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  1. Hi. Keith I have a hood off a Solway I think will fit? photo on way £5 +p/p £8 Denis😉
  2. ring A and M air guns they have a nice one just come in say I sent you Denis
  3. Hi. Capt.c I have a pair of handles photos on way £20 each posted.
  4. Hi. old pigeon popper I have a hardy bag just like a brady £50 posted Denis
  5. cartridge bag holds 1 box of cartridges strong belt 48in,s long good strong leather £30 posted denis
  6. Brady canvas leg of mutton takes 28in barrels signs of wear on flap £40 posted southwell notts denis
  7. I have a brady canvas leg of mutton I used for my 25 £40 posted southwell notts denis
  8. Tasco spotting scope 20-60 mag with case as new £75 Southwell notts
  9. Hi. martin give me a ring on 07854 190853 £10 each going out at 2pm
  10. Hi. martin yes still got 2 secret squirrel did not get back to me Denis 😉
  11. Hi. martin got 2 someone interested in 1 let you now Denis ps 48in long
  12. Hi. squirrel if you are still looking I have 2 new ones antler tops £10 each oxton southwell notts ring me on 07854 190853 Denis
  13. Hi. nabber I have a Hardy bag just like a brady £50 posted if interested phone me on 07854190853
  14. Hi. pigeonbasher I have one I do not use £45 phone me on 07854190853 oxton near southwell notts
  15. Hi tonyshooter I had a slab off a mate in the 80,s. still got a box just got it out , it says nitrokemia ipartelepek from hungary they were loaded with 30g no 5 on the box it say,s 12 tracer NIKE and a photo of a dalmation dog used them for ducking at night a bit of fun ps they killed duck Denis
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