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  1. The middle switch is wired incorrectly on the new switch. Red from top middle to the bottom where the yellow is then yellow and blue to the top 2
  2. Would rather sell all together, will accept a reasonable offer for the lot.
  3. Clearing out the cupboard and I have found 5 xTeague invector extended chokes which I no longer require as I sold the gun a few years ago. 2 x skeet, 1 x 1/4 (cyl), 1 x 1/2 (mod), 1 x 3/4 (I.mod) complete with a GMK choke pouch SOLD
  4. Wasn't that one of the Palmers?
  5. Firearms.licensing@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk
  6. Get yourself a buff http://www.buffwear.co.uk/ Works very well and cheap
  7. Thanks for putting on a great day Alan! Really enjoyed shooting both rounds. Put me down for 2 on the next one
  8. I've booked the room and I'm not your mum so sort that when you get there
  9. About 20 miles (1/2 hr) and its on the way
  10. Sparkie, you know the kids are both mine!! First at 21 Second at 22 Third at 23 Fourth at 24 plus one aborted Then I figured out what was happening and had the snip. This didn't work and I never did the test so ended up getting another one pregnant but she aborted. Had the snip done again, did the test and problem sorted.
  11. Happy birthday fella, hope you have a good un
  12. Between 30 - 40 a year. Mostly Roe with a few Muntjac and Fallow. Was stalking last Monday and managed 4 Roe and a nice little Muntjac buck (possible bronze medal)
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