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  1. Possibly. Would love to, but I'm up against it in work so getting it off might be tricky. Do you know the times mate? A late start/early dart is a lot easier to get than a full day off these days.
  2. New mortgage

    Good question, not sure - I've been fortunate enough to have been recommended ours by multiple people his company had helped with various things.
  3. When did this change happen? I went last month (and at least once a month before then) and not noticed anything that dramatically different other than the usual rotation. Must be really recent. I did notice them building the new wood stands last time I was there but not closed any at that point. It's probably my favourite shooting ground now (after a few bad days there), but I'd have to 'third' the no-bird situation, pretty annoying. Although, credit to them, I've found them to be as reasonable as they were with you when I went back for a moan about it. Off-topic (sorry to hijack the thread) - anybody know which days their guns are out for sale? Interested in picking up a 20 bore and wouldn't mind seeing what they have.
  4. Thieving Scum

    They have absolutely no conscience at all. None. It's why I give up trying to see through the eyes of these sh*ts. How/why people like this behave the way they do can happily remain a mystery to me, I don't care, they simply don't have the same reasoning/logic system as we do, I just hope someone gets their hands on them. Really sorry to hear this.
  5. New mortgage

    Absolutely. You pay for the advice, but if it's good advice it's worth it and has the potential to save you money, so arguably there's no cost. I don't really use their apparent wealth as a metric to how valuable their advice is (to an extent ). I'm also happy to be trained at my gym by a personal trainer that may not look as in shape as others. It helps, but I appreciate there are legitimate reasons why; in the case of financial advice - the advisor may not have the capital I do so may not be able to generate the funds I can to run a plan/schedule that they'd recommend for me. And I stress again, up-to date knowledge is critical. My sister rang me for advice on her up-coming mortgage application since I only recently (year and a half ago) applied for mine. I told her I'm reluctant to give her advice because things change so fast and to speak to my financial advisor instead. I did make suggestions as to what I thought he'd advise (i.e. what he told me a year and a half of go), all of which was out of date. Things had changed that fast. She took a totally different direction to what I would've recommended if I was adamant I knew best. She now has the house.
  6. Gun Related Number Plates

    That's no good mate. Nice of you to be courteous but you've just outlined legitimate security concerns, my gf's feelings about an unwanted gift wouldn't come before those, that's just my opinion anyway.
  7. New mortgage

    That's purely anecdotal. Is your point that there are bad financial advisors, just as there are in any profession? Again, are we concluding that there's no point in financial advisors or not? And again, you seem to be basing your opinion on what you 'have seen', it's all just anecdotal. I've seen bad financial advice too. I've also seen good (reputable and recommended) financial advisors save people a lot of hassle and, more importantly (in my opinion, at least), armed with the facts of the latest legislation. Which matters, a lot. It's their trade to keep upto date with new laws, guidelines and opportunities. The good ones will do this, and know a ton more than PW members, the bad ones won't, granted, but as I've said there are good and bad in any profession - so that ain't saying much.
  8. New mortgage

    That doesn't say much. Some of the world's greatest boxing coaches are terrible boxers. Are you saying you disagree that advice from a financial advisor is better than the advice from those that aren't qualified?
  9. New mortgage

    As you can probably gather from the discussion in this thread a lot of advice you'll get from those who aren't qualified will be all over the place and up for debate. With something as important as a mortgage I'd recommend you take advice from the likes of PW with a pinch of salt and get some real (up-to date!) advice from a financial advisor. I've seen multiple instances of sound financial advice saving people a LOT of hassle recently.
  10. haha I give up. PW loves a good tangent.
  11. Essex Masters 2018

    Thanks mate.
  12. freelander or summat else

    Not sure which Freelander you'd be looking at for 2k, but I'd strongly recommend staying away from the petrol one. They had BIG issues, they're almost notorious for it. I got stung by this.
  13. Essex Masters 2018

    I can see it's on for a week. Do you just pick which days you're available to compete?
  14. Ok. "novelty: the quality of being new, original, or unusual." I'd disagree with you and say I do find a triple-barrel rather 'unusual'.
  15. Are there any grounds/types of events that offer the ability to shoot with many guns in the one session? I noticed on one charity shoot I went to once they had a few novelty guns out for use (triple-barrel etc.) so wondering if there were some type of 'day'/event that I can go to for this? Or a particular shop that that lets you try many out? Thanks in advance