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    1. I agree. There are something’s I won’t do but this is for those ‘little’ jobs like re clipping or sealing gutters and the like. Any else I get someone in.
    2. Thanks guys. A wide base rigid it is.
    3. I’m looking at a longer ladder - will be for basic access to the gutters and such on a infrequent DIY basis. looking at around 5 meters. would I be better off going for telescopic (I already have a 3.6) or a rigid 3 section?
    4. I have 15 Gillette Skinguard Blades, 1 pack of 8 still sealed and the other with 1 blade used. They were bought by my partner in error and I thought I would give them a bash but I don’t get on with them. Cheapest I can find is £20 for 8 online so shall we say all 15 for £25 posted I can confirm these are genuine blades purchased from a high street retailer (Tesco)
    5. I remember reading somewhere that there was talk of paying it direct as a credit on the utility account (like the warm home) as some old folks still sat in the cold whilst squirrelling away the cash.
    6. I have a Stanley plastic ‘flask’ that you put the soup in and microwave it. It has some form of inner that warms up good for 2 portions. it’s a Stanley heatkeeper. You need to microwave the food in the actual product or it goes cold just like putting it in a normal bowl - a lot of people try and use it like a traditional thermos
    7. ph5172

      CD holder

      I have seen people use aluminium flight cases and just slot in the cd cases
    8. I have had this. I twist the nozzle to the 3 or 9 position and withdraw it slightly- I find it happens if the holding tanks are full there is more pressure
    9. Thought about an ex army gortex suit. I found one in blue the other month. Not mega compact but will easily fit into a range bag.
    10. ph5172

      Help To Buy ISA

      Tell them to blow £1500 a year and have a stinking good time before they have to settle down. On a more sensible note there are loads of bits on these - if I recall the guardian money actually did a good write up. From what I recall actually very limited in how they can be used. First property only and as long as the other party if a couple have never had a property
    11. ph5172


      It’s all to do with volume packing to load out the vans to capacity - a bit like van Tetris thats what I was told when I asked
    12. If they are German then it’s probably the German town of registration which is usual - a bit like BUXX ABC here BU being Birmingham. The usual is you can drive the car for 6months if you are a non resident - people usually run them back home for a month or so then come back with them. I do know of cars that are only used to travel and while at home and are kept garaged in between times and not used on the road. If you are a ‘resident’ it’s usually 2 weeks before you need to register. Report it and also mention it’s being used daily - there are ways to check when a car came in and if it has gone out
    13. You see it a lot - one mans enough room is another’s wait. To be fair He did tank on it a bit and no attempt to ease off for the mini round about We have a side junction locally right before a humped chicane with the priority set up from the direction of the junction the amount of times people pull out and enter the priority causing the other car going for a clear gap to have to anchor on is unreal I have priority is the usual call - but you didn’t until you pulled out onto the road a car length infront of the priority humped chicane - horribly planned junction.
    14. ph5172

      tent frame

      I have seen some structures made recently from waste pipe with the epoxy angles with linghome made n shaped pins across the bottom runners to keep them down They seem to have stood up well and extra bits can be added by just cutting in. Also light weight enough to move complete if needed
    15. ph5172

      Air fryers

      One if they guys bought one for the office...... he decided it was carp and never used it again.... when we looked he had filled it to the brim with oil - aka a deep fat fryer.
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