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  1. I had issues contacting ukshootwarehouse by phone and their online contact form a few weeks ago. I had a couple of questions to ask before placing an order and couldn't get any response. They had a 25% discount on at the time, which ended and I still haven't seen a response so will have to order from elsewhere.
  2. Have uses previously and can confirm that the service was excellent. Highly recommended.
  3. Thanks guys. I have some hide poles and a rotary from years ago but was wondering if anyone has used them of late. I spoke to the company last year and they had no stock and was advised that the business had changed hands. Concerned that if I place an order it won't be fulfilled or that the quality is not as before.
  4. Has anyone used Pinewood Sporting of late for new hide poles, rotaries, decoys etc? Just wondered if they are still in business as the website is still live and if the quality was as before.
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