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  1. Have bought the precision reloading manual but still after the Ballistic Products and Tom Roster one
  2. I think it is the precision loading one but will give him a ring thanks Chris
  3. I have just bought a full set of 3D printed bushings...... not arrived yet but they were the right money
  4. I am after Tom Rosters buffered Bismuth reloading book if anyone has one knocking around. May also be interested in the old Ballistic Products Bismuth reloading book regards Graham
  5. On the look out for old style charge bars for Mec 650 / Super 600. I have the 1 1/8 charge bar but looking for any others and also drop In bushings wanted for the later charge bar. I also need a 6 point crimp starter. This is the old metal insert that goes into the barrel assembly or would look at the modern spindex one. I also could do with a couple of old bottles or just the bottom stoppers regards Graham
  6. Yes please will message you
  7. I am picking up a Mec 650 next week Andy. Will let you know condition when I get it
  8. I have the option on a decent size keg of GM3 Black Dot. I understand that this is slightly slower than the original GM3 and is somewhere between GM3 and GM3 Special. I have seen data for 12g 32g (24gn) but not seen data for anything less in 12 gauge although there is data for 16g, 20, 28 and 410 so I am guessing a similar burn rate to Vectan A1 anyone used this in the good old days?
  9. As many as I can get Jim i picked up 1800 Winchester Trap 100 cases and need tapered wads for them.......
  10. As per title I am after the Lyman Shotshell 5th edition book and some Winchester WAA12SL or Claybuster/Downrange replacements Also interested in any of the early manuals 1/2/3/4 or some of the other reloading for shotgunners RCBS etc the older the better on these. fair price paid Regards Graham
  11. I am fairly sure that Tony Morris guns had a nice one of these in left hand.
  12. Cheers John I will load a few up and see what they do. It is a very dense powder and will need a tall wad for 1oz load let alone 24g...... i have picked up a load of Winchester 100 Skeet Mark 5 cases (blue in colour with 6 point crimp) but until they get here I won't know if they are compression formed or polyformed....... regards Graham
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