This is exactly the same as every truck parking area at the services. despite being 100m away from a fully functioning toilet and washing facilities
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