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  1. I did some testing many years ago when TSS first came along. it was 4mm but only 15 rather than 18. I loaded some up in Remington 10ga cases with the brown precision TUPRW wads along with a Mylar wrap. The loads were 2oz with packers and buffer. A mate patterned them at 85 yards and the pattern was still tight. The scary part was that the pellets all penetrated the one inch board that the paper plate was attached to..... I have since bought some TSS18 7’s but not done anything with them yet. I will proof a few loads over the summer
  2. It will depend on what powder you are using and the volume it takes up in the case
  3. Gently gut around the middle of the case approx halfway up. Pull the top off saving the shot. Remover the wad (Salvageable) and empty the powder into a separate container. Primer can be knocked out and reused. it is difficult to distinguish what powder has been used but sometimes it is possible. If not identifiable then dispose
  4. roughshooter


    Found the ad - 2 pups left but that was back in December...... have messaged hi, @pro_carper
  5. roughshooter


    Will have a look - cheers
  6. roughshooter


    Sadly I lost my beautiful Great Dane back in March, just a couple of days before lockdown. I have been umming and arring for quite a while but the time is now right to get another one to fill the void. There are plenty of puppies at £3k or so which I wouldn’t spend even if I had the spare cash and it seems you have to jump through far too many hoops for a rescue...... if anyone hears of a dog that needs a good home then I can guarantee food, warmth and 2 good walks a day..... please let me know if you hear of anything in need. Doesn’t need to be a working dog as I have shot for many years wit
  7. Have sent pm regarding wads.


  8. 1 3/8oz is a lot of TSS out of a 20 bore. I don’t think I want to use that much in a 12 especially at the cost of the stuff. I have just purchased a couple of KG of TSS 7 and just trying to work out the ideal loading for it
  9. Try contacting Tony Morris on here as I am sure he had some new 20 bore barrels regards Graham
  10. Can sort you something out depending on what budget you have I have lee load all, Mec 650, Pacific DL 155 and Pacific DL 266 i am in Worcestershire
  11. Really nice side by sides to shoot. Handle lovely and 3” chamber, single trigger and multi choke.... take a lot of beating. good luck with your search
  12. I am on the lookout for standard Invector (not plus) extended tubes in 1/2, 3/4 and full. looking along the lines of Carlson, Briley, Kicks etc. Tubes marked Browning Invector, Winchoke or Accuchoke will all fit. regards Graham
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