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    1. ph5172


      Are they on rims? a picture of the stud pattern may help to identify compatibility
    2. I have had this a few times and always asked why they couldn’t do a decent price first off. The response from multiple agents for different companies is the renewals are computer generated where as they have some discretion and ability to apply discounts that an automated system can’t apparently!!???
    3. We are with bulb. It’s a vari tarrif but with no penalty. the last 2 times it’s gone down. No smart meter though. In our area it’s one of the cheapest - there are a few unknown suppliers marginally cheaper I have a referral code that will give you £50 credit if your interested.
    4. I think the longest we waited for 101 to be answered was 1hr45mins. We let it run just to see how long. Another call by the time it was answered we were 2 counties over (mobile call so it directs to the county you are in) The last quarter our 101 had over 16% of calls unanswered
    5. ph5172

      Smart Meters

      We had one fitted as part of unlocking (at the time) a very good deal on both gas and electricity. the fitter gave us the ‘readout box’ and some batteries as he said you will be bored of it by the time they run out and the readout is useless so no point in plugging it in! - he bc was of course correct and the feedback of data was rubbish - it sums up the quality when you could buy a replacement for £2 odd! anyhow fast forward and it’s not compatible with any other provider and it fails to display the meter readings so it’s out to the box to push the smallest keypad invented and to try and read the most inaccessible lcd display - I have to set my phone to record and push the keypad all in about 5 seconds. I have seen the British Gas readout unit and it actually looks like it probably provides some valuable feedback. Did ours change our usage - no as the feedback on the unit was that poor I couldn’t be bothered with it. It also said our usage was ‘high’ with just bare minimum running so I don’t know how the read out was set. as a side out when we look after next door when they are on holiday we always turn on the kettle and tumble dryer for a laugh and send him a picture of the meter well into the red and his hourly cost as astronomical - obviously only for the few seconds the picture is taken. It’s become a long standing joke now.
    6. I agree. There are something’s I won’t do but this is for those ‘little’ jobs like re clipping or sealing gutters and the like. Any else I get someone in.
    7. Thanks guys. A wide base rigid it is.
    8. I’m looking at a longer ladder - will be for basic access to the gutters and such on a infrequent DIY basis. looking at around 5 meters. would I be better off going for telescopic (I already have a 3.6) or a rigid 3 section?
    9. I have 15 Gillette Skinguard Blades, 1 pack of 8 still sealed and the other with 1 blade used. They were bought by my partner in error and I thought I would give them a bash but I don’t get on with them. Cheapest I can find is £20 for 8 online so shall we say all 15 for £25 posted I can confirm these are genuine blades purchased from a high street retailer (Tesco)
    10. I remember reading somewhere that there was talk of paying it direct as a credit on the utility account (like the warm home) as some old folks still sat in the cold whilst squirrelling away the cash.
    11. I have a Stanley plastic ‘flask’ that you put the soup in and microwave it. It has some form of inner that warms up good for 2 portions. it’s a Stanley heatkeeper. You need to microwave the food in the actual product or it goes cold just like putting it in a normal bowl - a lot of people try and use it like a traditional thermos
    12. ph5172

      CD holder

      I have seen people use aluminium flight cases and just slot in the cd cases
    13. I have had this. I twist the nozzle to the 3 or 9 position and withdraw it slightly- I find it happens if the holding tanks are full there is more pressure
    14. Thought about an ex army gortex suit. I found one in blue the other month. Not mega compact but will easily fit into a range bag.
    15. ph5172

      Help To Buy ISA

      Tell them to blow £1500 a year and have a stinking good time before they have to settle down. On a more sensible note there are loads of bits on these - if I recall the guardian money actually did a good write up. From what I recall actually very limited in how they can be used. First property only and as long as the other party if a couple have never had a property
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