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    1. We have fitters and mechanics If its properly broken and needs replacement one for one it goes to a fitter, if its sort of broken it goes to a mechanic. From what i can deduce if its bolts on or off or component based then its fitter anything else is mechanic, if it cant be repaired and needs replacing its back to the fitter
    2. Thinking about it the taps were a ****** to fix solid so i recon its 4 sets of taps off tonight to move washers. Oh well im going to buy a proper basin wrench as im jaffed off with using spanners and adjustables. Oh and dont ask me about a fibre washer welded to the bottom of a tap so not going back into a fitting resulting in a high pressure jet of hot water till i could run back to the stop cock and open a hot tap to drain!!!
    3. Already tried that when installing but the old taps were house builder contract so had a larger base so the washers are too big ( the only washer was the rubber one tap to basin) the instructions consisted of a picture with the tap thread washer centre and the nut so not descriptive at all the tap has no built in or other washers. I will remove one of the washers and see exactly how hard a material it is. Who thought a simple job would be so complicated. Lol.
    4. Guess I’m removing 4 sets of taps tonight then. Lol. Not stop valves as we have a thermal store with heat plate exchanger so it’s isolate the mains then run the taps to clear the pipe work.
    5. Random question. I have bought some new tap sets for our house. They only come with 1 washer per tap (all the other sets i have fitted in the past have 2) so...... does this go between tap and basin creating a seal or underneath the basin? The washer appears to be a bit more rigid that than usual rubber washers Im not normally a simpleton honest but its better to ask a stupid question than not ask at all!!
    6. I always wanted one, spent ages looking for one (thus was a few years ago) got to see it and the wife promptly turned around and went and sat in the car. Never did buy it and I regret it now. If I recall they were used as rescue cars by the swedes due the the good entry and exit angle as there was virtually no overhang
    7. We had a large deep red chalk based painted wall in our cottage living room. I started with a white emulsion as a cover coat but as you said it went on patchy and was taking ages. On advice I bought 5l of dulux colour match (as the other walls are some sort of country cream) and 40 mins later it was done - unbelievably in 1 coat. If I’m being picky I can see a slight pink tinge on the cutting in ceiling join but I think that’s where they started with a brush so it was a lot thicker. It definatley pays to buy decent paint. In our other house it’s all brilliant white and we can seem to get away with buying cheap 10l tubs for a go over as it all blends in.
    8. I was most made up (mainly because I had saved myself £100 as well)
    9. ph5172

      1377 project

      I had one of these years ago. The old boy down the road made a wooden pump and pistol grip for me. I also had the plastic shoulder stock. I swapped it for a ‘commando’ knife with the survival kit in the handle. Still miss it!!
    10. My flymo (second hand) died the other day, I could hear the motor spinning but nothing else. Took it apart and replaced the snapped belt (after drilling out a few screws that were welded in do to being exposed to the grass on the deck) £4.40 and job done in an hour (well less than a week waiting for the belt) some of the guys I work with couldn’t understand why I didn’t bin the machine and just buy new (the nearest equivalent was £100 on offer) I am late 30s and by the sound of it appear to be the last of the generations that attempt to fix rather than just bin and buy. My theory is, if it’s knackered already what’s the worse you can do. Anyone else notice this?
    11. Apologies I have been away. Sadly they are nothing alike. Ours are maxi cosy apparently
    12. I looked at a property that was offers over - then went to a ‘modern auction’ basically sealed bids over a set amount with the buyer deciding if it was enough didnt even bother replying to the phone calls.
    13. Do you have a picture of what you need. I found some adaptors in the loft today - I’m sure they are for Quinny though.
    14. How about the old Swedish snow smocks? cotton with a large front pocket
    15. ph5172

      Anyone on TRT

      Isn’t that normal for Acle
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