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  1. Can you not try popping it in some Milton. works for baby bottle teats and such.
  2. Definitely a good call getting one of those. I may well do the same as my smart meter is not so smart as it doesn’t have an in home display but I’m not eligible as I already have one fitted on the very very first roll out.
  3. Just thought….. do you have halogen spotlights in the kitchen and hallway and those strange gu9 small bulbs in your wall and living room lights. I replaced all of ours with leds bought in multipacks, we broke even after 4 weeks of use
  4. The average use is 10kw. do you have underfloor heating and pumps on the shower? look at the times your usages goes up. I bet it’s between 5-7 when kettle and oven goes on and again late evening and early morning when the showers are on especially if they are electric and you have teenagers!!!
  5. I have a 2001 little 106 1.1 owned from new. As soon as e10 came out I started filling up with premium - I had an engine management light come on after 3 tank fulls. Not sure if it was coincidence or not as it had never done it before in 20 years. Cleared with a code reader. I was dubious about e10 as the car can sometimes sit for months. i think I may just put 1/4 of a tank in of premium and e10 mix and just top up when it gets low so it’s not sat with fuel in degrading
  6. What about these little spot type welders I see on the Chinese channels. Like a pen creates a bright flash and metal is joined
  7. Amazing how just one simple change can transform a room like that. I’m surprised they still sell standard roof conservatories
  8. With these systems do you still retain the windows and just replace the roof.
  9. I am one of the victims of a non locking opinel. I had to cut my jumper to make an emergency bandage for my finger before cycling the 8 or so miles home! The staff at the local hospital were impressed with the scalpel clean cut it had made as it closed down on my little finger and stoped at the bone. Ah the joys of being a young teenager in simpler times!
  10. I have used them before (for brake components coincidentally) as the price was about half of that in the UK. they took about 3 weeks to arrive. the package was missing 2 caps that were on the description picture but they gave me a run around asking for millions of pictures. would I use them again? Probably but only for mega marked up UK prices items.
  11. Should be a jubilee or hose clamp job. A decent set of grips will have that off. Failing that if it’s rubber pinch the split, fill it with bike puncture glue and bash a patch over it for good measure. I have had half decent success with normal superglue as well
  12. Wasn't it on the Silvermans Catalogue front for its entire run
  13. I was reading a magazine article the other day and it appears there is a lot of money to be made from website adverts depending on the traffic footfall and page views. Some of the big American forums are making the average wage every month in revenue
  14. ph5172

    Bank accounts.

    I heard some people talking about an online bank where you could open an account with basic ID. Monzo apparently. they do require some form of photographic ID and then a selfie video to compare apparently. if he genuinely has no photo ID then it will be a trip into branch with the old birth certificate and NI number I’m afraid
  15. Can you not buy one of the .99p SIM cards that seem to be knocking around and give your parents an old phone with WhatsApp on. You can also video call them and take them on a tour of the hotel. when you get back just thrown the phone in a draw
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