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  1. roughshooter

    Shot drippers

    It wa Deershooter
  2. roughshooter

    16 bore press

    As per title after a cheap 16 bore press old type lee load all or what have you regards Graham
  3. roughshooter

    Skeets Bore Gauage

    Now sold Thank you Graham
  4. roughshooter

    Skeets Bore Gauage

    Replied Regards Graham
  5. roughshooter

    Skeets Bore Gauage

    Skeets Bore Gauge with 16/12 setting ring (dial type in thousanths of an inch) These are no longer available but are excellent for measuring proof of shotguns. Has the 700 setting ring for 12 bore and 16 bore. Also accurately measures real choke constriction in all barrels from 20 bore upwards £100 posted regards Graham Skeets Blurb: Mfr: SKEET'S Accurately Measures Internal Shotgun Bore Diameter Don't guess or estimate the internal bore diameter when you can know the exact measurement down to one-thousandth of an inch. Inexpensive, accurate, precision micrometer makes accurate measurements of bore, choke constriction, or forcing cone length. Plus, it will easily show bent or damaged barrels on used guns. Very easy to use: zero the micrometer with the gauge-setting ring, then insert the gauge end into the barrel. The micrometer will read the exact inside diameter in thousandths of an inch. SPECS: Brass tool head, hardened steel measuring bearings, aluminum micrometer housing, phenolic resin external shaft cover. 16" (40cm) overall length. 13-½" (34cm) maximum measuring depth. Includes 1 gauge setting ring and complete instructions.
  6. roughshooter

    Thule foot pack

    I have a set of bars but would of course depend on price......
  7. roughshooter

    Thule foot pack

    I am after a Thule foot pack number 755/757 or a similar equivalent such as the Halfords exodus foot pack. Cash waiting Graham
  8. roughshooter

    870 Wingmaster 24" skeet barrel

    I am sure Tony Morris had a ported skeet barrel for a Remington 870 - may be worth dropping him a email Regards Graham
  9. roughshooter

    British Gunmakers volumes 1,2,3

    Up for sale is the complete set of British Gunmakers books by Nigel Brown. Volume 1 - London Gunmakers Volume 2 - Birmingham, Scotland and the regions Volume 3 - Index, Appendices and additional information Bonus item Vintage guns by Diggory Hadeoke The Nigel Brown books are in pristine condition and are highly collectable. £425 for the 4 books. The cheapest volume 3 I can find is from Coch-y-bondhi books and that is £425 If you are in to old english guns then these are the books for you. They will only appreciate in value and you can date almost any gun within a matter of minutes Collection from Worcester or meet up
  10. roughshooter

    real copper shot

    Now sold thank you
  11. roughshooter

    real copper shot

    Copper shot. I will have 4.5KG of siarm copper number 3 available if it is of any use to anyone. Currently loaded in 12g 70mm cases consisting of old type PSB2 powder, VP65 wad and 34g copper 3. I will be cutting these up over the next few days and will sell the shot for £100 (which is what it cost me) or if you are local you can have the loaded shells. Good carts for large duck or honkers Worcester Based Regards Graham
  12. roughshooter


    1oz powder, wads etc
  13. roughshooter


    Happy to do some trade David with a PW800 😀
  14. roughshooter


    Powder/wads/shot clear out I will no longer be loading heavy loads so am clearing out all my heavy powders and big shot etc and have the following for sale or swap; Powders 1 x full Vectan A1 500g 1 x part Vectan A1 336g 1 x part TK8 365g 1 x part Vihtavouri N105 330g 1 x full Blue dot 1 x part Blue dot 211g 1 x PSB2 (old type) 350g 1 x PSB2 (new type) 416g 1 x CSBO 777g 1 x SSB150 (new type) Shot 5kg lead AAA 8.8kg lead 3 6.2kg lead 4 1.76kg zinc plated steel B 8kg steel 6 Cases 50 x 3 1/2" cheddite new primed 33 x 3" cheddite new primed 100 x 3" Federal once fired - resized amid primed 33 x 3" miscellaneous once fired resized and primed Assorted paper cases Wads all 12g 250 Remington power piston R12H wads 100 TPS 3" 576 B&P steel 28 60 LBC43 87 B&P35 steel 82 VP60 134 VP70 Various (approx 200) TUPRW12, MM,Ranger plus, LBC48 I have to put a price on so looking for £350 for the lot collected or meet or will trade for clay powder wads Location is in Worcester. Will supply data for all powders Regards Graham
  15. roughshooter

    Vp65 wad

    The skirts were never great on the VP series wads - when Ballistic Products ran out of VP they subbed all there recipes to B&P wads (CSD they called them) In my humble opinion the B&P wads are better