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  1. Have any of you guys seen Aimcam ? Slightly different proposition but a lot cheaper.
  2. Good to know, thanks. Interestingly it was the meatiness that appealed. The DT11 was nice but felt unnecessarily heavy at the front end to me. On a 300-400 cartridge day I could see that getting the better of me. The 725 had some weight but for me at least felt better distributed. Of course we are all different, but as I said earlier, I picked it up and it just felt right, which has to be a good place to start I guess.
  3. Yep you absolutely cannot fault that service at all, 100% credit to them, will also be sending them a note of thanks.
  4. First of all, credit to GMK, the gun was returned to my local dealer today. Given shipping time etc, I think they turned it around in 4 days, 3 years out of warranty and no charge at all. You cannot fault that service, and it was indeed that top screw that sheared. I didn't come home with it though I tried a DT11, a Perazzi MXS, MX8, a new 692 Black Edition, a Blaser. Then randomly they guy said... try this.... Browning 725 Pro Sport (I had never heard of it) Amazing, I then thought he was going to tell me it was £4k or something, at £3k I couldn't believe it, it just felt amazingly
  5. I couldn't afford Cens at the time, everybody loves them though. I got some ACS impulse moulded plugs, 2 reasons, cost and easy to get done, you get them done in Boots ! They have a sonic valve in them like the cheaper in-ear things
  6. I bought mine because my mate has been shooting his 682 gold e for about 15 years, great gun, never given him a single problem and nice to shoot. Imagine the laugh when he let me borrow it to complete my round
  7. My first posts here - what a nice bunch of people. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Bought it ex-demo 4 years ago, never had a problem until now. Am I being too harsh on it do you think ? I was enjoying shooting it, I have to say.
  9. Good point, GMK have been fine so far but it's early days. I have put around 15000 cartridges through it now I think so not sure how that compares. Was toying with the idea of a Perazzi next, perhaps the MXS, it seems a DT11 would be just a bit hard for me to part money for right now given my current experience. Open to suggestions, I wasn't thinking about a new gun until last week !
  10. You know one of those strange moments when you can't quite take in what has happened for a few seconds leaving the stand with half my gun in one hand and half in the other confused my mates for a few minutes as well :0
  11. Lol - might have been a bit more than a gentle squeeze yes
  12. ******, are you telling my I have to sell my Frontera as well, another dream shattered.
  13. I think you nailed it Paul1440, I noticed a sheared screw under the safety catch that obviously was no good. Obviously I won't be keeping it when it comes back It was only 6 months in production when I bought it, lesson learned maybe.
  14. Hello everybody. Thinking of buying a Beretta 692 ? This was the result of my second trigger pull a couple of weekends ago It's currently with GMK for some sort of assessment, hopefully they will sort it all out for me. Incidentally I was in the gun dealer arranging its safe return, the guy randomly next to me was also returning his much newer 692 since he couldn't break it, jammed shut. That was it's second visit back to Beretta via GMK. Anybody seen these failures on Beretta's ? The Gun Dealer said they have never seen anything like it, maybe I had a Friday afternoon build ?
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