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    1. ph5172

      What's that thing called?

      I recon if you searched it’s description so wood stove lid lifter you should find one.
    2. ph5172

      Garden waste collection

      All of ours are fitted with cameras and load bay cameras. This is also used to warn people about putting green waste in general They always say we will check with the crews. Our road gets ‘forgotten ‘ as only 3 of us pay for collections and our street appears on the reverse of the street list and occasionally it isn’t turned over by the driver. Occasionally it’s becasuse someone has parked over the bin and it isn’t seen by the crew
    3. ph5172

      Garden waste collection

      I pay for my garden waste to be collected. If I recall it’s £45 a year and is picked up every second week aside from the end of December - End January. What does annoy me is when it is ‘missed’ usually followed by it wasn’t on the kerbside of which they are then informed it’s sat next to the general waste bin that is currently being emptied by another crew. We then go through the dance of it can be picked up anytime within the next 5 days. I have offered to leave the bin out a random 5 days either side of the usual collection as it’s obviously acceptable, this is usually met with the usual your bin Day is x .... of which I reply well they best come and pick it up then as it is x today. I have asked for a refund on the days they havnt collected but this has hit a dead end. Being a reasonable person I have offered to wait until the next scheduled collection to avoid the cost of re routing a truck and if I have excess to place it into a plastic box next to the bin for them to empty..... no sir you only pay for 1tip and that would be 2..... well you best get them out to empty it the then hadn’t you! on principle I now put it out even if I put house flowers in just so they have to empty it. Occasionally they lift the lid and decided it’s not worth emptying. Guess what they have to come back. It’s not just me regular you will see them Back emptying a bin they have ‘missed’
    4. ph5172

      My 4 x 4 just keeps going

      We still have our first car..... 106 bought brand new in 2000 - no abs no power steering and nothing electrical keeps passing it’s mot and we can’t bear to part with it i use it once a week ish to keep the battery charged and oil moving
    5. Worse case could you not smash the grill and open the bonnet that way? Or call the RAC they are bound to have seen the issue before Edited to add the 2014 and 17 manual says the door should be able to be opened by the key Fault in central locking system Unlocking Manually unlock the driver's door by turning the key in the lock. The other doors can be opened by pulling the interior handle twice. The load compartment and fuel filler flap cannot be opened.
    6. ph5172

      Oil central heating cost

      I have seen a few houses who use the big flo gas 47kg cylinders and a braided hose from the skin of the property the couple I saw seemed to be normal domestic type combi boilers
    7. ph5172

      Professional jump starter battery pack

      We have Clarke 12/24v in some of our motors. Always seem to do the trick even on big 4x4s and horse boxes (as long as they are recharged!!) they have a 12v recharge lead that goes in the aux socket so usually are ready to go Never had an issue with them aside from the charging leads breaking due to being bashed or not disconnected while getting it out the boot
    8. ph5172

      Smart home

      After helping fit some USB and smart sockets today I would say have deep rear boxes installed on all switches and sockets. We had 4 today that were standard 25mm set into blocks and no way were the switches and cable going in. They got fitted into stud walls where we could swap the boxes easily with ones (luckily) that were due to be fitted to an extension.
    9. ph5172

      Smart home

      As said cat 6 to every room tapped Back to a single location. I would also run decent quality cable for tv / satellite. From own what I read most smart stuff runs on wireless oh and get deep switch boxes installed as a lot of the led dimmers won’t fit inside a standard box
    10. ph5172

      Christmas Greed

      For the amount there was there is no way it would have gone in a big chest freezer and most of them were short dated according to someone who was also questioning why they needed 25 turkeys couple that with the salmon. Hopefully it will get used but again I can’t see why you would want to take them all because they were cheap. If they were half price I very much doubt she would have bought 1
    11. ph5172

      Christmas Greed

      Yes but if those cartridges had to be stored in say a safe (in place of a freezer) and used within a week you physically wouldn’t be able to store or use 20 000 cartridges (turkeys) unless you were going to offload them quickly
    12. ph5172

      Non payment of overtime hours

      10 shifts and 10 hours probably an input error. Not ideal if you were banking on the cash to clear Christmas. I should imagine it will be sorted in the new year I should imagine if you are desperate they could give you some form of advance
    13. ph5172

      Christmas Greed

      I would like to think the store manager would apply the law of reasonability im sure they would all sell
    14. ph5172

      Christmas Greed

      Finished shift and noticed Lidl was open so as we were caught in the great Asda pre order half your items are out of stock or substituted I thought I would pop in and get a few bits (probably in hindsight the way we should have done it originally) anyhow the staff member said I have just reduced the seasonal produce to £2 - full turkey, crowns, salmon, beef the lot. Luckily we have a turkey (substitute for a crown from Asda that we kept as a load of people had nothing) so I thought I would see if I could pick up a crown then give the turkey to someone who needed it i get there and a woman had loaded 10 turkey crowns, 15 large turkeys and as much salmon that would fit under the trolley basically wiping out the fridge. I said are you having all those I said..... yes I have a big family. Judging by the feed numbers on the products her family must be 300plus Is it me being unreasonable. 1 or 2 I can understand but 25 turkey products along with probably 20 or so salmon. Fair play they were £2 but morally I don’t think I could have done it. Chances are they will be on things for sale later
    15. ph5172

      Watership down

      Flicked on and thought it must be a remake. Animation was good I thought. Voices terrible and I switched off after 10 mins