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    1. I remember the year some of the people I work with were born. going out and being told (jokingly) you dress like a dad - then explaining you actually are, and also that you are legally old enough to be their dad
    2. I had someone reverse out of a car parking space into the side of my old battle bus. caught the wheel arch and bumper. They offered their insurance. you can see the damage if you look but it sort of mingles in with a 18 year old car that you drive across fields and such I decided that it was a genuine error and they would probably write my car off and even though it wasn’t my fault the inevitable increase in premiums wasn’t worth the agro. we both went on our way. the cost of a new exhaust end section that he bent on his 4x4 along with the chrome trim would have probably been more than my car.
    3. ph5172

      Night shifts

      I have worked a few patterns over the years. the worse by far was 6 hours on 6 off - that was awful, you were sleeping twice in one day but didn’t get enough time to eat and get ready whilst having a decent sleep. It was just work sleep. I didn’t mind nights as I sleep better during the day. Chopping between days and nights without a decent break is a killer.
    4. As daft as it sounds do you go over a lot of those speed humps that appear useless as you can just drive straight over them? they used to cause havoc with our fleet cars by causing the same issue. They bc are just big enough to catch the insides if you driver straight over.
    5. I did this with some rubber floor mat
    6. ph5172


      You should have no issue with the retention of number plates. They are overt markers displayed for the purpose of identification but hold no physical identity data. You would reasonably expect your number plate to be seen on the road so no issues there it becomes a different story depending on how you use that data that is collected if you were to ‘monitor’ peoples movements you would probably fall foul same with retention of data - 28 days rings a bell , and who has access and for what purpose? would you not be better off just using CCTV and then getting the numbers run if you ever needed too? signage seems to work wonders. A couple of higher quality ANPR signs on lampposts and street signs and some CCTV cameras may be enough. google earth seems to be the preferred method of eyeing up property, cars and access - not so much the old drive by if they did use moody plates anpr would be as much use as cctv
    7. ph5172

      Boundary issue

      I have heard this a few times in the surrounding villages. Mainly with new neighbours moving in and wanting to re do a drive or add one instead of done if the front garden. as said boundaries tend to be very fluid and usually run along natural lines for ease of use and rarely confirm to deeds unless it’s a physical hard barrier or a relatively modern house. Depending on your persuasion think of it as a new fence. as has been said professional advice is probably called for but probably won’t be cheap. you can download a copy of his deeds and plans for under £10 online. And also yours if you don’t have them. Maybe money well spent as it may show and or list what he is referring to. based on your view you can go forward from there. this May save a lot if ill feeling if he is infact correct.
    8. My friend was. It was printed and then sold via amazon. don’t know a lot more about it than that I’m afraid.
    9. I never had a problem with their guarantee I broke the file on my abused one sent it off and it was returned repaired and cleaned. It did contain a handwritten note saying clean and oil it every now and again. at this point it was long discontinued and about 10 years old if I recall it was Whitby knives who were the service provider. contact leatherman through their website.
    10. I have used frame sealant in the past. anything that sits flush maybe difficult to seal permanently. you could also plumbers mait - I have used this to great effect on leaking gutters and sheds.
    11. I use freesat through a satellite dish as we cannot get tv signal where we are. the dish was up from an old sky install and when we stopped that we got a humax box with record function. it’s basically freeview but also has the on demand built in which is handy. We did use sky for the freesat but it was difficult to navigate the menu as it showed you everything and not a lot was free.
    12. I have an honour band 5. £30 from amazon. brilliant battery life but no built in gps. gets worn more than my Tom Tom, friend has one and wears it more than his garmin day to day
    13. ph5172

      Wi Fi booster

      I also have a tplink booster due to thick walls - plugged in around mid point the signal appears better all over the house than the actual router. it’s a bit slower apparently - not that I notice. it was also one of the only ones to work with the sky / now routers for some reason
    14. Petrol. Non turbo - a whole 55bhp! At the moment it’s on fully synth. I have odd tubs of semi and fully sat around.
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