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  1. Export cartridges manufactured by Gamebore
  2. Too much hassle to wrap up the poles I am afraid
  3. Continuing the clear out full set of 8 extended, ported Teague chokes in Cyl, Skeet, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and full. In Teague boxes £175 plus post 2 x Briley extended Modified and light full and a ported Full (Thought to be early Rhino) £70 plus post
  4. Trying to clear some space from the cellar so selling off some surplus pigeon and crow gear. 4 x 6’ lofting poles with cross pole and 2 weighted hangers 10 x shell pigeon decoys with stakes, 11 x full bodied decoys and 2 x strange flats ones that are for the cross pole. 6 never used flocked crow decoys with feet and stake. 3 x black and 3 x hooded £80 collected from Worcester
  5. If you cut 5mm off the final crimp tube then it will do 2 1/2”
  6. Not a lot wrong with Nobel 80 or 82 if it has been correctly stored. The staple powder for many reloaders for a good few years. an investment in a powder scale is a must and should be a first purchase. You are not far from me (Worcester) so give me a shout if you need advice on setting up your machine. regards Graham
  7. As per title, a very nice Ponsness Warren 900 Elite in 12 Guage. This makes a superb 12ga 2 3/4” shell and completes the whole process every time you pull the handle. This machine is the newer model and upgrades are available as well as Die sets from Ponsness Warren. Comes with instructions and a set of shot and powder bushings. This is collect only or meet up as I will not post. A bargain at £375
  8. Irrespective of what the powder looked like I would do a density check to see how much powder was in the original cartridges (sample of a few for verge weight) no then would consult my reference data. If I was concerned the. I would scrap it but if reasonably confident then I would test a few loads but of course it would depend how much powder there was. For 1/2 a kg then it would not be worth bothering with. If it was 12Kg drum then I would work up some loads. I was recently offered 12kg drums of GM3GV. This is an old powder that is sealed nicely in the containers and is fine to use. However it is commercial powder with a burn rate between GM3BD and GM3 Special. If I was to buy this powder then I would start load development knowing that it is slightly slower burning than GM3BD and would need a little more powder to get it going. the observation about the forum was a general observation and not directly aimed at yourself. It is interesting to look at old reloading books sometimes. The original shooting times paperback book on reloading devotes a chapter to cartridge development and how to build a load. Well worth a read…
  9. When I first started reloading then this forum was the place to come for advice. A friendly bunch of fellow minded shooters who were always here with words of wisdom. The ability to ask any question, without sounding like a numpty was particularly helpful. if the new reloader is to be humiliated by asking a question then they will not ask and could actually end up harming themselves. That powder is more than likely PSB2 and I would have done a density test and tried it in a lead load using regular data but that is me and I still have all my fingers….
  10. Although Express have a partnership with Vectan they do use Maxam powders regularly. All the original Express steel loads were manufactured using CSB0 powder. The cartridge manufacturers regularly swap and change powders depending on availability
  11. I have a set of 4 lofting poles with the cradle and a couple of weighted stands. There is a few decks the young lad could have as well but I am in Worcester. if you come up this way then give me a shout
  12. You must have a serious sized cabinet to clear…….. that’s 18 adverts since December……. Fabarm Beta is a lovely gun and equally at home on the clays, game or Wildfowl good luck with your sales
  13. As per title - Gunsport Hushpower in 12 bore. 32” total length of barrel and full choke. Tidy condition £180 collected from Worcester
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