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  1. 1 3/8oz is a lot of TSS out of a 20 bore. I don’t think I want to use that much in a 12 especially at the cost of the stuff. I have just purchased a couple of KG of TSS 7 and just trying to work out the ideal loading for it
  2. Try contacting Tony Morris on here as I am sure he had some new 20 bore barrels regards Graham
  3. Can sort you something out depending on what budget you have I have lee load all, Mec 650, Pacific DL 155 and Pacific DL 266 i am in Worcestershire
  4. Really nice side by sides to shoot. Handle lovely and 3” chamber, single trigger and multi choke.... take a lot of beating. good luck with your search
  5. I am on the lookout for standard Invector (not plus) extended tubes in 1/2, 3/4 and full. looking along the lines of Carlson, Briley, Kicks etc. Tubes marked Browning Invector, Winchoke or Accuchoke will all fit. regards Graham
  6. Is the spare stock and forend for 16ga as well or for the 12ga?
  7. Many thanks for all your replies regards Graham
  8. Anyone a heads up on the best crow decoys currently available. thinking flocked and shells but open to advice. Thanks Graham
  9. The 502 charge bars are for the progressive machines such as the 650 grabber and 9000. it has a bushing hole for powder and a fixed hole for shot regards Graham
  10. Looking for mec 502 charge bars in 7/8oz, 1oz, 1 3/8oz and 1 1/4oz fair price paid regards Graham
  11. I think we all have bags of components that will never get used for one reason or another. I really ought to have a clear out as well. Got loads of plastic wads for 32g that won’t see an outing as only loading fibre for game now
  12. BA10 is your best friend and I think you have some experience of that....
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