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  1. I have one with a bump and motion sensor. the only issue is it can drain your battery if it’s in a car park for a week and it’s constantly running
  2. Thing is some young adults can’t really use cash - they have no real need with contactless cards. Those same ones don’t really drink hot drinks and have access to cheap Chinese electronics that are cheaper to buy than repair. They are becoming a product of their environment. the same young adult could not draw schematic diagrams by hand but could knock up 10 in the same time on a computer. they may not be able to open milk but they could program a space rocket.
  3. If it’s illegal or not it’s probably not the best thing to do in the current climate. I think most people would probably NOT walk out the house with a gun in full view - legal or not. walking between pegs or over a road between fields probably but not unbroken, it’s all contextual, walking around a housing estate.... probably not
  4. We are the same. Fibre to the cabinet then copper to the house. Estimated speeds for the non fibre package are 2mbps fibre gives us 40mbs but to the exchange it’s 100. it’s the distance from the exchange is the issue. we also have stone walls that don’t help issues on wifi i did notice any issues appear to be magnified with sky. I’m convinced it wasn’t half as bad with BT
  5. We also have sky and I don’t think I will be renewing. we are a fair way from an exchange (miles) and with BT we never really had issues. Sky is forever running slow and dropping out.
  6. I have used amazon .de and .com with no issues. you just have to make sure they will ship internationally - it usually picks this up by your address. I can’t recall but I think I had to set up a US profile but for Germany definitely not.
  7. ph5172


    I had my well man you have not been to the doctors for years check last year. they did by BMI and the such. The nurse basically said your BMI didn’t really matter as long as you had a thin tummy (around the belly in line with the belly button) she did also say that according the the guidelines regarding BMI the England rugby team should all be dead of diabetes or a heart attack
  8. I have had a few items delivered via Royal Mail from amazon. if I recall they were all sent 48hr. I think amazon were told they couldn’t use the next day delivery tag anymore as they were not fulfilling it in a good amount of cases.
  9. ph5172

    Water meter.

    We have a meter fitted as standard on the new build requirements. I was chatting to the engineer and he said as a ball park average if you use all your bedrooms you are better off on a fixed rate instead of a meter. - I know we would be. saying that as with everything why shouldn’t you pay for what you use. I would love to get rid of mine mind and go standard fixed.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I did read the testers manual and I also read it that way but one company I spoke to said they would fail it ( a VAG specialist) and quote for fault finding on it. hooked up to a diagnostic machine and it was a duff wire in the car connector side creating an open circuit.
  11. Sorted via software. broken wire somewhere in the circuit. new brembo pads installed.
  12. Yep all fine. this is definitely a low pad warning indicator usually set off when the wire breaks embedded inside the pads.
  13. Brilliant offer. Thank you sadly I’m in Warwickshire
  14. No fault codes. i’m beginning to think the wiring has gone somewhere from the loom to the final car connector. I think you can reprogram the ECU using VW software to remove the warning. if it is a fail item I may well have to explore that option or bridge the wires further up
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