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  1. Nice work Gents. Still picking them off Mark! Great to get your first fox there Gemsbok, you won't get better teachers than Ed and Grant! Went up to the farm me and Mike had four at again tonight. Main intention was to pick up a goody box of meat he's sorted out for me, but despite me and Mike getting the four on Thursday I thought I'd take the gun and have a mooch as a new one might have come in. End result - that place is just fox city. Another 4 foxes tonight, all around the bottom bit by the farm, and saw another two. Three vixens and a dog. No pic of the last dog I'm afraid, battery ran out on camera. This little lot should see me through the month! Steak, gammon, pork & lamb chops, sausages, bacon, beef joint, belly pork! Mike, I'll save some for you for next visit!
  2. I'll save some in the freezer for you mate. Nice work on those Daz. How are you finding the Bifrost? Was tempted by one myself but GRS don't do a LH grip RH bolt option. I really wish they'd switch to an ambi pistol grip.
  3. Absolutely mate, and as it should be, never a penny is given or taken.
  4. Cheers Mark. Was a good night! Farmer just texted asking when I'm up next as he's got half a lamb for me!
  5. Ah yes I'd forgotten about the gash on No 4, should have got a pic of it. Yeah it was a bit bizarre to see a random heron sitting in a tree!
  6. Got on the bat phone to RSPCA the night before and said I had a guest coming so would appreciate a top-up. Alas the bag of Mike didn't make an appearance. The disappointment was overwhelming. Nice work on that one Walshie. A bit of a tip when using the thermal on really cold nights when the front eyepeice starts fogging up, just pull it away from your eye a centimetere or two, keep an air gap between you and it. It helps quite a bit.
  7. Nice work on that one Mark. You do well to get one if someone's running the dogs on them. A bit of a nice change for me tonight. Not my usual lonesome self but had the exceptional company of Fox Club's very own Mr Welsh Mike! He'd mentioned about probably going for a thermal in the near future so we arranged a night out so he could have a go with mine to see how he found it. Very graciously offered to drive up to mine, so tonight was the night. As always you're never quite sure how someone is going to be 'in the flesh' compared to posts on social media, but can confirm Mike is every bit the top man he comes across as, and I was delighted to have his company for the night. Night started off as it should do - pint and a bite to eat at the local pub. Great to catch up and have a chat with someone who does what we all do. I don't shoot with anyone else so was great to have a conversation and share tips and stories from someone else who does the same. After a bit to eat we headed up to the quarry and the big hill permissions (they're right next door to each other). From the outset we both agreed that getting a fox wasn't really that important tonight, it was more to enjoy the company and for Mike to get the hang of the thermal, so no pressure as far as noise and this, that or the other. Mike kindly agreed to do the donkey work of scanning and spotting, I had the easy bit of dropping them. Headed to the quarry first. This was the area I was least expecting to get a fox because I'd put a fair bit of pressure on it and there's a river that separates it from the big hill, so they don't tend to reestablish themselves as quickly as they do on the hill. And so it proved - nothing seen. A quick dash over to the second permission and we stopped at a known hotspot and Mike gave a quick scan - nothing about. I gave a few calls with the mouth caller and within seconds Mike directs me onto a fox that appeared from the back of the old mill. Got her in the scope and let one go. Pretty sure I hit her but she did run into the next field but decidely wobbly on her feet. Quickly picked her up again and put down and out with the second shot. Picked her up and could see the blood trail up to her, so first shot did connect but second shot needed to finish the job. Fox number one in the bag. Headed along the track and then had to tackle a bit of a punishing climb (for me at least) up to the next spot where I'd planned to run the caller). Nothing about as we climbed the hill, but set up the caller at the top of climb, below us on a fence post and got settled. Ten minutes of vixen calling didn't produce anything, so I switched over to distressed rabbit and after a few minutes Mike spots a fox heading up the hill and directed me straight onto it. Got him in the scope as he headed up to about 150 yards away, and thought I'd let him come in a bit more but he got a bit jittery and dropped headed back down. Got the caller back on which made him stop about 170 yards down the hill, didn't