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  1. This is exactly the same as every truck parking area at the services. despite being 100m away from a fully functioning toilet and washing facilities
  2. I think a lot depends on your infrastructure. in my old property I had fantastic speed with normal broadband. When we moved our exchange is now 8 miles away and to get any decent speed we need fibre it’s still then copper from the local cabinet. Have a scan for local wireless networks and see what people are using
  3. Slightly off topic My dashcam kills my radio signal if it’s hardwired. Remove that and it’s fine. any ideas?
  4. Could you not build a mini conservatory on a brick base. If the greenhouse doesn’t pan out you still have a summer house / hot tub room
  5. I have a thermal store with heat exchanger. runs on gas but can be connected to solar. it has a 6kw backup electric function that will do hot water and space heating. I have never used it as it would need to be the equivalent of living in a tent in Siberia for me to fire it up on electric nearly £1 an hour
  6. The council have a duty to dispose of the carcass especially if it has been euthanised. some vets will spray them with marker paint highlighting the shaved area after they have been euthanised to stop people taking them home to eat prior to them being collected.
  7. Try seeing if your box is in low power or eco mode. took me ages to find out ours was and turned itself off everytime the tv was turned off.
  8. Some of the new build planning permission round here states 1.4 car parking spaces per dwelling. this is averaged out over the entire build that includes 5 / 6 bedroom houses that I would put money on becoming HMOs upon sale. Garages also count as a space. There are a few properties with huge drives due to the layout - these are all included in the estate average some being classed as space for 5 or 6 cars (they are single width long drives) When asked the builder stated they have actually put more parking in than required - on paper yes but in reality .... there is one pr
  9. I like to think of things like this as a business transaction. you said you need it warm for a a minimal time everyday and you want it warm quick. To me cheapest and quickest option would be to get a fan heater installed. Will heat the room up quickly and has to be the cheapest option compared to extra insulation and such, even with the extortionate cost of electricity. 30p an hour ish to run on full. 7p a day for the time you would need it. £25 odd a year. Compare that to the cost of insulating a dormer that or a taller double radiator into the same slot.
  10. Apologies. That was me. I thought I had. We decided on a cheap battery set to see how she goes (mainly to see the exact level of interest / ability no to break it) before moving up to a collectible set. apologies again for not getting back to you.
  11. I have had one for a few years. The carry case is next to useless and broke in a week or so and the lense caps broke in roughly the same time but it’s actually ok for the price. I don’t mind if it gets knocked and bashed around when I throw my range bag around.
  12. No not near any but used to ride the train for a day out and we did the St Ives Bay line when she was smaller. I did Nairobi to Mombasa train trip in my early 20s i have a love or model villages and most usually have a railway layout. we have been to lego land and they have a big setup as well
  13. I have had a couple of offers. I have stopped buying lunch when out and about in favour of packed lunches to save done pennies to put towards one. new wise you can pick up a cheap set that runs on batteries for £15 or so. the cheapest half decent Hornby set seems to be in Aldi of all places at £75.
  14. I have always used humax. Due to licence issues they lost 4 catchup and its Associated run offs. I have noticed it can be a bit slow to respond and you can hear the HDD especially if it’s recording at night. i use the catchup players the most but it is lacking some of the more popular players such as prime and Disney. The wife uses the series record and it does occasionally clip the beginning or the end. if you don’t need the record function I would recommend a non record or non smart humax with an amazon or roku stick to allow use of the catch up.
  15. It appears there was a big increase in accidents involving children and cars post lockdown. I saw 4 on the same estate where children had cycled into the side of cars after having free run on their bikes for months. these things happen but I always wonder who pays for the damage.
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