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  1. WD40. and the same for keeping it shining
  2. https://livingmadeeasy.org.uk/category/at-home/beds-and-chairs/chair-beds any good?
  3. Can you not give it a blast of high pressure air
  4. Sorted. there is a place for buying high end equipment. I doubt £78 would have bought you anywhere near equivalent. I’m my eyes a wise repair
  5. I once many years ago drove over to France in a LWB sprinter van. I consumed one of the very large cola drinks on the ferry and 5 miles out of Calais I needed a pee. stopping in a lay-by to use the empty cola bottle this allowing me to dispose of it at my destination, no sooner was it filled and 3 unmarked cars appeared. after seeing my evidence I was told the lay-by was a prime pick up and drop off point utilised by gangs using lwb vehicles as they had a half decent capacity coupled with top speed. after a few pleasantries and a complement on keeping their lay-bys pee smell free we were on our way.
  6. That will probably be it. I have grabbed mine and you are correct they are heavy. to get a dog box up against the bulkhead would need the cover removed.
  7. On most of the estates they appear to be roller style so shouldn’t impact on the space unless the seats are down. I can understand for fitting dog boxes and the like. I just find it strange that there are almost as many missing as are complete
  8. Just browsing cars as you do and I have notice a fair few seem to be missing the load covers. seen a fair few Range Rovers and a lot of estates. but why. Is there a secret market for these things as they are not the easiest to misplace.
  9. Luckily just the one ‘round’ sorted me out.
  10. See told you all it worked. Consultation fee to my PayPal please. Lol
  11. If you are really heart set on hardwired when ours were removed at the end of lease the fitting company came in. Removed the cameras and the wiring from the fuse board. The ‘hardwired’ cables were then snipped upto the trim and pushed away. this was also done with any gps or telemetry
  12. And how you all laughed - exactly the same as I did until I tried it. remember you need to rub the area with the onion as well
  13. Thing is it’s not far from that now unless you use cash without scanning any form of loyalty card and avoiding any form of CCTV at the cash point or shop
  14. How’s it gone all day - I’m convinced in the onion trick
  15. You can get ones that the rear camera connects to the front. It’s then just a case of pushing the single wire under the door sill plastic then up and through into the boot and inside the internal boot seal. A small loop is visible so you can open the boot and a sticky pad to fix it to the underside of the boot lid brake light
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