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    1. ph5172

      Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

      I dipped in and out in between doing a bit of gardening and shooting Got a bit of time for harry and now he is nowhere near the line of succession he can let his hair down a bit and hopefully get out and about and put the monarchy back in the public domain.
    2. Thanks for all the ideas. It's just a 'normal' mountain bike I bought a few years ago (and haven't ridden that much to be fair) for the sake of £300 or so as much as it pains me I'm going to consign it to the scrap heap - I don't have the technical knowledge to move all the components over, and to be honest I don't think the value would warrant the time. I will strip off as much as I can before I clearly mangle and dent the frame and the scrap man takes her Thanks for saving me from a broken shoulder or a new set of teeth !
    3. thanks for the ideas. I may well pop it down to a local engineering company to see if they can zap it quickly
    4. ph5172

      Photo ID Rant

      Is it because the new ones have a printed photo and look very much like something a savvy teenager could knock up? There is also no reference with the signature so anyone could have signed it. I'm sure a quick call could have confirmed its authenticity though.
    5. Problem is there is only about 3mm clearance
    6. ph5172

      Recommend me a patio cleaner.

      The guy next door scrubbed his with a brush a couple of days before he went to fill the joins. By the time he had brushed the sand all over to spread it it looked like new!!
    7. Great minds..... the only ones I had were a little thick because of the frame it slipped off or scraped so they stopped the forks turning properly
    8. I have a crack in the head tube of my mountain bike. I marked it and it hasn't got worse in 20 or so miles. Alloy framed Its not from a fall so must be some form of stress crack its not an expensive bike and a few years old mainly used for road cycling the question is..... will it be worth trying some quick steel putty or is it a scrapper? Apparently alloy welding wouldn't be worth it i would rather keep my teeth!!
    9. ph5172

      Premium Bonds

      We both had a modest sum invested (no where near the maximum) and would (usually) get £25 a month each and occasionally upto £75. I don't recall winning more than 3x £25 prizes. I worked out if I won at least £250 a year (one win a month ish) I would have at least broken even and not had to tie my cash up for a minimum of a year in an isa (I think it was 2-5 days to move it back into the bank)
    10. ph5172

      Another blind

      How do you get the boards off the pallet without wrecking them or having an anurism? Everytime I have tried each one has about 5 nails driven through into each block and a good 2 or 3 in each plank
    11. ph5172

      Amazon Kindle E-Reader

      I have tried the apps on my tablet but can't get on with it. The consensus is it's a different reading experience due to the glare.
    12. ph5172

      Amazon Kindle E-Reader

      I appear to be the last of generation paper book but as I work away a lot I think an e-reader may be the way to go. I have tried reading on a tablet but can't get on with it so the only option left is to try a kindle anyone have an older one they want rid of as I don't want to spend a fortune on something I may not get on with.
    13. ph5172

      deposits on drink bottles

      Deleted. on mobile and posted in wrong topic
    14. ph5172

      Smoke detectors ... rough night!!

      We had this, every room had a smoke detector 240 and 9v battery backup. When the battery got low it would bleep every few minutes, we found you had to use a new new battery not ones that had been in the draw just incase for a few years. A few people had changed the battery only for it to continue and also found that they needed a brand spanking new battery. We also found dust would set them off, either from the fields or if it sat on the little vents
    15. ph5172

      Felt like I'd been robbed.

      At an ice bar in London I paid about £22 for a refill on 2 glasses of champagne they did ask if I would like 2 new glasses at £8!! that was after paying about £30 to get in (with a drink) to be fair the glasses were made from the frozen tears of Jesus or the like. The mrs refused to eat her 'glass' when we had finished, unlike me!!!