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  1. If I recall the limits for dual purpose or car derived vans are an unladen maximum of 2000kg. there are also other bits such as windows in the load compartment and the such but the above still applies. It may be registered as a van should be an easy appeal if you send a picture of the motor plus the weight plate
  2. You are complaining about having no visits during one of the worlds biggest contagious pandemics by a person that may have visited and entered 30 odd households?
  3. I recon I will give it a bash then
  4. Anyone had any joy with the above that you fit without having half the car apart. you appear to bind the 2 sections together it’s my old car I use for shooting and towing and it’s due an MOT in October so I don’t want to fork out until it’s been in for that
  5. Sounds promising though. He is up and about and that is probably the best thing. Amazing what being able to get around and the such does for ones mental state. if there is any pennies left do you recon it maybe worth buying him a few audio books to keep him going through the evenings?
  6. I have an Oakley dry bag with straps so it can be used as a rucksack. brilliant bit of kit. for valuables I tend to put them inside a sea safe type screw lid pot. I can’t recall the exact name but can dig it out if you want. I used to have a cheap phone and towel I left on shore in a crappy bag lined with a garden rubble sack. Usually by a pile of rocks or the sea wall. was always there when I came back.
  7. He seems to be recovering well. I would assume he has capacity to make his own decisions now so can tell them all to do one.
  8. Im away for a few weeks but will have a dig when I get back. if I recall the rolls are 10m
  9. I know people who have got floor coating paint and packed it out with sharp sand and just rollers it on. very effective. I have some sand type coated gripper hazard tape. Sticks to concrete. I may have some spare rolls somewhere as I had to buy in bulk. - let me know if that could be an option and I will see if I can dig them out
  10. ph5172

    Boat battery

    I know a lot of people do it. some with sensitive electronic equipment prefer to disconnect. I have some quick disconnect battery clamps. I do have a battery charger that has a quick couple connector. Comes with a set of clamps and a set of o ring attachments. Put the o rings in the nut and bolt on the clamp and run the cable to an accessible place. Saves having to contort yourself in all manner of positions. it was £30 on amazon and performs similarly to a ctek
  11. I doubt it I should think the buzzer is connected up to the indicator circuit. try the light board again. If it sounds then put the 13 pin adaptor in and take a bulb out the caravan and see if it goes off failing that the buzzers are notorious for having a mind of their own. Leave your indicator on while moving the wires and buzzer itself. mine is temperamental I think due to not being fixed solid they are subject to a fair bit of movement
  12. ph5172

    Duty of Care.

    Devils advocate. I am sure if it was that bad whatever company site the injury occurred on could have organised medical attention. it’s a difficult one. organising a spare driver to recover the truck who had hours left and another one to drive them takes time. not ideal though when you are crocked and just want to get home
  13. You may find the ‘buzzer’ is near the light cluster inside the trim where you change bulbs from inside. it should be connected by a push fit connector and looks like a couple of aa batteries in size. easy enough to swap out. Some are wired up to work when the bulb IS NOT working. This seems to be more common on newer cars. take out a bulb or put a duff one in to see
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