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    1. ph5172

      Help sizing a bushing.

      What was the outcome of this? Just out of interest
    2. ph5172

      Shower Screen Cleaner

      Cillit Bang sprayed on then left a bit works wonders. If its glass those magic sponges also work wonders!!
    3. ph5172

      Help sizing a bushing.

      Ah i see your dilemma now There is high temperature quick steel that could be used to fix it in. It it a threaded insert or friction fit? If friction could you not seal the old hole up and drill a new one, failing that a call to the manufacturers may yield results
    4. ph5172

      Help sizing a bushing.

      Will it go on with a bit of persuasion and force as its screwed in?
    5. ph5172

      Help sizing a bushing.

      can you not use some cooker high temperature sealant?
    6. ph5172

      opt out organ donation

      I still think it should be an opt in, not opt out, after all its still your body and how far do we go, if you may be brain damaged you have to opt in to be resuscitated? Maybe is should be fielded that if you opt in then you go on the receiving list (obviously children exempted), if you dont opt in you will still be considered but only if all the opt in members have been ruled out... that seems fair?
    7. ph5172

      Filling holes in a brick wall

      Get a bricky in for a decent job or could you not put a vent cover over it?
    8. ph5172

      Air Arms 3D printed magazines?

      I remember reading somewhere (on here maybe?) that someone had tried making them with a 3d printer but couldn't get them to function properly?
    9. ph5172

      opt out organ donation

      I would hope it would be an easy opt out if you so wished (and children would be opted out until they were 18) For the record i am on the donor register and it is also attached to my DVLA record and driving licence, i give blood and am also on a few other donor registers I hope if i ever need it people will be there for me and as such i am more than happy to be for them
    10. ph5172

      Estate agent fees

      Listen to mungler!!!
    11. I have an older laptop i have just reloaded and added windows 10 Its awful at multi tasking (i dont think the processor is the best but its only for web browsing and a course i have started) and its 4gb or ram is running at near on 50% constantly, i have removed the bloatware I was thinking increasing the ram slightly may help? Does anyone have another 4gb stick they would be willing to sell (it has a free slot) As you can tell this about the limit of my laptop knowledge
    12. ph5172

      House down valuations

      I seem to find the ‘bigger money’ houses seem to flow and sell well all the time. It seems to be the first or second buy houses that sit. Not sure why.... lack of first time buyers thus leading to lack of second movers or the market prices stagnating so people who bought in the last few years are left with a house worth not a lot more than they bought it for. I was told a lot of people are opting to extend instead for spending almost the same in fees and costs of moving. Around here there does seem to be a spate of alternate living spaces - people making pantry’s or under stairs into small bedrooms or buying wooden cabins and having them installed in the garden. I do find some valuations are a bit hit and miss. We had one property referred to a surveyor for valuation. We had a call back an hour later it was done. Apparently a google street view and right move survey is all it was. Another was 3 weeks and involved mostly the same with the surveyor driving by and measuring the outside not (luckily) had any downsold when selling or buying but have friends who had a down value on a purchase of 15k. Luckily the vendors dropped the price. The new build estates locally have just knocked 5k off their book prices and are offering 5k worth of fittings from their catalogue, this seems to be on at least 2/3 of the sites
    13. ph5172

      Back on the forum, what has been happening?

      No hidden bunkers as yet
    14. ph5172

      Holiday reading

      Quiet soldier by Adam Ballinger. Living with seal by Jesse itzler i once also read alan Carr chatty man that was left on a holiday resort. Not my usual tipple but it was actually really good.
    15. ph5172

      Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

      Thanks for the info. We have a thermal store so unless we set it on timer (the heating is currently set to off) it uses gas to keep the store at a set temperature as it uses some trickery to heat the water via a coil inside the store (the water in the store is sealed in and only travels via the radiators back to the store (if heating is on) Probably a perfect setup if we connected it to solar