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    1. ph5172

      Budget tires

      You are correct. I have just asked.
    2. ph5172

      Budget tires

      This is what we asked. If all 4 were changed it had to have a run before it could be used properly. I don’t recall the exact science but there was a requirement to ‘bed the tyre in’ as above personally I put new ones on the front and drive as normal. I will ask if anyone recalls the exact reason - more than likely a fleet manager attended a seminar and it was mentioned that there is a protective coating.... before you know it there is another memo sent out.
    3. ph5172

      Budget tires

      If our tyres are changed the new ones will always be on the rear be it front or rear wheel drive. There was a memo as to the reasons why, if I recall it was to do with the requirement to remove the protective film on new tyres and then mainly about the geometric forces applied. Personally i still I put the new tyres on the front to be honest.
    4. ph5172

      Edgar Brothers Armoury so very helpful

      I have always found Edgar Brothers most helpful.
    5. ph5172

      Budget tires

      That’s the thing with the new labelling you can compare the wet grip and the like more often than not you can get a decent b rated budget tyre for half the cost of a branded c or d rated
    6. ph5172

      Petrol garden tools.

      If the mechanical man says that’s the plan then that’s the plan
    7. ph5172

      Budget tires

      In the days before the grip ratings and such were on the tyres I had a set of top of the range Avon’s on a works motor. We got a puncture but As they were so new not many contractors on a Sunday evening could replace like for like. It was decided by the fleet manager to replace with a budget of a similar tread pattern until a matching could be sourced. Taking over the car a few days later a walk around and 2 matching budgets were on the front. It was the most awful drive you could imagine, at a roundabout you had to massively oversteer as there was no grip. We ended up swapping front to back but then the back would skid out. Turns out they were as then taxi tyres made of stone, perfect for 30mph 14 hours a day around town but useless for spirited or complex driving. Shorty after only certain makes and models could be fitted to certain cars so it’s akways worth googling a few reviews
    8. ph5172

      Mini One

      Had one as a run around fleet car and it seemed OK Comfy enough on the few mid range jaunts i did in it Depends if its cheap enough to take a punt on i suppose the same as anything mechanical...
    9. ph5172

      Budget tires

      I use Tyre Shopper (who use Nationwide as fitters) and last time i used them the guy fitting them couldn't get them that cheap with his discount. The new A-G system makes it easier to compare tyres now
    10. ph5172

      Zeiss Jenna binoculars

      I didn’t think of that. Thanks for tip.
    11. ph5172

      Zeiss Jenna binoculars

      Picking some brains. I have been offered the above in 10x50 as new condition with case for £30. Worth a punt?
    12. ph5172

      More JOBSWORTH's - Road markings

      I asked this question of the local council regarding a similar incident. The reply was along the lines of in the contracts it is stipulated that if any marking is defaced or damaged that marking must be re done to the entire extent or natural stop point. You will probably find that if the contractor completed the whole word they wouldn't be paid for the extra ( i wouldn't know how much a painted letter is billed at) or would be in breach.... madness!
    13. ph5172

      Eatery/drinkery recommendations Bull ring

      China town is an easy walk. There is a little cafe next door to a big multi storey restaurant it has the old Formica table and benches. It’s pennies and proper Chinese food... even the menu is in Chinese but they do have an English one if you ask. Its Changed a bit but here you go (it’s down an alley by a car park) Chinatown noodle bar. 2 bath passage. B5 4SZ its a 10 min walk
    14. ph5172

      Internet Radio

      I also use an app for mine, mainly when i am in the gym as i pick a station that plays constant music (with the occasional advert) - i do use normal DAB day to day though as i prefer to have a bit of chat every now and again
    15. ph5172

      Direct Line insurance

      Funnily enough direct like refused to insure our vehicles on renewal. Same with Churchill when we requested a quote. No changes and no claims Most strange.