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    1. I have one that’s currently in for repair. First time in 10 years mind. I do find myself trying to change into 6th that isn’t there on the 2L models. I think the 2.2 had the 6 speed box. things I would say - replace the wheel nuts as soon as you get them with solid ones. They are an awful 2 piece job that tend to swell and shear off flat and require drilling to remove - one of the jobs that mines in for. The egr valve clogs up easily - using supermarket fuel is one is the major reasons, spend an extra few pence on decent stuff. The alloys tend to corrode and leak thus requiring rim sealant . The boot is actually very generous service packs can be bought for £50 on the net including the 6 odd L of oil it takes. But... I’m not a fan personally, I liken it to driving a Concorde. The roof is low and the dash high giving a strange view. I find it a bit too enclosed for me all round as well. the rear leg room is awful and the rear doors don’t open far enough (think 2/3 of a normal car door) the wife on the other hand loves it and wouldn’t drive anything else. It concede it’s comfortable and capable it’s just not for me by choice but I would happily drive it Apparently it’s the car that saved jaguar and is actually a mini XJ (or similar I cannot recall what the specialist said) like I said don’t let me put you off it’s a nice car if you don’t mind me asking what’s the price?
    2. ph5172

      Radio Scanner

      On the look out for a cheap radio ‘scanner’ I can use at the seaside and such with the kids just to gave on in the background. anyone got anything laying around.
    3. Sorry to hear that. only a quick copy and paste but I hope it is some help. half a week’s pay for each full year you were under 22 one week’s pay for each full year you were 22 or older, but under 41 one and half week’s pay for each full year you were 41 or older Length of service is capped at 20 years. If you were made redundant on or after 6 April 2020, your weekly pay is capped at £538 and the maximum statutory redundancy pay you can get is £16,140. best of luck.
    4. A hard decision to make but made for the right reasons by Jackie. are we getting the iPad Laser engraved by apple upon order (if they do it still)
    5. ph5172


      I have seen a few broken ankles when people have been run over by mobility scooters. adults seem to fare worse for some reason. funny thing is people tend to rush to the mobility scooter to see if they are ok. The one with a leg hanging off tends to get scooped up when someone realises. I have seen some with homemade cruise control. Usually a cheap £ shop table clamp that is placed so it friction locks the trigger in
    6. The guy looking at it is rammed with work and restorations so is looking at it in between jobs or if a job doesn’t arrive. I will keep you updated. he did say it maybe the egr valve so hopefully that and not DMF
    7. ph5172

      Static caravan

      I always view things like this as a business transaction - obviously not the ideal way but it does give some grounding. Unless you are looking at a big names site such as the havens or the like take a look at how much they are to rent. One site had a nigh on 3k yearly fee if you included the certificates for gas and electric along with 1 gas bottle a year (the electric was included) a 2 week peak rental period was 1k so the break even point was 6 peak weeks or 4 peak weeks and 10 - 15 weekends. That doesn’t include the £20k purchase. the season was 9 months how much will you actually use it vs renting one. If you have family who would use it it’s a different matter. someone in the village use theirs as home then come back during the holidays when the family go down to use it. another meets their wife on a Friday after work, they stay all weekend them make back to work on a Monday it all depends on how much you will use it and how quick the novelty wears off. everyone I have known who sells has said they were offered about half the paid value by the site. For a private sale there was a ‘transfer fee’ of a couple of grand. would I have one - too right if I had the spare capital and the house was paid off. as a side note I have seen people buy a decent large fixed bed tourer and site it permanently- not exactly the same but easier to jump ship and release capital if needed.
    8. Get a sigg fuel bottle
    9. Not as yet I am Home tomorrow so will get it booked in. apparently it sounds like it’s 99% certainty it’s the DMF
    10. I thought you could get iPads engraved. presented as a gift from pigeon watch friends engraved on it should sort out any possible issues.
    11. You may find it’s a private waste contract. Do the bins have any company name on them? If it’s CCTV monitored just avoid the place for a while, it probably isn’t monitored anyhow. The dumping may refer to bags or large items outside the actual bin, as usually happens on big bin stores especially if the kids get told to take the bins out and they can’t reach or flip the lid. how do they know you don’t live in the block of flats. many variables here so I think you can sleep easy. we had people using our communal bins which resulted in them not being emptied on a few occasions. One was half full of soil. Another grass cuttings. the recycling was constantly tagged contaminated so wouldn’t get collected - to the point it was swapped for another general waste. all bins that were not emptied for the nice reasons carried a hefty charge per bin for collection and remediation With regards to general waste, really annoying but I prefer that to it being dumped in the cutting behind. I would be miffed if instead of having a smelly bin people were dumping rotting meat in mine though to be fair. Christmas wrapping and the such I probably wouldn’t have a heart attack over
    12. He thinks from a quick phonecall and some fault finding while I was driving it would like the clutch slipping.
    13. It’s booked in with the Jag specialist But not till middle of June when I get back. will update you all as soon as it’s been looked at
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