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  1. All received a pleasure to do business with
  2. Yes please private message sent regard graham
  3. Adam, if you are good at fabrication then you maybe could borrow some of the parts off one of my machines and replicate them. I have some of the parts loose but the rest will be on a 155. I am not too far away from you. i will have a look through my box of parts and give you a shout tomorrow evening graham
  4. They don't stock anything and it is all on back order from them. They quoted me 8 to 12 weeks on parts.....
  5. I have various bits for the primer feed. If it is just the primer filler then that is no problem. Do you also need the bit that goes into the threaded top piece? I have one of those but it needs a new release bit on the bottom. I have quite a few bits as I run the pacific loaders in 155 and 266 myself
  6. Scan 21 Dec 2019, 11.51.pdf No data with Lil Gun it some data files above that may give you a starting point
  7. Can anyone advise as to where to buy Breda quick-chokes from in the UK or have any knocking around in a draw? I can order them from Italy but shipping is not great so if I can pick some up over here then that would be great! These are external screw on chokes
  8. i think the magnum barrels are substantially beefier than the standard barrels which is why I had to remove some wood. oh well..... I think the 3" have a bigger ejection port but the joys of loading my own cartridges means I can load them in 70mm case and have it function fine once again thanks for your help and as an aside I think the Breda's are extremely underrated
  9. Cheers for that Andy that is the same measurement as mine so just need to have a play to see why it is catching. once again thank you for your help Graham
  10. Breda sold a magnum conversion kit for this gun back in the 60's. I have the magnum spring and friction rings as well as the magnum barrel. I am presuming the kit also came with a sliding cover that had a slightly bigger ejection port which is what I am trying to determine
  11. It is tempting but you do need a good wad and a Mylar wrap. i may have a little play.......
  12. Cheers Andy there is no panic and yes I would agree 100% on the quality and ease of stripping. regards Graham
  13. They are çertainly great quality guns compared to the modern Turkish semi autos
  14. A little bit of a cry for help from you old guys I picked up a nice little Breda Long recoil shotgun. It came with a 25" barrel and the long multichoke that screw on externally to the barrel.It also came with a 28" magnum 710 barrel with the same multichoke fitting along with a separate stock and forend.I had a bit of an issue fitting the magnum barrel as it was chunkier than the standard 70mm barrel around the chamber but took some wood off and all works superbly until I try to cycle 76mm shells as they catch on the ejection port. There are no issues with feed from the bottom or chambering but only on the ejection.I am presuming that the sliding cover on the top of the action houses a slightly larger ejection port for the 3" cartridges???Does anyone have one sitting in the cabinet that could measure the ejection port?I really like these old Breda shotguns as they are reliable as ******* and would like to get it running at full speed with 3" loadsThanks in anticipationGraham
  15. 20b Eley Grand Prix Bismuth, 4 boxes (100) #5, 32g the photos are showing 23g...... let me know what they actually are thanks Graham
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