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  1. The 12 is very effective especially the full length single Pedretti ones. You do need to home load your own cartridges to make them effective. I load some 28g 5’s with BA10, 32g 4’s with CSB5/AS and a 3” 42g BB. All are fibres and all are quiet and have huge knock down with the larger shot
  2. Numrich in the states have them but you would need to get it shipped to someone over there and then they send it you https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/ithacaskb/shotguns-ithaca/585
  3. either or. I have Teagues, Briley and Rhino. They will all perform better than you or I ....
  4. £42.50 is for the extended ones.... I have a preference for extended as always worry that chokes come loose. Full sets come up from time to time for very sensible money but as always we need things when we need them
  5. Briley are good chokes but again price has increased and currently £42.50.....
  6. I think you will find flush Teague are £44 and extended Teague are £52 and extended ported are £70. Prices increase further when you get to the titanium range
  7. Thanks for that Jasper i have shot SWSG many years ago but haven’t been for probably 10 years…. Childswickam I have also shot but I understand that it is a lot better now than it used to be so definitely worth a try. It is probably 20 years since I have been to HWSG and was always put off as it seemed very clicky there but times change. I have t been to Advenyute sports or Hailes fruit farm so those are definitely worth a look. I have been doing Throckmorton one week and going over to Griffin Lloyd the alternate week but Griffin is becoming decidingly morning of late as targets never change sadly. Longridge is also very enjoyable but only on Fridays and Saturdays. some excellent recommendations there thanks Graham
  8. Oak edge looks a nice ground and not one I had heard of before
  9. roughshooter

    SKB chokes

    Contact Skb in the states https://www.skbshotguns.com/choke-tubes/ or ask mandel to make you some
  10. There was a time when there were dozens of local little shoots that were good fun to shoot. Seems they have all but disappeared nowadays. Thankyou for that and I may head over to Doveridge as have been saying I would try that for a while
  11. I seem to be shooting more clays nowadays and have a great little shoot near Evesham (Throckmorton) that I shoot fornightly where the stands change every time and it is very enjoyable. I am looking for another ground that has reasonably testing targets for the alternate week based in the West Midlands or Hereford areas. Any recommendations?
  12. roughshooter

    SKB chokes

    I am sure the SKB 585 use standard Browning Invector chokes. If you go onto one of the choke manufacuters websites they will have a interchange list. Try Gemini chokes as it lists it by model. Mossberg, Browning or Winchester should fit it
  13. Great looking chokes and a bargain for someone with a Blaser….. wish they were Beretta Mobil Good luck with the sale
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