think he'd come any closer so put the crosshair on the top of his back and let one go. Heard the round strike home, had a bit of a run down the field then dropped. Number 2 in the bag. A further 5 minutes of calling and Mike again spots a fox coming up the field. Straight and clear directions of where he was made the job of picking him up in the scope a breeze, and dropped him about about 120 yards, dead on the spot. Fox number 3 in the bag. Happy with the night's work, and with Mike having a fair old drive back home, we decided to head back after another ten minutes of calling. Headed back down the hill and onto the track and Mike spots another fox sat in the field by the farm. Bread and butter shot off the gate post and number 4 (another dog) was down for the night. Decided to call it a night after that and headed back to the vehicles. Was an absolute pleasure to have Mike's company for the evening, only sorry it was a work day tomorrow or we could have easily carried on. After shooting for so long on my own there was always a concern that shooting with someone else probably wouldn't be as productive, but as Mike's shown, when you've got someone who knows what they're doing straight out of the gate it can actually increase your productivity. I genuinely hope I'll get more chances to shoot with Mike, one of those guys it's impossible not to like, very knowledgeable and knows what he's doing. Sadly he didn't bring the man bag, which was the only blight on the evening, as I was really looking forward to ripping the ****. Cheers Mike.
  8. Cheers Ed, don't think my bank balance could stand it either.
  9. Cheers Mark, yeah a bit of a faux pas there with the foot. Still catching up on some permissions I haven't been to in a while. Two small ones tonight, both producing a dog fox each, both came into vixen call.
  10. You will be if you're just scanning. I always use the same eye for the monocular and the scope (you can keep natural night vision in one eye, as they act independently of each other). If I'm halfway up a hill and scan with the accolade I'd have to wait for my natural night vision to return before setting off again. Using a monocular it's always there in my right eye (I shoot left-handed). For me, who shoots on foot, it would be a massive PITA. If they bring out a monocular version that still has the built in RF I'd definitely be interested.
  11. In-built RF piqued my curiosity with the Accolade at first too Dougy. Being binocular though soon convinced me to stay with my XD for now. Like the range finding capability but losing natural night vision in both eyes when you use the accolade put me straight off it.
  12. Nice work Mark, good to get going for the year. Straight in the mush is always a bonus two. Sorry Grant, it's just natural photographic talent. Good work on those two. Few hours out for me tonight. Visited a small farm I hadn't been to in a while, so was expecting a fox or two. Wasn't disappointed! Set the caller up on the bank of the small river that splits the plot and set it to vixen call. After about ten minutes I spy a fox ambling down, but still far away, so plenty of time to get ready. As she's ambling in I had a quick scan around and there's another fox coming up the field behind me. ******! Let the first one come in and just ignored the one behind me for now, let her get to about 150 yards and gave her a squeak to get her attention and put one between the light bulbs. Quickly turned the gun around on the tripod and scanned with the thermal - fox number two was trotting back up the field at a fair lick, but got him in the scope as knew he's do what they all do, and without fail he got to about 150/60 yards away and stopped for a look back - fox number 2 down. Dog and vixen. Picked another vixen off later on, again to the vixen call. Had to walk round to the nearest bridge to pick her up (don't like leaving them in the field), hence no gun in the shot.
  13. I'm up at North Wales Mike. If you fancy having a go with the thermal then give me a shout and keep a Saturday night free, I'll drive down. Nice work on the one Rich. Shame about the other. I had a strange one last night - far end of the permission I did see a one-eyed fox. Reckon he's going to be trouble. No safe shot last night though.
  14. Thanks gents, its appreciated. Got a call this morning about a disappearing chicken that decided the leave all its feathers behind in the nearest field. It's bad enough when a farmer rings you to tell you there's a fox on the plot, but when it's your mate the pressure goes up a notch or two. Thankfully he showed after a couple of hours' wait. A bit of a tricky shot but down he went.
  15. Cheers Mike. Aye not too bad. Half way through chemo stint (3 more to go) but it's not a bother.
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