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  1. On the lookout for a 12g Hushpower single, pump or even the 10" detachable moderator why regards Graham
  2. In the good old days of Clay and Game. (I.e. Ian Charlton) a load of data was already available when the powder was available for distribution. as Steve Dales has testing facilities there why does he not do them for us???
  3. Does this look like a crimp starter but is smooth on the inside?
  4. Looking for the following if anyone has any surplus 16 bore fibre wads, over powder cards 12 bore 3" once fired Remington Cases Lead shot ..... regards Graham
  5. I read this and thought it was very good. I read it again and thought it was excellent...... you probably need to read it a couple of times to digest all the details but if you are trying to make a good duck load and have various shot types but only one powder then this would definitely work for you.. well done Cookoff and I look forward to some more thesis coming over the lockdown period regards Graham
  6. Generally a very good quality plastic on the victory cases. Good for reloading.......
  7. Are the victory 8 point crimps?
  8. I will try some. I understand the ballistics are not an issue but the confetti winds me up"......
  9. Just curious as to whether anyone has used the Evo fibre wads from Folkestone Engineering? I want to load a few game loads in Fibre for the 16 bore. I normally use Diana wads but have none left anymore. I am sure they will be fine but never keen on the confetti effect with some makes of fibre wad.......... look forward to receiving some feedback regards Graham
  10. New old stock powder bushings (for the round bar) 3 x 22 and 1 x 20 £10 each plus postage primer seating posts - 4 available £10 each plus postage 12g shell holders (threaded base) - 3 available £10 each plus postage 12g decap rods - 4 available £10 each plus postage
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